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[Music] [Applause] [Music] I'll stop it Richard sounds like a funeral dirge so what this waiting is getting on my nerves [Music] how is she doctor you'll be pleased I'm sure to know that mrs. Winslow is still violating all the laws of science she should be dead but she's very much alive oh I'm so glad we all are yes of course I must be getting back to town oh thank you for everything doctor Abigail we got your coat for you Oh [Music] as an antique dealer was depending what do you think of this road I hate to make the worms that make those holes well we're almost there I still think we should wait until after the funeral hardly hasn't got a sentimental bone in his body he told me this morning there's only a matter of minutes before Henrietta Winslow's death and if I wanted to make a deal for the estate I better bring her off with my client tonight it's shocking shocking what do you mean selling this house well the death rattle is due radaway it's precisely after all the harpies a bit of a rattler himself are you sure the relatives want to sell the furniture to want to sell it they're so anxious to care she gonna get out we'll be lucky if they don't leave the body they're terrible okay everybody's money man everybody's money man including me oh here we are money in the bank for me antiques from Sullivan attic field I hope they're in bad condition people always paid double for antiques the falling apart yeah yeah are you sure this is the place sure I am this house is over 100 years old is to play around here when I was a kid yeah I want to didn't stunt your growth oh you talk as if the place was haunted or something come on let's ring for Eduardo oh that house is doubly blessed which to the feline friend gives rest Oh poetry head is beautiful beautiful that's what mrs. Winslow says but as kids we used to say in her hats are many bats for spending all our dough on cats oh hey I hired why don't work you haven't changed a bit since last time I saw you terrible thing yeah oh he means such a terrible thing about mrs. Winslow Eduardo open the gates come on open up open up no tears from way back way back these gates de luck since car killed cat this is close orders Eduardo I'm not a man to take a role in a small thing I'll let that go open the pedestrian gates I have a date with mr. hotly come on penny yeah go on clunk what I thought you told me this deal was all set it's in the bag like I told you in a car don't a bank for me antiques for you I got a check right here for $25,000 mr. Hartley said this place will never be sold never well you can't kill a guy for trying or would you like it's been raining cats and cats are out there hey you see the catching Cody sure to put your rubbish on I want to tell your mother there is no cold cats and what it was right up allergic to well every time we get close to a cat I start coughing I hope they've scratched up all the furniture I'll make a fortune uh they did head out of here before they won't desert well this is it must be that vitamin b1 I've been taking lately knock a little harder maybe the edges look more [Music] here comes Abigail husky I hope she isn't like Eduardo Abigail don't worry about her she's asleep Oh sweetheart oh yeah be miss Abigail please go away we don't like you my lover's quarrel wait a minute miss Abigail you threw erupts at the cat's they did you did Oh shame on you shame that was 15 years ago I don't care if it was yesterday go away what a puss like a lemon rinse what did you say me yes you little man Oh I said what of course suppose yeah what's the matter don't anybody like you around here hey lovely but you're going to expect treatment like that in servants naturally they don't want to see the household I thought you told me the deal was all set leave everything a little Gilly will you the top of the opposition the harder I hit the line support you fumble now there ain't a chance no look I'll tell you what we'll do we reverse our field go wrong left in and get in the back way the deal won't be sent like that what is it we're all over there that's a crematorium the inventory yeah for the cats come on I'll show your cats sure everything around here is for the cats that's what the place is going to the dog that's pretty bad I'm glad I didn't say that you wouldn't believe it would you I don't [Music] well non-stop worry Oh only the Winslow considers a black cat a symbol of death and here's the furnace she had it made big enough so that when she dies she can be cremated here and have her ashes put with the cats beautiful thought those urns so mean yeah second dynasty well that's bad huh oh that's good oh this is only the beginning they got some big stuff in the house it'll kill you come on [Music] you already stay here all alone alone why she had more relatives hanging around and a dead sheep has vultures all trying to get their hands on her doe another false alarm now Richard that's no attitude to take the important thing is that your grandmother's out of danger you expect me to believe that Monty you're disappointed then you'll know it grandmother what are you doing out of bed I wanted to be in the bosom of my loving family well you go right back to your room you're still a sick woman you know Elaine that's no way to talk to your grandmother stop there for polishing Maudie my mother isn't gonna loan you any money what do you mean talking to me like squaw that's her Henrietta Wentzville and she's dead yeah no no she's fooled him again he's got more lives than her cats let's go this must be a sad occasion for all of you you came to bury me and now you feel you have to stay and praise me since my paralysis you've all come running to my bedside every time I had a stomachache well I decided to read my will and set your minds at rest you're being impossible grandmother don't interrupt I Henrietta Winslow being of sound mind and you'll see that I am of sound mind Margaret when I get to you being of sound mind and sensible of the uncertainty of life and desirous of disposing of my property and affairs do hereby make the following requests to my devoted nice Manor hotly I will bequeath the sum of $100,000 oh thank you out Henrietta that's all right my dear you've been less troubled on the rest to Montague Hartley my niece's husband in appreciation of his loyal devotion to his life I bequeath $10,000 that's most generous of you Henrietta thank you mm-hmm he should have been an actor too Richard Hartley my nice manners stepson I bequeath $10,000 to enable him to continue with his chemical research well that's very kind of hearing there to my granddaughter Margaret Gordon I bequeath $100,000 not because she merits any consideration on my part or needs the money but because I knows who had called me insane and try to break my will if I neglected her that's a little far-fetched grandmother is it remember walls have years to my grandson Stanley Graybill I bequeath likewise $100,000 as consolation because he did not inherit any of the brilliant architectural sense of his father who did such excellent work in reconstructing this home to suit my whims and fancies well some consolation prize I'm getting more out of the estate and father did suspense is killing Elaine to my faithful gardener in wahoo because I bequeath $5,000 to my granddaughter Elaine I bequeath my home and the fifty acres of land on which it is situated as well as the residue of my estate Thank You grandmother I'm sorry don't apologize for anything you inherited your selfishness from me that's why I'm favoring you favoring rather a mild word isn't it what are the furnishings alone or worth as much as the house and grounds did you hear what you said about the furniture yeah but you can't buy the furniture once you're still alive well it's like this hope as long as we can't deal with the relatives maybe we can talk Henrietta into selling [Music] ain't Gilmore Smith I'd know that cop anywhere you Smith come in here get back to keep out of sight I'll get the load how are you everybody don't get up hello Elaine I heard you were in town I kind of hoped I'd see you around I've been meaning to look you up girl really I am I was gonna make you send me one with me oh no I guess I'm not as good condition as I used to do mr. Smith oh hi I'm starving now glad to see you glad to see you too it oh sure sure I get it Guinea I want a word with you the rest of you could go away and talk about me behind my back but don't wander far there are still a few details you might be interested in Montague you stay here and don't throw it away again Eduardo says you're ruining his plans I won't but I'd like you to taste it first you don't trust anyone not even me sit down not and Gil don't deny it the only thing they would bring you here among my cats is enough of the house right well my girl huh so you couldn't wait you tried to sell me out on my deathbed now Henrietta it was because you were ill and displaying the trouble mr. Smith insisted that there was an exceptional offer so I can send it to see him on your account isn't that right yes no I got stopped stammering hmm so long as you've made the trip here I listen to your proposition has your client got the money are you kidding hey Hollis I got a check right here in my pocket for $25,000 it's a deposit listen pay to the order of the estate of Henrietta Winslow estate of Henrietta Winslow yeah burning is a little premature get out of my sight but Henrietta kill I'm sorry to spoil a good billion for you but I'll never sell my home Henrietta listen this is a golden opportunity it's not every day you'll find a client nuts enough to buy this place I mean nuts enough about the place to buy it what are you doing oh this is a very good copy I could make it look like a real antique all it needs is a few wormholes I'll fix it up in a minute here hold from anywhere Henrietta listen will you yeah an ambitious panel like you for it but don't hope for the lame why not Elaine takes after me and that means she'll never marry any man without money I don't believe it and besides how am I gonna make any door if you won't listen to reason what's the matter spectre-1 effectively infertile oh that's it there's that better thank you come on now Henrietta break your milk oh I detest the stuff you can get Gil you drink it it's good for you it's only good for hair and teeth and minor faults come easily around yes you went in there let's get down to business now come on just for that like you drink every drop oh no oh please I don't want to Abigail nagging at me [Music] those cat-like human I don't know how you compare up an opportunity like this Henrietta honestly I don't only comes once in a lifetime after all I am only interested in your welfare you know hmm now you sound like one of my relatives but I mean it now you would be happier in a little apartment in town wouldn't you could they take my cats with me oh yeah you see it's know you're scalable I've beat my life around this house and I've added a shrine as a final resting place for my picks and when my time comes I want to join them there that's final all right but I don't have to drink your milk for you here ah come on come on I take it that stuff is poison to me don't like that he'll when I said poison my minute walk oh poor kitty I could have been you for me no difference the life of a smallest animal is as sacred as our own yeah evidently nothing it's very sacred to one of those relatives of yours well whoever it was would have had an awful shock if I had died hmm they were so satisfied with what they thought they were going to get that they didn't wait to hear the end of the will I thought I broke in on the end of it you broke in but not at the end there was another clause the most important one nobody inherits a penny until Abigail and the cats are dead look you better read it to the rest of the family for something else happens around here I'll get him stay here and don't Wiggin poor child well come along with join your ancestors Richard away mr. penny what are you doing I couldn't help it this poor innocent sweet girl innocent as a day as long because she's been framed the deal hasn't been said yet so will you cut it out I don't have to cut it out [Applause] [Music] goodbye so it must be with all of it [Music] [Music] how did you know about that [Music] sure here that's cream he came from in there [Music] another cat where could it have come from probably wanted out the house oh no grandmother never allowed a bite down on the bloody submitter knew that whom a black cat follows dies you're crazy I hope you'll see you will see [Music] under the circumstances it will not be necessary to hold a formal inquest when I return to my office I will issue a death certificate thank you coroner an inquest would be distressing for the ladies the accident was most unfortunate my heartfelt sympathies to you all she was a fine woman come she wanted the services to be brief and simple [Music] poor Henrietta yes I'm wondering how long it'll take to probate the will to really market have you say such things well it's true as soon as the lawyer settle the estate as sooner we can get out of this barn gives me the creeps my dear man you will have to trust me that's all I assure you you'll have every cent before the week is out the only reason I've delayed so far is because a certain business deal has been hanging far so to speak but now it's all settled in' yes yes you have my word you know I've been thinking Abigale with your keen ears you want to be able to hear the someone at the front door I don't see why we tolerate that woman any longer hello Abby how you feel I've been worried about you my health is perfect nevertheless I've still been worried about you look I can't get it out of my mind if somebody tried to poison Henry I don't know why don't you move into the part in town I told her about and I'll sell this place for you you'd feel a lot safer there are you implying that Henry and I was murdered she hadn't cremated the cat I could prove it ah good morning folks good morning mr. penny has he been here all night search me hey what you been here all night oh yes I was all over the place I spent the night in there and a lovely night sneak out of my shower this morning Edward breakfast by the way there's no more eggs I ate the last two some time will you sing around mmm-hmm what have you done to that footstool I'll take care of that now it looks as good as new in just a minute you seen it oh that don't lie don't worry about that little I don't take care of little I that I'm always watching myself on the finger it's a problem or a break your partner's just a mo I'll take care of that mr. man who's cleaning floor Johnny pick it up just like magic okay get it open hmm the pliers here that'll open up in a second oh they're stuck together all right then call Orion let's get it over with just leave it to me no this is clogged up a little bit well this wire I'll take care of it Abigail you come in here a moment please if you know what's good for you'll get this mess cleaned up but quick Abigail Elena's decided to sell the house have all your services will no longer be needed it's her wish that you pack and leave immediately Elaine can speak for herself I'll see that you're well provided for Abigail thank you I remember that but I won't be needing your charity Elaine I'm the one who's giving the orders now we'll have all the impediments see Henrietta told me just before her accident today why don't you mind your own business and get out of here relax Junior you remember me I'm the guy with a client I wants to buy this place Richard please Elaine can't dispose of this house none of you can I have to say now a B and C when I talk business now listen I got a cashier's check for 25,000 right go away do you recognize this mr. heartland I don't touch dynamite nice Henrietta's will give it to me at once Oh I'll read it and I'll begin with Henrietta left off however considering the comfort and companionship given me by my cats none of the preceding bequests shall apply so long as my faithful housekeeper Abigail doom lives provided that she accepts the guardianship of the estate and administers it for the benefit of the aforementioned cats of course Henrietta was out of her mind yeah sure maliciously insane yeah what are we going to do about nothing of course we'll do something we'll get a lawyer if grandmother could only see us now she wouldn't be the least surprised she knew what a rotten luck we were Abigail and the cat's deserved grandmother's inheritance a lot more than we do a pretty speech Elaine but if it was meant to form a bond between us had failed I have only this to say oh you mean before you and I get to talking business it go away pack and leave the lot of you will do nothing of the kind will relinquish none of our rights Henrietta was insane we'll take the necessary steps to have the will set aside I'm for that it shouldn't be very difficult if you think it best Monty I do I'll leave for town at once and consult my attorneys why don't you telephone them mr. Hartley the rest of you remain here and remember possession is nine points of the law you'll leave all of you you'll go no what have you done I was just trying to light that lamp over there so I guess I must have bumped into this table what is the meaning of all of this as soon as I let that heater I'll note the solder fix this electric plug and start this drill to fix these wire cutters so I can cut the wire to clean the spout to get some oil to work the pliers to unscrew the cap and clean the spot then I'll put some iodine on this finger and go back to work suppose you start by lighting the heater oh you can't do that to get there why not haven't gonna be wickedness pick up these pieces carefully and don't touch another thing in this house boy I'm gonna put it together can you get out of this house [Music] catalog winsome antiques and collector's items very interesting very interesting hmm 18th century 18th century [Music] raaah bookcase Abby she's got the attitude of those people in there you know what I'm gonna do my lawyers miss Abigail do you know what lawyers me that means legal difficulties months and months maybe years and years goon miss goon goon do miss tune where you gonna get the money to fight this look I'll tell you what you do okay you tell me what to do mind your own business stop trying to frighten me into selling this place all right I'll stick to my anything but you better take up embroider eat the needles is shorter penny penny hey darling I I had to see you before you left they're taking an awful chance of being seen out here you know Oh looks like it might rain huh is that what they've been talking about who then no you don't think I was listening do you why of course not you know I don't understand the sudden interest you've taken in our affairs what do you mean by telling Abigail she should take up embroidery you've listened find a couple of doors yourself haven't you what did you hear that one on the radio it's coming down the stairs I got it from a very loud speaker thanks a lot wait a minute what you insinuating that grandmother's death wasn't accidental well she wasn't killed by kindness was she I don't think that was a very nice thing to say why don't you join a sewing circle and take your antique friend mr. Penney with you hey that reminds me just before you got here penny disappeared well get him to show you the trick oh that's very subtle but I get it but don't say I didn't warn you now darling you're jumping to conclusions I didn't say that I wouldn't divorce Mara did I this justice isn't the time you mean after you get her money you'll go after mine I knew I'd find you here with her why Richard don't act so innocent I've been watching you two for a long time what are you trying to do break - heart you little fool I'm gonna take the men away your mother and I'll be a stepfather that's exactly how I feel about it you divorced my own mother because you wanted Mona's money now that that's gone you want to get rid of her and marry Margit Richard I'm warning you break this off warning me or I may tell a corner that remark you made a moaner it would all be better off if grandmother were dead Richard you don't know what you're saying well leave me alone [Music] came to the finish [Music] too much too much oh you little antique makers what kind of kids where are the kids they blame everything on you I mean I am United [Music] okay I heard a scream funny man come on mr. penny what are you doing with that coffin that's not a coffin it's a very few what's up body I [Music] [Music] better stop magic you before he leaves yeah July's room mr.bad give me a no no no take her feet feet my hands [Music] what happened Abigail I was getting something out of the chest hell it must have fun struck my head yeah for the beautiful crack in the work to make that chest twice as valuable I thought don't excite yourself heavy you sure nobody tried to hit you with that lid so now you're trying to accuse one of us of murdering Abigail - we know that it could hit her but I couldn't put her in the chest cutter I mean I know that nobody cares what I think around this house but in the future I advise Abigail to lock our door before she turns her back on it my door was locked are you sure yes wait a minute no let's start counting cards around here Luna said she heard a scream we didn't you said you had your door locked we found it out what no that's two jokers in the deck hundred hey Mr Kenny how'd you get in this room oh there where over there I'm in here every night you all right yeah I'm fine I'll leave that card are completely no away where was the black cat at the time of your accident every other day it was in the chest with it I warned you that this was gonna happen some people with IQ I have to have lunch with me sometime milk hey I know you didn't want to crack in front of Abigail but confidentially how'd you get in that room confidentially uh-huh oh so wrapped up my work I got wrapped up myself next time we're up something around my finger then I'll know where I am yeah you're a great help thank you very much how do I get an answer maybe don't ask the right question honey but your darling the police who you calling murder the doctor Abigail's lost her mind yes you almost lost her life that's why I'm calling the cops so you're still insist on making one of us a murderer no later Oh pull it'll bother you just another one of those accidents what happened I got a bad connection here no I'm with the faintest idea why don't you call the cops and find out yeah I fail to see the humor in this situation oh I wouldn't either if I were you having to go out in the rain and taking a chance on getting a store I'm not going on how are we gonna get the cops if you don't oh now wait a minute why don't you go well there's a test of a man's sincerity you are in trouble and how does he react yes yes I'm very disappointed in Stanley I don't blame you I I only hope you won't let me down as badly Midianite I thought I could always count on you do you mean I got a chance you've been kind of kicking me around you know I'm not kicking you around I just don't like your maligning my family you say worse things about him than I do that's different than my relatives but Gil you're accusing one of us a murder oh he is is he going away Stanley please I guess I have been pretty mean to you at that kill I'm sorry but will you go well I not only will I bring back the cop that having a doctor a lawyer violets Des Moines I've been thinking this whole thing over and you know if anything happened to you what I was going I'd never forgive myself I better stay we can't manage without you you know I'll settle this controversy right now you'll go out to the stables and send Eduardo oh now you're talking sense why don't you go that's what I've been trying to tell them at the house with this one what they said there's only one way I'll hit the truck that's it why is water must go that's what they said Eduardo must go mother there's something I must tell you yes dear what but you can't guess you made this cabinet no but I'm afraid we're going to find out the whole public furniture coming a very good imitation they couldn't fool me I'm an old master what did you say you're gonna tell me something darling never mind I'll tell you later aleem there's something I've got to explain to you I beautiful legs beautiful hand-carved - what were you saying Stanley Hey hmm you want to play Pinochle why pinochle players live forever crapshooters go like that I didn't mean it my god we've got it all figured out whoever tried to knock off a Peugeot get into a secret passage all right go ahead and laugh but that's the only explanation they thought she was dead they were trying to hide her body in the chest and somebody scared him away they went out and left the door unlocked and where were you in this penny friend of yours while all this was going on what this house is no asset to you with Abigail alive you know no was with me the whole time I do wish you people would stop trying to make a murder out of this dad - gate was injured she did it herself yes after cutting the telephone wires to make it look a little more dramatic yeah but she certainly went to a lot of trouble just to give herself a headache I agree with Elaine Abigail's just trying to get us out of the house you're very anxious to smooth this whole thing over maybe Gill was right about those secret passages your father rebuilt this house he must have seen the plans when you took over his business he wouldn't try to accuse me of how are you I happen to know that someone tried to poison grandmother and with your knowledge of chemistry oh why didn't you let him finish shame on you a new Richard poor Henrietta bid not 24 hours I wouldn't bet on it he left just before Abigail get banked on the head port did II know it's probably Eduardo with the police Monte what's all this about somebody trying to kill Abigail what did you find out about that and wardo told me I picked him up just the other side of the Arroyo you told me you'd sent him for the police ridiculous Abigail's just pretending somebody tried to kill it all I want is an unbiased opinion how did you bring the cops no storms watch the bridge out nobody can get out here anymore tonight now you're gonna stop interfering or aren't you no I'm not there's been one murderer in this house me is liable to be another one there's something local creepy no I'm all right thank you very much what's to talk over there to read the inscription what's better in here mr. penny better death then dishonor excitements been too much for you my dear after all you're not as young as you used for you now no I'm not am I Monty don't go away well still feeling shaky I'm alright tell me what did the lawyer say oh then they said we had a chance to break the will lawyers always talk like that listen Lee I felt there were rather dubious you would have used some of Henrietta's money couldn't you what do you think I don't know I can only guess you've never tell me anything now Monty used to tell me everything always and I always tried to help but nowadays why we we seem to be making conversation the way you do with strangers well you know how our business has been on my mind you wouldn't want me to burdened you with my troubles would you yes I would if their business troubles Monty what do you mean is it only business Monty melody if there's one thing I can't stand it's unreasonable jealousy that's all the faith you have in me if our marriages come down to this thing why no no Monty don't sit I'm over what I know I am I shouldn't have said it huh I'll go to bed now and in the morning I I'll feel different yes America I'm sure I will we're not darling goodnight [Music] it's a good thing mr. Penney had some ID I was tougher than I thought I was well let that be a lesson to you stop chasing non-existent ghosts and murderers maybe you're right about that but I can't get the feeling out of my mind there's something rotten in the house of Winslow something lurking sneaking just waiting to strike can you speak to just making water you're doing I'm just testing testing this wood it's rock rotten to the core but it's priceless it's priceless it's not for sale yet if you don't stop bothering Alec you're gonna get us both thrown out of here I think it gives me not here look hey come here you stand here now what do you know we're playing a game no we're not gonna play a game I'm gonna prove to you that this whole thing makes sense if you include secret passages now penny your Abigail get it Abigail yeah and this table right here this is your chest right now Oh in a secret passage now I come sneaking up hey penny go over to the chest we did hey penny I'm Abigail alright Abigail go over to the table huh what table that table it's not a table it's my chest will you stop complicating things and do as you're told here I'll stand here bend over bend over like mr. penny or Abigail I don't care just bend it's not a face there's no other revenge yeah I know now now I'm sneaking up oh here's your squeak suppose my shoes didn't squeak suppose I was in my stocking fake and your stocking feet oh-ho then I get demony and stop coffee again this isn't a cold I'm allergic to cats oh yeah then you get katar can't talk all right laughs but if you wake up in the morning with your throat cut don't say I didn't warn you [Music] [Music] [Music] go away [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh what a funny place to sleep pretty cool where'd who go I don't know that's why I'm asking you want to ask em who your father passed me on the stairway who was he who was he well him oh I don't know oops curiosity curiosity kill the captioner and that's terrible then you don't like it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] wait a minute joke Eduardo what have you done with Elaine I haven't seen her yeah well I'll look for myself please please go away [Music] [Applause] I wanted to take them to the bar now they're all out rain again I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't to keep your nose out of other people's business wide all right [Music] [Music] [Music] largely what you're feeling [Music] hard [Music] Elaine's disappearance why what am i explanatory I thought she was in the wagon but she wasn't it was full of cats mid wardo hadn't hadn't watched had nothing that the wood elaine wasn't in her room Eduardo was putting her in a wagon but it wasn't a late it was cats and then in the Crematory I saw Abigail but Abigail wasn't there but the black cat was there but but it wasn't there a gig like goo does this make any sense no no I did but I saw it I've never heard such nonsense I never left my room all night no way please please I admit I'm wrong about Abigail but where is the lame answer me that where is Elaine you're I am Gil I just went down to get a book couldn't sleep she couldn't sleep this is on a palm of your other stupid accusations yes two more brains didn't meet a half-wit I'm sorry you couldn't sleep come on come in my room by the fire you'll catch your death of cold sit down sit down and tell me what on earth you've been doing I haven't got enough brains to come in out of the rain I thought I saw something what's a difference I know you thought you saw me and you rushed to the rescue just like Sir Lancelot used to rescue his Elaine all right so I'm a SAP but you're not a separate and the lady and everything's in a mistake on a knight-errant dose battle for even many years wet-behind-the-ears it's like I've been saying somebody around this house was playing for keeps do you know that somebody slugged me again no one of my relatives probably and with the recent Gordon laughs whatever sneaking in this house is sneaking right now there he goes again what do you want now I heard you scream now don't tell me I heard you scream you heard the tea kettle I was brewing some tea oh yeah will you please stop trying to make nervous wrecks out of all of us I didn't come on junior I'll take lemon in mine you want to have tea with me thanks for your hospitality thank you sit down here [Music] I said a place you got here very nice nice little place you really want some tea yes I like what he's strong it makes me sleep better you'll sleep Sakura keeps you wait down how much do you weigh may I ask her I take two lumps I take two ups one is equal to two thank you some things don't they huh - would blow your head off drink and you'll sleep don't you think this is a little too strong and might keep me awake drink [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] ask us I don't know but nobody came in that door I can tell you that let anything happen to you don't you worry about that oh I told you I saw at the Crematory get us out of the house well I see we started off with a Watson role this is ridiculous Abigale stand back everybody [Music] [Applause] well we're too late she's dead oh now darling clean us up together we'll get to the bottom of this ladies go to your rooms please and lock your doors what's this ashes that proves it that one's Abigail unquestionably hey sexy Sherlock Holmes but how could Abigail I've been trying to tell your secret passages looks like they backfired any little girl too isn't it possible she committed suicide except it looks like suicide to me I'm not so sure the coroner will settle that in the morning now ladies go to your rooms Oh Monty I don't want to be alone alright yeah coming Margaret now I know it's murder must be a junior g-man you don't have to be a detective the mill that little splinters there from the door you can tell by the angle is stuck in the fiber that the body was pulled up over the door and then the rope was tied to the knob I different suicide the Rope would have been tied to the knob first the weight of the body would have pulled the Rope this way he's right yeah betting that tall the others their only worry them well I've got a gun and if anything else happens tonight I'm gonna use it yeah [Music] what are you doing in here I was chasing a duardo I want to make sure I didn't harm the woman now what are you hiding Henrietta's will yeah I found it here under the pillow just trying to figure out how Myrna got it I gave that to mother tonight she bawled me out for it and said she was going to give it back to abigail in the morning oh the new other guy that slugged me yeah and I'll do it again any time you train down to my weight [Music] please [Music] I'm gonna be careful she's still alive thank you yeah get some smelling salts quick ha ha ha here spits ammonia she's coming around Benna no no who was it who was it tried to kill you it's also terribly confused hands came from behind these see slide throat try to think mother was that water wasn't it you've been chasing him all through the house yes it was it was at water I'm standing [Music] he's the one who tried to kill her listen to me [Music] [Music] I did you tell them I tried to hurt you you did but that is a lie I never hurt anybody never did anything wrong but keep the black kitten mr. Nagata told him to drown and how it's gone I look the hole you hear that shot yeah why did you join he's a maniac he killed Abigail and he tried to kill me but the morning you tried to kill yourself the splinters in the rocks show that just as plainly as they showed that Abigail was murdered you're out of your mind it's the second time in the last 15 minutes that he tried to kill me what did you do that time I gave her mother I was ready to blame Monti and Margaret for driving you to suicide what do you mean you knew about them you knew your only chance to hold money was to get some ready money that's why you killed grandmother and you knew about secret passages too because you were here when the house was rebuilt what are you saying when you found out about the added clause and the windiest sneaked through those secret passages to kill Abigail and then you pretended to hang yourself you stood on that puts two under somebody came into the room then you shot Boyd Watteau supposed to blame everything on him [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what's happened alright mother he came back through the window we should never have left your loans oh I owe all of you an apology I thought some pretty bad things about you just put it out of your mind to turn nice - thank you for catching ibecause murderer there's no need to worry now mother the real danger is over yes I suppose so try to get some sleep good night darling come on mom dear i'm still terribly upset I'd rather be alone of course men are I hope you'll haven't taken standards insinuations about Margaret and me seriously as a matter of fact it was nothing more than a little discussion about finances everything's going to be all right the money I get from Henry edges estate he's going to take care of all your business Wahoo's [Music] [Music] wanted to do he's in the library good we shouldn't have any more trouble good night tonight um I'm sorry for everything you should be [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Juna oh so you found it huh hey every single inch Elena who's the lane to go with the booty I forgot ya know do you know these passages late too yeah well you gotta get to the Attic freezing cold to the salad in a little warm [Music] I'm understable but they're getting hot very hot fact you're burning this is no time for games where the passages lead to remember for when I told you I give you into the editing wall yes I give up it leads down to the Crematory two turns to the right and one to the right one left mr. Smith mr. Pitt yeah what I don't want to start any false rumors but some very strange things been happening around here very weird no yes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh fighting me this secret passageway leads right to the house so you're right about them after all how clever of you yeah hey what are you doing here if you don't mind my asking I couldn't sleep I decided to come down and commune with ploy Henrietta it's so peaceful down here yeah I'm seeing Elena me Elena's a materialist it would hardly expect to find her in a place like this um sorry I disturbed you what was there just a cat there's always a cat someplace around here yeah stop right I'm glad you know what the secret passage is how'd you get in here without getting wet [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] pitcher in the base one picture in of us that's terrible Jeanne boss I'm sorry you ought to be sorry that's the way to handle furniture yeah put them together you got a beautiful antique hey get away oh there you are I'll have to give you a check here for the furniture hey mr. penny listen the new owner is coming to look at place over today don't tell him about the murders no what what about the murders the murders what murders never mind just write the checks well you should be very happy here you finally closed the deal forgive me you sure I forgive you for anything I'll make this happen oh I get it I get it [Music] they allow mr. Smith I think we both made a good deal how did he get this picture [Music]