TUTORIAL How to Make 100000Month with Print On Demand In 2019 By Choosing the RIGHT Designs


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Everyone in today's video. I'm gonna teach you how to find 10k winning print-on-demand products for Shopify in 2019 for beginners. Let's go Option 1 Facebook print-on-demand product research so The types of keywords that I would start with is broad You know get yours here t-shirt find popular designs that have hundreds of comments on them Ok a little bit We're an engagement is from again, whether it's from us or where in the world that the actual individuals that are commenting are from Go to the landing page see their product. It could be shop via teespring. I think there's The gear bubble and I forgotten the other one other names Go to this site. And again, make sure that you initiate their checkout You always do that because then you're gonna tell Facebook and also their store that you are interested in that product So let's go and find out some of those designs that a 10k winning designs now So we're on Facebook and let's just type in here and get yours here t-shirt and So with t-shirts obviously, it can work a bit different so you can actually have a look at videos and photos on Facebook Okay. Sorry. Sorry, I meant posts upon me So then we just scroll down until we find one. Look at that. There we go. I am comfortable with violence Don't mess with that guy. So You can just put in something simple as that and within no time at all, I this 1200 comments if we have a look at the comments, I need this. I want this shirt. I presume this is for gym junkies I don't know anyway it You know, you can just see all the comments here and all you need to do I mean they've gotten a really good quality image so clearly this looks like it's something related to gym or for people that don't seem to like violence, whatever but you can get template designs for these okay And you can get them from like Shutterstock, you know 520 bucks is a one-off purchase because these types of designs because all that is is a PNG Okay, so don't worry too much about having the exact picture The picture is really good, and it does resonate with people, but if not, don't worry too much I always recommend again coming to their website if we have a look here their website looks to be a Shopify store To some regard. I believe it is and you can see that we've got heaps of designs here And if we have a closer Look, so you can tell that these people are doing quite a lot of print-on-demand and see how with print-on-demand that they can do drinking horns jewelry that they're sort of in the more skulls file looks of it niche and all of these designs you could go on Facebook and try and actually Find those products yourself. Okay, so They're just using a Shopify store. And it looks like they've just got sort of some nice theme And and that's pretty much all there they're doing okay. So it is really easy to find designs this way This looks like it's a properly large dropshipping print-on-demand store. So this is just one design. Let's go find another Alright, so we're just going to continue scrolling. Okay and see at times then you're gonna have nothing So let's go have other videos another one. We'll make like videos slideshows So, let's see if we find anything that sticks No, no So king and queen ones a really popular. I found you know my queen he's king whatever They seem to be really popular when you're not sure just put in. You know, let's say I find one a birthday t-shirts Works really well, so if we go with your posts We can usually find a birthday t-shirt. Sometimes you can't though, which is just really annoying Okay women's t-shirts And so Basically, this is what I would normally do. Okay, so we can see here. Here we go So this is another sort of winning one. So it's more designed for Halloween if you like my pumpkins, you should see my boy Okay Anyway moving on past the blatant sexuality You can see how quick and easy it is to find designs on Facebook other words You know women's t-shirts funny t-shirts find any shirts try the different types of the word t-shirt as well because people put in you know, there's the - Hyphenated and then there's no hyphenated Versions as well. You can find different types of designs. I do not recommend marketing that for obvious reasons Diet tips spend all your money on makeup and you won't have any to buy food Okay so People have found that funny And so you can find that a lot of these designs are mainly funny ones And as you can see, they don't have to be anything amazing. Look at this So you can see that these are all just basic text with some different Graphics light graphics and single a man who makes jokes about women in the kitchen Yeah, so this lady's funny so you can get an idea there that that's how we use Facebook for product research Etsy print-on-demand research option - ok so Betsy has now got a lot of print-on-demand I do print on demand on Etsy is more pure passive thing and it generates me only A couple hundred a month because I don't put any work into a truthfully speaking But you can look at all t-shirts hoodies mugs It has so much there and it's a huge Marketplace for that where people are going to buy and I found a number of large winning designs from that Finding trending words work best. So if you can find a trending word. Ok, then those work best people love those trending words There's a number of them that circulate Time to time if you find that and find a the sort of design that used make your own you'll get a number of sounds It's as simple as that, but generally I find that birthday Celebrations weddings parents like, you know, I love my dad Valentine's Day all of those generally work very well and So to validate it you want to find designs that have one of just a lot of reviews. Ok? So you're going to see a little products and a lot of them went out reviews You want to look for the reviews and make sure they're quality reviews. Then the people are really happy with it Oh my god, I love this and fast shipping. Just the basic stuff Ok, and then you again just want to go on Facebook check if you can see to find that practic may or may not be There, you know, but you've got to have a bit of an eye for this Okay, and then again, I always on Etsy Add to Cart so then I get remarketed Various other products like that. So let's go into how we do that now. All right, wonderful So when we're on Etsy you can see we've got a heap of different ideas that it already comes up with Popular right now. There you go. There's some pro research there you can see Michael Jackson Personalized mum gift. Okay, so you can that's another good thing that's good with that series You can actually do personal and stuff. So t-shirts for women. Okay, so you can see how that is. Such a popular one So we put in a broad search term like that okay, and I just Know you can't do it. That's fine. You can see here that we've got a number of bestsellers. Look at this So you got a custom t-shirt. All right, so that's not why that we can really use that one it's just a pure custom t-shirt single color design and Pure 100% customized for the what the customer wants. But if we have a look here Have a look at this one here that look at that so we've got five stars with 8300 reviews now that is not necessarily on the product But that is definitely on their store so you can see how on their store so this is a huge store In terms of the amount of reviews they have they don't have a huge amount of products okay, these print on demand is all about the product but You can see here that they've put a lot of effort into the design. Happy Easter. So perfect Easter is just around the corner and you can see here that they've just added some colorful bunnies and with the word happy Easter honor whatever t-shirt that is and Basically obviously they put the little watermark over it So what sue whatever and so what you want to do is as you can see here, this is definitely a training prayer Okay, we can definitely see this is a trending product Reason, I know that is we've got a few reviews already. You only need a few if we scroll down We're going to see others and we can see that this story is a perfect store that when you're on here you can then look at all the different and if you find ones that are just Consistent just finding ones that are consistently the same Like because this is unfortunately you can't see the individual reviews for product doesn't do that only that's for the whole store That's the downside but you can see that there is a number of products that are Consistently selling. Okay and It looks like they're getting a lot of sales of this this bunny rabbit design obviously being Easter is doing extremely well Very basic you can do the eggs in print-on-demand as well. So it's really easy I mainly do t-shirts, but you can do bags as well. And obviously there's a need for bags But you got the heap of different ideas here and it's as simple as that, so moving on Let's just have a look at some others. So these are That's a spot. These are all sponsored so you can see the little end Okay, so that's why they show at the top but the ones that have hundreds that are organic as well Very valuable to us. Okay, so This one here catches my eye straight away And so does that one but I don't know whether one is but this one I've seen actually on Facebook as well So I definitely know that someone has Marketed this you can actually probably find this on Facebook But we can do it. Okay, and we can see that straight away. This is definitely a winning design. Look at that Look at that that is Instantaneous winner. Okay, and so you can see that they've had you know, they have 670 items with 5,197 reviews and so they have found this design and you can see here that this is likely just It is a print-on-demand product that they're just using some supplier with and You can now jump on Facebook type in the words. We can do it t-shirt Just copy that and paste it in the Facebook. See what you can find You'll probably find a similar design or something but you can be pretty confident if people are going on Etsy to look for this stuff there and this is Organic by the looks of it that this would sell quite well on Facebook and the good thing with print-on-demand is you got all these different options. It's got good margins It's it's a well validated product and that's it. That's all you need to do. That's why I love that Etsy print-on-demand program Congratulations to today's winners your names will be shown up on screen right now Just comment down below and I'll get in touch with you Don't forget to Like share subscribe and hit that notification bell. If you're enjoying today's video. I've got plenty more where that's coming from Let's get straight back Option 3 here bubble print on demand product research. This one's actually a really easy one. You just go to this link here I'm going to show you it you're going to see the best selling items whether it's jewelry mugs t-shirts Whatever they have there, you're just going to have a look at the reviews check the feedback of the design Look at Facebook for the competitors and get your own design for the plaque Okay, so the exact same as before except we're just using gear bubbles. And actually this is probably one of my favorites Let's find out how now so we're on the key bubbles top-selling products right now. And this is updated every 24 hours It's like Amazon movies and shakes. You can see here. A lot of these are jewelry print-on-demand This is from suppliers such as shine on and printful So having a look here. Anyway, you can see The ones that are selling well as I said, I'm only do t-shirts that have really good margins So if we have a look here and we open up this product With this so photo tribute t-shirts. Okay. So this has a customized option so people can actually put Their picture goes there. Okay, so they can actually put their own picture there as well But you can use this as the pretext for your own as well. A lot of people do do their own print on demand where they have a picture that goes there just a custom field and you can get apps for that for Shopify as well if you're worried about that as you can see here always in my heart and they also have the name there and the photo goes there as Simple as that, okay, and you can see that that's what the end result looks like So this is a bit of a more unique one probably a bit more advanced But you can see how using key bubble we can do this. Let me show you another one All right. So we keep scrolling. Let's use this one Okay, so this one is not really one that requires much more than a design This one does take a little bit more, but you can see here. Thank you Obama over 3400 of these Have been sold Okay, so, you know people that are in support of Obama, okay, and you can see all the reviews here You can see tons and tons and tons of reviews for this many, of course. It's going to have a heap of reviews and you know, this is a winning track so you can just fully swipe this idea and This is perfect. I can think of the interest for this one straight away people that are into Barack Obama people there You know, I'm sure there's interests that relate to down with Trump or something. I'm Anna and so you've got Heaps of ideas with this tablet products as well. You can see that this is a proven product with over 3400 sold and this is using gear bubble with a simple filter search, okay Let's move under the next another fantastic way to find 10k designs. Is Amazon print on demand product research So type in their search bar t-shirts for women again, look at all the designs You can find also filter by star reviews. You can filter by star reviews. I've always use that as the pretext to find the highest Quality and engaging designs and can make your own design of them Add to Cart on Amazon as well. So you get remarketed So let's let me show you how this works so if we have a look here, I've just typed in the word t-shirts for women and My address is to the US I just try and keep it to the US because that's where I'm marketing to and you want to go off by star reviews So you just go for and up? Okay So I could clear that but I prefer to go for and up and then you just try and look for the ones that are print on demand designs based on the amount of reviews they have so these are all just fashion related Apparel for women but if we have a look here this be kind one distracts me straight away Okay, we've got 114 reviews Charging that price. It's a print on demand item where they have some slight variations of it but it's more the The ability of being being kind and again if we have a look down here This is why you want to go to these pages because then you're going to find other ones that are competitors that have Varying reviews. So if we have a look here so we can see that one has a lot of reviews But if we have a look at this one as a similar one Then we can see that this is also another and this is the exact same so they've just either copied one another or whatever Who knows but this is definitely a winning design be kind, right? simple as that and you just need a graphic designer won't cost much and you can get them to make that for you, and this is just one example and again you can scroll down and you can All the reviews and even got images. Alright, so the benefit of this is If you find an image Look at that. That's someone actually wearing it. That's like a testimonial you could use that image. Okay technically could be immoral whatever But we've got these perfect pictures, I would be tempted in this case to use this one because you can maybe not but If you can jig it around a bit those types of ones work really well because people see them wearing it Really helps them relate Okay, and it's as simple as that and then once you find the signs, you can just type in be kind t-shirt. So as simple as this Okay, so we can even see that something as basic as that All right, but we can see that these are all doing very well We've got heaps of different variants where people are just trying to take their own that's the one we're just looking at and we can see that we've got other variants that are also doing well at You know, maybe not as well But we've got an idea so I would be using you want to use the best one So you use that one make your own upload it to Facebook Market it. It just can be a picture because t-shirts work very well with pictures and there you go You've got a 10k winning product right there. And finally we have Pinterest print-on-demand okay, so Typing keywords like shirts for women or t-shirts for women. Look at all the designs on there open them up Look at the amount of pins, okay So with Pinterest do you go off by the amount of pins that they have? because the way a Pinterest work is someone pins it and it actually directs you to you'll see a lot to Etsy or Individual stores. Okay. So I generally use a general rule of 500 pins This is all your gut feeling but I like to use some form of standard 500 pins Okay, because you can a lot of them can get a hundred 200 pins pretty quick and easy but it's after that especially after 500 pins that starts you really know that people are very heavily engaged in it and You would know that the people listing these on Pinterest have done a good job. Okay? So again, just see if you can find on Facebook Save those pin items. Okay, so make sure to save those or pin them. So you get remarketing more of those Let's have a look into some of them now So we're on Pinterest now and let's have a look at all of these designs. So, let's see how it's got etsy.com Etsy So let's have a look at this one Okay, so 19 pins not enough nowhere near it not worth it. We have a look at this one 264 Ok, let's try and find tequila tequila. Yeah ok, so this one has 926 pins Okay so you need 60 but what you can see a lot about if they've just thrown that in and they've got their link and it Looks like it's to an Etsy Shareable link and there you go. That's a design for you right there. And all you need to do is save it as well So that you can save it to some board ok, and by doing that you got it allows you to save all your ideas as well as obviously tell Pinterest sort of what you Want because it's going to quickly tailor more to it. So if we have a look here Jesus Jim no Let's have a look at some other designs that we can try and find I don't know one. I hope we can see it's got 2,000 pins. So this is definitely a sought-after Design, what is it? I don't know what it is. But anyway, I don't get these jokes But we can see I run a girl game 55 pins not worth not worth it 9k pins mama Ok, ok, so you can see this is a perfect one You know There being a parent because this is a parent t-shirt and you can see how is that is that's just a different type of typography you can make your own make it nice and quirky and there you go and Clearly people are liking this to the point where they're actually you don't get many comments on them You get a lot of pins here Just that's just a lie Pinterest is ok, so you can see how easy it is And I just typed in t-shirts for women to find this or finding t-shirts or cat t-shirts Just anything just broad and then just look at the pins and you can see 9,000 and you can make in have a look on Facebook, you know mum our t-shirt Ok, and you're going to find other designs that you can use, you know, don't sell it as well as the last tip for $12.99 You're not going to have enough All right, so that is how you use Pinterest to find 10k winning designs as well So now you're gonna have the question the tools you need to get started with put on demand So tool number one is I recommend printful. It is my favorite print-on-demand Company, it has US and European warehouse is really fast shipping really high quality products really good customer service Fantastic as a whole and really good prices they're not the cheapest but by far they have the best quality Okay, so it's going to be good for you long term. I Also recommend using shop fire. Okay, so there are various platforms You can use gear bubble Etsy all those but shop fire you control the traffic and you get a lot more because we do Facebook ads to a Shopify store there's a link down there to get started on a 14-day free trial for Shopify and that printful link will get you some affiliate credits so you can start uploading designs Into your Shopify store, okay it's as simple as a neuron that concludes today's video on how to find 10k winning print-on-demand products for beginners in 2019 don't forget to Like share subscribe and hit that notification bell for daily updates. Don't forget to get this file as well So that you can get all the tools and all the methods on how to do it rewash the video So you get as much value as possible And I just wanted to add as well that my mentoring program is absolutely awesome There's a link down below if you are interested in that. I'm absolutely loving helping all the people right now I cannot believe the amount of people that are interested as Well as that my course is being updated for those wondering I am adding whole new modules on Google and Bing ads that I'm going to be adding to teach people having it started on there as Well as how to then market and then scale accordingly, okay? now this is not going to be a separate course or the one I have I've decided that it's all going to be in a Single course I said from the beginning when I made my course there My course would just be a single course, so I'm just adding more to it So it's merely going to have a hundred videos with over 20 hours of content I always recommend getting my course because I am very proud of it I do put a lot of effort into it The students that are in the course absolutely crushing it constantly seeing them hitting 10 20 K days Now a lot of the students have gone on to now become mentors and that themselves and you're going to absolutely love it So if you are interesting that there as links down below I have tons of testimonials. Okay, and So I just wanted to say thank you so much again for watching this video. Have a lovely day. Take care and good. Bye