Tales of Runeterra Bilgewater “DoubleDouble Cross”


League of Legends


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Seems like I'm the one holding all the cards now. Well played, Captain. You finally landed me. Don't flatter yourself. I'm after a bigger fish. Your partner. Graves is too smart to walk into a trap. If you think he would be stupid enough to bash down- Let him go and nobody gets hurt. Dammit. Dumb luck. It's a gift of his. Oh, is it? No, you don't. I got you brother! Much obliged. My turn. Alright, Missy Fortune. Nice and easy. Don't make any more trouble. Okay, you win. So who gets to collect my bounty? By arrangement, we always split fifty-fifty. Now, hold up. Seventy-thirty! What are you talking about? It's not the time. I'm pretty sure I just saved you, again! Which means I get the bigger cut. Well, I had it perfectly under control until you came barging in! You were upside down like a piece of meat! You call that- AH! Get your elbow out of my mouth! That's not my elbow! Stop movin! You are a very large man! Shhh. What was that? As promised, two for the price of one. Excellent. Your Quartermaster. Thanks, Captain. You're lucky I like you. These two will make a worthy sacrifice to the Beasts Below. Prepare yourselves for one thousand years of suffering. Now, hold on a second. Did she say a thousand years? We can talk this out, right? How does that even work? Uh, Miss Sea, Sea Witch Lady? Some kind of time-travel? You know, I am too young and handsome to go out like this. I got twenty years max, man. Not with this guy! What are you talking about?! I don't wanna be so close to him. This ain't right, this ain't right. Don't worry. This isn't your last hand. C'mon now! We're off on the wrong foot. Let's go before this gets ugly. Looks like the tides of Bilgewater have shifted again, my friend. Yee-hoo! Let's get outta here! So long, sea witch! My sacrifice! Find someone else to feed your monster! Stop them! You gotta catch us first, you Slimy Fish! No! Just another beautiful day in Bilgewater. It really is.