The American Presidential Election of 1836

mr. beat presents presidential elections in American history the 13th presidential election in American history took place from Thursday November 3rd to Wednesday December 7th 1836 Andrew Jackson I'll be gone he decided to follow in the footsteps of Washington Jefferson Madison and Monroe and retire after two terms besides he was confident his vice president of the past four years Martin Van Buren would do just fine in his place especially since Van Buren shared many of the same views as Jackson with Jackson's backing and the fact that Van Buren helps start the Democratic Party it was no surprise the Democratic Party nominated him they also nominated Richard mentor Johnson congressman from Kentucky as his running mate Johnson wasn't too popular with southerners however because he had an affair with an african-american woman and father two daughters with her five years prior a bunch of people who were disturbed by how much Andrew Jackson had expanded the power of the executive branch organized they were led by you guessed it Henry Clay a dude who constantly criticized Jackson after they couldn't defeat Jackson in 1832 they started to gain momentum as a new political party the Whig party in the years following the election I have an entire video about the Whig party go watch it now are you done good in 1834 the Whigs begin to find success in the midterm elections by 1836 they were a major party and a major threat to Jacksonian dominance they had a crazy strategy for this presidential election instead of running one candidate like political parties usually do they ran for different candidates in different parts of the country hoping each would be popular enough to defeat Van Buren in each region the four Whig candidates were Hugh Lawson white senator from Tennessee Willie person Mangum senator from North Carolina Daniel Webster senator from Massachusetts and former general senator representative and governor William Henry Harrison from ohayo it seemed to be more about Van Buren losing than the Whigs winning this was the only time in American history this was ever tried stay tuned to see if it worked the Whigs ran to Vice President candidates John Tyler senator from Virginia ran with white and Mangum and Francis Granger congressman from New York ran with both Harrison and Webster those two timers this election was the first the newly formed states of Arkansas and Michigan would participate in even though Michigan wasn't officially a state until January of the next year and here are the results first of all there was another dispute a lot of people didn't like the fact that Michigan's votes were to be counted so the total votes were counted twice once with Michigan and once without it either way it didn't really matter because Martin Van Buren won becoming the eighth president of the United States he received 170 electoral votes the Whig strategy backfired as the all-or-nothing reality of the electoral college made it so Van Buren won most of the states in second place was William Henry Harrison with 73 electoral votes and third Hugh lost in white with 26 electoral votes and fourth Daniel Webster with 14 electoral votes in fifth Willie person Mangum with 11 electoral votes what the heck is with all these three named candidates by the way and all of the senator candidates I mean come on anyway Richard mentor Johnson wasn't automatically elected vice president you see 23 faithless electors voted against him instead voting for William Smith senator from South Carolina another senator really this left Johnson one vote short of the 148th vote majority the twelfth amendment says if this happens the Senate gets to pick and they chose Johnson so he became the ninth vice president in American history after all this was the only election in which the Senate did this just looking at the popular vote in terms of political parties it was much closer VanBuren got fifty point eight percent of the popular vote compared to the nearly 50 percent all the Whig candidates got the presidential election of 1836 was the last one until 1988 to result in a vice president becoming promoted for the lack of a better word to president through election some others would do so because the president died or resigned but not through straight-up election pretty crazy right I'll see you for the next election but a