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All right, guys, another amazing episode of "What the Fit" is officially in the can. As usual, after the fun is always more fun. Always more work to be done. We're gonna give you a workout that you can do, once again, in an environment that's comfortable for you. Something out of the ordinary, like this. This will be led by my guy, Boss. Give us our thing, Boss, break it down. Yo, today we're on "What the Fit," and I'm super excited to be here. This type of workout is low impact. We're gonna go high knees right here. Just... ( grunts ) - Oh, God. - Low impact, you're just gonna run in place. - Low impact. - Low impact. Nothing crazy. - No problem. - Be careful. I saw an older guy blow his knee out doing this. But they make these baby trampolines for people at home, see? - 40 seconds. - Am I doing my hands all right? Yeah, you're doing your hands right, for once. There you go. That looks good. I feel it in my-- in my quads. And you can do 40 seconds at home, it's good for your cardiovascular and, um, you know, your heart health. - Yup. Yup. - Get the heart rate up. You don't want to go outside and run. You gotta bring the kids here anyway. You can come. Get out the way, it's on me now. - I'm sorry, I'm sorry. - Hold up, that's maybe my next move. All right, now we're going to do in-between claps right here. Bah. Bah. Bah. So we're gonna do 40 seconds of that. - 40 seconds, in between claps. - Yep, yep. - In between, you gonna clap. - You got up pretty high there. Nah, nah, you don't gotta worry about that. R.E. You got up pretty high, R.E. - Yo, brother, come on. - Huh? Just givin' you a compliment, brother. That wasn't a compliment, let's go. Clap. Need you to clap. Clap, there you go. That's good. You working your abs, bringing that leg up to your chest. Making it low impact. Good job, Kev. Gonna do this for 40 seconds. Tell you what I just smelt-- my balls. No, you definitely stink. No, no, no, I just 100% got a good whiff of what I did today. Jesus, I gotta throw these tights in the trash, brother. Yeah. So, now we gonna do some hip turns. - Okay. - Right here, boom. Boom. - Boom, turn your hips. - Uh-huh, what's that working on? - This is working your transverse. - What? Working your hips, your transverse. - It's working my transverses? - Yeah. Here, you gonna, go to the other side. - Like this. - Come on, before we-- before we do that, back it up to-- Keeping your core-- you see the core? - You see the core? You see the core? - Yeah, I see that. - I want to go back to-- - It's the transversa. - Transversas, what is-- - Don't worry about it. Just get over here. Hold the two balls. - And... transversa. - What--? You never heard it before? Well, I'm quite sure the rest of the world hasn't either, Boss. - Yeah, they heard it. - Is it-- okay. - Transversa. - There you go. Boy, you look good. Then do ten again. You sure this ain't my waist? - I never called-- - Yeah, you're working your core. - But you called it a-- - To work your tra-- - But you called it a transversa. - Yeah. I feel like it's just my waist, is what I'm saying. No, you're doing a bounce-turn, - do a little cardio. - Okay. You're doing a good job, right there. - Well, I look good. - Yeah, well. - I'm not gonna give you all that. - Because I am good. The way you smell right now. - No, no, no, I smell it. - No, no, no. You definitely smell like you've been on the side of the street. No, I should be in the trash. I should definitely be in the trash. You stink. This is a Grade A-- this is a G classified situation, right here. I am only here 'cause I'm your friend, brother. - Okay. - We got star jacks, so excuse me. Star jack, wait a minute. Star jack with the ball right here. That's a good one. That's a good one. Oh, ( bleep ). Oh, ( bleep ). Don't look like your center of gravity's where it's supposed to be. Yeah, yeah, hold up. Let me fix it. - Yeah, that's not your cup of tea. - Nah. Here, let me be the example for the star jacks. You look like a cheerleader, ace. - Throw you up high. - Or I just look coordinated. No, no, no, you small enough to be the male cheerleader. - Call it what you want. - Let's go. One. Get them legs up. Jump high, Kevin. Get up off your feet. That's a good job. You smell and you don't-- oh, my God. The fact that I'm right here-- oh, my God. Can you come down in the same spot? - I'll try it. - Yeah, just go ahead, try it. I'll try it. - What? What? - I got it. Why do you jump so hard? I do everything hard. ( laughs, bleep ) What's wrong with me being aggressive? It ain't now-- just-- all right, brother. - All right. - All right. You feel good about the workout today? I do feel good about the workout. What I don't feel good about is the smell that I'm leaving behind. Nah. We need to talk to the manager of this building. I think it's good for you to hold the ball. And we need to let this manager know that this is not on purpose. - No. - These things happen. But it's a result of hard work. That's what it's the result of. And today we worked hard. Ultimate dodgeball. Ultimate-- I'm sorry, Boss. I really do. I apologize. Ultimate dodgeball went down today. Work out after the workout-- it's where you have your most fun. - Yeah. - Oh. Thank you, man. - Hey, it's been another amazing episode of "What the Fit." - Yes, sir. - I'm super excited to be here with Kevin. - Yes, sir. We're super excited to bring stuff to you, and we want to make sure that you guys continue to move. And we out. ( grunts ) ( grunts ) Head shot. ( laughs ) Hart: Hey, what's going on? This is Kevin Hart. Now, I know we had fun, but right now it's time to get serious. So what I want you to do is start by watching these videos and subscribing to my channel, "Laugh Out Loud." Do it!