Tee Grizzleys Car Shot At In Detroit His Manager Killed


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[Music] the rumour report the Breakfast Club all right well unfortunate situation see grizzly his car was shot up in Detroit very fortunately his manager jobina brown JB she was sitting in the back seat and she did end up getting hit in her left side they said she did scream and three to four shots were fired and she was killed so that was really unfortunate jobina was only 41 years old that was his manager his auntie has big homie all of that so rest in peace to Johnny the peace rest in peace t grizzly he got hit up to I it seems that he's fine but and people were saying that he got shot some are saying he didn't and that he's fine I don't know but he's alive all right and according to this report they said he wasn't hit and neither was a driver Wendy Williams has canceled for more shows for her for the record mm-hmm tour and she was supposed to be in Atlanta Georgia they were two shows there those have been cancelled her staff in Cleveland and her staff in Detroit also were canceled well she can't say the whole tour you know that's what it seems like yeah I mean I don't know what's going on as of now st. Petersburg Florida September 21st is still on but who knows now reportedly it's low ticket sales is the reason for the cancellations and then I messed up she made a stop in the I heart buildings yesterday I didn't see her but uh she was there recording with Jason Lee yes and I'm pretty sure that it doesn't help that you're canceling these shows because if people were gonna go to later shows they're probably like I don't think she's gonna show up right so it would discourage you from buying tickets I'm gonna be out of the jury I mean here a new report the story for two weeks and I don't even know what the hell Wendy is doing what is she doing like what her what did they buy tickets for I'm serious why she canceled her shows what did she do it I guess you'll be talking to you like kind of like a stand-up in a way so kind of like a podcast type where she's talking to people for an hour and talking about celebrity stuff the comedy tour oh she's doing comedy so it's stand-up so it's that mmm oh okay I didn't know it's not just her it's Wendy Williams and Friends presents the for the record so uh like I was Shaquille O'Neal does like you know she brings comedy comedians onstage and she brings down hostess yeah I mean I haven't seen the show but assuming that it's a comedy show and it's her and Friends how she don't want to show yet to see I have no idea I haven't reported that she had oh it's crazy look like you've been reporting that story and I have not even thought about it like wait a minute what when you aim for all right I don't know who's on the Tauri there as far as the comedian's now let's talk about Rihanna's diamond ball that's coming up and she'll be honoring activist Shaun King at her fifth annual diamond ball we also told you earlier that Pharrell and dj khaled will be performing also mm-hmm so congratulations to Shaun King future and 21 savage they rented out a water park in Atlanta and they did a hood day so basically they were trying to help out the community they rented out the entire water park at Six Flags in Atlanta and they invited everybody from zone six to get some relief from the summer heat by having this big what a park day they spent about three hundred thousand dollars that's free food free drinks for everybody that's really dope yeah really a nice situation 300,000 drop on ACLU's moms with few chin who else you say put anyone's average 21 okay I do have a good time too boy all right Dave Chappelle is hosting a free black party in Dayton and Dayton Ohio and it's going to be strictly reserved for the city's residents so it's a benefit concert free block party hosted by Dave Chappelle and you can get your free tickets on Ticketmaster but you have to be a resident it's gonna honor the lives lost and to reclaim the community's favorite places to shop dine and enjoy time with family and friends it's amazing how your mind works so fast cuz you like your Daisy pearls having a free block party in Dayton and my mind say you know what I think I'm gonna go and then as soon as you said is only for Dayton residents it's just like the door slammed in my face are you alright Dancing with the Stars they have announced the new cast for this season fYI Lamar Odom's gonna be on their bachelorette Hannah brown Kurama Brown from queer I james van der beek as he's gonna be on there also actor james van der beek now I also was reading that Sean Spicer is going to be on with the stars Shawn spice it I used to work in the Trump administration Shawn yes the White House press secretary who resigned that's ombre all right a brand for Shawn I want to see l'amour L'Amour dancing on stone that's gonna be interesting why cuz he's seven foot two whatever totally is most people that that first tall person that's been on Dancing with the Stars no was he Wendy Williams is honest he's tall when Wendy wins definitely was on there how does she do when you wanted every bit of seven foot then how does she do what happen how does she do I don't know NFL Hall of Famer also Ray Lewis will be on there I'm Sarah Ellie Brooke comedian Kel Mitchell actress Kate Flannery country star Lauren Alaina and The Supremes Mary Wilson so who do you guys have to win this if you had to guess yes who would be a good dancer you have to you win by votes mmm I mean Bobby bones won last year drop one aclu's bombs for Bobby bones country radio personality my guy so I don't know it seems like it's a popularity think it's a popularity contest so remember when she wins she's an amazing dancer from the Pussycat Doll I don't think dancing mattered and one last year I don't know his dancing abilities he's not good it wasn't the best episode you know a lot of people were upset about Sean Spicer being casted on Dancing with the Stars and they were saying it's a slap in the face I'm always Sean Spicer to take the whole thing Bachelorette um yeah if it's a knife is about voting I'm going I'm going with Sean Spicer arm Kel it may be even Koroma got a large fan base I think I think the maggot crowd might come out for Sean but the Bachelorette crowd is pretty deep too man what's the Cantor Brown Hannah brown man Rocket Man gotta watch it all right I'm Angela Yee and that is your remember you know we just had a conversation about Dancing with the Stars we should do a pool and I don't even watch that show but if it's based on popularity no dancing does matter I'm telling you what Nicole Scherzinger once she run she won because her dancing was phenomenal it wasn't just popular you see Bobby Bo's lashes you see Bobby Trump if Trump tweets about Sean Spicer being on Dancing with the Stars everywhere Sean might win he might take that [Music]