The American Presidential Election of 1832

mr. beat presents presidential elections in American history the 12th presidential election in American history took place from Friday November 2nd to Wednesday December 5th 1832 President Andrew Jackson seeking re-election of course was very popular during his first term well not so popular with his vice president John Calhoun who would resign shortly after the election over differences relating to tariffs that hurt his home state of South Carolina and several other personal reasons well before this Jackson knew he had to find a new vice president to run for re-election with him and a Democratic Party chose the dude who pretty much built a Democratic Party Martin Van Buren sure Jackson was popular with most of the people but many in Congress disagreed with him on issues like his support for Indian Removal the spoils system and getting rid of the Electoral College the biggest issue in 1832 seemed to revolve around the renewing of the charter of the second bank of the United States Congress passed it Jackson not a fan of central banking and paper money in general veto the renewal of the bank's charter withdrew federal deposits from the bank and redistributed them to private banks throughout the country Jackson had a habit of vetoing a lot of legislation Congress passed actually needless to say opponents of Jackson's aggressive use of veto power called him King Andrew they argued that not renewing the National Bank would have devastating effects on the American economy but Jackson convinced many ordinary Americans that by being against the National Bank he was just defending them against the privileged elite who wanted to keep the power to themselves Jackson's opponents were led by you guessed it Henry clay clay accepted the nomination to run against Jackson for the newly formed National Republican Party another name for that party could have been quote the people who hate Andrew Jackson party John Sargent from Pennsylvania was clays running mate this time this was the first presidential election in American history in which a notable third party had a candidate on the ticket the anti-masonic party was created to oppose the Freemasons who they perceived as corrupt and elitist that sounds familiar they called out both clay and Jackson as being associated with Freemasonry the party held the first national nominating convention in American history many wanted Richard rush as their nominee but he declined John Quincy Adams was interested but many party leaders thought the former President was just too unpopular the anti-masonic party ended up choosing William Wirt as their presidential candidate despite the fact he was a freemason crazy Amos L maker from Pennsylvania was his running mate can you tell Pennsylvania was an important state in this election a fourth candidate John Floyd from Virginia was supported by the newly formed NOAA fire party even though he didn't officially run for president the NOAA fire party was basically a bunch of people in South Carolina upset about Jackson's support for increased tariffs that hurt the state and here are the results Andrew Jackson easily won re-election receiving 219 electoral votes he also got fifty four point two percent of the popular vote which is notable because no president was again able to get a majority of the popular vote in two consecutive elections until Ulysses Grant did 40 years later Henry Clay lost yet another presidential election coming in second place with 49 electoral votes and thirty-seven point four percent of the popular vote William Wirt received seven electoral votes and came in third place with the popular vote at 7.8 percent John Floyd received all of the South Carolina's 11 electoral votes but they didn't count the popular vote there so yeah that was it for John Martin Van Buren became the 8th vice president in history even though all the Democratic electors from Pennsylvania voted against him and instead voted for William Wilkins a u.s. senator from you guessed it Pennsylvania as crazy as it sounds Andrew Jackson would be the last president until Abraham Lincoln to be reelected as much as some people hated him at the time he remained oh so popular with most ordinary Americans I'll see you for the next election buddy you