That Moment My Dck Stopped Working

what is going on guys Mariah never considered aesthetics and in today's video I'm gonna talk about something that I believe has never been talked about on YouTube and the reason being is that it's a pretty sensitive and personal subject and not something you would like to share with other people as a guy most people probably would not even share this story with their close friends if it happened to them but I'm gonna share it today because I think that this story may help other people not having to deal with it and therefore I feel like it's putting myself down and you know showing something that happens to me which is it's like unmanly you know it goes against everything you want to happen as a man in order to help others and make sure that this doesn't happen to you guys if you appreciate me doing that please leave a like and let's get this video rolling [Music] [Music] so the story goes back to a little over a year ago right before summer 2016 that's when I decided to dive down and get as lean as I possibly could I was not gonna do a bodybuilding show or a competition but I was gonna do a photo shoot at the end of my cut so I dyed it down pretty drastically for that photo shoot and so first of all my diet it was you know it was doable was sustainable okay so I would say that I was almost like stage lean maybe I could have done a show had the body fed that I was at the end of my cutting phase and this also because I did this protocol that you usually do for a show so I was super lean and then those were the last two weeks is when I did the protocol and that's when I actually started noticing something that is really really messed up and that made me freak out completely and that I wanted to talk about in today's video so I'm it all went down to the summer in the summer I was also dating a girl and I had amazing sex with that girl okay I'm gonna talk about sex this is a important topic that I'm gonna have to discuss in this video in order to share the message okay so we were very attracted to each other if she taught me all like completely like she was hot and then you know like one day this is a Windows last two weeks of my diet it was kicking in when I was super lean already she literally didn't turn me on anymore she did and she did not turn me on that day we started making out she it was clear that she wanted it but um I don't know man I wish it didn't I didn't feel like it I would rather like like eat food like that's literally how knots are known I was like eventually I got the job done but I had to force myself to kind of do it I had to like really focus and that's why nice I was like this and this is not right this ain't right and I didn't directly you know connect one to the other but once I started thinking about what just happened because I'm that's not something that you want to happen as a guy and that's all you got usually happens I mean that's it was fucking scary like I was literally afraid and scary I was like what what just happened like and then I started doing about the logical thing you know to diet because I had heard about it before but I never kind of realized that her thought about a little more so yeah what's the diet like a fairly low calories that made my sex drive drop that's when I realized that that was the case you know why as well this is actually ridiculous but this is what actually happened so I was on those super low calories and then one day during those two weeks people was kind of yen or something I had a cheat meal and when I was eating a cheap meal I got a boat this is basically laughs hard hallways like this is not a joke okay so a hot girl didn't turn me on but once I started eating the dirty foods and a lot of calories in one meal like fatty meal like a pizza or something I got a fucking boner you know that's literally your body just being in survival mode and you know like obviously your body doesn't want one have sex when it's in survival mode so that's the state my body was in because I decided to cut down so deeply okay and that's the point where I I told myself what the fuck am i doing what is this whole dieting thing about it doesn't fuck it in it doesn't matter it doesn't this doesn't add anything to my life this is this is not what I want to do this is not what I want to do we're all in life where you people get the dinosaur not most people don't want to hopefully talk about sex and stuff but we're driven by sex is literally what drives us as human beings and that is like a it's it's a fact it is nature and it's not something you want to fuck with that that's why I was so afraid when this actually happened and I was like hell no I got it like quit this diet and I got a you know even more again and so that's what I did and everything was fine at the end but um the message that I want to share is like it was fucking scary and it was it was a crazy founding because most people don't think about this most people don't realize it I didn't either cuz I never really heard people around me saying it or you know even people that this shows they never really told me you know people always talk about energy levels but they don't talk about how well they get it on in the bathroom and that is probably because most people don't want to talk about the subject what I was just saying cuz it's like awkward as fuck and it's kind of putting yourself down as a man and you're sure a story you don't whether you want to share with people but that's why I think it's it's not often discussed and that's why most people probably don't know about this point I'm trying to make is basically just sharing my observation of my experience with this with getting down to very low percent body fat and with that said I want to make clear that I do not recommend and I don't feel like anyone should die down and walk around at such a low body fat percentage if you're not gonna do a show if you're not gonna compete because if you're gonna compete you have to accept that something like this may happen you're gonna have to suck it up if you want to be the best of the best and you want to take things to the extreme which will harm your body you know there's no way around it competing is unhealthy whether you do it naturally or with steroids in both cases it will be but that is the to taking it to an extreme right but for the average person it just wants to cut down and look great please don't do it like don't do it okay I've been there and I know it's not worth it next to all of this you know did this is definitely the biggest issue I had and the biggest freaking you know thing that scared me but obviously also lost a lot of strength loss muscle mass and that kind of stuff which is not ideal as well but um you know and just low energy levels that is definitely not great eater and that has to do with you being in a survival mode which is definitely not a state you want to be in so if you just make sure like before those two weeks I have no issues at all you know so it was really like being a severe crazy caloric deficit going for any low in calories that my body went into survival mode and that is Scott like the issue that I had okay so it is taking it to the extreme where things like that may happen and when your sex drive may drop so it's something that I want you guys to take into account I don't think it's worth it I know it's not worth it and next to that like to be honest I asked a few girls and girls don't actually like you being at that low percent body fat and having faints everywhere girls do not like it they actually like more the kind of like natural Luke you know the more like regular Luke Beach Luke so not too extreme and that obviously is gonna depend on the girl you know it's still like everybody is different but this is just like a general observation because I have multiple and they kind of all said that they more like the normal Luke and it's kind of logical and like you don't want to be like a really like a try-hard if some girls actually think it's kind of disgusting having like veins popping everywhere you know being so crazy rip but yeah I still think the results of the photo shoot were freakin amazing and I'm I'm so glad I did it now eventually cuz uh I got the best photos ever and now I've been able to tell a cool story which was not a cool story at all it's it's really uncool but I've shared it anyway and it may help people in the future so that I always like to you know look at things from the positive side so that is the positive side of things now if you personally are unsure of how to lose fat build muscle or you want to have some additional help with this through it properly because there's so much misinformation out there on the internet then I'm able to help you out I wrote my own book which is called my shredded lifestyle and I offer online coaching as well so the links are in description box down below you can check them out so again if you appreciate the realness and transparency then make sure to give this video a thumbs up I how they appreciate it make sure to put your comments down below subscribe to the channel on my channel I always preach enjoyable lifestyle and not being able to have sex or you know not really wanting to have sex that is obviously not part of an enjoyable lifestyle I want that to be very clear and I want to help you guys never be in that situation never ever and you know the really the shittiest thing of all is that you expect to be shredded as fuck so that every girl will want you and you can you know bang every girl and then you're not able to do that because you know you're failing on when it actually goes out yeah that this was a lot of people actually get shredded for so yeah just call them down there a little bit and accept the fact that even if you're not you know a 4% body fed you can still get laid and you'll probably get the job done a lot better so make sure to shoot for around eight to ten percent body fat you know just having a nice visible six-pack etc that is what I think is the perfect physique and a physique in which you know you're still energetic and you know all the other factors are still on point so I'm gonna wrap up this video here I hope this helps some of you out and a story time is over goodnight beeps and I hope to catch you in the next video peace [Music]