hey Miranda you're about to watch my baby um that dog this is my book my diary please pre-order it but do not read it coz all my secrets are inside and it could ruin my career Miranda sings don't call so today I'm gonna do another trying to do someone else's makeup tutorial cuz the last one went viral YouTube loves me anyway so today I thought I would do someone that everyone was requesting and it turns out it's just a really ugly annoying ball well this is a makeup tutorial from three years ago this is makeup tutorial by a girl who has no place in telling anyone how did you make up visit any it G is not track F and she's really done so this will be a big waste of everyone's time and I'm sure I'll end up looking not going to something let's go man why is she screaming okay nobody's acting for that she just made that out because she wanted to do this video so first of all she's lying I wish I could but this is what the people I explore so I have to watching we know that obvious you don't oh my gosh what do you think this girl is a liar she's wearing foundation I can see it on her skin okay who does she think she is Joel Josie wants I mean she's not attractive but I don't sees it so I don't know what she's talking about here Aeneas so in my last tutorial I didn't have anything except realistic but lucky today I found a whole bag elastic in all different types of makeup I don't have any bags but I'll try to just do what she does oh wait a minute look at the color not found a chin and look at the color of our skin orange face much do not be racist that is launched you're being racist against one balloon funds against 2009 Trish paint time I get smoky why you try to look my face that does not match your freakin skin tone idiots I don't have orange honey Jimbo I have an orange paint this is a little lighter than machine she's using about all trying it looks like she just squirts it on her fingers and she rubs it on her cheeks looks like a fish scale I have this bronzer at the hula-hula I don't have a branch okay so now she's put brown in the cream she's putting eyebrows on this girls know what she's talking about bond I am feeling these eyebrows for your core I don't have any bunch I'm going to put some just allistic on my cheeks Oh sugar made boys a food and I'll let product any she looks terrible that tutorial was horrible because this looks nothing like her but somehow I still look better than ha this is the final product [Music] oh it's done leave a comment let me know what video you want to see me do next if you want me to sing a song if you want me to try something new there's a person you want me to collaborate with tell me also get my bill please pre-ordering and also [Music]