Teens Find Bear Raiding Refrigerator for Ice Cream

that's that noise it's a 250-pound hungry bear rummaging through a family's refrigerator the bear examines what to eat and picks taco meat YUM watch again the bear had no trouble opening that refrigerator door the bear then saunters into the living room and chows down it also tore through this trashed ice cream container the scary scene took place at a vacation home in Truckee California we just heard Tupperware being open really aggressively and I was pretty sure my mom and 15 year old hey Sherman and his friend Bobby Hardin were watching TV down the hall when they heard the ruckus when the bear wanders to the TV room the teens get the scare of their lives that was the scariest part just being on one side of the door and knowing that there's a bear trying to get in on the other bobby barricaded the door we had to hold it shut while the bear was banging on the other side Hays used his smart watch to warn his mother who was upstairs and call 9-1-1 I said to Siri on my watch call mom mom Susan this part is being a mother of two children upstairs and not able to get to them minutes later a sheriff's deputy kicks open the door and the bear walks out she uses a tranquilizer gun to subdue the bear I'm very proud they were grace under fire and we also learned that [Music] you [Music]