Ring ring, ring ring Ohh! This is PJ! What's that? You think my * lip smack * "Try Not To Laugh Challenge" videos aren't funny enough? FUCK! :throws phone( OH MAH PHONE! ) Yo-you still there? Okay, you challenge me- you're- you're gonna send me the clips this time because you want funny ones? Ok actually - you know what I appreciate you helping out because I've been really struggling with getting decent content out.(Yes Thanks You Pj) You're sending me over some clips? Okay-okay PJ-- Thank you so much-- Domo arigato Sayonara-sa PJ sama aaalright, let's see what PJ has to offer. spin that shit, PJ DJ I've never laughed in a try not to laugh challenge in my entire life (oh yeah sure)-- why don't you join this challenge with me and try to keep up ^_^ -- The goal is NOT to laugh! * reads * Thanks for the treats grandma Okay Cashier from clip: " That'll be $32.03" Grandma from clip : " For one drink?" ( DISGUSTING!) Cashier from clip: "Your grandson ordered a bunch of cakes and he said it was all on you." *grandma turns, death stare* *kid talks in slo-mo* ( this kid right here i swear ) CAMERA INTENSIFIES *Pewds dying inside* *Laugh* I give up-- I give up *laugh*-- That's some fine editing right there that-- I cannot- I can't ah-- goddammit the first (this is a bad word. if you're a child, then do not continue watching this video) video really PJ? ( PJ you sly fox ) You know--you know what? NO! That doesn't count! ( just do it ) * looks * What the fuck is this? Guy from clip : " What goes on in this town is none of your business." ( OH NUHUH AIN'TGON' HAVENONTHAT!) Girl from clip: " As long as I'm living here, it is! " Guy from clip screaming: "THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T BE LIVING -- Guy from Clip: HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Girl from clip : "Well, that's easily fixed." *leaves the room* OOOH (DATGIRLDOH) That was hard---- *laugh* jesus christ Guy from clip: HEREEEEEEEEE *poods imitates him in perfect key* That's some fine acting right there, no editing, just acting. Guy from clip: HERREEEEE Guy from clip and poods speak in unison: BUT MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T BE LIVING HERREEEEEEEEEEE Girl from clip: "That's easily fixed." uh, this is gonna be tough. PJ, come on man! Cut me some slack here. (PJ CUT THE SLACK) *reads* pretend the fight gone wrong-- ah geez *dun try dis at home* Wai-wait. Did he say Awh Spegett? *silence* Did he say "oh spagett?" When his... head got hit? guy in video: OHSPAGETT *pewds realization* oh. My god huehuehue He's saying OHH SS--SPAGGET! WELCOME POODS WORLD!!!!! guy in video: AWH! spagett! spagett! *laughs* nope, did not laugh! -poods totally failed- i laughed at myself, doesnt fucking count. TRY AGAIN PJ *reading* fat kid part 3 what do you mean, "part 3"? what does that mean? wait what the-how do- how do you find these fuckin random fuckin videos? jesus. guy in video: so, this fat guy- guy: who said fat?! *hits them* gah! fucking pieces of shit! *poods tries not to laugh* *poods considers his life choices* guy: *making really high pitched annoying sounds* *poods tries not to laugh* *poods unsuccessfully giggles* *clapping* BRAVO MONSIEUR! c'est très bien magnifique! that was the finest F sharp i have ever heard in my goddamn life. it souned liked just like my mother when she was singing me uh- singing to me as a child. *screeching continues* my mother, was a pterodactyl *screeches and acts like a pterodactyl *acts like one* *clears throat* mm, come on. come on. *repeated come on's* *HEADPHONE WARNING* *cars screetch in the next video* jesus fucking christ *screaming and horn honking* what the hell is happening? that was it-that was it?! why is it titled "Grandma Found The (Car) Keys"?! so, greg what are you doin today? alright, you know- no. i dont want to know. thank you very much. *robotic voice* your mama is so fat that she had to get baptized at Sea World. hahahahahahahahahahahaheheahhahaha no.... no, that- no! i did not laugh at that shitty fuckin video- fuck you.(Yes you did) no! that does not *laughs* count! AAAAAHH come oon! *moose noises* Guy in the video: " Well howdy, how y'all doing tonight?" (Pretty good actually) Girl in video: "What are you doing with that on your head?" Guy in video: "It keeps the voices in! Girl in video: " Mean out?" Guy in video:"No its keep's it in!" Girl:" NO you mean out" Guy: " It Keeps em in!!" Girl: "Out!" Guy:"In!!" Girl:" Out" Guy:"In!" *Pewds Confused AF* Girl: Gimmie that *Takes Hat* Video" YEYEYEYEYEYE" Guy: " You put em out you put em back!" *Pewds Still confused* Girl: "Not scared of that. I aint" "YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEEYEY" *Pewds silent* *Pewds smacking lips together* *Groans* SPAGETTI *HEADPHONE WARNING* How do you find these fuking channels PJ? It scares me I'm scared ! Im scared of you now Congratulations thats what yo- What the fuck ? *HEADPHONE WARNING* "Aye whats going on Mr. Remer" "Oh you boys just missed it" "What we miss man ?" "Eh you just missed it" "Come on Mr.Remer man ! What we miss" "Yeah what we miss ? Come on Mr.Remer man "A Donkey fell into a bowl of sugar" *Pewds Shocked* "Now thats a sweet ass" *Pewds smiles* *Pewds starts dancing adorably* *Laughs* "Now thats a sweet ass" oh i love that one i- imma subscribe to that channel, its so good JESUS *music* NO! *more music* Fuckin Hell ! the internet is a weird place and PJ.... you're not fuckin' helping Holy shit *poods laugh* *clap clap clap* YESS (poods laugh) I WANT THAT ROBOT ITS FUCKIN' AWESOME :D these are the kind of videos where it's like wh- when people discuss: WILL ROBOTS TAKE OVER HUMANITY? just show him this video and be like I- I- I think we're fine for a couple more years, at least FURNITURE ADVERT "Good news for people who have credit problems" *transition* :o "Norton Furniture is here for you... now seriously... if you cant get credit in my store... "You cant get credit anywhere.." "My name is Mark, you can count on it." *jumpscare* JESUS! I think i will not go to that store Uhh... mainly based on the guy with the fucking giant scissors And the nightmares D: Ohh... Swedish reporter farts It's amazing they're wrapping up the show Uh shes doing the outro... and here we go ;D *swedish =3=* *poods giggles* *poods starts laughing* She must've- she must've literally sat on that fart for a.... very long time and.. The video- she was doing so well! She's just so incredibly well holding in that fart, and as soon as she ended it... It just-it just slipped out we've all done that but to do it on television and to be so fucking loud.. that the microphone that is positioned here... picks it up from your fucking asshole and it sounds louder than you speak... there's something beautiful about that.. ANOTHER SWEDISH ONE! WHAT THE FUCK?! "I love Chille con- Chille con carne" *swedish o3o* *gasps* *poods giggle* * poods laugh* I've given up The thing is like.... thay say chille con carne in a funny way.... You wouldn't say it like that It's funny how he says it I can't explain why it's funny Uhh So i don't know how this would be funny *laugh* For other people... I don't--- *gasps* Yeah i love chille con carne c: I love chille con carne too actually... I-.... I think its in the swedish blood Ohh gahd.... Ohh gahd Ohh... "Congratulations i think you've made the right choice there!" *music* SUCCESS! *wat is going on :o* OHH HELL YEAH! Congratulations, you've subscribed to the Pewdiepie channel! Have fun editing that *laughs*