Teen Struck by Lightning Why Did This Happen to Me

I feel why did this happen to me Brendan Darby doesn't remember much but he does know he was struck by lightning it's just the the chances are so low of getting hit and with these things that are so uncommon you don't you don't think it'll ever happen to you but it can the team from New Jersey was jogging along the track behind his town school when it started to thunder I just remember waking up a lot of confusion adrenalin grab my keys wallet phone rant for help this neighbor helped call 911 mister mister hey you okay lightning the bleachers sprinkler system and open fields made the 19 year old an open target for the lightning strike first responders said right has it happen I thought I should be dead right now Brendan's still recovering and it's something he'll never forget the next time he heads out the door for a run on the field this is Inside Edition calm [Music]