eight tickets to see me on a tour get him right there where it seems not going bring up and get him a phone they're gone oh you're gonna be a really big loser know things into things so I've been seeing lots of people in the internet okay I was seeing at first so I've been seeing lots of people never get to our wins channel engaged meet you so I'm and I'm a queen I'm obviously the better half of the tween of the mini Miranda I know I'm the better one anyways let me explain this with you sweetie stop talking for one second we seen we know some people once they came clean you guys might be wondering why this is here we're about to do twin telepathy challenge thanks agree what happens would you stop talking for two seconds literally all right so here's video Oh finally some peace of quiet so what I do not know what you say it can only speak English as you can see we have this in between us so we cannot see what the other person is doing we're gonna set up something to put in front of us with different genes of our favorite things then on the count of three we have to pick which one is our favorite thing without letting the other person see in it and we'll see if we match and then we'll know if we have twin temple enemies so you have to try to read my mind I have to try to read your mind I know I'll being able to do late because I have psychic powers probably [Music] yeah yeah yeah he's like hot dogs I was like yeah all right I don't please saw Oh mommy here it looks like we have spiny versus crunchy I hope this isn't hard to see Jane slimy is always better when it's a boogying crunchy is always been out when it's an eye boogie dude what I'm saying we have to use our tip of my feet ours to fit around which one is our favorite as luring the scene so you're writing pink pony do I like blue cheese - I like slippery slidey toilet crunching toilet slippery sign did your pinky how long did you want it pinky yeah you're not supposed to pick each n up till the count of three one two three but today y'all feelin fine do you good fine don't copy me not close the company you're supposed to be yourself the original bu well you know what now that he did Bank I'm gonna pick the crunching because I don't be to see you know you're not supposed to pick the crunchy right pinky yes I am but you know I'm talking about in the morning when you get those I crunchies all right don't you love them they've last I'm playing with my own you need to expect them up and then I am saloon you taste so quench with my favorite morning appetizer performing bright beans my dream big who ain't your lipstick I mean thanks you just don't eat Jojo see yours chopstick cuz you can get a best this don't want to get a space nice yeah next time it's toots versus squats both are really good options I love a toot but I do miss I think you need to change your panties oh you got a good chunk of scarlet we have to choose toot or squirt what does mind it seems like better a tune or a swarm using top and lengthy power move - of sports - we move on to Norse one ready on the count of three work out a pink one two three four mm sorry you beat up the tune I like sports better because sometimes you can when you have the sports you also get tunes yeah like jump get Dino Reiner free-range some good yes getting this one is a base it makes you Tony so much better yeah and if you get lucky it can smell like one thing I like immune response mix it - but if I had to pick squats all the way home okay it's time for us to do in the next one so let's see one be my diary in somehow these are my brains my favorite books of all time so I wrote those no I won't then no no I won't them yeah yeah so we'd have to pick which one is the one we would range from you can get both of these on Amazon on target types of plane things use your telepathy powers which one will you choose which won't variate Jules ready on the count of three one two three obviously a peak so pounds because yeah it's my first play ringing dinging and right now it's out in paperback you see this it's flimsy it's soft who wants it hard when you can have it soft so this one is still in the park Valjean which is running fun and I love my that's my diary but my somehow book was my first bump New York Times number one bestseller and adjust you Mountain beaver brain so go Guinea in paperback tweeting pictures of you can email India Burma a sweet Chi ball versus a crunchy ball take a look at me we have screeching bones and we hear crunching noise yeah their intention all right so here we go we have to pick between schools or honja balls when your nephews are typically powers I can't feel any feeling in my bones I know which one you're gonna pull on account [Music] result can be cheese filling cheese between body or head I don't know what anything here I like that cuz there's no fat hanging loss this one is training which disgusting a pregnant dog you can me so these under oil whoo yeah we have to pick between hey pull up opinion topography the policy it's about me what's going to pull what's going to go one two three obviously yeah all right can you freaking give me an iPhone thank you like this is a harvesting genius no pink this is the Miranda seems links taking for and let you you can get imranís things my stink don't home this is the other option so as you oh sorry they use cat hair clumps in the factory we make these in so we're gonna pick it on the count of three one two three hello obviously right now here's the final line oh we have human here or can't here so here we have some cat here which is mop shin we also have some human hair so we'll just pick which one is better I like this one because it's like the hair that keeps on giving the more I pull it the more hair that shows up but there's nothing better than a cat all right so yeah it's a pink are you ready on the count with me we're gonna pink use your typical Etsy powers put your head up against me one two three obviously would you pink all right that's it I'm pretty sure that we have done over this way yeah between couple more people cuz me read each other's minds basically the entire video so when we won this challenge really good so everyone else's on this challenge snoring we're better than you know theme make sure to come see me on tour or anything's don't call trinity can't get my book in paperback and get my lease sneak get my book get my tickets to my live show I mean it's going good hello a most annoying person in a little nothing so he sounds really easy challenge I wanna I know that's not hard as a placenta Haley's hope you guys like this video make sure to give me a thumbs up and like no one form no just me and subscribe to okay goodbye sorry it's crying [Music] [Music]