Tetration Instant Zero Trust Demo Chris Jeremy

so joining us today is Chris McHenry and you know we keep talking about customer stories and and all these scenarios one thing in common with all of them is that tetration is delivering value to the customers faster than the competition so if that's the case it has to be easy to use it has to be easy to install right absolutely and that's what we're going to show you today in fact to your point about time to value that's one of the biggest challenges that we see customers having especially as they're trying to do application segmentation in their environment so we're gonna dive into tetration today and give a quick demonstration of how quickly we can help customers achieve better security inside of their data center and it's a real demo because we've got it's logged in we got a plan we got a plugin it's gonna work we're very excited about that so when you first log into tetration if you haven't seen it in a while one of the things that you're quickly going to notice is that it's gotten a bit of a facelift and I'm a big believer that when we talk about analytics it doesn't really mean anything unless we're solving problems and so one of the things that you'll see is that we take all of this data that we've gotten and out of the box without doing anything in the environment we're starting to give you a security health check on how how secure your applications actually are with meaningful recommendations about how you can more effectively secure them so things like vulnerabilities understanding how processes are behaving and of course segmentation compliance so if you have a customer who's talking about their name for an application not off-the-shelf software that they're running but their application that they're running you know hey would it be helpful if you had a security score that you could easily consume through a dashboard for these really important applications mr. customer those are the kinds of questions absolutely absolutely completely customized to the customer as well as you know giving you actionable insights on what to do about it so we're gonna you know this is this is immediate value to the customer but this actually isn't really where we're going to focus today you can see one of the big challenges that we have is we have a B security score here mostly due to our segmentation compliance score so let's look at how we can make this you know and make an improvement here so in order to demonstrate segmentation with tetration we have a invoicing application that we've set up in our environment so you know financials has a lot of sense the data inside of it we've got you know money customers all this other kind of stuff and we want to be able to lock this down because it's something that you know would would be high risk and high value if we were to get breached so just to show you how secure or insecure this application actually is and we also have another tool in our environment we're gonna pretend that an attacker has compromised another server in the exact same data center and one of the tools that attackers commonly use when they're going into an environment to scan and understand where they could potentially go next is a tool called nmap so we have nmap here what nmap does is it just goes out and it looks on the network and just by having network connectivity to other applications in the environment we can get an understanding of how vulnerable they are and where we could potentially go next in order to get that sensitive data that we're interested in so you can see we have our attacker they scanned this invoicing application and we actually have a lot of risk here you can see some yellows some Reds red means that there's more exposure more opportunity for the attacker to do what security professionals call moving laterally in the environment that looked really easy so you're telling me anyone with the ability to find an address for a server can go pump this into this tool and figure out what it's talking to that is exactly what I'm telling you and middle school level education yeah I mean it's it's shockingly easy just because you have network connectivity to something yeah absolutely so not good right you know someone fished someone with an email got some credentials you know hacked a server and now they're accessing our finance application we want to lock this down because actually there's no reason that this attacker should ever communicate with that finance application so let's do it I mean this is the promise of application segmentation right it's your trust only allowing people to access what they need to so we're gonna go into tetration and this time we're go to the applications section and you can see that up until this point we've told tetration nothing about this application and actually this is really powerful because one of the things that we do with tetration is we can focus in on an individual application and just lock down that app right you don't have to make major and structure changes in order to do this we can actually take you know the the applications that are the most important to us and just lock those down quick time to value meaningful impact to security now you could see when we logged in here that we had nothing really configured tetration is actually going to discover all of our security policy here and the only thing that we need to tell it is you can see we selected a time range with which we want to actually baseline the application and then ultimately we're going to lock down that baseline the second thing that we tell tetration is which service we want to lock down so you can see that there's eight servers here that we're locking down now this is a lab right but you can see that over the last couple weeks just this application in a lab has generated 22 million Network flows right so the way that a lot of customers actually do this oftentimes is by leveraging things like Excel right it's a really big pivot table right there really large really large pivot table right so tetration what it's going to do is it's going to crunch through all these 22 million flows and it's actually going to automatically discover the behavior and the identity of all the servers inside of this application we're literally going to tell it nothing in order to actually implement application segmentation and that's and that's a big advantage for tetration right because we do this more effectively than the competition and we do it across a lot more operating systems of choice for than the competition as well right that's correct in any cloud and and actually not only do we do it more effectively than the competition the competition oftentimes doesn't even really have an answer to this in fact more often than not up until this point when we've talked about micro segmentation application segmentation we're really just talking about the firewall and as you can see that's not nearly enough and to actually be able to do this and it's all this data that tetration is generating that allows us to really shrink that time to value as opposed to our competitors are saying to do this manually it might take two or three years to actually make progress that's exactly correct in types of initiatives one of the things that you can see is we're just about three clicks in here at this point right so tetration has gone through all of those flows we've discovered the policy in the environment you can see we've got our results available and when we click down tetration has discovered 38 policies that we need in order to apply zero trust to this application so that is a ton of manual effort saved now we've baseline this against real data tetration has a number of different features to help us have a very high level of confidence that this policy is actually going to be correct we can simulate it before we ultimately enforce it but you know we're comfortable with this baseline we're actually in the exact same user interface I'm going to click and enforce this policy in our environment so we just went from having no segmentation whatsoever and no understanding of what our segmentation policies should be to actually being able to implement that segmentation against this application in our data center environment so you see green button same exact workflow we just click that down and we enforced our policies now remember this works in any cloud in this scenario we're using the tetration agent to actually implement that enforcement now I do also want to go back to our attacker and make sure that we understand the value of segmentation right so what you can see is that after we implemented this not only has the attack surf has been reduced but the application has literally disappeared from the attacker and you can't hack what you can't see so just to give you an idea of how valuable zero trust segmentation can be we see it right here right we've just eliminated the ability for our attacker to get to our finance application now just as important when we go back to the finance application the user experience stays the same so what we just did from scratch about five minutes we took an application in our environment that was highly sensitive that had a lot of risk associated with it because there was no policy no segmentation policy applied around it and we locked it down in a way that significantly reduces its exposure to getting hacked thank you Chris that's a great demo and I would imagine any of the TSA s and the tetration team could deliver this for customers absolutely if you want to show your customer reach out to your local TSA your tetration TSA your tetration sales counterpart and we can get it scheduled well thank you Chris and thank you all for taking the time to watch this video