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[Music] hey YouTube I'm tech Steve and on today's video I'm going to tell you guys all about the taotronics b80 5:3 earbuds now taotronics is windows company who is up and coming in the headphone business so sit back and relax and let me tell you all about them before I get started I want to thank taotronics for Cyndi's out for me to try out to show you guys what they're all about and these are actually in direct competition with the Apple earbuds and the reason is because they have a touch control as well as Siri commands that you can trigger with these earbuds and a box you're going to get a user's guide and a quick set guide which you would definitely need this later on and I'll show you why you get some extra earpieces a micro USB charging cable and you also get the earbuds with the charging case now the earbuds come in this charging case and the great thing is that you can charge them about six or seven times and you're going to get about five hours of play out of each charge and the USB plugs into the back of it to charge it now it doesn't come with the power brick but you can easily plug that into a computer or power brick that came with your phone and you can see there's Chardon indicators on the front and charging lights on the individual earbuds themselves these Bluetooth has a six millimeter driver to produce that good bass response bluetooth 5.0 and you can go up to 33 feet from them now let's take a closer look at the construction of them the carry case is really nice and the great thing is it's magnetic so they're less chances of falling out and when you open it up you have your ear buds laid out nicely taking a closer look at the ear buds there's a microphone at the bottom a left or right marker your charging ports as well as your earpiece and the cool thing I like about it is that it's angled so it's going to fit in your ear very tightly and if you notice there's no controls on it it's because this particular air buds use a touch sensor by touching the taotronics logo and i'll show you that in just a little bit now showed you a little bit about the ear buds let me show you how easy it is to get it up and running to connect these the Bluetooth is very easy just take them out of the carrying case and then wait to tell atronics pulls up on the menu and once you see the taotronics pull up just go and press on it and it'll connect automatically and note you will hear pairing in your ear if you have one of them own now I'm going to take a list to them and see how well they sound but first of all I want to point out is that they fit my ear very snug with the rubber pieces that come with them so as snug as they are I don't see them coming out so that's that's a really good thing so let me take a list of the music let me tell you my thoughts on [Music] so after listening easier but its own and off-camera I think they have a pretty good range of sound no matter what kind of music you played through them I tried classical as well as hip-hop pop rock and roll and trap music so it pretty much handled everything the biggest thing I like about them is the bass was very smooth the mids were coming in and very good in the highs I can hear all the cymbals very good and they also have a really good sound when it comes to vocals so overall I think if you bought a set you'll be very happy with them so earlier I mentioned in this little pamphlet is because it goes over all the different structures on how to use the touch commands now you don't need this you can use your phone to turn the volume and raise tracks but if you want to be able to tap to answer your phone calls as well changing tracks let me show you how so if you have an iPhone you can trigger Siri by holding one of the sides down for two seconds play Oh Town Road and if you don't change the volume you're gonna use the right-hand side and turn the volume up and use the left-hand side to turn the volume down just by tapping it and if you want to pause the music or play the music just tap twice and to go to the next track you want to tap the right-hand side three times and go to the previous track you would hit the left one three times now you can use Siri to make phone calls but to answer phone calls you wanna hold it down for two seconds and to end the call hold it down for two seconds call six one one for my last task I'm gonna call this phone let you guys hear how good the microphone is now keep in mind it's gonna be using the camera to record so bear with me on the sound quality here's the built-in microphone on iphone to see how good it sounds let me switch back over to the taotronics at the other they found so here's my final thoughts about the taotronics bh0 5-3 earbuds well first of all I love the sound quality on them the fact that they sound really clean is a plus also they fit in your ear very nice and they don't fall out which is good if you want to use them for gym or any type of sporting event another thing I liked about them is that with this charger you can charge them multiple times so whenever you're not use them just put them back in the case and they'll be ready to go for your next use another thing that a lot of people don't talk about is that some of these earbuds are really hard to connect to the second device so as soon as I connected these to my phone both devices connected automatically so I didn't have to fool around with trying to pair one or the other they connect it very very easy so here's what I feel like had a little bit of room for improvement this case right here even though it's nice and a charger phone I couldn't open it up with one hand so I had to use the other hand to build open up the door just because of the design of it it doesn't have a little clip right there another thing is the touch is very good but it is a learning process so some people wanted to just put the earbuds own and go for it you'll have to learn where to touch to make sure that you change tracks turn the volume up and all those things the right way but overall I think these are really good and for forty four dollars I'll leave a link in the description below and if you like my videos go ahead and give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and I'll see you guys in my next video peace [Music]