The American Presidential Election of 1808

mr. beat presents presidential elections in American history the sixth presidential election in American history was held from Friday November 4th to Wednesday December 7th 1808 like George Washington before him Thomas Jefferson decided not to seek a third term Jefferson's second term did not go as smoothly as his first and a growing number of Americans especially New England merchants were happy to see him gone thanks to the unpopular Embargo Act of 1807 still Jefferson had remained fairly popular and democratic Republicans hope to continue to ride the tide of his popularity to stay in power congressional caucuses decided nominations for president and vice president in 1808 Secretary of State James Madison diplomat James Monroe and vice president George Clinton no not that George Clinton then she watched the last episode yes that George Clinton anyway the three were all in the running to be the Democratic Republican presidential nominee but it was Madison who won the nomination although John Quincy Adams Henry Dearborn and John Langdon were in the running George Clinton was voted to remain the vice president even though Clinton didn't want to run for president some people started a campaign for him anyway The Federalist caucus had apparently forgotten the butt-kicking they received in the presidential election of 1804 so they once again nominated the same candidates in 1808 former minister to France charles cotesworth pinckney for president and former senator rufus king for vice president maybe the Federalists were confident that the anger directed toward Jefferson because of the embargo act would carry over to James Madison and here are the results James Madison won becoming the fourth president in American history it was another solid victory for the Democratic Republicans Madison received 122 electoral votes Pinckney and King made solid gains from 1804 but Pinckney still only received 47 electoral votes well less than half the votes Madison got some Democratic Republican electors refused to cast their votes for Madison George Clinton received six of those electoral votes which was kind of weird since he also was re-elected as vice president in fact this election was the first of only two times in American history where a new president would be elected but the incumbent vice president would continue to stay in office to protest Clinton's run for president nine electors chose John Langdon to be Madison's vice president instead of him so essentially four people were in the running for president and/or vice president in 1808 additionally James Monroe earned three electoral votes for vice president and 2.5 percent of the popular vote for president speaking of the popular vote Madison received 64.7% and Pinckney received 32.4% and others received 0.4 percent of the vote either way Democratic Republicans still dominated I'll see you for the next election buddy