Tangled The Series Season 1 Episode 1 What the Hair Part 04

so this is where Varian lives it seems cozy in a I wish I could say goodbye to my loved ones before I left kind of way just watch your step wraps come on this way it's just fog I'm sure it's okay fine a booby trap wraps everything's gonna be gone [Music] what are you doing um hi so sorry to bother you sir I wanted to ask you about my hair because you're such a magic [Music] I mean technically it's not magic it's alchemy but got it so what is this oh it's a chemical compound of my own design thank you we have a bit of a critter problem out here and through the miracle of modern alchemy I have found a humane way to sell people this is woody but could you get us out of here where was that neutralizing particle so sorry your highness your highness wait You Know Who I am how could I not look at your hair your highness oh please just Rapunzel Wow really okay so fantastical stories of your hair returning have spread throughout Corona yep people say it's magic but personally I don't really believe that now as you have probably guessed I am a man of science specifically al alchemy we know and now listen kid we need your help but let me make something