The American Presidential Election of 1820

mr. beat presents presidential elections in American history the ninth presidential election in American history took place from Wednesday November 1st to Wednesday December 6th 18 2001 mostly because James Monroe was so popular that everyone was too afraid to run against him that's right folks this was the third and final presidential election in which a candidate basically ran unopposed obviously my boy George Washington ran both times unopposed like I said Monroe was extremely popular during his four years in office a time known as the era of good feelings however some people were understandably upset due to the economic hard times caused by the panic of 1819 and the rising tension between slave states and free states surrounding the passage of the Missouri Compromise however while the country did seem to divide a bit to threaten the single party system Monroe was still loved by almost everyone since the president's Rhee nomination was never in doubt key Republicans even bothered to show up to the nominating caucus there was also virtually no campaigning for this election even former Federalists supported Monroe the few Federalists who remained failed to nominate a candidate they did nominate a serious vice president candidate named Richard Stockton this was the Federalist last time to participate in a national election the Democratic Republicans would renate Daniel D Tompkins as well for new states Mississippi Illinois Alabama and Missouri all participated in a presidential election for the first time in 1820 however there was a delay with Missouri because it wasn't officially a state yet at the time of the election there had been lots of arguing in Congress with some saying Missouri's Constitution violated the United States Constitution nevertheless Missouri's electoral votes would be counted in 1820 despite not officially becoming a state until the next year and here are the results James Monroe for the win obviously he won all the electoral votes except one as a matter of fact the one electoral vote against Monroe came from William bloomer an elector and former US senator from New Hampshire he voted for John Quincy Adams the Secretary of State and son of former president John Adams why did he have to be such a nonconformist was it so he'd someday be featured in a video by mr. beat well no actually he just thought Monroe was not a good president Tompkins remained the country's vice president Monroe and Tompkins didn't get three other electoral votes because the three electors had died and were not replaced yet this is why Mississippi only had two electoral votes counted despite the fact that a state is usually always guaranteed three electoral votes as far as the popular vote Monroe was um popular of course getting 80 point six percent of the vote 80.6% 16.1% pretty much the remaining Federalists voted for quote no candidate and DeWitt Clinton even though he didn't officially run for president in 1820 still got 1.8 percent of the popular vote it's important to note that more and more states were choosing their electors by popular vote by this time with the country is so united with who they wanted for president and vice president in 1820 the future looks so so bright I'll see you for the next election buddy