The Best Glasses For You its not just about face shape


Tim Dessaint


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yeah I'm bringing on some guests for the video today man okay I've asked a couple of my subscribers to come to my house and I'm gonna get them new glasses you got a winner I used to hate wearing glasses hated it I was 12 and I realized I needed prescription glasses and I would do everything in my power not to wear him I would sit closer to the board in class and squint to kind of see what was on there I play sports without them even if that meant missing the damn ball half the time even when I was alone in my room playing video games I still wouldn't wear them just to convince myself that I didn't need glasses until one day I finally found a pair that fit me perfectly and I realized I could wear glasses and still look good it was just about finding that right pair of frames that worked for me and today we're gonna do just that we're gonna go over the three things you need to consider when choosing glasses and oh by the way it's not only about face shape and then we're gonna help some of my subscribers find the right glasses for them let's go [Music] alright guys this is a first-of-its-kind video on my channel and it's a special one because I'm being joined by three of my subscribers today and I'm going to act as your personal stylist as we're going to be choosing some new glasses for them I'm wearing I'm ready for a fashion stylist my personal taste of style is inspired by the affection and transfer of 20s to 70s my name's Alex I'm 17 years old of martial arts instructor and Moscow I should describe a bit of mix of casual and skate wear my name is James I'm 20 years old I'm a engineering and commencing at UNSW and my style can be described as simple clean playful and sometimes vintage all right so we have a wide range of glasses to choose from today to style my subscribers all of them are from Specsavers who are sponsoring today's video and we're kind enough to provide us with all of these beautiful frames so this is great because we really have a little bit of everything here we've got some rounder shapes we got some aviators Wayfarers some funkier colors we have a lot to work with but first let's talk about the three things you need to consider when choosing your glasses number one what's your facing now a quick search on the internet will lead to many many articles categorizing your face into all sorts of geometrical shapes square hard oval triangle diamond oblong and the list goes on but I like to keep things a little more simple look at yourself in the mirror and determine if you have more soft and round features or more angular hard lines the guiding principle is that you should go for glasses that contrast with your face shape so if you have a softer face with rounder features you want to go for glasses that have more angles and if you have more angular features like a more defined jawline you want to go for glasses with a rounder shape if you have a very neutral oval face then you're in luck because all shapes of glasses will pretty much look good on you as pretty width of your glasses regardless of their shape you generally want to go for something that finishes right on the outside of your cheekbones and you want your eye to be near the center of the frame that's going to keep your proportions balanced and more flattering number two what is your complexion naturally your skin color is going to determine the color of glasses that look best on you I'm not gonna go deep into color theory here but the idea is the same as with the shape of the glasses you want to go free color that contrasts with your skin tone so for example a lighter tortoids is going to look better on darker skin and a darker tortoids is going to look better on lighter skin if you wear metals you should look at your skin undertone so if you have a warm undertone then gold medals will look better on you and if you have a cool undertone then silver will look better I'll make a full video on color theory in the future but long story short look at the veins on the inside of your wrist if they have more of a greenish tint then you probably have warm undertones and if they look bluish you probably have cool undertones and if you got confused somewhere in the explanation feel free to rewind and take some notes number three what's your style there's more to a pair of glasses than just a shape and a color just like two suits are never equal glasses have their own set of intricacies and details that vary from one frame to another for example the bridge can be designed in a certain way some have a table bar which gives them more structure the temples can be of a different color even have a pattern on them sometimes the earpiece is entirely different Specsavers worked with some amazing designers for their latest collections such as Ellery Kenzo Carla's and Patti and many more and these designers put a lot of work into each one of those intricacies to create frames just the way they envision them and just like for clothing your personal style preferences will make you gravitate towards one pair of glasses or brand more than another because their design speaks to you in a certain way this aspect of choosing glasses is much more personal and subjective so it's up to you to have a feel for what kind of friends you like or don't like alright so now that we know how to choose the right glasses for you let's put some of that theory into practice and find some glasses for our guests [Music] so I kind of like the look of port or shell on Moen so I'm gonna try these two this one's from Kenzo and free country rule so I love them I really love them I personally my personal kind of style is like tortoiseshell everybody say oh yeah sure it's very similar to my kind of style that's awesome to hear and yeah I feel like tortoiseshell especially the lights tortoiseshell goes really well with your skin tone and creates that harsh contrast yes and it just fits your skin tone beautifully and for the shape of the glasses like yeah these really harsh angles right he's got a beautiful jawline and his beard really accentuates his jawline so I feel like we needed something that was a little softer a little bit more of a wayfarer shape yeah I think that's that's the right shape of glasses we need for him and the width as you can see it finishes right on the outside of his cheekbones which is exactly the width you're gonna want to have on your glasses to have everything be proportionate on your face and symmetrical [Music] so James kind of has a more like a rounder face with rounder features so I kind of want to give this face some more structure so I'm thinking these ones these pink glasses are gonna go really well with this skin tone and the top bar is gonna give it a lot of structure all right so for Jamie I decided to go with these Ellery crystal frames I feel like James has a softer face with softer rounder features so I wanted something that contrasted with that but still kept in line with his style with which is very clean minimal he's got a very simple yet playful style so I wanted something that fit his style very well I think Tim's medical choice I do personally quite like them and I think they fit my face [Music] she's got an oblong face so she has a lot of structure a lot of hard lines around the sides so I kind of want to round it out a bit give him some softer glasses and nothing too bulky nothing too big she's got that very chilled casual skater back to him and I kind of want the glasses to just sit there very subtle because it really contrasts well with the shape of his face and it really softens the sides and everything and the gold is just perfect with this style like you can see he's got that edgy vibe going on with the piercing and all and since you it looks like he's wearing like gold medals it's gonna go well with anything he wears belts earrings whatever necklaces if you keeps it to gold it's gonna match it's gonna look great I see what you mean it kind of like softens the side exactly yeah well I like that man I really like these you know it just gives you a bit of like the Peter Parker vibe you know because I feel like spider-man and you know just feel like I can take over the world all right guys hope you enjoyed this episode I definitely had a lot of fun making it and thanks again to Specsavers for helping make this video happen they have a ton of really cool frames so I encourage you guys to visit their website or go to a local Specsavers store if you have one they haven't offered the moment for two designer frames for the price of one so definitely get on it if you're looking to add some new glasses to your collection and don't be afraid to experiment I think glasses are a great way to add some personality into your outfits and if you have a bad vision like me you might as well turn that into a positive and have a little fun with your eyewear with that said don't forget to smash that like button if you liked the video subscribe and hit the bell if you're new here I wish you a beautiful beautiful day people and I will see you in the next video yeah it's a little more sophisticated and I want to give it it's good that he couldn't make the sun's coming in all right so James has a face with more soft features their little curve all right well lighter toreador shell is going to look better on darker skin any darker Tory's is going to bake with a little bit