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hey it's me red you know the guy everybody hated who kind of saved the whole island anyway war with Leonard in the pigs what are you gonna do I'm a foodie still going on those what and BOM and Chuck are doing whatever they do I eat dirt and me well I still have some anger issues but I'm finding healthier ways to deal with it Fred I know we've had our differences but we've discovered that there's a third island maybe one good reason why I should believe you know show you the Bruce Williams really but this is a hundred times team together guys this is my sister silver we just don't think you're gonna be compatible with the team oh wow it is such a pleasure to meet not you but you I like her we gotta get to the island is what my assistant was going to say [Music] this is the amazing team I've been working around the clock for well that's disappointing step one we're gonna break in and deactivate the weapon we look amazing we gotta get that key card hello fellow Eagle God how he's doing a voice yeah I'm just gonna [Music] [Music]