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no race was ever won in the first corner but many have been lost there I should know I was born to be a race car driver but there's only one problem That's not me that's me [Applause] he picked me out of a pile of pups tangled mass of paws and Tails this one definitely this one the pick of the litter she always said that well just a minute now we were thinking of keeping them he always said that true hey call it fate call it luck all I knew was I was meant to be his dog you like that like it I loved it sound smells I felt like I truly belonged in racing your car goes where your eyes go not really much of a dog person it's more person than dog Danny was clearly taken with her grooming she probably bathed every day for all I knew does he always stare at people like this if he likes them the best drivers don't dwell on the future or the past the best drivers focus only on the present control no one knows what curves life will throw at you but if a driver has the courage to create his own conditions and the rain is simply rain but for now all I want is one more lap we're faster Denny faster oh boy c'mere it must be amazing to have a body that can carry an entire creature inside I just hoped it would look like me you [Music]