The Ben Askren Experiment


Chael Sonnen


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Ben Askren has been running around England okay creating all sorts of problems for the last four or five days and I always look at this a little bit differently and I tried to bring to you guys my analysis but why is Ben Askren of working why is the Ben Askren experiment that didn't work and didn't work and they don't until it did why is it working and I you got to look a little bit deeper these things don't just happen somebody doesn't just make it Ben Askren is it just a good fighter just because he's not just a marketable guy just because they don't happen so you study why athletically that's usually a little bit easier well here's what he did and here's how he grew up then here's the sacrifices he made and here's the coaches he had here's how many years he that you can kind of break it down but when you look at it from getting fans interested a mark ability if you will a PR standpoint those things require a little bit more study and I will tell you it is one in a thousand times one in a thousand times something just works cuz it works right the Diaz brothers would be a perfect example their disinterest in certain big fights is what made for really big fights their refusal to do certain media led to incredible amounts of media one in a thousand other guys you've got to study you've got to observe it I don't know that I fully have the answer to this right Ben works our bins got a great personality Ben isn't afraid to speak up there also seems to be something compelling and you'll even see this in Hollywood right not everybody is Brad Pitt not everybody's this big beautiful sometimes it's it's the everyman they call it the ever Kevin James would be a great example where more guys can just relate to him mmm a boy Nelson might be a great example he just is a regular guy he looks like a regular guy he acts like a regular guy to tie that in and this is a st. Vincent Ben isn't a very handsome man not not what I'm saying here here's the example though he's just a regular guy he just says what what he's thinking if he's scared to tell you scared he's excited to tell you is excited just a real relatable guy but here's an example for you he's going around England creating all sorts of trouble okay with the British people with the British media with the British fans he just did a Q&A I would highly encourage that you go find it and watch it hold that thought shoot box you old time face you guys remember shoot box back in the day then you had the Brazilian top team and he had the American Top Team with some more team to open it up but one of the most fearsome and respected teams ever grabbed the top my head Shogun Wanderlei Silva Anderson Silva Anderson at that time was just one of the guys by the way this is how tough this team was Anderson was just one of the guys but shoebox used to go around and they have like this mob mentality when they were in pride they would travel in packs there'd be ten of them there'd be 20 of them they would come into a hotel they would find an opponent they would start something with the opponent right there when he's got a couple ago there was just outnumber him and intimidate the hell out of him and whether that carried over to the competition on Saturday night or whether they handled some kind of guerrilla warfare right there but that's the way it was tie that in because Ben Askren does the exact opposite Ben Askren goes to these things including London all by himself no coaches with him no teammates with him no entourage no bodyguards I mean even Anderson got to the point we had bodyguards Conor McGregor right now has bodyguards just offering you an example everywhere he goes he goes by himself so if somebody wants to surround him and put some kind of mob mentality some kind of street justice on there's been all by himself he's not looking to bully anybody he's not looking to pick on anybody I think you guys have to tell me you're the fans you're the viewers you're the ones that have pushed him but I can tell you it's a very real thing not just from a living room where you can sit back and observe and judge crowd noise whether it's a weigh-in whether it's a QA whether it's a crowd noise is a very real thing what a great focus group but a live crowd but I can tell you things like you're watching right here on YouTube we call this digital the internet right a fancy word for guys that want to look smart they'll call it digital means the Internet but one thing about the Internet and I sit on the other side of it bringing you guys this video we can track the numbers exactly can do an exact audit we don't have to guess like say radio or a Nielsen rating with televisions we can know exactly how many people watch what time of day did they watch what device did they watch on was it a laptop a computer a smartphone we can see all of these things I'll give you some perspective on this Ben Askren just fought on the same cars John John okay John Jones that week of media did almost 60% less numbers than Ben Askren so if both of them have an interview and both of it goes to print more people were checking out Ben asked but then John Jones who is the main event who's great all these wonderful things about jumping he was drawing less than the appeal in the attraction of Ben Askren I'm also in digital I see digital numbers Ben Askren is the top draw right now guess what I'm not just making this video because it's something topical and interesting I'm making it because you guys are clicking on Ben Askren topics right now make sure you study this I'm studying it I'm close to the answer I have my own ideas and my own philosophies of my own guesses but I don't know for sure it's one of the hardest things with getting over in this space there is no recipe two plus two does not equal four there's not certain things that if you do them you are guaranteed to be a big draw it doesn't work that way everybody's a little bit unique and as soon as you figure out the rules times change one thing you'll learn about market in your life which true today may not be true tomorrow which true today may have failed yesterday timings a real thing but there's a strategy going on there is some reason people are drawn and compelled to anything he does including clicking to watch him on stage at a Q&A in England why he's by himself taking on a crowd there's a realist and there's an honesty to it stay tuned we're going to figure this out we're going to figure this out we're gonna get to the bottom of it and then guess what we're gonna do we're gonna copy them