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so the bird on a pedestal in southern africa is represented as this bird on a pedestal or or the zimbabwe birds and these are very important birds they in the in the museum at great zimbabwe if you ever come on one of my tours we're gonna go there and you can see these birds they are you can just feel the energy when you stand looking at these birds they are spectacular and i believe that we're this is connected to the mascots or the protectors of the early gold miners and i believe that i found what may be the early prototypes among the stone ruins in the stone circles in south africa that became more refined in more recent times so who did all this work who did all this labor and this is where it starts to get really interesting and uh and the the information keeps changing so what i would have shared with you 10 years ago has changed quite a bit and i've had to rethink some of these things and it seems that these giants in history play a very important role much bigger role and this is where we have to start remembering that history is much older more stranger and more unbelievable than most of us can imagine and when the gods were on earth there were giants and this is a very important part of our history our reality that we have to deal with somebody went to a lot of trouble to show these that's a great little illustration of real giant discoveries this is not somebody's um theory these are real ancient discoveries uh we're extreme left six feet tall there that's a little guy there that's us but this is nothing compared to the real giants the jewish encyclopedia talks about the the giants and the anakim and the same titanic race as the rephaim the nephilim the gibran the zamzam and the emem and uh the giants were between it also tells us in the book of enoch that the giants were between 300 and 3000 al's tall i'll talk more about that that actually ranges from 130 to 130 meters to one and a half kilometers tall one and a half kilometers that's almost a mile tall okay so rethink everything if you've not contemplated this size before start thinking about this we're dealing with real history of this planet that's been removed from us removed from our system removed from our memories this is part of it so when we look at the bosc skull 20 20 percent larger than we are and this is the boscope skull on the left found in south africa as well this is nothing the bone of the giant in found in namibia that is at the in at which university in johannesburg um that's nothing these guys may have been twice the size of us and it gets more interesting this footprint in china gets a little bit more interesting but obviously the most beautiful footprint of a giant in iraq must be in south africa and it is there it is and uh you'll go and see this when you come one of our trips a sacred sites tour on one of the shorter trips that i'm putting together now because i'm going to spend a lot more energy and focus on this in the coming months and years this is a spectacular story about this and klaus donner found in ecuador a nose bone a heel bone and a skull fragment that was genetically uh tested in vienna and proved to be humanoid and giant and the the skeleton of this giant in ecuador is actually in the museum in ecuador here it is it's been reconstructed and it's actually in the museum you can go and see it a seven meter giant in a museum in ecuador and these are just small giants because when you read leviticus it says that we were like locusts by their side and in the book of enoch it says the giants were three thousand else tall one l is about just less than half a meter that means it would make the giants one and a half kilometers or just less than one mile tall and some of you may have seen the the new discoveries of the the giant trees that we seem to have lost around the world they were somehow chopped down and i believe that many of those trees were accompanied by giants as well and we have lots of remains of giants all of us have monoatomic elements floating around in our bodies monoatomic gold we're actually rich in monatomic gold but the technology we have cannot detect the monoatomic gold in the form that it is in our bodies we don't have that technology when we die that monoatomic gold congeals and becomes diatomic gold becomes gold so there's gold in our bodies when we die not a lot they are you know a little bit but when you're a giant that changes and it is quite possible that this might be a real giant heart of a giant 150 meters tall and it just so happens that this what i recently only saw as a rock that was strategically placed just beneath that giant footprint this is a rock it's like a marker stone that's been placed there very strategically put upright and propped up with other rocks and you see that that little round thing there that could be where the aorta came in you can even see the little thing moving away from it when you start looking at mud fossils and fossilized bones things change quite dramatically it's a complete metamorphosis and a change in mineralogy that happens during mud fossilization it is a subject that not too many people know too much about and i've started studying intensely over the last six months and i'll come back to this when we look at the fossils so i'm thinking and we have some channelings and some shamanic readings and so forth that suggest that the annunaki may have been following the root of the giants and actually mining the leftovers and the remains fossilized remains of the giants and extracting the gold from the fossilized remains of the giants that were one mile tall knowing that there'd be concentration of gold especially in their feet from the knees down from the knees down especially if the giant died while it was standing up then the the gold would then filter down into the lower parts of the limbs there's a close-up shot of what could be the aorta how old are the ruins let's go back to the ruins to see put this all into context by now you should know that the ancient sites are much older than we can imagine and many of the ancient sites including this famous one have been messed with you know most of you should know by now that stone henge was completely reconstructed in 1953-54 and it did not look like it does one hour thank you it did not look the way it looks today before 1954 and prior to that i think they messed with it in the early 1900s as well what you find when you start looking at the stones of stonehenge is these like cracks and geology won't lie to us you know my mother would lie to me probably my dad may you know your friends will lie to you your teachers will most certainly lie to you and so forth and governments will definitely lie to us but the geology doesn't lie to us because when you look at that crack in that stone it tells you a story and the erosion around that crack tells us that that crack has been there for quite a while because this is saurus and stone sarson is one of the hardest stones we can find and to for that crack in that lintel to have developed such so much erosion around it tells us that that crack must have developed a long time ago so whoever built stonehenge would not have put that lintel there with a crack in it i have to assume that they would have used a newly cut in the whole stone and so after stonehenge was constructed the crack happened and that it eroded and so we realized that it's a lot older and i believe that stonehenge is way more than a million years old because if you look at that stone lying flat over there that stone fell down and broke you can see that break has got rounded edges around it i mean you know for a clear break in a rock to develop rounded edges like that it's not just going to take a few thousand years we're dealing with hundreds of thousands if not millions of years so i don't know what's going on here but we certainly you know all these guys are saying oh new discovery shows that stonehenge is now seven and a half thousand bc wow seven seven and a half thousand bs yes so there's a great bringing back to south africa or southern africa this is one of the two thousand year old baobab tree that's growing out of the stone walls one of the stone ruins in zimbabwe and our brilliant historians and archaeologists can't contemplate because these stone walls could not have been built two thousand years ago because there was nobody there living there two thousand years ago according to our history books so the story they come up with is that the tribe that lived here had a strange uh strange tradition to build their walls into the tree so that's how they get away with it the patina growth on the rocks and the tools and the artifacts tells us a very important story the patinas that reddish that reddish skin that grows on the rock once it breaks it exposes that black stone on the inside the horn fell's rock the horn fell stone that's metamorphosized quartzite and and once that rock breaks or you mold it or shape it into a tool or an artifact that black rock then starts to grow patina on it and it has to be really really old because the patina ranges between just visible with a naked eye to several millimeters thick and this patina grows very slowly so when you find a tool or an artifact that's covered in patina suggest that that was made a long long long time ago for that patina to have grown and covered that entire tool or artifact here is a phallus and i'm you know i'll talk more about phalluses but these ancients had an obsession with building or or shaping phalluses and phallic stones and tools this is completely covered in patina this is not something that was done recently the mysterious rock paintings and rock carvings actually these are not rock carvings the mysterious rock paintings this is a new discovery and again the the new tours that i do will also go to look at these amazing new discoveries what's fascinating about these by the way is the whatever because this is not carved into the rock this is painted onto the rock with some sort of chemical who knows what it is and we need to find out what the hell they used because when you look at this particular rock painting you see it was painted across a crack now i have to assume that the artist that did this would not have painted it over a crack he would have painted over a beautiful flat clear stone and the crack occurred happened after the painting was made when you look at the crack you see that the patina has grown into the crack it's filled the crack you can't even see the color of the rock normally when a rock cracks you can see that the patina is like a millimeter or whatever and you see the black rock underneath you can't see any of that it's completely full the crack so that suggests to me that the that rock painting was done a long time ago for the patina to have been able to grow into the crack so we're dealing with a very ancient painting the question is what bloody kind of magic paint that they use at the patina doesn't grow over the paint but it grows into the crack i want to find out what that bloody chemistry is all about and we can we seem to have really advanced technology we just need to do it but to do that we need two things well three things the determination time and money and we will find that and we will do that determining the age from the sumerian references we find some fascinating references in the sumerian texts especially to southern africa and dumusi and this is the that altar that is at adam's calendar that's that greater mutual says a famous ancient king is buried under this altar and that ceremony was held at this altar even while he was being initiated and for hundreds and for thousands of years great ceremony and and and events took place at that stone altar and then i found an interesting translation in one of zechariah sitchin's books and this is what what it says when the music died inanna i'm paraphrasing now when the music died um for some reason they didn't want to bring him back to life were those things that passed and vibrated right that's how they brought people back to life with the rods that passed and vibrated wow interesting sound and resonance brings people back to life whoa um so when dumuzi died inanna was really pissed off why they didn't want to bring him back to life so she took his beloved her beloved and she took him to the deep abzu so this is what what sakura is translates it as he says inanna took damusi's body to the deep abzu where she buried him on the edge of a cliff near his father's special place facing e so the soul be everlasting under a pile of stones as the annunaki custom in the land of the black people when i read this i just went you got to be kidding you you can't make the stuff up here's the pile of rocks there's the moosie daisy's father's special place adam's calendar 700 meters away there's facing east for his soul to be everlasting just like adam's calendar under a pile of rocks in the land of the black people wow i think we found doumousi's grave and uh and there definitely is something there so this is interesting and from this we can deduce a timeline because the sumerian texts tell us that dumusi died after the flood this is according to sitchin again so now this is for the citronites if dumouzie did die after the flood that means that this grave is younger than the flood or maybe just after the flood and that gives us a very interesting timeline i don't know when the flood was there's still too much speculation but it's not more than probably 10 or 12 000 years ago so this is quite a recent thing we might have an annunaki skeleton as recent as 10 000 years buried under these bloody pile of rocks so one of the interesting things that's happened in the last month is that i've had an interesting meeting with the head of the pumalanga university who was completely blown away by my books in my research realizing that there's a huge opportunity for the university and when i get back from this tour i'll be having a follow-up meeting with all the heads of departments who are waitingly waiting in anticipation with the intention to create a new faculty of which i'll be the head of this new faculty a faculty of antiquities [Applause] look this has not happened yet so you know don't applaud yet it's interesting interesting concept but they're very excited about it and they realize that basically overnight the malanga university can have the most dynamic and the most active antiquities faculty in the world drawing loads of funding researching all the stuff and digging up de moosie's grave [Applause] because i've applied three times for archaeological dig permits no bloody way they'll never give me an archaeological permit but professor tellinger is a whole another story oh boy that's funny i'll lose all respect for myself so we get to another reference in the sumerian text and this is another of zechariah sachin's translations and this would describe adam's calendar and the age of the site it's actually incorrect that age i changed it earlier because i did the numbers again and it actually ends up to 291 thousand not 280 185 000 but it says 40 share after arriving on earth enki built a special place of observing and the deep abzu on the edge of a cliff aligned with his abode in the north and the peaks if asha again let's let's work with sichen whether it's wrong or right i'm just throwing this out there to give us a timeline an idea one shot is three thousand six hundred years forty times three thousand six hundred a hundred and forty four thousand if the annunaki arrived here as such and suggests four hundred and thirty five thousand years ago you subtract one from the other you end up with 291 000 years not 285. i must have been drunk or something or not with that calculation so 291 000 years and that's a very interesting timeline because greater mutual says that adam's calendar is where humanity was created by the gods and all the people like sandy mack and a lot of my friends that are here that that have come to on these tours with me the sacred sites to us when you come to adam's calendar you feel it you know it you realize you're in this ancient place that's connected to our origins as a species and then the manipulation that followed for millennia upon millennia upon millennia the sumerian references to gold mining it's all over the sumerian texts and we read about the anunna gods as the anunnaki as sitchin calls them and enki seems to be emerging as the grand architect in fact anton parks calls enki sa'am the grand architect and i'll begin to wonder if that is what the freemasons refer to is enki the big g in the logo of this of the freemason freemasonry the logo the grand architect are they actually referring to enki i'm not sure do they actually know i'm not sure if they know i believe that may be the case so it's all about the work in the abzu by enki and the more you read anton parks the more you realize what a critical role this individual played in pretty much everything we face today and much of what has happened in the paint and ancient past very important character and individual or being that he was among a group of bloodthirsty very weird strange beings it's a very interesting subject that the whole enki subject uh and that on its own i suppose creates a raises a whole new debate so we read about also the sumerian text in sitchin uh about the mines and the technology one of the translations says that the earth splitter enki they're established there within the earth a gash to make by way of tunnels tunnels earth's innards to reach the golden veins to uncover and we have thousands of tunnels underground tunnels in southern africa thousands was just contacted by an elder in zimbabwe my new contact alex in zimbabwe who is now speaking to the elders who are opening up to us and specifically to me because they starting to trust me they want to share with me the entrances to these ancient tunnels that they tell me cover all of southern africa so i'll be going to great zimbabwe and to zimbabwe to meet with these elders and fire the entrances to these underground tunnels and underground rivers and waterways and fresh water to see what they're talking about enki decides to clone a species we've heard this before let us create a lulu a primitive worker the hardship work to take over let the being the toil of an anunnaki carry on his back and the planning to create adam as a slave very important much more about this in a little while a primitive worker shall be created our command he will understand our tools he will handle to the anunnaki in the abzur relief shall come and that image there is one of the sumerian seals that actually depicts enki and even even anton parks agrees and he talks in great detail about this particular sumerian relief and what i find interesting even parks suggest that enki is holding a uh some sort of a cup i think enki is holding a cone a cone-shaped tool not a cup not even anton parks knows about the cone-shaped tools as brilliant as he is in his linguistics and his translations and bringing us a whole depth a whole another layer of information uh there are some things that he needs to be informed of and the cone-shaped tools is a critical bit of information and that brings us to the deeper information of anton parks that he shares with us and these are just some of the beings that he refers to and the anunna gods or the anunna beings is just one of them and just for your information according to parks the anunna anunnaki were also cloned they were cloned by the other beings and this is why they're not necessarily beings of high consciousness and only some of them have evolved to beings of high consciousness and enki was probably one of those and this is why it creates such a huge problem parks is unquestionably as i said the sumerian language expert and he um he talks about all these beings the important ones there the right hand column the top one the kingu races the kingu races that were bloodthirsty and i believe that that's where the kings and the royal bloodlines was originally brought down by these kingu races that anton parks writes about in quite some detail this famous statue that many people claim or refer to as a statue of anunnaki this is a drawing of it by anton parks anton park suggests that this is actually agina abul one of the beings that he talks about in great detail the gina abul and amashutum and he said and he writes in great detail about this but the big thing that parks gives us is a deeper understanding of the sumerian language and the decoding of this language please get his books there available in english now it'll take you to a whole another level of information adam was created as a beast humans were created as beasts or creatures or specimens and pretty much created to be farmed to be eaten to be the way we grow cattle and breed cattle and sheep and to be workers in the mines as well and the kingu those kingu racers actually they grew other humans similar to us possibly some of the homo erectus beings and so forth and they literally farmed them and hunted them and just picked them up with where they craft if they were hungry and needed to eat literally like the way we we catch animals today so pretty much a horror story i don't want to dwell on that for too long but this is all connected to who we are our origins and the terrible truth that we have to face on our journey to enlightenment and higher levels of consciousness and we come back to my friend paul kruger one of my heroes because he single-handedly with a bunch of farmers and zulus nearly kicked the butt of the british empire from his little humble home where did paul crew get all the gold from well the buddha or farmers were known for digging tunnels in which to hide from the buddha from the british and this is a little a little this is the little kruger museum just down the road from where i live in waterfall boyfriend and this isn't waterfall under and this little house where paul kruger lived for about six months while he was kicking the british empire's but his little humble place is connected by a tunnel to what was known as a tea house about 500 meters away there is now a highway over the tunnel but the men would get together in the tea house and drink it was obviously called a tea house because women weren't allowed because the men would drink alcohol and i believe that while they were digging one of these tunnels they were stumbled upon one of these ancient anunnaki tunnels that was filled with gold and they didn't know what the hell they struck if only paul kruger had known about the anunnaki and the ancient activities he would have become the most powerful and the most dangerous man in the world and he would have bought an army from europe to come defeat the british that's how they do they just buy the soldiers come and kick their butt they got 450 000 we'll bring in 500 000 because i got all the gold to pay them so if only he had known what he had discovered i think history would have been very different but that wasn't the case enki's house and his minds and technology just to remind you the tunnels that i'm referring to by way of tunnels earth's innards to reach the golden veins to uncover and that takes us to the golden veins remember the veins of gold like roots of trees that they were getting the gold out of like barbers and mine but the ruins were not dwelling so people animals what were the ruins for it's obviously cymatics that we're dealing with if you look at the stone circles from the air by now you should realize that we're dealing with cymatics or the shape of sound cymatic patterns from the earth every stone circle is simply a representation of the sound that comes out of the earth at that specific point very cleverly using the resonance and the subtle sound frequencies of mother earth and converting that into magnetic fields into moving magnetic fields electromagnetic fields and electricity and here we have a simple progression of creation sound magnetism electromagnetics and electricity and from there we realized that we're dealing with a giant energy grid all connected all the stone circles and that's what this giant stone circle cluster in south africa southern africa is all about a giant energy grid and it's still alive today some of them are built in the shape of magnetrons these beautiful flower shapes that would give us insane amounts of energy two magnetron scientists told me independently that one of these 40 meter diameter magnetrons built out of quartz would give us more energy than all the power plants on earth combined today whether that's true or not i don't know i'm not a magnetron scientist but that's what they told me and when you realize how powerful a tiny magnetron is and a magnetron this size can cut metal in a split second imagine how much energy a magnetron 40 meters in diameter can generate and we measured these stone circles and measured their frequencies i'm going to dwell on this because you've probably seen us before but we measure in the gigahertz very powerful electromagnetic fields in the very high megahertz as well and also very powerful decibels the the power the energy of the sound frequencies that we measured in the big stone circles that run into 30 000 decibels this is this is an incredibly powerful tool it's like a weapon just recently in the last month they've been blasting they're building new homes now across the river from me at stone circle and they were dynamite blasting some rock there and they didn't come and warn me obviously so i'm out there doing stuff in the garden and suddenly this noise this blast i nearly i nearly pooed in my pants and i nearly had a heart attack and nearly it nearly collapsed me you know on on the ground so powerful was that sound from the dynamite blast i it was just shock the fact that i didn't have a heart didn't get a heart attack is a miracle and just that just reminded me how powerful sound can be so just just think about these and and again in my lecture on sunday i'm going to go into the science of sound as a tool in technology and the ancient tools that were used and we from there we go into the particle physics agenda and you see how all this is connected it's a spectacular journey of rediscovery how our minds have been shut down adam's calendars measurements that just go through the roof there we go beyond 375 gigahertz i'm saying beyond because the guy that measured it for me his tools could only measure up to there but he did calculation he said but this is where i can measure it too but it all the indicators are that it it goes even higher and what we do have is an active vortex because the electromagnetic fields run vertically and horizontally so we have one of these at adam's calendar and this becomes very important in the understanding of this ancient technology and what was this for i don't know maybe to be off the gold who knows but it get it's certainly getting really interesting and there's no longer just some speculation we now have some serious scientific evidence to back all the stuff up so it is all about sound and resonance these stone circles that just create this huge gigantic energy grid and i'm now beginning to believe that it was for generating an atmosphere again on sunday i'll go more more into this but i'm just giving you a little bit of a hint it seems to me that the anunnaki or whoever else built this built this huge energy generating device down there to regenerate the atmosphere to re-oxygenate the atmosphere and create a habitable environment on this planet and this is why they went to so much trouble to build such a vast huge energy generating device that works with magnetics and electromagnetics that can hold water you can suck up water from the rivers without the channels being waterproof because the magnetic fields in the walls will keep the water between the walls without it being watertight and this is the beautiful thing once you start working with sound and magnetics you can do all these remarkable things because sound is the source of all creation sound and the breath of god or the sound of god is what created even light light is a consequence of sound remember this god said that there be light it's important tiny little chain reactions that we need to look at and this brings us to the sound that's connected to the mysterious stone tools and artifacts that i've been collecting for 11 years now and like i said the phallus stones are just spectacular uh you can see this one and several others in my museum this one however is a bit too big to carry this comes from near adam's calendar as well just like the stone man was removed from adam's calendar this giant phallus was also removed from close to adam's calendar and put up at the forestry office and then these yeah take a good look is this possibly a real phallus of a giant 150 meters tall hey wait till you see the fossils how much time have i got left um i don't want to miss the fossils how much time i got left 17 minutes half hour okay i think we're doing we're doing just right and the birdstones i've already shown you the birdstones and the zimbabwe birds and how this is all connected the other mysteries are the cone-shaped tools again sunday i go into the science of the cone-shaped tools and cone-shaped technology in modern science and modern aeronautics today this is just you can't make the stuff up these two by the way on the these two are not cone-shaped tools because now i can see exactly what they are that thing that i'm holding in my hand and the one on the right those are fossils those are not cone-shaped tools you'll see when we look at the fossils you'll start to recognize and distinguish between the tools and the fossils once your eyes are open you can never go back you know once i was blind but now i can see it very clearly and then the very important donut-shaped stones or the tourist stones that play such an important role in pretty much all the signs and all of creation combined with a cone-shaped technology more than a hundred thousand sacred stones or doughnut-shaped stones or tourist stones at least they just cover all of southern africa and remember our modern archaeologists still refer to them as weights for digging sticks i'm not kidding you they still do this it's just it's just laughable so when you combine the toroidal stones very powerful energy generating devices with the cone-shaped tools you have a powerful combination to create and project manifest and use sound and caesar beam technology i want to remind you that the stones ring like bells i'm not going to bore you with a sound you've probably heard it before you can go to youtube just put in stones ring like bells you'll see a few of the videos and these are the two beautiful examples that have been ringing like bells for 12 years now almost 12 years little did i realize what they really were because nothing could prepare me for the discovery of january 2018 when we made what is now i believe an important historic discovery of the mud fossils of giants and creatures extinct creatures and possibly even annunaki these are now in my museum there are hundreds of them and i know where there are thousands and thousands more literally mountains covered in fossilized body parts this is the spectacular thing i've been walking on these stones for 12 years wondering why these stones this weird shape why do they make this weird sound i can't understand it but your monkey mind keeps saying oh they're just weird shaped stones that's what stones do no stones don't do that stones don't grow babies they don't have attachments where ligaments were attached and so forth and once you get on into it you realize this is probably the most beautiful fossil that i found and that is a heart as you can see you can see the coronal artery right across it and an interesting thing happened we had just landed you can see the stones behind me on the on the ground there we just come back down the mountain and unpacked all these stones and i was just so excited and i must say the people this is the first research expedition that i did in january i'm doing another one in august if you want to sign up for that i've got six places left go on my website and sign up there and it's two weeks of intense research and traveling the mountains and doing more of this work we just come down and the people they were on on this first expedition with me they just didn't get because they were new at this they didn't get the importance of this discovery so i'm going on about these fossils and they they going on about other stuff so i put down and laid out all the fossils over there and uh i'm looking at the heart i'm literally standing with his heart in my hand and this couple a guy and his wife pull up they park in the drive driveway and they walk up to me to introduce themselves hi michael i've been watching your videos blah blah great to meet you and he goes wow that looks like a heart so i go wow do you think so because i think it's a heart he says yeah i'm a surgeon that's a heart so cool are you prepared to say this on camera so because sure so i get my camera out and i'll get about five minutes of surgeon from the johannesburg general hospital that does surgery and he goes through every fossil after fossil telling me which body part it is which is just great so we have teeth hearts ribs claws etc just to give you an idea just some of the early pictures you know first coming down the mountain here's a shoulder blade or that part of the shoulder i mean that is like 10 times the size of a human shoulder blade here is a large bone bone part of a bone knuckle here you can see my foot next to it just to give you the idea of the size the shaft would have gone out to the left of that bone which bone that is i don't know and then this i mean you know when i first saw this i i was up the mountain with emma and we saw this and we laughed we said well that looks just like a shoe or a foot and we just ignored it this is like six or twelve months before we realized that we're dealing with mud fossils so we just left it lying there we went back i went oh my god this is most likely somebody's foot but it looks like it's in a shoe it's like what's going on here and it's broken off around the ankle or just above the ankle yeah there's another angle you know so this is mysterious stuff people clearly that is not a stone it's a bone and in fact those three you can see my feet at the top of that picture so you can get a size and uh all those running away running lying next to each other those are just bones and meat attached to it the fascinating thing is that the fossilization process of these mud fossils takes these body parts and this is why this is going to become an important study in geology because they don't know this and metallurgy it completely transmutates into hornfeld's rock metamorphosized quartzite you can hardly see the internal organs some of them that have broken you can vaguely see stuff going on inside but pretty much it just converts everything into hornfels rock that rings like a bell so many of the stone circles are actually made up of fossilized body parts so the question is what the hell is going on here what the freaking hell is going on here this is a piece of a spine you know that part at the top that weird thing i forget what it's called now here's a beautiful the best example of a rib uh the one on the picture on the right shows you where it was attached to the rib cage this is another picture of three ribs here is jawbone this is a piece of a jawbone this this part of the jawbone that goes that goes up there and uh except this is like this size so you know the head would have been this size i don't know what this is but we'll figure out what that is this is another picture of that bone and there below it is a claw this is a claw from some animal some creature and this is one of my favorites this is a hoof of a weird extinct creature you can see on the top there where the bone would have come into the hoof attached to it this is another angle see where the bone have been attached to it and this is just a group shot of fossilized body parts there you can also see the that jawbone piece there second from the top left and and these are really fossilized chunks of meat with the skin attached to it still here's a close-up of the reptilian skin here's a beautiful example of how the reptilian skin has fossilized below the skin can you see those layers that grow towards the skin and then they become the skin the the complete fossilization horn it becomes hornfels rock this is unknown in metallurgy or unknown in geology there's complete metamorphosis into rock i don't know what this is but this is an interesting piece that needs studying and this is just a beautiful piece because this is a chunk of meat that somebody was busy eating or clawing you can see the teeth or claw marks in the steak with the flesh still on the on the outside now for 12 years i've been walking on these rocks thinking they were just weird stones it's amazing how blind we can be and then one minute something changes and i've got to really give a shout out to roger spur from mud fossil university who opened my eyes to this stuff if you haven't looked at mud fossil university please go on youtube and sign up to his channel and you'll learn a great deal and roger spur has actually had dna extracted i think it's from four or six samples that he's actually had dna extracted to prove that these are not just you know i think they fossils we know they are fossils we got bloody dna extracted from them so i've had several conversations with roger and he's looked at the stuff and he's just you know blown away by this discovery and this will shift our paradigm and it will shift our thinking about our history and it might even create a new faculty at malanga university [Applause] so just a quick video to show you this on video so it's not just pictures it's very crappy video but i thought i just i quickly ran into the museum before i left home and i shot this so excuse the quality but it's better than nothing so i'd like to give you a little glimpse of some of the fossils that i've been collecting since january 2018 it is truly remarkable here we have i'm just going to give you a short rundown of the display in the museum firstly what we believed to be just ringing stones stones that ring like bells are actually fossils and body parts these are not just normal stones i will go into great detail about the discovery the significance the kind of stone and the metamorphosis that happens obviously the torus stones like these are not part of the fossils the tourist stones are something very different and very unique and very important but pretty much the rest of the stones that you see here are actually mud fossils of different body parts that just need to be investigated much more greatly and much more deeply here we have a shoulder blade or part of the shoulder and other body parts you can clearly see these uh these are bones that are fossilized we have what looks to be like a coccyx over there we have teeth we have a heart there is a this is the the big heart the main heart that we've discovered we have um possibly dinosaur eggs there's a claw there's some teeth and there's ropes there's kidneys and this over here seems to be part of a vertebrae a backbone and then we have ribs very important ribs and other body parts here you can see for example that's where the tendons over here that's where the tendons would connect to whichever part of the body this is and here also you have there's the where the tendons would connect in this area and when you look this side you start getting an idea of what's going on these are not stones these are actual body parts what's interesting about the ribs is that this this rib for example it looks like somebody cut it with a knife so a lot more to be said about this you can see the where it was connected to the rest of the skeleton and this here is probably by far the best rib that we've got this long thin one you can see where it was connected to the rib cage down here and so much more there is another rib there by the looks of it and that is clearly a bone that is fossilized you can see that's a beauty and here we have a very strange hoof of a creature a claw or a hoof of a creature that is now extinct this is where the leg bone would have come in and the hoof actually would have stood up like this the animal would have stood on the hoof like that so so much more to share with you i look forward to seeing you on my journey through the united states and europe in 2018 to share with you a lot more detail and the excitement about this discovery where they were discovered how they were discovered and the significance of the fact that we now have physical proof fossils of giants and possibly anunnaki and extinct creatures that lie scattered throughout the mountains of southern africa and to finish this little video clip just to add a little bit more of the reptilian skin and body parts that i've collected until i see you in the usa and in europe in 2018 i look forward to sharing all this with you see the skin here this is my favorite one because it actually looks like the claws they like either claw marks or teeth marks in there okay let's um you got a an idea what i'm talking about um i hope there was a little bit more visually stimulating than just flat pictures oops so what were the most ancient megalithic sites for we asked the questions already they were not dwellings for people or cows they were advanced technology beyond our wildest imagination and like i said i will tell you much more on sunday at 11am and i do suggest you come if you can uh come and partake in that presentation that's actually my favorite part that's all the new science and the breakthrough stuff that's literally mind-boggling and um and i will be exploring the nature of our reality sound magnetics resonance levitation free energy and particle physics agenda but to end this presentation i want to just take you through the stone that crashed the tsa security system at doha international airport [Applause] and uh and my friend nasim who's here this weekend i haven't seen him yet um i took not the stone that gave us these bubbles this just shows you that these stones create vortex fields around them and again i'll talk about vortex fields magnetic fields how this converts into cesar beam technology and so forth and how this technology is used in the most advanced aeronautic systems today and the ancients using it and this is the stone that i gave to nassim in 2013 and on my way to hand it to him went through an interesting journey how many of you have heard the story oh good so not not everybody good so i left johannesburg i packed that stone wrapped it up and bubble wrap chucked it in my bag and we left for chicago but we invited doha qatar and you know doha qatar is like airport on steroids all the latest technology you know arab money gone crazy and uh you can hardly catch a direct flight to usa from south africa or they always hijack you via the arab emirates or one of some some of you know either dubai or qatar or and um as as i was about to get out we just got on the plane to chicago and we're sitting on the plane and then suddenly they hauled me off the plane so sorry there's a security threat in your bag the plane is already 20 minutes late so somehow we missed this calling to get off and so i get to the edge of the plane and there's my bag with five guys with guns around my bag you know the the the the the mechanical walkway had already moved away so they brought a a portable staircase to the door so i go down the portable staircase and uh and they say open your back so the security thread in your bag and open it and i'm going oh my god it's it's the stone what am i going to tell them i can't tell them it's advanced ancient technology that's not gonna not gonna go down well because that's why they invaded iraq to ride the baghdad museum to get rid of all the ancient advanced technology as you may or may not know you know that when bush is talking about weapons of mass destruction they were all in the baghdad museum he was right so i open my bag and i pull out the stone and it's wrapped in bubble wrap and i feel like a drug dealer now right so and i'm sweating and and i'm really nervous and i hope these guys aren't sweating and sweating and accidentally pull the trigger and and so have you ever tried to open a bubble wrap thing with your bare hands with packing tape it's virtually impossible but somehow by miracle i did i opened it because i was so desperate not to get shot or end up in a turkish prison uh and our art pops to stone so uh while i'm doing this i'm thinking what am i gonna say what am i gonna say oh african arts and crafts this is african arts and crafts so art bosses aren't so you see it's just african arts and crafts and everyone's got one you know it's it's it's a present from our friend it's a present from our friend in hawaii and uh and and there was like this weird weird uncomfortable silence and this one tall african guy he was i think he was the guy without a gun and he he looked down and he went oh i've seen those before and only much later i realized that he probably defused the tension with that comment and so okay cool so i put it back and put it in my bag zip it up and they take the bag back on the plane i go back up the stairs and the captain is standing there and he's pissed off and he was with my partner at the time and we go sit down and as we sit down my partner says to me when the captain came out he said that whatever is in the bag crashed the tsa security system so it came from the captain not me making it up and i doubt that the captain would make something like this up so we have from reliable sources a captain that flies a big plane that i suppose i have to trust him that tells me and we now have i guess some sort of scientific proof used very advanced technology by usa homeland security that gives us scientific proof that the tourist stones are advanced ancient technology because they crashed the tsa security system apparently the computers and everything went down boom so i don't know what happened i don't know but and and then i'll share more again on sunday about this technology but that brings me to the wonder stones this is a picture from our conference in johannesburg in 2011 when the brilliant john hunt came came to me and uh and he brought his collection small collection of these wonderstones or known the clarksdale spheres they they uh among on the list of the top 10 most mysterious artifacts found and um and i i got one of these for my museum in about 2008 as a present from my friend roger so i put the glassdoor sphere on display in the museum and i don't have a picture of it i couldn't find one so i'm using this picture and then um and then suddenly about six months later i walk into the museum one morning and the stone this glass door sphere this precious stone that's three billion years old cracked crack appeared in the stone you know trust me so i get given this precious stone i put it on display and within six months i break the stone you know the stone cracked so i feel the sense of guilt i broke the stone you know roger entrusted me with it and i broke it so i'm wondering what the hell is going on so what do i do do i glue it together like what do i do you know so so i thought well let me just leave it and see what happens so i left it and the crack got bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually i walked in there one day and the stone broke in half just lying there in two pieces i was just shattered i thought okay well i don't know what's going on here but it does something here is not good and i just left it and then the stone started to crack again and broke into more pieces then it stopped it stopped breaking it lay there for for several years without breaking into more pieces until the other day i walked into the museum and i found that the stone was cracking again and here's a little video of what's going on i recently noticed that my wonder stone that cracked and broke some 11 years ago when i first put it into the museum into several pieces has developed a new crack and this is a very significant new event here in the stone circle museum that's what remains of the original wonder stone these are known as the clarkstorp spheres they're mysterious stones that are billions of years old and many people believe that they're actually made by intelligent beings that they're not natural formations and this is a huge breakthrough observation because this stone that was given to me as a gift for the museum in early 2008 after about six months of me placing it in the museum cracked and started developing a big crack and eventually after several months just split into two and then it continued breaking and splitting more and more eventually ended up in these one two three four five six pieces or a few smaller ones and it's been like this for at least 10 years now and then suddenly i noticed the other day when i had a tour group in here that the large piece has just developed a new crack and this is a huge new i guess discovery because there's the crack that's busy developing and um i'm not sure what the stuff is that's growing on this this is part of the ongoing research and investigation that has to happen here but this wonderstone has now developed a new crack and that piece they eventually will break into two and who knows if it continues breaking into more pieces that dark spot in the middle is the center piece of this stone this wonderstone or the clarkstorp sphere as they are known and this is a huge huge significant event and i will go into deep explanation why this happened because now i finally have irrefutable and irrefutable probability statistical argument i guess if i can put it that way why the stone broke and why it suddenly started to crack again so let me finish the story um and the story is that when i met crater mutton i asked him about the clark's orb spheres and i said what were these and he said they were ancient sources of light they were used like light bulbs they were very sensitive to frequency and at a specific frequency they would just become light give off light and i thought oh crater you lost your mind you know necessary dude man and then you know have you looked at the light bulb look at these you know if you look at but of this not so of course i didn't believe him and until you see that you put frequency through a light bulb and it comes to life so guess what was lying three meters away from this clark's dorbz sphere the tourist stone that crashed the tsa security system since then i removed it and it's been at my home because i don't want to bring that into public space because it you know it could kill people no i'm just kidding but uh but who knows you know it's uh so and then about a year ago i got gifted or not gifted i bought a bunch of tourist stones from one of the farm laborers on a farm about a hundred kilometers away i went and picked up a whole bunch of these stores you see the tourist stones that are in the middle of the table display all those ones and more that are put under the stone that's on display the wonder stone about a year ago or a year and a half ago so that wonder stone had cracked into these six pieces and then i removed the taurus stone from the museum and then a year ago i put new torah stones close to it and within a year it developed a new crack so it is now pretty evident that it was the torah stone that crashed the tsa system that caused this wonder stone to break into many pieces now these other new torah stones have caused it to start cracking again this is huge and this makes me believe that maybe kratom mutual was right that maybe these wanderstones were actually sources of light in ancient times when exposed to subtle frequencies and that brings me to the end of this presentation really to tell you that i'm busy building a new stone circle museum for which i require funding so for those of you who love this work and my research and what i'm doing i've been doing this alone for 12 years now funding it myself for the sales of my books with doing talks like this and the money that i earned from our tours so if you have deep pockets or rich friends and uncles or families please go on to and make a donation so i can finish building this museum this is what it looks like at the moment the walls are actually a little bit higher than this now but we're making good progress but i just you know i need i need funding to finish it it's a precious important museum it'll contain all these important artifacts displayed in a world-class museum so that it is worthy of the displays that it carries and i thank you for listening thanks for being here and enjoy the rest of the weekend thank you