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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well back here add the newsdesk live here in Anaheim continuing the live coverage not just now on the e teradata website now we're on YouTube and Facebook so for all of you that are joining us once again welcome back as it is still hot outside a hundred degrees in late October can you believe it I haven't gone outside in three days simply because of that coming out of some great breakout sessions better matters enhancing Verizon's customer lifecycle by using the rights if you didn't get a chance to catch that one again that'll be on demand starting tomorrow moving to the cloud five real-world problems and of course you have a problem you got a solution they give you all the answers the IOT is all about data not technology again just a a couple of the great breakouts that you guys can catch tomorrow again that will be on demand and everything you've seen on the news desk all the sessions that have happened over the weekend will be on demand for 90 days following the conference not bad right not bad well let's go ahead and continue the interviews here we've got about an hour and a half of fantastic interviews and we're gonna end with Jason Silva who would be the general session of the the speaker so excited to chat with him as well we're gonna be chatting with a guy that dives off of 30-foot cliffs in La Jolla in San Diego that's Rob Armstrong senior technologist for Tara data Rob good to have you up here but thank you for having me up here how there's sandy Aegon it's like a family reunion here at the news desk a lot of sandy Aegon's here we get the chat yes about America's Finest City so diving off of 30-foot cliffs yes if that's gonna happen for me it's because I fell not because I'm gonna choose well how'd you get started diving off of cliffs well I'm a springboard diver for college at UCSD okay got it and we went down to the clam and somebody said hey can you jump off this cliff I said sure and since I'm a diver I decided I would actually do like a 1 and 1/2 and people like oh okay he's a diver so you one-up them you not just dive you're gonna throw some some spice into it yeah the big one was a handstand double it sounds like a number three it in and out yeah I'll take the handstand and double so in San Diego you live in Point Loma beautiful areas yeah it is beautiful the planes fly right over you though that's the only holy hell that's right I'm gonna wake by then you know yeah doing business and you got the pause button on the remote just live with it there you go we're gonna be chatting about a few things here the topic for you providing the audience with an understanding of how chair data is accelerating business outcomes with their analytic solutions such as customer experience risk mitigation and supply chain intelligence but let's just brag about you 87 first off you're looking at a guy that has been to all thirty all 30 partners yep not many people have done that so that is impressive since 1987 you were employee number 343 forty that is ominous I mean let's talk about the transition from you know thirty years ago to now you basically can throw throw a little pebble and hit the farthest and it used to be little pop-ups now it's it's it's huge diagrams out there the first partners we had probably more employees than we had customers yeah yeah a little-little room in Marina del Rey and I got actually stuck with the check at the dinner that night because I sat down as people came and went I ended up being the last one at the table that's what happens it was crazy it's like the youngest guy at the tables picking up the entire meals no but the secret is it now you I'm sure you know you got a ghost in yes that's got a ghost in you got to walk out and not come back in and use mutabrid outside Rabia you contributed in virtually every aspect of data warehouse and analytical arenas eyes work has been duped dedicated to turning data-driven business insights into action I currently work to help companies incorporate the worlds of Big Data and hybrid clouds into their overall annika analytical process so let's dive right into it Jimmy Poole yeah yeah yeah I'm working you're diving background from the data Lake as it were look at that the data I didn't think about the data legs see that's why you're here we talked about business analytics solutions what do you mean what do you mean by business analytical solutions well the business analytic solutions really follow our credo of business outcome lead technology enabled and this whole idea is that businesses need to be more focused to be able to get to the right data at the right time to be able to act on it and so we're really trying to get that attention but at the same time there's technology behind it the business users don't want to be bothered with it just has to work so and then the other the last aspect is that we want to get the business ability the direct access to the data so they can leverage it and what the whole idea is fast insights for timely and targeted actions so what drove Teradata to create these solutions well basically there's a couple factors that we drove us into this environment and it was that the the day of that six month to two year project I I got to live through some of those they no longer exist business users have minutes two hours to respond to whether what the challenge is but the data is everywhere so they need to be able to understand how to get to value though where the data is at and the business analytic solutions are all about driving that outcome packaging it understanding to get a good proof of concept out to an operational environment no it's kind of interesting I I just like this quote when you don't have the ability to solve problems you deny they exist when you have the ability to solve problems you find bigger problems to solve what our business analytic solutions are all about is giving the business community the ability to solve their problems so they can start finding bigger problems to solve or talk about a lot of problems give us some examples of the solutions so one example I think it's the easiest one because everyone can follow this one is customer journey or customer experience if you think about it you know we all interact with businesses all day in many different ways we go to websites we have the kiosks we go to the stores we go to you know we make phone calls and we and we drive that so we have all these experiences and all these interactions with the companies but one of the things I've learned is nobody calls the call center because they're happy we always call the call center because there's a problem and nine times out of ten the company inflicted that problem upon us so let me give you a one great example my wife hid this one it was kind of funny it's being highlighted at the conference one of our one of our customers so my wife pays bills online she loves that she loves the flow if the bill is due on the 25th 11:58 p.m. on the 24th she's on line to pay she makes payment well then she gets a response that says thank you for your payment all payments take 24 to 48 hours to process what do you think is the first thing that she's going to do when she gets that message printed out and put on the refrigerator to show you that's what she did no no no cuz I'm probably out somewhere else in the world she calls the call center and says hey I just paid and you're telling me it takes two days to get a payment process am i okay and they say yes mr. Armstrong you're fine you know don't worry about it your service will continue this company did analytics with us and we found that that is a very common occurrence so much so that by simply changing the verbage that they sent to her after thanking for the payment reduce the level of people calling the call center so now I have lower cost in the call center but I have much better customer satisfaction because I don't have that ank's of are you going to shut down my service it's interesting that you say that that's you call the call center your wife calls a call center it's totally opposite with me the call center calls me and asked me where is my payment okay so that's it's usually the same same time a same for the time I just count on here's like hey what's going on Jason good good to have you call me again well that that's how I am with hotels I wait till they put that bill underneath the door that's how I know it's my turn to leave this out comes at you target with you such offerings well you touched on some of them basically we have six major business outcomes that we target we are looking at the finance transformation supply chain optimization asset optimization risk mitigation process improvements and product improvements now the interesting thing is because a lot of people like to try to line these up to industries all industries have all of these outcomes that need to be achieved and so it's not something that we just do once and move on it is let's go quickly into one of these areas let's find your biggest pain solve the biggest pain and then move on and extend our solutions into the other opportunities as well we've got about 30 seconds remaining there's other offerings out there what's different well the big difference is in the scope and the way that we leverage our intellectual property with the technologies that you can also bring to the table our customers bring to the table and the the rapid analytic consulting engagements was I believe you've heard about here at the conference and our velocity environment as well that allows for the complete environment bottom line what we are doing is working to leverage our past experience to ensure our customers future successes good information good information out here I'm glad you came up here and chatted with us here on the third and final day of the virtual opportunity for all of you out there to be watching what was the last time you jumped off that 30-foot cliff by the way it's now we illegal it still happens still happy illegal it would probably be about 20 years ago 20 years ago yeah well tomorrow what're you doing around three o'clock I'll do it the old media media at the clam technologist for Tara data thanks a lot Rob appreciate hey hang out right here David McCreary you gotta watch this he's out there wandering around somewhere I hear that he wants to come up on the news desk we still have not let him come up here but he's wandering around the Anaheim Convention Center in the lobby David what are you doing out there thanks Jeff I'm hanging out here in the lobby I figured what we do for you folks at home is let you know what it feels like to actually be here to like to walk through the doors right here into the conference first and foremost right behind us is the Teradata Depot this kind of stuff this is a nice jacket right I think you guys just guy who that is nice see you see that anyways not sure if I need the jacket this is for show it's a hundred and six in Anaheim today so it's warm I wouldn't try to keep this on throughout the whole thing but we're having a blast obviously so you walk through these doors the first thing you get to is registration right here and these people have been working hard because what we have 4500 people here this week something like that give or take maybe more so all these folks have worked hard to get all the people in there registered and make sure they were supposed to be here I wanna see how hard they've been working hey guys how y'all doing over here doing good you guys been working hard this week we're good smart not hard nice that's that's good man right there so what does working smart mean when it comes to registering people um it works means is that the customer service is amazing the people smiling they come in the first thing they see us in the morning we get them excited to be here love it love it fantastic they hire the right people right here they know how to do it thanks guys have fun you two we'll see y'all all right so uh so you walk past registration once you get in you come down here here's the expo hall we've been in and here's a little behind-the-scenes thing you may think funny maybe you have to be here to experience it but they've got nice carpet down in there that they put down for events like this and the static electricity is off the charts so every once in a while maybe you've seen me in there do my thing you'll hear a pop what that is a static electricity running through me microphone into John's ears over here our cameraman and it shocks us and it's just weird stay away from there for right now cuz it hurts it hurts but it's a blast in there it's okay if you're in there not hooked to a microphone or a bunch of equipment we'll come down here people hanging out down here brain date check-in area that's okay let me tell you about brain day you may know already I don't even fully grasp the whole concept yet but what it is is basically you can get on the app and you can set up appointments to talk to somebody who wants to talk about the same things you want to talk about it's it's a way to set up networking so you don't have to kind of happenstance into a conversation that you want to be in and this is it this is our brain check brain date check-in area and talk to these folks hey guys how y'all doing good yourself doing great you guys you guys handling things we're here the brain date how's it going are people digging it yes well like over like 50 topics that people can just try click conversation and and jump into like the goo the group brain dates this is the first year for it yes it is so you have thousands of people here you could randomly connect with the good people but the platform allows you to you know find what content you want to share about to share knowledge about so it's a great way to connect with the right people here awesome awesome so do you guys they're in there doing it right now I'm gonna get it I'm gonna shot I'm gonna get a shot of of this we're not gonna interrupt them because like I said this is all scheduled networking so they're hanging out over here they're hanging out over here know where guys keep going I'm not gonna interrupt I promise there's a group brain date so these guys are all networking about what they want to network about and they met up on this brain date app I think it's a brilliant idea man talk about using technology it's it's it's amazing so great things going on here at Tara data I want to try to fool somebody with some magic do we have people that I can I can fool with uh gonna do a card trick for somebody who are doing right over here hey guys how y'all doing over here good so my name is David they they got me walking around interviewing people and doing stuff I just want to have some fun with you would one of you want to help me with a card trick yeah awesome all right so here's what's gonna it's gonna get it's gonna get weird I need you to hold the mic for me Wow while you watch the trip does that make sense alright so here's what we'll do get the jacket line do me a favor reach in there grab I know I got you doing so much stuff I'm gonna yell so the microphone can pick me up reaching there grab a card for me and then show that to the camera I'll look away so I don't see it good and I'll take it back from you so here's the deal very important I want you to notice that there are no marks on the back that would let me know what your card is okay I did I just looked at it I don't want to I have no idea what well do it again reach in there grab another I'm just messing with you anyone you went there as it goes by show that around I'll look away so don't see it make sure that's not the nine of hearts again though that would be too easy is it we'll just use it I'm just messing with you do me a favor I would just sign your name on it or mark it some way just so we know that's your nine of Hearts perfect so we'll take this back idea the game is to tell me where in the deck the nine of Hearts goes so it starts off fairly simple just like this the nine of Hearts with your initials on that pop it up so you see it one last time right there at the top good goes from the top of the deck to right about here that goes right about there so just a guess about how far down did that go about half way give or take so there are marks on the back it's a little dot right there in the middle that's the exact center of Jack of Hearts now if I take that Jack of Hearts and I spin it on that dot I can get it to turn to that nine of Hearts with your name on it I have no idea how it worked we'll do it again as it's freaking me out you're nine of Hearts I pop it up so you see it like this you're nine of Hearts do me a favor don't let me cheat I want you I want you to push that card into the deck for me good to push that in there yeah you move it in a different ice excellent and that goes there perfect so as you can still kind of see it there but I do like that did you see where it went it's freaking me out it's pretty much well I'll show you how fast it comes to the top just like this you're signed nine of Hearts goes in just like this and that's the mood that's how fast it comes back a lot of people like there's no possible way that nine of Hearts is going into the deck goes in about halfway down just like that comes back at the top here's where it gets crazy that's it that's the move did you see it happen so my hand is empty in my back pocket in my wallet I carry with me at all times you see the car that one can see the card with that freaky out of that was your sign card in my wallet it's not but that would have been awesome that was so good it doesn't matter I get one more chance because inside my wallet I carry a second wallet just in case of emergency inside this wallet there's a zippered compartment in that zippered compartment I carry one card store signed nine of Hearts there you go you can keep it you ruined it by riding all over you might as well just keep it now all right well thanks guys thanks I want to show you something we'll see y'all have fun this week all right I'm gonna head back here I'll just leave those cards here I find those later come back over here you guys are pointing to the expo hall are you guys gonna make me go into the expo hall oh man they just want it they just want to hear me get shocked and you may see the camera shake cuz I'll shock John but here we go little scared you think I'm joking but you shocked tonight so if I walk like this if I walk over here and here's more networking going on that the little Lobby right here before you get into the the actual displays he's buzzing constantly people hanging out super cool super cool place to hang out and just network now this stuff is kind of unscheduled so you don't have the brain date stuff going on here this is just they're making the networking happening so you see it's a bit of a buzz going on out here people having fun the big thing about this is that there's networking going on everywhere I'm gonna you want me to touch this touch this yeah did you hear it it probably went oh come over here to this booth find out what's going on over here at the Terry data booth hey guys how's everybody doing over here you guys having fun have a good week who was talk to me about what you're doing come on up here booth for customer journey so what we have here is a 9 panel tour and it goes through what a connected consumer experience would look like if you have all your data and analytics and channels all integrated in one experience and for me my big question is what are you given handing out to people for free let's see oh she's gonna give us a display let's look at this nice look at that okay now can you throw out from one hand to the other and keep it spinning like the crazy kids can close enough close that's even better that's better for television when it fails miserably yeah who's having a blast so far this week all of you yeah what'd you guys do last night once the once you went already went to Disneyland yeah we're not Pirates of the Caribbean and did the path of the Jedi video and OH Jungle Cruise and so Chris - good the chief marketing officer for Teradata was a Jungle Cruise tour guide when he was in college he gave the Jungle Cruise about 39 times a day he said and he gave us kind of the behind-the-scenes tour of the Jungle Cruise he said some of the jokes they're telling today are about 30 years old and the best part of it was in his his name when he was the tour guide on the Jungle Cruise was less capable so good they would take out with did he go with you yesterday did he could he'd sit there and just listen or did he did he try to chime in every once a while yeah I think he was chiming in a little bit I think he couldn't not right yeah I'd have to be tough all right so here's the deal thanks guys for talking to me here's the deal obviously a lot of important stuff going down here the terror data all the information people are taking but we're also having an absolute blast Jeff back to you yeah you're having way too much fun out there David way too much fun great magics I don't know how he does it talented guy talented guy a little off off the rocker a little bit but that's what makes him David coming up next we're gonna be chatting moving over to North Carolina Raleigh North Carolina we've got bill Rand up here assistant professor of business and management good to have you up here the newsdesk okay great to be here all right so did some research on you and you are a you like to brew beer I do like to make my own beer yeah yeah how do you think North Carolina's beers all right the breweries out there what do you think they rank here in the US we've got some fantastic worries out there especially doing some interesting stuff of new styles ours goes as they're kind of fancy stuff and I'd say we give the California a run for their money oh really yeah ever heard of San Diego brewery yes in the world stone yeah we got ash mill yeah we got branches Sierra Nevada we got New Belgium we can play up you feel pretty good about yourself the Brewers you got it san diego's the king sandy was a king but that's that's a fun fun hobby you have there being a dad's top priority a family guy you like to do Ironman races in your spare time sure I don't get well I do an Ironman race if somebody says either do that or I'm gonna throw you off the cliff that's the only time I got a free three hours why not it's a fun way to just kind of get out there do some runs I just completed a Half Ironman in Wilmington North Carolina did it and just under six and a half hours which is a personal record for myself Wow really happy about that yeah I saw you mean that the biggest most I guess toughest terrain I always remember watching on TV is still not is Hawaii yeah yes a tough as what is that a goal is that something you ever won a completely I mean it's a it's a goal of this sense that like also owning a million gold cars is a bowl right like it's not something I'm ever gonna do but I would love to do it for sure I like where you're going with that you're thinking let's let's talk about what we're up here we can talk about all kinds of stuff but let's talk about that so you examine the use of computational modeling techniques like agent-based modeling geographic information systems social network analysis which we're gonna dive into here natural language processing machine learning to help understand analyze complex systems such as diffusion of information organizational learning and an economic now our topic here specifically though brand managers and the marketing leaders combine all different types of data CRM POS social media to make sense of what is going on I mean because that is the big question what is going on yeah so this is a really tough question that marketers are starting to deal with which is how do you handle all these different types of data that you have out there right you have point-of-sale data you have your customer relationship management data and now to throw it on top of it you've got social media data in the mix right and so how do you pull that all together so we've been working with Expedia and terror data together to kind of try and start to answer some questions they might have around combining that data and in particular they're interested in how does social media data drive both engagement with the Expedia brand but also sales on their website on the mobile devices and so forth and so we're building some prototypes for them in the Teradata app center which allows them to kind of see how those different pieces of data thread together and how they are affecting each other overall and so it's really about finding what data is the most salient and then finding a way to combine them in a way that it makes that's easy for a manager to understand like in the App Center in Teradata for instance so how how is AI changing marketing that can go a lot of different ways but in your your your take of this AI game-changer yeah yeah for sure so with all these different types of data right the problem with it is that you can't just look at a million pieces of text you can't look at a billion pieces of photos on Instagram or Pinterest or whatever and instantly make sense of that as an individual person right so what you need to do is use AI to go and process that data to put it into some sort of format that's interesting and relevant to you and then you can extract and use that data and combine it with other methods out there as a result of that we can start to make decisions about what customers are doing in a wide variety of spaces that we couldn't make before I mean there's an old kind of brings me back to the old Wanamaker quote right there's a quote that 50% of the money I spend on advertising is wasted I just don't know which 50% right I don't know which half and so the real question here is can we figure out how to better spend those advertising dollars and AI is a solution to that it allows us to figure out which of those advertising dollars is really hitting home and really affecting a customer's journey to a conversion to a purchase want to go into monetizing images and videos I mean that's on the consumer side at the big business yeah but but on the business side if a manager wants to grasp on how consumer generated images and videos content relates to cells what do they need to do I mean Instagram is where that's that's the leader I think right yeah yeah so Instagram is a great place to start right there's a lot of images being uploaded to Instagram on a regular day by your consumers and by the brands themselves for that matter right and what we need to be able to do is understand those images quickly and figure out what they are actually about right like is this an image that it has a nice scenic viewpoint and so for instance with Expedia we're taking a lot of the content that they've put up there and trying to pull out what image concepts are in there and then when we pull those concepts out we can start to better understand what types of what types of pictures drive likes driving gage manure to just say hey this image is really popular on Instagram that doesn't help a brand manage or decide what other kinds of images I can create but once we process that once we say hey this image has a beach and a woman in a ball in a nice scenic sunset I can start to think about other images that I might create that have similar types of features to them so really it's the power of AI that allows us to transform those images into data that becomes actionable and we cannot and we do that all by combining it with things like engagement numbers with sales numbers and other things along those long it's future of machine learning big buzz buzz word here what's the future of machine learning to drive drive sales right so I think that you know if you talk about machine learning how it works with analytics and how that works with sales and things like that you really can think of three stages right there's the descriptive stage what we're describing what's going on and that's not really machine learning that's more statistics there's the predictive stage and this is where we start to get into machine learning where we're saying this image or this concept this product is gonna be very popular in the near future but really the future of machine learning lies in prescriptive analytics right which is the idea that I as a manager can have a piece of software that says hey you know Bob one of your most valuable customers is about to churn you really need to go out there and make this offer to them and that's not a a brand sales person making that decision that's a piece of software analyzing the patterns of behavior of how Bob is interacting with the company how Bob is posting photos on Instagram how Bob is doing other pieces taking other actions that allow me to really understand and so the future machine learning lies and prescribing what actions a marketer should take like that prescribing reactions yes like a Pharma term yeah like this almost like the machine learning will become the doctor of the future right tell me what it is like speaking of the year the future the edge of next of course the theme this year next year what are you excited about what what interests you the most going into 2018 well I think that um you know really moving to more and more AI is obviously case but I think that that AI is going to be embedded in things like Internet of Things technology right really the edge devices and so you'll have things like information signals coming from say your smartwatches or from your mobile devices they'll all be being fed into a constant uniform experience for you that will really provide marketers with the ability to take actions about those kind of actions they can say hey I can see from your your your phone that you're near our store do you want to stop in and and make a purchase in the near future right in fact not only make a purchase but it'll say I know that the last time you came you bought these things these things and these things well you know the next time you come in maybe you want to throw in something else that people are buying along those lines to complement what you're buying and so really taking that combination of AI internet things putting it all together to really make a cohesive experience for the the individual consumers really where I'm excited about things going you know just like in Atlanta fantastic chatting with you in here and I'm doing Vegas yeah let's do it I see the NC State there play got it go pack yes San Diego State did well too just like the beer does professor of business management at NC State University well thanks a lot thank you very much all right well we're gonna continue the live coverage here in Anaheim at the news desk again YouTube Facebook hey welcome to Anaheim no matter where you are around the world I know there's some folks out there watching in Paris right now in Canada and also right down the street an uber ride in LA coming up next we're gonna be chatting with a guy that just I mean why not why not just go sell the coast of the Adriatic coast for in Croatia for two weeks Todd why not I tell you what I have become a walking billboard for Croatia yeah Croatia is this absolutely amazing place that's got this amazing scenery the people are wonderful and friendly it's safe it's clean and it's got 2,500 years of history that you can see you can see Roman stuff and Greek stuff and it's it's amazing this is amazing place you should go everybody should go well I think partners should just go to Croatia next year I think you can leave can you leave that charge what let's do it yeah I'll hold it in an in a roman fort how about that Oliver would love that I think the Chief Technologist a chair there Todd Walter I like your style I was always see you walking around you get your hat on the Indiana Jones style you know you never know there's to be a lasso whip down we're gonna see it fly through the expo hall you never know cheap technologist at charity expertise in big data database engineering and system architecture works closely with their data customers to data strategy and analytics as a pragmatic visionary he helped business leaders analysts and technologists better understand all of the astonishing possibilities of big data and analytics and I feel like the way you know with you you'd be one heck of a storyteller that's not yeah a pretty solid relationship with the customers I'm sure they just enjoy listening to you III have a really wonderfully fun job I get to go around and talk to all of these amazing customers like all the people who are showing up here at the conference and and and help them on their journey to to use data to change their business and it's just fun it's a fun job yeah it seems like a I mean you're just you're perfect at it but we had a senior technologist earlier you're the chief technologist I think you're the boss does that mean chief is that was that what it is I make sure I get the idea okay well if you get to where the hell am i you can run your business we hear a lot about IOT Internet of Things but a ot you know why analytics of things and not Internet of Things you know there's a lot of chatter about it an Internet of Things these days and a lot of people are talking about the data that you can collect off of all these sensors and and that's really really great you know you've collect all this data together but and you don't get any business value from all that data until you do the analytics until you turn that into knowledge about your business your customers your products and turn that into decisions that change the way the business operates that improves performance that improves customer satisfaction that that changes your business model entirely and until you do all of that it's a giant cost as a cost that has no value to the organization whatsoever so just collecting a bunch of data together in a pile zero value until you do all the analytics on it that's I mean that answers my next question is IOT valuable by itself it's it's really is there is there any value it in buy it first of all buy it by collecting the data without analyzing no value but it takes it goes a step for than that you can take all of the data for instance off of your fitbit's or whatever right and you can learn something about those people and how they're behaving but you can't think it actionable until you link it to everything else you know about the organization the patient what treatment they're undergoing when they're supposed to be doing their PT all of that stuff until you can link all of that together then that's where the real value is I think by itself 10% of the value connected to all of the rest of the information in the organization you get to reap the nother the other 90% so what can be optimized improved with IOT everything absolutely everything depends on your business of course but but everything from from service of a thing a vehicle or a machine or something like that to to optimizing your health care I went to a session this morning where they were talking about gathering the data so that we can better manage your mother that's in the nursing home with with you know Alzheimer's or whatever and and better understand how to care for that person and and know when they're being active and not active and and make sure that they have a better quality of life wow that's cool that is cool that's what that's really cool there's a lot of examples like that how our business is going to change with with äôt and when is a business know that it's ready to handle the data I mean there can you put the cart out of the horse in some cases it you can put the cart ahead of a horse if you don't start with a business goal okay you always have to start with a business goal we want to make it so that our machines never fail in a way that I have to actually experience that failure right or I want to significantly improve more satisfaction or I want to change my business model in in some way without that goal you can really get ahead of the you know you can get ahead of the cart pretty badly and then it becomes a an IT project without a without a business goal or a business justification but I think every business is going to be fundamentally changed over the next decade or two and those who don't get on the stick are going to be left behind they're going to be the people who just aren't in business anymore because other people are going to fundamentally change the way their business and their industry operates they'll be left out so folks out there that have business maybe a startup an existing business big small how would you suggest them getting involved what would be the first step you got to look at what what is the next thing to do for your business what are you trying to accomplish for your business it always starts there and then it's a simple progression what am I trying to accomplish for the business what questions do I need to ask and answer in order to accomplish that mission what data do I need to answer those questions where is that data and then bring it together and what and ask those questions and get those answers make the decisions and and go change the world I like that what about the social implications oh my eye I think people are really under estimating it I think that so I like to use the example of automated cars right the self-driving cars are all about the data right they can't exist without the data and the analytics and their and the algorithms and the AI but there's a huge fan out of effect if the or when I should say the automated cars really really hit the streets it's going to put drivers out of work and lots of people are talking about that and that's millions of people who are getting or having income jobs today but there's a huge fan out I talked to bankers and they say well you know Internet of Things doesn't apply to us and I say well okay if we've got self-driving cars how many insurance policies are you gonna sell because those self-driving cars are going to be in a fleet and you're gonna and you're gonna get them to come to you with an app and nobody's going to own a car anymore so there's no insurance policies no auto loans no no no insurance adjustors there's this huge fan out of affect and and so if you see some of the see some of the studies that have been done in Canada there was a study that said 42 percent of all existing employment opportunities are going to be automated in the next 20 years that's 42 percent of the working population that Rini to remake themselves remanufacture themselves into a new career and we all know that not all of those 42 percent are going to be thrilled about doing that there's gonna be a lot of resistance there's gonna be a lot of angry people and I think we as a society really need to take responsibility for retraining for for helping people make those transitions to new careers I think we need to invest as companies as government's we need to teach our children to be agile and and be able to change jobs every five years or change careers every five years it's not just different jobs it's truly different careers because that's how fast moving this is really going to be and without that people are going to sit around being angry and it's not going to be good I like that point getting in there with the kids early you're teaching them a different a different way a different way of a career because they you know they follow their parents or parents follow their parents becomes a pattern another thing you talked about and I didn't think about this is the insurance on the cars I mean that is a massive massive business it is does mean that we don't know what's gonna happen but the obvious thing people that home might be thinking well if that happens insurance prices are gonna go up skyrocket everywhere else there we're ending up gonna be paying the same amount just because we don't have orange i-i think insurance rates are going to drop off drastically because I believe that the self-driving cars could be radically safer and very massively less accidents which means less risk which means lower premiums right but I think it taking goes further than that because I really believe that the self-driving future is also going to be an as of a service fee future right and so people aren't going to own cars anymore and so there aren't going to be individual insurance policies on cars there's going to be a fleet policy on a quarter of a million cars okay that makes sense then that makes sense a good point well great chatting with you great insight I feel like run for office run for office Thank You Croatia I guess that's where you're gonna be Fantana take a seat for a second hang out hang out here for a second we're gonna take a look at a video customer customer video got a couple of them we're gonna come back with a whole lot more action more info coming your way live here in Anaheim at partners 2017 safety cloud a transformation of multiple types of text data through analytics a visualization leading to significant innovation almost all the businesses carry a lot of text data now there could be consent routes it could be complaints that could be employee emails it could be anything and the most common challenge that all of them have is to find out what customers or their employees are talking about so there are different types of algorithms out there that can actually allows you to find topics in the documents but how are it's very hard to sort of cluster them in a very intelligent way so you can look at common things that emerge from these complaints and Cosentino's and emails for this race engagement call center and safety inspector notes were brought together to be analyzed revealing potential safety issues issues that could be corrected on the manufacturing floor common themes emerge as text cluster so once it gets clustered like that then a safety inspector or investigator or the person in charge can actually mouse over some of these clusters and the document will pop up and and show them water talking about and then immediately you can development inside and say for all these little dots in the blue there are tactical motors about this particular subject and hence they're trusted together they can learn more to the blue cluster of little yellow cluster or the you know the one in the orange and then they'll find those backwards applying natural language processing to these analytical techniques allows for sentiment analysis giving the business at an insight without looking at every document the dots represent the art can change the way companies do business the initial reaction was some of them said these results are straight out of an art museum was the first reaction to this hand everybody wanted to have this picture in the room like I said they want to put up a manufacturing floor don't shatter that executives so it was a pretty popular more than popular these techniques deliver results for all industries because you don't Texas like water it's like every business has text and most of the time as I mentioned everybody wants to look at improve customer satisfaction retention and they want to know what competition was doing all the things that go with running a business and the answer lies in the Texan water customers are talking more what your employees are talking about so this is broadly applicable to you know industries beyond manufacturing business outcomes visualized through technology making a difference that is an exciting part of being concerned I'm working for Teradata every time we go we started the problem that is not so clearly defined but we cannot know that we want to go and when we crystallize that opportunity into something that's useful it's just a customer excitement those moments are moments that happens during the project and everybody crowds around and looks at the visual and they talk about it now they understand that business much better makes your job very fulfilling the art of analytics and safety cloud one of the largest communications providers in the world fortune 15 giant Verizon has built their business capitalizing on data and analytics replacing gut decisions with data-driven science-based decision-making we deliver the digital promise to our customers we make their innovative lifestyle possible we do all of that by offering the most reliable network and in the latest technology but terror data is our backbone to our data warehouse and ever since the formation of Verizon in year 2000 we've started this partnership with terror data and our entire enterprise data warehouse runs down tear data and every day it is supporting us with decision-making reporting to the CMO and CFO organizations the business intelligence team supports sales marketing and finance naturally my team is roughly 50% marketing 30% vine is 20% IP so we live in the world of all three together why so is that we need the marketing vision and the cells rigor to produce the most relevant offer to our customers and then at the same time we need to have the finance rigor to ensure that whatever we offer to the customer is also profitable to the business so that we're responsible to our shareholders serving IT the VI team ensures that business gets the most actionable products and services rather than technology focused solutions assuring the best performance for all three organizations our mission is to be the honest voice and the independent third-party opinion on the success or opportunities for improvement to the business so my unit is viewed as the golden source of information and we come across with the honest voice a lot of the business decisions right are through various rounds of course correction the team relies on the 7ps of marketing people product place process pricing promo and physical evidence executed correctly to penetrate the market the modern day marketing Theory involves 7-piece starts with people you have to understand your customers understand their needs hence create the product then you move on to where they shop which is the place then you move on to the process to get to the places then you work on the pricing and the promo to get their attention then lastly you got to focus on physical evidence which is business intelligence you have to convince the business you are penetrating the market in the way you thought that you are and you are optimal in the offers you made with teradata unified data architecture Verizon uses analytics in three ways to innovate and disrupt in the competitive telco market one identify new opportunities for revenue to within the core business of mobile and three business planning in supply chain staffing and the 7ps of marketing for revenue advanced analytics give critical insights to the Internet of Things which in turn generate opportunities for top-line growth for business planning customer behavior analytics allow finance to better predict earnings in a fast changing market faster and or predictive modeling becoming very important here so we we do follow the customers journey and we track the people that were around two-year contracts how quickly do they churn or how slowly do they churn and then usually the pattern would be very very low and spiked near the 24 month mark but you can clearly see they churn a little bit more every month but in that spike at the tail end isn't as obvious as before but overall over the course of two years they're still similar so that kind of is some of our concerns hence we will be able to advise our business planning group so from the new in source of customers you need to model their churn or upgrade in this new pattern whereas the declining base you need to continue to model them off the older pattern and that way you will have a much better prediction into our quarterly earnings quarterly churn predictions are within one to two percent with laser accurate data and analytics remember Verizon revenue for one year is 131 billion dollars executing at this level takes a specialized team in the advanced analytics world I'm primarily looking for a combination of talent skills and one of them is the certainly the statistical and mathematical modeling skills and equally important is the sequal scale to get the data to be put into this statistical model but the other two are equally important if not more important that is one communication skills now the fourth component is what I call business acumen that is absolutely important depending on the project that you're working on you absolutely need to include that part of the business to your team so that you are addressing their problems not our problems so I'm looking for all four and is nearly impossible to find the people that have all four so what I strive for is that together we have a virtual unicorn together this team continues to anticipate disruptions in the marketplace to turn them into competitive advantage I think tyre data has always been part of our architecture design and we continue to seek the best solutions to achieve our business objectives and we bring in new software that makes sense we bring in the new combination of hardware that will yield the best performance whether it's from a storage site or from the wrong time perspective I think Tara has absolutely been a partner of ours in optimizing our solutions to our problems Verizon using advanced analytics to deliver on their digital promise to help customers innovate their lifestyle yeah some great partner videos there that you see some customer videos I think we have some more a little bit later on but again you can catch all of this on demand ninety days after we wrap here today so everything that you see here today will be on demand tomorrow everything the last couple of days already on demand so you can go back and watch all the sessions everything that happened here on the news desk you want to check out all of a Ratzenberger interview with him and i me plugging his book as i've been doing every single interview i feel like he deserves it but again you can watch all those interviews on demand on demand right now she is on demand in demand Liberty Mutual VP data strategy u.s. customer markets Karen aren't caring good to have you here have you here so you're in Virginia yes and but you have won a heck of a commute yeah so every week it is you've got to go you got to travel up north yeah I travel up to Boston and New Hampshire every week how long's that take well it's a direct flight so really long about blue over an hour okay and you know a little bit commute time on either side but it's not bad you ever drive you ever see you know what I don't to get in the plane I I just want to drive yeah occasionally we do drive with our dogs so that I can spend some time with my family and that's a little longer it takes like 10 hours oh I've got to go through DC in Philadelphia and New York and then go bought it it's all the cities yeah so you mention all those cities all those cities have a baseball team but you are in the city that is in the World Series you watched it last night I did I did watch it and from the very first pitch it was super exciting you believe that it was awesome I couldn't believe I was I kind of missed it yeah I think a lot of people and then of course they the replay but I I was amazed I just couldn't believe it well it was one heck of a game though back and forth back and forth until JT knocked it out a two-run shot that was that was fun awesome Dodgers took Game one here in LA what do you think is gonna be happening tonight you think it's gonna be a repeat I think it's gonna be a repeat on fire they are really good on something but I'd like to see Houston win one game because they I think it they've never actually won a game in the World Series they've only been to one and I have to refer them I kind of do as well like but I want them to win in Houston yeah one thing I want that I want that city like I'd like to see the swapping of of games that way makes it more exciting you and I could just sit here and chat about sports you are your big distant biggest sports in general though yeah yeah I love sports I like puts us training sport I do you know ironmans and marathon another person there's Ironman making me feel so inadequate in life and another person that does that that's great that's awesome well let's chat about what what you got going on here your I'm gonna brag about you for a second drives the improvement of efficiency of customer market business operations by providing strategic guidance on data and technology processes we're can identifying and or driving key cross-functional use cases that create strategic and transformational value for Liberty's customers agents and employees business evolution in a data-driven Society now it's it's a it's a pretty hot topic yes that's what it's all about here and it's interesting and I've said this before is last year you know you were in Atlanta last year did you come to Atlanta it was you know data changes everything this year though it is hyper focused on customers I believe which is right up your alley yes yeah so I work in the consumer markets and it's all about personalization and how you can use data to personalize that experience whether you call it customer journey or whether you just call it being customer experience focus it's all about personalization for that customer so let's talk about Big Data that's the big buzzword how is big data impacting the way businesses think about data yeah so a great data strategy well great this strategy actually incorporates data and that's actually a change I think a lot of companies have realized that the value that they need a drive requires us to capture data and to use data in a very different way and also impacting the customers and in real-time so you always want to be in the moment with that customer personalizing it and the only way you can do that is through using data through analytics and so that's kind of the the moment we're at right now is how do you make that happen how do you collect all this wonderful data at a really regular detailed level how do you make decisions that impact customers in a real-time basis and how do you make sure that customers are getting great experiences it's just kind of fun problem-solve and you can do it throughout the lifecycle of a customer whether you're selling them new insurance like that's what we do whether you're servicing through a claims that they've have experiencing some type of horrible event in their life or you know whether you're servicing this on so it's a it's a great problem to have right now yeah it definitely definitely is I want to talk about communicating the technical concepts because so for those of you that are out there you might know a lot about the industry and how it's changing but there's gonna be some technical terms like Aaron who came up with that that would somebody just threw that out there for fun hashtag really and then all of a sudden becomes a buzzword everybody's using it you and I were chatting about this how do you convey these technical terms into more layman terms when you're talking to businesses it's it can't be real easy it can't be too easy can it no it's actually really different well and actually as a data expert I actually have struggled with keeping up with all the terms also so I think even within our own industry I think every date expert would admit that hey how do you actually keep up with all the terms going on so so part of it as a good data expert is how do you convert all the technical terms into analogies or simple language for your business to understand I happen to be on the business side and my work and I actually work with a lot of technical experts and part of my job is to can just converting what they're saying into something that's actually truly meaningful the last thing you want to do is go to your boss and say hey I need all this money to fund some type of technology that no one understands and so you know you just got spend some time to convert all that expert data language into meaningful things one thing I like to do is actually sometimes turn it into like car analogies we have one where we're saying hey we're we have a a nice Honda Civic right now super reliable cost-effective but may even not be able to scale and to actually the throughput of enough people can fit into it so we may need to build out you know like a minivan and then I say I actually know what I really truly need is like some type of super train instead of a car so I like to use those types of knowledge ease to kind of swing at all it's funny you say that if you watch back on on-demand we've had a couple of people used car analogies a little different than you you one use a Ferrari one user Porsche you went to Honda and minivan but then you picked it back up hey hey you guys have a Honda Civic ma we want to deal you two Porsche and I say no I want a super train like that you're gonna get one up I like that I'm gonna steal that when somebody asked me something similar how should we continue to evolve the partnership between businesses and technology yeah so I think this is a another area of many companies are trying to figure out how do we make sure that there's a tight relationship between the business and partner and business partners and ID partners the one thing I say that would be really super helpful is make sure we have defined roles a lot of times the data experts are technical they like to code it actually makes sometimes the technical guys feel like hey where do I fit in this equation sometimes the technical guys try to speak over the business guys in terms of language so making sure we understand what each other's roles are and agree with them actually helps create a safety net and actually you can form a better partnership so that's the first step the second step is making sure that we're aligned and had the same goals so Direction wise are we headed the same direction if not let's have deeper conversations and make sure we have some common space between us and between the making sure you have safety in terms of roles responsibilities making sure that we have a common a lot of common direction around goals and then that will create more alignment in terms of closer relationships between the two sides the topic here obviously is mitigating mitigating any risk and that's what a I am EO machine learning deep learning is all about I'm gonna getting risk for a lot of companies but business strategy that's it that's it that's a big topic as well how's data changing the strategy of business yeah so this is super fun to see being on the business side and being influence your business partners to incorporate data into their strategy I truly believe that all strategy actually needs to have data in fact the best company's data will be their strategy because I'll enable them to use data to actually prove their business so think about this way a great business strategy will be how do you collect the data to prove your strategies right or wrong hopefully in real time so you actually just your strategy as quickly as possible and that will allow you to come out with better outcomes so he hates is a business strategy without alignment to outcomes so data is actually the link between the two right data actually proves hey is my business strategy actually achieving the outcomes I wanted to the data strategy so in some sense having a great radiated strategy improves your business strategy and actually makes it more nimble more agile and for you to adjust it over time well you know we've talked about how to convey the technical terms I do I can understand pretty much everything you're saying I work in entertainment news and now I I can actually understand what you're saying so it's great you're doing a great job and I hope that continues there's a lot of other people out there because we all want to learn more about you know this industry it's such an exciting industry it's the leading industry in the world it's gonna continue to be that way I'm just hoping to understand it more and thank you very much for chatting with me again that is Karen Bernard Bernard Liberty Mutual VP data strategy u.s. customer markets great chatting chatting Richard we've got a few more interviews coming up Ida yesterday I had a chance to catch up with atif Qureshi the global VP emerging practices AI and deep learning think big analytics from Tara data let's watch that well my next guest the global VP emerging practices AI and DL deep learning from right down in San Diego where I'm from my buddy octave crushing good to have you up here we're gonna be chatting about AI and deep learning and that's a big topic we haven't chat actually much about deep learning up here but AI is a hot topic obviously this year the edge of next what is the state of AI in the enterprise today well we definitely see a lot of enterprises going after a are in a big wet with their leaders telling them that this is what's next and so a lot of activity a lot of interest but customers don't always know where to go so what job is is to help keep them informed get them on the right track and help them deliver transformational efforts frankly well your surveys show that there's widespread successes with eighty percent of companies reporting some form of AI already in production but explain that because a lot of companies there might be some people in the company I don't even know they're using AI but it's considered AI but of course we use AI all the time Siri that's right yes so some of it is you know there there have been successes and there's a lot of products and you know services that folks can consume to get them AI very rapidly but the reality is there's still a lot of misconceptions on what AI is so what we tried to do in the survey was be a little bit more explicit about the definition and I think you know folks understanding that definition really internalizing it had chose to select that you know 80% were going after it and so that you know I think there's still some opportunity to do more with it yeah I absolutely agree enterprises what can they do today to address the talent problem I guess that many many companies are gonna start focusing on or they're gonna have to start focusing on yeah I mean talent within the data science and advanced analytics space you know is something that there's been a shortfall for a number of years and so companies have been collaborating with universities and academia to build those programs get the the talent coming out of the undergrad and graduate programs and we got to keep doing that we have to enforce kind of stem programs and partner with those universities to drive stem initiatives and then build a culture in which you know these folks these students coming out of school want to be a part of so you know the the top tech firms that are in the Bay Area are really first choice and so everyone else has to play seconds and we got to do a better job of helping our customers get that type of talent San Diego is up-and-coming you know it's one of the hottest cities in the country I think is a fastest growing next tech startup is giving the weather right now is the hottest city you're right Southern California we really see a lot of efforts to drive more tech there they have some great schools that are doing a lot of fascinating things in the areas of machine learning and deep learning like UCSD and San Diego State UCLA USC so yeah we're very excited about the future but of course terror data and think big we have offices all over the world in Boston in San Francisco Austin a lot of the great tech hubs and yeah we we just like everyone else continue to seek that talent as do our customers we were talking about you know talent there's a short shortage and just coming up 2018 I was talking with some data scientists I'm with some wonderful ladies here earlier and it's data scientist what I was what I read in Forbes forbes.com the sexiest the sexiest industry to be it in the 21st century at AI falls right along into that it all goes hand all goes hand in hand there's definitely a shortage why is there a shortage do people just not know about it or feel like that there is a process to get it a I mean you know just say I'm going in there's a process there is a process you know I think a lot of the data science disciplines require an advanced analytics discipline require a blend of talent this includes math statistics of course computer science and programming skills as well as deep domain expertise and so given that you know a unicorn data scientist that has all of those capabilities are hard to find and so we have to really as an industry build teams of competencies of multifunctional competencies to bring those together what a chat about ml and deep learning what is the difference I mean my my base understanding is deep learning is a subset of machine learning is that right yes and we we sort of categorize it in three different ways the first difference deep learning is absolutely a subset of machine learning the first difference is deep learning employs neural networks so the you know the implementation of deep neural networks with multiple hidden layers the second is a concept of representation learning so in in machine learning feature engineering is a key aspect to understand which features offer the most prediction to your outputs and so that's usually a very manual process that the data scientists will use to start to understand what are the most relevant features and what's interesting in in deep learning in particular is that the the network itself determines that and so it's you know it's much more automated in that sense that more of the focus is on the parameterization tuning and other aspects but you allow the math and the network itself to start to figure out which are the features that are most important and then finally the third it's the concept of memorization versus generalization and so machine learning does really well at memorization understanding the co-occurrences of features and how they relate and where deep learning is it's it's offering a much better way to generalize so not only looking at co-occurrences of features that have happened in the past but also predicting and understanding things that may not have happened and offering a better generalized solution now we've talked about here the newsdesk quite a bit about this next question I'm going to ask because I think you're the perfect person to ask your survey say in the very near future there's going to be chief AI officers yeah when do you see that happening and what is what is the actual role gonna be and is it gonna be a chief AI officer what's the title nobody really knows but I think you're the best person asked well you know if we think about AI it's definitely a transformational capability that organizations are taking on so it touches their operations it touches of course data so traditional roles like the chief operating officer the chief data officer the chief technology officer because there's a infrastructure element to this information officer all of those roles need to be blended in some sense to drive that transformational change and so I really see the chief AI officer as bringing together all of those disciplines there's also elements of Revenue and Finance to almost every organization so disciplines around financial the chief financial officer also will be consumed within an AI role yeah and that's one thing we chatted with a gentleman in finance earlier we were is the CFO role gonna is that role gonna expand I mean it's almost unfair depending on what that CFO's background is it almost seems like there's gonna be a secondary that works hand in hand with the CFO and Oda for that job to really capitalize on what's going on in the industry staying ahead looking forward can the CFO do that do that role and the current CFO rule in finance or in any company I guess well I mean I think it's hard to say but there will be large degrees of automation that AI offers we see it more not necessarily from a replacement standpoint but more from an assistive argumentation standpoint and so you know the future is still yet to be defined it's very difficult to project beyond even the next couple of years but I do see that really a lot of the interest in executive leadership around AI is to offer assistance in a much more strategic way to their decision-making yeah that's the theme this year the edge of next so it's all and nowadays you dream something that happens a few years later you know you're just Nick I can't we should we could we yes it will in some form way or another so the edge of next obviously this theme is asking what is out roll gonna be and we're just speculating but of course I think you know you're right that roll is definitely gonna be coming into play just how soon and what is gonna be the responsibilities in that role as we as we close down day number two in just just a little bit or it's what what is what is the experience been for you this year well it's been busy all right a lot of conversations around AI and customers wanting to understand how they can take their the deep plunge if you will and so where do they get started they you know they're seeing a lot of opportunity a lot of interests within their own organization they understand what's happening from a competitive landscape they're they're seeing what their peers are doing in the marketplace so really what what's the right first second third step is where you know is where I've been focused in talking with our customers well I've enjoyed chatting with you global VP emerging practices AI and deep learning from San Diego finest city art oppression thanks a lot appreciated the rest of time here we'll be back right here at the news desk great chatting with audit there yesterday out of a quraishi great chatting with him and another guy to chat with I'm glad it's not me this guy is a little wild but he's a lot of fun David you're out here in the expo hall you're a little too close for my comfort but it looks like you found something a little yummy Dee what are you eating the dessert reception has started it's just a bunch of candy and a bunch of cake and a bunch of stuff that I shouldn't be eating but I'm going to you look behind me it's just all kinds of ridiculous candy and all these people are trying to be adults and not take handfuls and handfuls but you'll see them like it sir is that is that your first or second trip first first or will you be back for more cuz I'm gonna be honest I'm sayin you need more you need to take more get over here come on alright I'll let you get away with that then but I want you to feel free to come back thanks for the oh you get more and just give it to me I like variety I spread my love around I'm gonna go visit the others the other tables as well how far I'll just follow you you head off and I'll find you alright so Snickers we got we got all kinds of take of Snickers with almonds I'm taking Snickers with almonds right now but this is just and you look at that looks awesome come with me come over here there's something over here I saw earlier Marilyn would you like a Snickers I just I love Marilyn Monroe that's exactly why you don't have any champagne to do you later later look me up later I'll bring champagne too late okay Tom baño 1953 I'm gonna make it happen all right come over right here I like right over here right over here is a another table I'm not sure what this stuff is I walked by quickly because I was being tempted let's see what this guys doing so you're literally scraping your plate to get more food off of there what is that did you say well this is a some type of ice cream it is really sweet like that any time now which is did you make this mess sir that's my question is that from your plate that is not I mean it looks like hold that point can I hold this plate down here let me take a look take a look I pretty sure that came from that plate yeah and then he's yeah he's nobody won't even notice it yeah let me check the bottom of your boot is there all right you're clean you're safe you're safe all right yeah you look good all right we'll enjoy the food go ahead and lick the plate all right all right we're coming back over here all kinds of stuff here but there's something I there's something really important I want to do squeeze through here I'll get back to the dessert later but before I run out of time Jeff I want to talk about something that I think is just absolutely fantastic that they do here at partners and it's happening right back here this is teradata cares what we've got are people making stuffed animals they're making beds they're making blankets to give to kids who haven't got that kind of stuff and it just I got it I gotta be careful because I'm sensitive guy and thinking about this it makes me tear up a bit um I think this is amazing wouldn't talk to the ladies right here all right tell me all about terror data cares hi so we are building beds doing blankets stuffing bears and we're gonna donate it all to local foster children in Anaheim that is absolutely amazing if you had a chance to like deliver it and see the reaction of kids and I'm gonna do that today about 4 o'clock so I'm excited you just because I get teared up just thinking about you I'm about to cry now look at the excitement it's great let's go have fun cuz I'm gonna tear up and awesome you wanna go you wanna go with me alright let's find a let's find like the the unstuffed the unstuffed pretty yummy do one look at this what if I'm gonna do this fancy you don't even you don't even stuff it you just carry it around like a like a stuffed animal or like a like a puppet I mean my hands too big my hands too muscular hold on how are you doing at Tara data's I can't do I can't do ventriloquism I can hardly say the word but let me show you because we're running out of time let me show you what the finished product looks like it looks like this right here like this guy completely stuffed ready to go to a kid that is awesome how you guys doing over here yes you guys feel you feel good doing this knowing what you're doing for children yes there's a kid today that doesn't have one of these right now and tonight he will have one because of what you're doing does that make you feel good yes alright well guys thank you very much keep going keep going stuff how much how full are you let me see how full you are okay yeah he's a little little keep going keep going you're doing good you're doing good this is crazy over here they're literally making beds for kids and I talked to Paul come here a minute Paul come over here Paul had a brilliant line what did you say about the beds on the beds that we have a lot of children this morning that have a bed tonight and that's going to make a big difference with all the stickers makes a big difference - that's awesome that is awesome thank you Paul oh okay I want to I want to check out one of the beds and check it out just to make sure it's sturdy I'll be back here in the corner just in case right here look at this oh my gosh are you kidding me sheets a little a little guy what is that is that a purple frog I don't that's purple is that a purple frog you think that's a frog yeah okay all right here we go oh yeah you know Jeff said this is kind of nice I might have to do the rest of the the thing from here can I just say can I just do this the rest of the time or show to get up I got three minutes left would it be awkward if you just just watch me sleep for three minutes I just I just spit all over Mike that's how excited I am there's a oh look what happened here in uh I don't know what this is or where it came from but I'm gonna eat a cupcake I found on the floor I have no idea I'm hoping somebody just left this like you left this here I come over here and see what's going on that's a good cupcake what all right a good cupcake oh there's something inside this cupcake so here's how you ladies how are you doing good how are you you wanna buy two my cupcake No so what's the secret here there's such bad man not so good cupcake you talk for a little bit I'm gonna eat a cupcake all right well we're making blankets here and we're just cutting in tying knots it's a no sew blanket and hopefully it'll keep somebody warm and I'll have something fuzzy to cuddle with that is awesome you guys are doing great so you got two blankets like I said my wife has made these before two blankets go together you've got little strips in them like this and then you tie them together my wife has made me one it's got poker chips all over it and it's awesome those those are great you guys are doing great thank you very much for doing what you're doing thank you you sure you don't want one last bite last week oh you got I'll just eat yours then no I'm kidding this is blank look I don't know what I know what that is there's something in the middle of this cupcake and it's absolutely amazing Jeff I'll try to bring you one no you know I won't I'll try to bring you one but I'm not gonna make it to the desk I'm gonna have it gone before it gets there look this is the craziest this Expo Hall has been and it might be because of the desserts I mean it was this crazy on on the Welcome Reception we got luck I can just peripheral vision I can see is there a nobody told me I can see it sticking straight out of my lip lattes we've got lattes and cappuccinos and Cafe cafe mochas going on over here you know a lot of people coming up here and requiring your services so many so many we can't get enough really what's the most popular thing you you've given out today espresso everyone seems to be looking for a rush so you know what and we mentioned that not long ago that it's been a long week already or about halfway through so this is important what you're doing sir is very very important you keep people going so thank you very much all right guys so if you're sitting at home you're one of our virtual viewers here's what I want you to do I want you to go to the refrigerator or go to the candy cabinet something and get some candy and just just just go find dessert somewhere I don't care if it's just a thing of whipped cream and you have to pretend it's on top of something go find some dessert and eat it right now so you can feel like you're doing the exact same thing all of these people are doing I mean look at this guy right over here the guys sitting right there with a backpack on at the table look at me look how intently he's looking at his food right now I just he's in love he's in love with that food that he's eating hasn't taken his eyes off of it yet chef I'll tell you what I'm gonna do my best to bring you a cupcake I don't know if I'll make it to you but I'm gonna try my best I promise I promise back to you oh man oh man David McQuarrie has been a lot of fun seeing that guy all over the place as he makes people feel uncomfortable inside the expo hall outside the expo hall is pretty great right now I've brought you one speaking of he made his way made his way to the to the news desk don't want to eat from this side that is that right from that side okay even look at the other side just eating it well yeah got it got it I'm in the middle of an interview here by the way get out of here scary guy scary guy well there we go there is your introduction we have the man the myth the legend himself right now Jason Silva just moments before you're gonna be getting up there and chatting with the entire partners it's raw group and the anticipation the excitement it has been building and when I heard that you were gonna be during the in the gel session I was excited I've been following you on Instagram for a while you're a fun guy you're exciting a guy takes one to know one uh you know what's also exciting and I saw yesterday you posted out there Larry King the legend as well yeah you got to sit down with Larry King how was that it was incredible telling you I grew up in South America I used to watch him on CNN via satellite and I always loved that he always used to sit down with these kind of thought-provoking iconoclasts you know not just celebrities but ex-presidents Nobel Prize winners sometimes presidents who were still in office so the opportunity to sit down with him and have a conversation philosophical exchange about technology and the future was just surreal and delightful in every way that I can possibly describe I would be a mess I mean I was a mess I mean I was very nervous but I would be seeing him to talk and not hear anything it's just I guess Larry King he's asking me a question what am I supposed to say we're live okay yeah I was nervous mostly because I wasn't sure if what I was telling him was was like resonating short landing but we did have a couple moments where I felt we truly connected okay a couple of moments that will last forever yeah the the exciting part about partners every single year is of course the opening general session Joey you know we had him from MIT big fan he's a great guy had him up here as well so delightful to chat with yeah and but now you coming up here that is an exciting part leading into tonight's three doors down by the way you're gonna be playing at the House of Blues hopefully you can join us there but you're gonna be a part of that with the the leaders of Teradata partners how do you prepare how do you prepare to speak to the minds that are here with partners all the businesses how do you prepare for them you know I try to tap into this sort of origin of my inspiration and my interest in technology I mean that the theme of the day is the edge of next and you know we really are at the edge of next people use these terms like disruption and that's like the name of the game now you know disrupt yourself or somebody else will disrupt you but the question is why and that of course has to do with the fact that technology is accelerating at exponential rates human beings however think about change in a linear fashion so what's always taking it always takes us by surprise the next big big thing always takes us by surprise because we continue to think linearly instead of exponentially and so when I you know when I get the opportunity to speak to audiences like this it really becomes a reminder of for me to remind them that they need to blow that you linear lens and see things embrace exponential change and disruption as a unique opportunity for reinvention this is how we move forward this is how we break boundaries and this is why Jason Silva is gonna be on the station I'm excited the energy that you bring the intuitiveness that you have in the industry for those of you first off that are watching live on Facebook on YouTube on the tear dater website background and a brag about Jason sit over here for a second Emmy nominated host of national Geographics channels number one rated and a Madonna nominated serious brain games in over 100 countries also be seen as the host of eight part National Geographic series origins that's a fun one that was awesome yeah that that was fun to watch as well that that experienced brain games and origins what were the parallels well here's the thing right so brain games is all about our perceptions and misperceptions of reality it's about highlighting the cognitive biases and cognitive slippage --is that often distort the way we perceive the world and and making you know creating these games and participatory games so people at home could play along and experience these holes and lapses in how they see the world yeah people watch the show and say I feel so dumb no it's not that you're dumb at all it's just that our brain is quite limited which i think makes it even more extraordinary that we have this capacity to survive in the world and then origins looks at key technological innovations that change the game for humans so the origin of language the origin of medicine the origin of transportation the origin of exploration and so that was a chance to like deep dive into how we became who we became I talked about technology its technologies exciting but at the same time it is scary try the misuse of technology is scary you see in that you know quite a bit yeah are you worried about that well I think you always have to proceed with caution and you know technology extends human agency and creativity by that mean that means it's a double-edged sword because we have impulses that are positive and that are negative you know perhaps one of the most disruptive technologies of all time was when we do that domesticated fire when we domesticated fire all of a sudden we could cook our food when we could cook our food essentially fire became cooking became a prosthetic stomach a technological prosthetic appendage that predigested our food and made every meal more energy-efficient which means we can stay fool for longer which means we had time all of a sudden for all these other things before cooking we spent all day every day shoeing there's a book about it called how cooking made us human so this is really the story it's how our technologies made us who we are because by the same token you can use fire to burn the village next-door language another singularity that changed the game while language gave us Shakespeare gave us poetry gave us all these magnificent things but language can be weaponized you know look at fake news and and the distribution of filter bubbles on social media these days that's weaponized mimetics that's using the technology of language and information to manipulate people so it goes both ways it always has man we have to proceed with caution that's that's a creative thinker I got a question how do you tap into thinking more creatively more often yeah well what are your trash sure yeah I mean the trick is simply to get out of your own way and what I mean by that is that we all have this inner critic we all have this part of our brain that is the second guesser and that's a part of the brain called the dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex and grant said you don't need to remember the name what you need to realize is that there's certain activities that shut that down that get rid of the inner critic and what happens is when you're in those flow States as they're called risk-taking goes up creativity goes up and performance goes up it goes up so why is that happening because you're essentially getting out of your own way as the bumper sticker says so how do you get into flow well novel situations just the right amount of challenge you know not too much not too little it depends on what what it is that is your particular trigger for some people as walks in the forest for some people it's riding for some people it's jazz I have many years playing with video and kind of recording my stream of consciousness which is no different than journaling if you're a writer the ideas don't put the pen down just keep talking you know don't let your inner critic stop you and eventually that becomes like a muscle where you just you trust yourself we had about 45 seconds to remove I mean you're such an optimistic guy I try to be how do you stay so optimistic well I make a choice every single day you know I mean we we have a choice there's these signals that come in and we interpret those signals and we decide ok I could resign myself and become a fatalist or I could decide to seize the day and take this as a challenge to be overcome it's a choice man it's a choice it's great I'm excited to see you tonight very excited to have you here for all of you that are watching right now the General Sessions gonna be happening in just a little while of course he's gonna be up there leading the charge up there with Katie linendoll which I know you've been on her podcast as well Jason yeah thank you so much again Jason Silva thank you the keynote the general session closing out day number three here at partners 2017 we are going to be continuing here on the news desk but we're gonna be shutting it down live so everybody watching on the channels YouTube Facebook Tara Dana we're gonna take a little bit of a break and hopefully you guys will come back in this a little bit a lot more action happening here in Anaheim partners 2017 continues in a bit