Tekashi 6ix9ine Testifies In Court About Cardi B Jim Jones And Other Affiliated Celebrities


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yeah yeah morning everybody is de jmv Angela Yee Shalom into God We Are The Breakfast Club shout to my seminar team for stopping through this morning yes she's trying to teach the Masters about real estate only in our own communities like I said I just want you guys to go out there get a book you know just learn about it read up for yourself look online go to podcast and so many different podcasters trying to learn about creating generational wealth all right all right well let's get to these rumors let's talk to Cassie 6:9 well Kakashi 69 his last day on the stand was last week Friday and he of course as you guys know is testifying about the accused nine trade gangsta blood members anthony harvelle listen and Al jamya nuke Mac now he's talking about a lot of different things and one thing that was part of his testimony was recordings of phone calls and conversations one call was between Takashi's former co-defendant Mel murder Jamel melmer - Jones and Jim Jones we didn't anticipate this happening now here is part of what Jim Jones had to say about Takashi and Takashi violating and what should happen next he gonna make it 18 what he really do does he go all right when they say violate I think they were talking about music like he just wanted to embarrass him in music I don't know Elco was one of the best rap out when I was listening to it I just thought it was a conversation that a person was having about what should happen but not like a command like this is what you need to go out and do I just thought they were having a conversation I just think it's crazy that this is what was trending last week in regard to Jim he really did drop money the best right okay yeah that nobody seems to be talking about right now in addition to this on the phone they were also talking about shadi and Takashi with who was Takashi's manager at the time and whether or not shadi should talk to TMZ she wanted me to talk to miniature well have a little show you don't see nothing that shotty hands of it I need to be very very very articulate about what he's saying why why he made people think that it was a game that we need to better know that he was never a game he was always a money or money playing for the gang members okay that's not bad advice alright well anyway that's what was played during the last day of testimony and in addition to that cardi B's name somehow also came up and they did want to point out that I feel uncomfortable right now knowing a party's work but he also denied that he took inspiration from her and they said contrary to some reports the full transcript shows that he never specifically named cardi B as part of the night raid gangsta Bloods it cardi B did seemingly respond you know what that mean that everybody's using with Kiki like who is that not knowing who Takashi is so yeah a lot of people being named and all of this testimony but I will see what's gonna help all I am deflection deflection deflection deflection this is about You Takashi six nine a lot of people want to know can he survive outside now like if he gets released what's gonna happen will it be okay for him the old school in me says no but that's because I'm thinking about old school principals and old school values and old school rules but the guy in me that understands this new era yes he will be fine yeah he will be out here putting out music and people will be playing the music she'll be doing shows if they allow him to go work yes absolutely love him he will be he will be more than okay alright now making a stallion has trademarked hot girls summer as she should she said when she saw Wendy's and forever21 saying hey are you having a hot girl summer she said I was like hell no you gonna have to pay me but I just to get a trademark because it's me it's my thing and that is the first time I heard anybody ever talk about having a hot girl summer was Magda stallion in addition to that she had to go through it over the weekend now previously Larry Johnson had made some claims he put a coincidence talking about Magda Sally and her mother who was her manager died in the month of March 2019 the same month of her quote break out music industry filled with the easily corrupt fatherless children looking for Satan to be the daddy they never had so that was former NFL player Larry Johnson making these accusations about Megan the stallion possibly sacrificing her mom for success now we know as goofy as hell and like we know it's not true like why that news were well cuz she responded to him she said because just because you found out about me around the time my mother passed does not make what you're saying accurate I've been grinding for so long and would appreciate a few weirdos on the internet with stop trying to associate my mother having a brain tumor with the effing devil she said after my mom passed I promised myself I was going to keep going hard because not only is music my dream but it was her dream for me too I have days where I want to go hide and cry because she's not here but I know that ain't what she would want me to do I know that she's proud of me well Megan you learned a valuable lesson when a dog barks at the moon it's nothing when the moon walks back at the dog it's Neuse you can't even give goofy stuff like that no any what team did he play for the Kansas City Chiefs and also I don't then he also responded to that he said for those who think I was hating on Magda Stalin he called her Meg the pony because you think I wanted to sleep with her and don't know my history I had better jalisa up your moon is I wanted to marry chilli from TLC Maya Draya and a bunch of distant never minds don't DM me that was so corny I don't even understand what that had to do with anything very corny but that ended up on all the blogs all right well I'm Angela you and that is your rumor report all right a rumor pause very spicy this morning he listened it's not my phone I'm reporting on what everybody else is doing comes in hats gonna go out hat what that's my mommy said all right what does that have to do with you eat no meat just very spicy all right [Music]