Tazer Vs Questions

how's it going bros my name is Berta and today I'm here with the most amazing most beautiful most fantastic girl in the world yes I'm just gonna say it no um so today we have these muscle relaxants I'm gonna put them on me where should I put them eh my cheeks are you serious I don't think that's a good idea oh god it's already on why did you say that after I put it on it's no I'm not taking it off now it's sticky I've heard the one person where should I put it roll em seriously okay I promise it's okay so do we know our partner partner okay first question what's my best friend's okay you can say - I don't know who you put yeah okay favorite music group do you have anything you read no you know exactly yeah okay alright I don't know okay you make it into famous okay Cooper's name one of my hobbies I'm so ready okay why don't you hobbies Yemeni okay I don't know which one I prefer Bubb you Jimmy you're right fashion come on are you doing stop suey yeah yeah yeah what is it myself okay how many years well next year it'll be five years okay what's your favorite way to spend an evening oh my oh you're you're spending evening playing Isaac your favorite ready to spend on your name watching move bunch of horror film ah how is that not correct what kind of books timeless like to read I'll shut myself for that once you like banana Mishimoto which side of the bag do I prefer the one away from the windows yeah that is not there you don't care about your bedside no I care Eliza's I'm nice to give you the best one yeah what is one of my favorite desserts creme brulee oh dude calm down Jesus Christ how much did you expect your favorite dessert is Tammy sue you scream like you pain out of like you telling ice creamy white chocolate with chocolate inside it was such a teller that's it what foods do I hate which we do I hate fish yeah favorite ways to relax yes take a bath and wash that flavor okay stop I don't know sue can you cover the party night yes get your glass of water massage yes of course okay well this has been eye-opening I'm taking these out okay Sammis ballasted for the video thank you for watching uh I'll see you in the next don't discuss the camera breakfast breakfast so you do different things oh you got a frisbee cool oh I'll be on the bridge