The American Presidential Election of 1812

mr. beat presents presidential elections in American history the seventh presidential election in American history took place from Friday October 30th to Wednesday December 2nd 1812 it was the first presidential election after Louisiana became a state and it also was the first one that took place when the country was at war it was the war of 1812 as a matter of fact one of the most creative names of a war ever in June incumbent James Madison had given in to the pressure of the Warhawks and asked Congress to declare war on the United Kingdom however the United States struggled at the beginning of the war against the clearly superior British forces a growing number of Democratic Republicans were not happy with Madison and refused to support his reen amah nation instead they supported DeWitt Clinton for president DeWitt was the nephew of Madison's former vice president George Clinton who had died earlier that year he was also a former US Senator in the mayor of New York City the New York Democratic Republican caucus almost unanimously nominated Clinton for president so there was a split in the Democratic Republican Party between the Madison supporters and the Clinton supporters the Federalists for a time considered nominating Chief Justice John Marshall for president but after Clinton entered the race as an alternative to Madison many decided to endorse him although the Federalists never officially endorsed him whenever two or more political parties on a ballot lists the same candidate by the way that's called the electoral fusion still some Federalists refused to support Clinton and instead nominated Rufus King DeWitt Clinton was an interesting candidate because he seemingly did whatever was needed to make both Federalists and Democratic Republicans happy for example when he was in New England he would pander to the Federalists by saying he was against the war but when he was out west where many Democratic Republicans were he would seemingly be just fine with the war Clinton's running mate was founding father dude Jared Ingersoll Madison's running mate was Elbridge Gerry and founding father dude who is a big reason why we have the Bill of Rights and who signed a bill redistricting Massachusetts to help his Democratic Republican candidates get elected the first notable example of gerrymandering named after him of course anyway because of the fusion support for Clinton many believed Madison would not get to keep his job and here are the results James Madison won re-election but barely with fifty point four percent of the popular vote DeWitt Clinton won forty seven point six percent of the popular vote it was the closest presidential election up to that point for the popular vote Rufus King received two percent of the popular vote looking at the electoral vote with Madison receiving one hundred and twenty eight electoral votes to Clinton's eighty nine Madison remained the fourth president in American history and Elbridge Gerry became the fifth vice president in American history Madison was one of the few presidents in American history to win reelection with less support than his first election but a win is a win right I'll see you for the next election buddy