hey guys it's me money and time I know I've been gone from you two for a while I know you have a lot of you been probably really worried but don't worry about me I just been really busy because as you guys know I was the next Virgin Mary and I had a baby and it turns out he's a huge bright and never lets me do anything fun so by lucky for me here's a branch challenge going around YouTube and I have a brand for a son so I have lots of experience and I feel like I will be able to crunch this challenge so I watched James Charles virgin and basically you just make yourself look like a bratty doll so I found a print stall and here's a picture of her so it's a really easy challenge you just have to make yourself a book like thing I don't know why everyone says this is a challenge you literally just put makeup on your face to look like the Bratz doll so come on easy peasy alright so let's get started the first thing I can tell she has really big eyeballs so that'll be easy to do so I do have the James Charles or P palette here but I also have something even better my pal E so this is my exclusive with morphe don't call so you can get this at morphe don't comb slash Miranda scene and use my color Miranda for 10% off I haven't talked to more if you bought this yet but I'm sure when they see this video they'll just make it happen so Thank You More Feeny I really want to be a billionaire like James Charles so please make this palette for me if you want to know what the Sheen's are you can get this at CVS I got it like 10 years ago in a big kit and it all broke apart and this is the only part I still have so if you want to know how to make these colors morphe that's where you can find this okay so first things first we're gonna do the eyeballs now she has really big eyeballs so I'm getting two using the brush seven so nine and we're gonna just dip it right into the black and we're gonna make the outline of the eyeball first so just like this and then just go down under the eyeball [Music] so that's the outline of the eyeball okay so now we're gonna do the inside of my eyeball I will poking things in my eyeballs this feels really good so now we have to make the pupils so if you know me you know I love a good pupil a pupil is the peephole to the soul the reason they named it a peephole you know those things on the doors because there are a lot like pupils the closer you look at it the creepy are you see that same phrase that Gandhi says about pupils and people's also applies to just all holes in general okay so there we go I think we can add a little bit more white this is a James Charles now and after all that's a little technique I learned if you lick it it last longer next we have to do the inside of the pupils and then we have to color in the pupil Brown because that is the color of this Brandt's eyeballs okay there's the eyeballs looking really good next week on of June I channel so we have a nice blue eye shadow I'm just gonna take this really pretty blue color and just trace it with my fingers right over the eyeball so just like some fingers are much better than using brushes because you can get into all the little crevices and holes and things with a finger is much easier than using you know something shaped like things now's the fun part eyebrows so we're gonna take a brown color and just draw on I'm Brown like this so there's the eyebrows now of course the aisle and jeans so first I'm just filling in the white parts with some glue I have over from a slime challenge I'm just to make sure that it's extra white okay so there's the white part of building it now onto the play I gotta put on these weight cheese Oh looking good so far oh there you go and if you missed any spots or it looks a little messy don't even worry about it because you can always just Photoshop your entire face to look different um like James Charles so so next we gotta do the lid she has really big lips so I'm going to use my lip sync you can get a train - sings lip sync calm and actually if you share this video I'm picking three people who are subscribed to my channel leave a comment below of why you deserve the holistic and tweet about my video and I'm gonna pick three people today to win this you have to do it today alright so here we go look at this boom fullness think so she doesn't really big I think so she don't like this so hard this kind of outlined so I'm gonna do that right now oh my gosh I look like milk food poster trees she also has like a little daunt of some white cream on her lips nobody who stinks so far [Music] [Applause] hmm I'm a brat so the final thing we need in order to turn me into a full Bratz doll is it looks like she does not have a know so we have to get rid of my nose I'll be easy peasy but first how I get rid of your nose is you just tape it down so I got some tape here just tape down the nose like so look at me Geoffrey Star is shaking in his boots there you go that's my finished branch long um I feel like I crushed in it was really really freaking easy so I don't know why everyone says this is hard um but yeah I love it I love the idea of the eyeballs on my eyelids so I can always have my eyes closed and people think I'm awake of being a tank gene oh well thanks for watching this video if you liked it make sure to subscribe don't forget you can win my freaking listing I'm not kidding about E just share this video leave a comment and subscribe to my channel all this paint is itching and starting to form a rash I can feel it so I need to go get it off my freaking face so subscribe to me [Music]