I'm so saying it from this venial today you guys I have just discovered the legend the icon the most talented most populous person in the entire world other than moon Peppa Pig I don't know how I missed out on this era of life but somehow I was robbed of enjoying Peppa think it's very rare than I think I find someone else out there who is as talented as I am well without a Peppa Pig has been taking the internet by storm everyone is insane definitely gonna win every single Grammy this year and if Peppa Pig doesn't win every Grammy um let me know cuz I'm gonna fail so basically today I was thinking I really want a new boyfriend I've been looking around for years for some new people to date I need some new BAE's in my life if you know I'm clam and that's when I came across Peppa Pig I never seen anything more st. see more talent een more fine well full of just me then Peppa being so I am really excited to announce that I will be dating Peppa Pig pretty soon it's 2019 don't come for me I can love whoever I want love is love so here's Neil Young I was thinking I should probably learn a little bit about Peppa Pig before we date because I actually have never seen Peppa and I don't know anything about that much I need to marry this person so I get more famous or that person can get more famous on so um let's cool search for Peppa and see what we can find and then I'm going to probably try to look a track if - Peppa look the same as Peppa act the same as Papa's so that Papa's attracted to me and we could be together forever so let's get me okay so first things first let's look up Peppa see who this freakin person in sounds like a rapper I'm assuming so I'm just gonna go on to YouTube and search for Peppa Peppa pink that's the only find oh no when I was 15 looks like Peppa has a huge black hole for mouth which I'm coming to you can't go wrong with the huge black hole so so far I'm into leans let's see let's go to the most-viewed okay and we have White's Peppa Pig official channel peppa pig's best Halloween party has a 184 million views how'd you get so many views bag always gonna add you better get some ads can get those YouTube Donald all the bells pepper is that pepper is that pepper which one is freaking pepper is it the carrot okay this one is boring let's find a different one gotta pick that knows one day alphabet with paper beanie okay whoa is that pepper mm-hmm wow we have a lot of cool min so far pepper hmm just up again my my would be two peas in a pond or should I say need two pigs in a pond because clearly we both like bumping a lot so another bump maybe yeah just jump in at poop I think that's Peppa okay now we know who Peppa is finally a chisel wings now I have a Peppa had a new album come out let's listen to one of these bombs it's Peppa Pig it's the one damn thing [Music] wait a minute peppa pig's of gold I am shook in to the bank but that's not pit bull with a boy that sounds like a bullying of wrap off your pimple bean what the Hank oh this one's my entire freakin plan I thought for sure I need to date peppa pig in order to get more views and more famous are a are you serious not only that I think it's a baby you hate babies well this one's my entire plan of Dien Peppa so I guess now maybe if I become Peppa then I can see all Peppa's views and subscribers and clouds and I think I could do a battle of the Peppa she's not very good singer to be honest let's get this show on the road yawn alright I got everything I need a kink so I got some paints I don't want different things I have this own shot so we're still thinking I could cut this and put it on my hand like a wig camp because it's like the colour of scheme so well this is already looking someone came how old this is amazing get dank inside their hair peppa pig doesn't have any here or some go behind my hair okay Peppa has got a big nose so I thought I could use this for my nose okay so I cut it a little bit so it fitted me better on like so so it's red which is not the freakin right comb so I'm going to point some of these around each so it matches my skin on my hand and I got my nose I cover me in veins so I'll just put it on like beets when the time comes so now we gotta paint my freaking face a different color alright so here's the picture of Peppa we're gonna try to recreate I need to get some minerals I'm gonna use this paper looks pretty clean and just looks like they're a little like debates and okay here are Peppa's ears don't go on my head like these when the time is right first I want to paint my freaking face I have red so maybe we can make red into pink red and white equals pink I think it was really good at math cleanup song you think anything else ezal that sound Oh delete cheese so I also have some wine Tino not to be racist I have all the colors so just a little bit of these oh if we can eat want boom so long so we're just gonna mix eats and tell me get the consistency my like it's like science oh it's already changing its that soon this will be a good as the normal I think that's point clones I hope this is good for school the spots go on my skin so here we go 20 mins Peppa looks amazing I don't wanna get it in my eye because it does say it's toxic on the bottom how's it looking till Farian okay when the bling day I'm practically a beauty girl at this point I think it's looking pretty good so far so I do want to get out a little bit on my Eileen already had pinkeye this year but I don't want a literal pinkeye okay though I look incredible for me in yars it does have a darker pink on the outline so I'm just gonna paint that on like so parties smile bras shiki and his freaking boots look at that are you kidding me how it's burning it's supposed to burn so now it's time to do the eyeballs and the mouth so if my nose is on me right here my veins oh this isn't right freaking Connor I gotta paint this to you the things I do for Peppa y'all know this reminds me of the color of pepto-bismol which means I really could see myself sometime and ever and paint it right just as pepto-bismol but you live in you wrong so this is gonna go on my face like beans which means my eyeballs need to go like you know and here or something like thing I just spilled the paint on hard floors okay so I need some eyeballs there's a nice vibe for you I love drawing big white hole so now she has a little bit of an outline on her little eyeballs okay so now we got putting the paintballs like that well Gina Wow my whole face is really getting tied up and I really bought some can I do the mouth I got a link figure out where to hate this girl's only in the freaking chink oh this is so much walk oh okay so I can come with the mouth like right along here don't fake it's like Smiley's Mustang I never even knew I had such a talents I think I could just keep this on any time of the day okay there's me happy things go Gina I'm Tony Vaughn Ross is shaking in his ring humans don't lean eat easy peasy lemon squeezy okay the last thing I need is a nice rosy cheek so now I just need to feel my ears on my head my god I'm just gonna peel my ear bones thank you freakin keep scrubbing oh you know stop get thanked on there up there honey it's okay okay something this just has to go on my freaking face just like thing okay that's looking pretty good okay so pepper wears a red drink so I gotta put that I want something sinking I have this beautiful red sports you guys this is really gonna catapult my career I can feelings so I just put this on I have eyelash glue so I'm gonna try to use that to stick this freakin stupid Cup to my face remember all right so if I just want some of these on here you will stick string on there nice and good he's a smart girl I'm like a scientist I can't believe me proving out how to do these I can't really move my feet so it's gonna take a little longer to dry because I can't really bloom which is rare for me I'm usually a really good blower won't freaking stink you kidding me yes the final moment and it's not even one thing lucky dogs making black every we're lucky it ruined my freakin hade well now it doesn't even match the skin tone oh no do it for mr. Bryant oh yeah you guys ready for the final reveal I can feel it falling am I gonna get a million thoughts going birth my own Pat the pain is shaking you know but guys I am so freaking proud of myself I feel like I did such a good job this is my new career what the ink freakin kini you can't just throw off like thank freakin brains no there's tape on my eyeballs hey guys happy I'm Peppa Pig I'm going to take over the world so it might take me a while I've been wanting to get this gun up on but I think it will be one thing so make sure to subscribe to my channel follow me on all my social medias and let the world know that I am Peppa Pig thumb Oh bang bang bang bang how's it walk I feel like [Music]