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oh and today we're gonna be talking about how to make money online with paid survey sites or GPT sites GPT stands for get paid - if you didn't know now you know so all right first things first you wouldn't be looking for articles like this unless you wanted to make more it make more money by doing paid surveys online you might feel as if you know where to go and what to do but the fact is not many people are getting the most money possible by taking these online surveys large majority of folks are signing up to the bottom of the barrel sites that sometimes don't even pay you the trick to making the most money in the least amount of time is to pick the survey sites that pay fast have tons of offers an active forum and also have offers that actually convert at a high rate the first thing with getting paid by these survey sites the number one thing you want to remember is to only choose sites that are free to join you should never at any time have to pay a fee to become a member of a paid survey or get paid to site I can't stress that enough a bunch of the online survey sites that charge a fee they just take your money and they give you links to other web sites with surveys these things you could have discovered this information by yourself without paying a cent so if you want to make the most out of paid surveys don't just sign up to one paid survey website you can earn a modest amount of money by only joining one paid survey site but you will soon run out of offers this is why signing up to several sites at once will keep your profits up as you will always have a survey or offer to take part in think about it if you join one site and make around $40 per week you can make one hundred and sixty dollars for doing online surveys from four web sites or sites equals more money here I have a few that I recommend consumer reward center opinion Bureau I survey world real surveys than pay Nielsen cash and rewards which is the US only Swagbucks which is very popular my points and probably the top dog is survey junkie these ones paid the most don't be that guy I have to let you in on something else to most people that begin their journey of making money by doing surveys and offers usually give up before they are able to get you to the Guru of things and actually get familiar enough to complete them basically with their eyes closed okay this is the moment where the good money is made most but most people they don't want to do the basic legwork that will have you getting checks in your mailbox every week from all types of survey companies so my final thoughts on making money with paid survey sites whether it is a marijuana site a marijuana survey or a random paid fun question here these are what your near like I said that these are the tools that will let you make money online out of all of the make money fast tricks on the internet this is honestly the best way to earn money online it is 100% legitimate and you could a good time doing it too if you want there are also companies out there that will pay you cash for sending you brand new products such as like diapers and shaving cream to your house or for you to test out and you can also make new friends in the survey forums on each website and the folks in the forums often share the best ways to maximize profit they also give you their honest feedback on whether or not their surveys are actually making money and paying so definitely browse those forums up to get signed up you can be making a consistent income that can allow you to pay off your monthly phone bill or enable you to take some more trips alright and best of all you will have a peace of mind because you know that you can get extra money every single month anytime you like just by completing surveys and hoppers at no cost to you alright and again here are the survey sites that I recommend keep in mind by signing up for all of them you have the best chance of maximizing your ankle thanks for listening this is Ezra from Medus Lang calm and I'll see you in future episodes you