Teen Marine Gets Salute From Hospital Staff After Surgery

[Music] the staff at this South Carolina Hospital wasn't going to let a patient's military service go unrecognized Micah Wooten a 17 year old Marine had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery just before his graduation from boot camp his mother says it was a tough blow because the family was so looking forward to his ceremony ever been about an emotional roller coaster all summer and you know just missing him and that kind of thing it was kind of you know lots of ups and downs and not really knowing what's gonna happen very emotional time obviously we're super proud of what he did Micah was taken to Buford hospital for his surgery once it was all over nurses and doctors lined the hallways and played the Marines him it wasn't the ceremonial finish to training that Micah had always envisioned but his mom says it was still very touching I think it's really awesome that's really the lady there explained to me that many of them have military family members or they came from military families for them to come together to do that was super super official once Micah is recovered he'll return to active duty and get to live out his dream of serving his country as a Marine for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Meryl Montalbano