Teacher Assigns Class To Make Funny Captions For Slave Photos

mm blows man they're great but Charlemagne was gonna be on the donkey of the day they chose you bitch who's donkey of the day today yes donkey today for Thursday September 26 goes to a woman named Shelly Scully oh the mayonnaise is heavy in this story now I was looking at Fox 5ny calm as well as Daily Mail online and they both reported a story about a social studies teacher at John W Dodd Middle School in Freeport Long Island named Shelley Scully now what is Shelley Scully being accused of well a woman named Darlene mccurdy took to Facebook to let people know that her as well as her granddaughter had some concerns about Shelley Scully's class assignments would you like to hear what is the assignment that has people in an uproar let's go to Fox 5 and why for the report please a controversial assignment is being called racist and insensitive in freeport this after a social studies teacher at John W doll school handed out an assignment for students to come up with a funny caption for photographs of slavery because she didn't want to be bored Pastor Arthur Mackey jr. says photos of the assignment were widely shared over the weekend on Facebook it shows different pictures of former slaves during the Reconstruction era Mackey calls it downright disturbing especially when we as a country have made so much progress Mackey along with some community residents are calling on the district to terminate the teachers teaching certificate in a statement the Freeport Superintendent of Schools says any insensitive comments made by staff are taken very seriously however no further comment could be made as an investigation is underway gave the kids pictures of slavery and asked him to write funny captions about it do I need to continue I do some donkey today side themselves okay I just talked a little bit more you know what I hear quotes like this I think of the words of Malcolm X when he said only a fool would let his enemy teach his children what does that quote mean Malcolm was basically saying black people need to build their own schools and take control of their kids education okay you have to educate children in the way they coach you to maintain that culture in to advance our interests and maintain our survival you cannot help but to be minded of that quote when you hear stories like this why Shelley why okay you wanted kids to make funny captions to slavery because you were bored I know what this is so you'd be on social media probably Facebook okay there's a white Twitter too just like there's a black Twitter and you know you and your fellow human jars of Hellmann's y'all be on there trying to be funny and witty and is creative is black Twitter and you don't got no boss so being as y'all got any boss you did with plenty of white people have done and that's let black people do the work and why people take the credit for it okay I'm saying all that to say come up with your own meme caption Shelley alright and it's one thing to have a cultural blind-spot say something do something that you may not realize is highly offensive but Shelley come on you knew this was offensive and when you are the descendants of the oppressor of the privilege the children of those who actually benefited off the blood of our ancestors who built this country for free you can't make jokes about black trauma simply because you're bored please let Chelsea Handler give Shelley Scully the biggest C ha ha that is way too much dan mayonnaise donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say to bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to 500 from your cell and say to bowl [Music] you you now when we come back let's talk GZ and Jeannie my now you were talking about this in a room us yes we were talking about Jeannie Mai and the rest of the real they were on Big Boy's neighborhood and Jeannie Mai was just talking about how she felt like because she's in an interracial relationship with jay-z it's important to get to know each other's backgrounds mm-hmm right and what are you gonna say me I was gonna play a clip of it okay when you look at the word interracial you should really look at it like in a responsible it is a responsibility when you date outside your race to learn about that culture because not everybody's experience is the same when he stepped into my house he takes off his shoes he knows how Vietnamese people do it when I met him I was like I want to go to Hopkinsville show me like exactly this yellow house that you grew up in and what kind of how did you start your business how'd you understand how to make a dollar why should only Vietnamese people take off their shoes when they walk in somebody house take off your shoes but doing that my whole life so what's the question you alright so we're just talking about interracial relationships and they can be difficult if y'all don't know each other's culture my parents obviously I'm the product of an interracial relationship my dad is Chinese my mom is how do I worked but it is a difficult thing especially when it comes to having to deal with people's families right imagine for sometimes the the parents or other members of the family don't like you being in an interracial relationships your mom started a family like your pop not too much I figured that or vice versa I figured my grandparents did not go to my parents wedding day and yes and it was not a good situation and that could have ended things earlier than they didn't Wow so what's the question you so let's talk about if you've been in an interracial relationship what I've been some of the obstacles you've had to overcome and what are some things that perhaps didn't work out if things didn't work out did it have to do with cultural differences alright 805 85 105 won call us now it's The Breakfast Club good morning The Breakfast Club