The Bowery 1933 by Raoul Walsh

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you come into the right place your sailors there's a finder's they were in the city now I am a stylist I'm gonna make you look like a bob warmer I have some solid gold collar button Solomon : better than gold who's next who's next we're all there here we are focus I've been a genuine fireproof celluloid collars genuine fireproof celluloid [Music] [Applause] [Music] hello Josh [Music] I think weíll add poison responded I said I takes care that myself poison I go by the watch thank you very much [Music] swipe t spike wait a little hold your horses what's this all about Saguna [Music] Oh [Music] now listen here swipe Z you gotta stop showing them rocks to them Chinaman's windows or I'm gonna have to throw you out you can go right back to the gutter where I picked you up at eating out of them garbage cans and sleep them into gutters hiding in the cellars from them are from asylum accomplished I know but a windows a window you know when I picked you up you told me that you'd be the right kind of a guy with me I got a reputation done me friends don't want to see me being followed about by a little pump that's always throwing rocks through windows it ain't refined stop it be a good boy Hey who done that Steve glory was passing by here on the guide Adam to heave a rotten marshmallow not your name you know Steve Brodie never takes her there he did today of some day that poor flesh a second heir that'll land him in the morgue with a lily on his chest he might hey yeah hey sure half above thanks Val hi mr. Collis could I talk to you see me later Bo see me later later [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] look at Chuck I created cigarette pictures no two guinea kids I gave Maggie Klein on PT Barnum's and Frankie billion Lillian Russell yeah yeah your to be young to be looking at those things why don't you get pictures app upload bill and Jake Kilrain and Bill Muldoon and no applause great yeah get your mind off the scoids there was taboos is a filly full of hot air and Holly one is a spondulicks remember what I always tell you this is a man's boil this is a man's world ever believed in women there's none of money up and up am i right right [Music] on you and me is gonna stop my walk last night hey get out of here can't you see I'm busy your gas bag you can't get rid of me a big full moon oh thank you that sweet one I could just eat you alive you big dare you tryna high-hat me after what you've done to me and Tony pastors gallery but maybe you don't remember that day at 4:00 judge see when did I tell you about them pros they're all just the same as nuttiest fruitcake you get me one home time's up and don't go roaming around understand stop my nigga Joe's work what I told you about that cool and no throwing any more rocks at that Chinese Laundry then chinks are be friends 23 skidoo stop don't let me throw just want a little Rokit the chinks all right just one he just one that's all hey judge you're a little mustard [Music] people think I'm their mother now gone Holman straighten up the toilet looking crummy this morning and throw them cats out of there too that's my kids [Applause] Thanks can I speak to you a minute Chuck fortunately if you're not tongue-tied I was thinking I'd like to join your fire brigade yeah I want to get on the right brigade I looked them all over and picked yours you did well say listen everybody wants to get onto Chuck Connors fire brigade why we've got a waiting list as high as that Brooklyn Bridge well if you ain't taking nobody I can join sleep bro nice outfit hey listen don't mention that Potts name around here anybody can get into steep Brodie's fire brigade Chuck Connors picks his men listen sure I know I know that's why I want to hook up with you chuck yeah well maybe I got the $200 for the joiner I can pay me way I know you're pretty fast with your dukes but can you take it can I say I've been knuckle dusting few years so you can stand the gaff uh anytime stick it out placing me lad - one of the fire headquarters and get your helmet hey Chuck Steve Brodie's on his way up here yeah well let him come his masoom was just the same as anybody else's [Music] [Music] [Applause] evening mr. Connors pleasure to see your happy smiling face again none of your lip fries receding yet yet so you've gone back to your kindergarten days again throwing mush Noah I had to do a Chuck I keep dares me to hit the O on Connors on your front window you know me I couldn't take a dare could I so I clicks the mushroom and I win step there - Nellie Bly's is your share don't ever say I never gave you nothing it's a shame on you [Music] [Applause] all members of the Chicanos fire brigade report to headquarters at once Steve Brodie volunteers come on come on cottage a better guitar yeah I bet you under dollars I throw the first holes on that fire [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what started to borrow some guy tore up to the chase women was a girl and she goes rogue a boy comes to Brody people eat with me Brody's point [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in the name of the law stop [Applause] [Music] [Music] hi Steve hi Ashley it's something rich for you Steve yeah I know a guy that hates Chuck Connors the same way you do yeah this gay man he's got a little pill thing right mazuma he'll slip it under Chuck's coffin where is he he's waiting come on this is Gogi cochrane from Jersey City I told him about the pills googy how much you're gonna Nick me for the job five hundred bucks you sure it'll work guaranteed wait a minute I want to be sure there's nobody listening you got the jump with you this is tough we make ourselves now let me get this straight the five hundred bucks you willing to put Connors under the daisies that's it boy don't ever say I never give you nothing [Music] read it read it read it read all about me my eyes are tired well if it ain't little boy blue where's your horn I'm here on business I got another match for your bloody bush yeah well anytime anyplace anybody 500 books says I got the boy I can wipe up the floor with him it's a bet it's a bet just name the time and place how about right here Saturday nights well you can bury your man on Sunday give me the cash here's the battle with this year 500 aside Chuck Connors running boots again Steve Brodie's who's a man Steve he can call it the masked marvel the mask what's the matter is he shame to show his face not at all not at all er Chuck don't ever say I never give you nothing Thanks Roisin I smoked me on ER Chuck [Laughter] remember don't ever say I never gave you nothing [Laughter] [Music] fourth ward and their friends in this corner we have the well-known fourth ward boy Chuck Connors resenting his undefeated Protege bloody boot and in this corner another well-known 4th Ward boy Steve Brodie presenting a man we know nothing about what who looks like a worthy contestant known as the masked marvel [Music] I warn use pugs no hitting below the belt and no bitin are kicking in the clinches butch if you so much a secret tooth in each year I lay out myself [Applause] [Applause] can app your piglet who's poking the Warriors outfit tonight boy stur sky pull off his mask an hour fighting myself allow me to deduce the posted strong boy Yarnell Sullivan [Applause] [Applause] what's your name Lucy Calhoun Lucie County that's a pretty name [Music] I have everything you need we'll take it down a Macy's enviro I'll count it hello Jeff hey were you having this joint before no no sir go on and roll your hook someplace else I want something good yeah sit down come on get out of there get out of there I haven't done anything wrong these gentlemen said they were going to help me find a job help you yeah go on roll your hook roll your home I didn't know now stay where you are they're gonna stay right there until she gets in the clear and listen it's all right you to spend your masoom around here but don't go trying to hook them no new coils out of this joint I know what your traffic is what you're up to I don't want to get mixed with the law see drink your slops it's paid for [Music] [Music] watch Schuler I want to thank you I've been waiting all night to thank you that's nothing that's nothing but it meant a great deal to me you see I was looking for work those men said they had a job for me yeah what a job yeah the only one that's been really kind I wonder if you would help me oh no I ain't got no time for any Goyal's can you dance that's a shame no I can't dance for them but I'll scrub floors I'll do anything dad you see me tomorrow see me tomorrow you don't know what this means to me have you got any place to flop MA yes sleep I'm ashamed to say so but I haven't well your story sounds phony to me but I'll take a chance that you're on the up-and-up come on he's quick rye or Boyden no thank you I don't drink that's me spare footwall for the guests they'll find a lot of blankets in the bottom drawer there be sure and point out that gas or the joint will go up like a firecracker [Music] gee I've been looking for that thing for a month [Music] hey what's the idea crash annoying on me in the middle of the night it's quite oh I forgot some Dame without Dawn I dragged her in for the night oh don't worry forget about it forget about it we'll slip her a book and give it a breeze hey the place looks perfect I didn't recognize it I I hope you don't mind I got your breakfast - swell go get some duds on you nope I didn't come in here like that go on get them on I'll be right back in a minute those cats go out of here today yeah you're drowning yourself in that sausage stop that don't do that when she's around here ain't you ain't you got no manners what's your name Lucy Calhoun Lucy Carroll say Chuck ain't you forgot something about that buck in the breeze it's a mush that's my book and I'll do with it what I wants to yeah much too why are you from Albany opening mm-hmm and what you're doing here well you see my family had an idea that I ought to teach school I wanted to get some place in the world be somebody I always wanted to write be a novelist you know when I first came here I worked in a bookshop then it closed my money ran out night before last I I slept in Union Square then yesterday I met those two men they offered me something to eat so I didn't realize what they were until you like I can't let it lick me like this I gotta get a job today oh all right you got a job already Oh rat you mean you'll let me work here wha no that's all right we got a landlady she comes up about once a week but her cookin ain't no Delmonico's and the joint always looks crumb looks fierce always mr. könig aha I hardly know what to say how about that book and a breeze five down five down we'll pay you what it's worth and you can have you each year with us well I gotta fix you up now I know swype see you move your trash out the bedroom there and you can sleep in here on the sofa his room I Oh think nothing of a think nothing of it why he likes to sleep in here on the sofa he's always asking me if he can't ain'tcha swipes you know Chuck you're a great guy and you know let me a pal but sometimes you sound like you're full of hop what kind of talk is that what kind of talk is that are you going to be a gentleman to this lady are ancient don't pay no attention to him myth just go ahead and make yourself to home and clean up the well you know what to do I gotta go over to Brooklyn to the brewery I got to see a guy you don't need to get any supper and until you hear from me huh goodbye mr. Connors you don't need to call me mr. Connors Lucy just call me Chuck Oh [Music] hello swipes Hey yes I seem that hey what about these I don't know you don't know where's Lucy I don't know hey I'm asking you where is she maybe she flew the coop what ain't you know wrong why that's funny maybe she drew down the John you know skirts Joe life just wasn't for a Steadicam yeah but she wouldn't go away without saying something you said never to trust us Coit you're never on the up-and-up you said so didn't you why that's her hat and coat say come on now where is she I know I don't worry about girls this is a man's wound scratch is all nothing like a fruitcake you said so yourself wait push that cheese hey so that's the kind of a kid you are huh the minute me back has turned you pull a dirty trick don't yell my flesh you what what you oh he doesn't mean anything wrong he was just playing Oh boys are like that look keep our urges we don't want you here no matter we'll put that in your pipe and smoke you stop that you want me to turn your little hide for you now you go ahead and apologize to the lady take it back now I'm gonna apologize no Scott you picked up off the corner come here Chuck Chuck stop it anymore huh now what do you got to save yourself you couldn't hurt nobody [Music] please go and tell him you're sorry oh no he'll be all right I let him throw a couple of rocks at the chinks that's all I wouldn't for the world come between them - you're such good friends God don't you worry he and Mees had fights before sure you know I'm gonna let him get French with no lady like you no see [Music] I gotta make him total mark I want him to grow up to be a great guy you know I got a teaching these manners or you'll grow up to be a bum then everybody will say to Chuck Connors is no good but cause the kid ain't no gentleman I got a reputation to think about I mean some lock down here on this bar II want that kid that mean a lot to see I want him to be a big find they swipes what's the idea [Music] [Music] Chuck go get him quick oh that's alright this Mike my boy he's my swipe see [Music] good night sweetheart hey hey wait a minute way you're going come on Trixie be a good little girl it's getting late in the morning we have to go home come on come on come on why don't you be a lady and go home like that hey come on get in that cab come on I've had enough of this come on get in there sure I love you certainly I love you drive around a block until she Sobers up then drop her off at the aquarium has she got a husband that's your worry [Music] well we'll have any nice waves what are you doing around here Oh Steve I know this was your doing I had to sleep somewhere I thought you were living with Chuck oh let me is still friends but we had a little argument mmm you don't tell me yeah he kicked me out for a squeak mmm one of the girls from the juried no justjust one he picked up off the street oh well there's no sense of sleeping around here come on you can move in with me I got plenty of room oh no turn Steve I couldn't do it there come on I got a nice featherbed that's nice and warm Oh killer bring me kid sure thing say I'm crazy about cats and I always liked you too swipes even if you're worse Chuck's pal come on let's hit the hay [Music] I just dropped by to see Jeff I'm sorry but he's not here oh that's all right I'll wait but he might be gone until evening well if you don't come back soon I can leave a note can't I [Music] you know me and Chuck's old pals fun I ain't never seen you before well I've only been working for mr. Conners a short while working oh yeah take calls it by another name in my neighborhood you were you said you wanted to write a note yeah I got a hand it to chuck he's got better taste and I thought please oh don't get sore I just want to be good friends with you that's all you're Chuck's gonna Chuck is my pal there's no harm in that is there you let me go come on slips TV a little kiss you dirty little you got teeth like a target what's the big rush we're even ain't we you bit me and I took a sock at you there's nothing wrong with that is there calm down calm down I promise I won't hit you again that is if you don't bite me I wouldn't hit a girl like you but I taught you with the other kind I was a guy supposed to know they almost look alike sometime and now I'm gonna tell you the truth I didn't come up here to see Conners I wanted to see you I thought you and Chuck was well you know and chucking me at the pounds like I said when I can put something over under my Doug's I figured if I could move in on him with you I could give him the big horse laughs gee I'm sorry lady you know that's the longest speech ever made in my life I'm sorry about your hand oh forget about it that's nothing I can fix it right up all over the floor can you beat it [Music] look if you only got a job here and you ain't stuck on Chuck there's no reason why you and I can't be good friends is there sure there ain't oh okay we could go out sometime couldn't we just you and me you better go right now thank you please I'm gonna see you again a night I'm sure I don't know well then I'll call you up on the telephone I wouldn't even know your name haha pardon me I forgot why I'm Steve Brodie you heard of me eight you know gee well anyway I'll call it up lady [Music] [Applause] [Music] how are you did you ain't still sore at me are you oh we're gonna let nothing come between you and me she's a swell girl swipes honest she is oh by the way your cats got kittens again for he's and seven she's hi that's me friends Annie's gonna give a picnic and we're going down the beach you come on go along and then we'll go back home you and me together huh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] she is wonderful here in and mm-hmm you know I've been batting around with all the trance and goodtime Charlie so long it seems like a dream being out with anybody like you Lucy and it sure took a lot of nerve Tonya I loved you and expect me to believe it you do believe it don't get high yet and you love me too of course I do then what's worried you honeybunch you know Chuck hey what are you worrying about a guy like that for well I wouldn't want to hurt him you've been so good to me well you got to think of yourself too are we gonna go on like this forever always going places so people can't see us speed yeah you don't mind if I ask you something do you No how do you make your money Emlyn but isn't that against the law sure but what of it maybe the law is wrong you don't think keep the saloon is better it's funny well I'll be keeping a soon one of these days a big one too bigger than Connors why is it that you two have such great enemies because we both want the same things you for instance you know I believe that Chuck knew I was in love with you you'd kill us though yeah what do you think I'd be doing [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] general of a Fourth Ward liner [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Steve well well if it ain't mr. Herman how is the big Brewer from Uptown Sealy was looking all over for you this is my partner mr. Elmo see ya let's take a little walk down to sim we'd like to have a few words with you under two team sure you see the problem with tennis what bothers us our view is not represented on the Bowery we are closed out on all sides using a devotee the Budapest black a PhD United States but that a spooly people have everything load up time snapped and now next to Chuck Connors you are the most popular man on the street what do you mean next to Connors say I can put it over that hooligan at anything from women to vinegar and oxy if you could only do something that would bring your name into prominence say I've been in a place kisser and I but we mean something important headlines in the papers the whole town talking about you something that make people want to patronize any place that had your name over the door using mr. Boddy if you could build yourself up we would open up the room with your name in letters you could lead from here over to play me Brooklyn Brooklyn Bridge it would have to be something spectacular something sensational that's just what I've been waiting for you see that bridge well I taught about a lots of times looking at it out of my window they cause at the 8th wonder of the world people come from everywhere just to look at it if a guy jumped off that bridge the whole world had know about it you mean you jumped off on the bowl clean glitch why not you said you wanted something spectacular didn't you you couldn't do that and leave could you well you can tame a saloon after a dead man can you leave under get our lager planned it down here but it isn't worth killing a man to do it leave it to me mr. Herman I'll take the chance to leave a smoother acapella Mizzou that's good I feel for that wiggle under spring let's get this thing straight I bet you that you ain't got the nerve to go through with your boost and jump off the Brooklyn Bridge right right and if I makes the jump I become the sole owner proprietor of this saloon right it's a bet and if you're croak will bury you free come on boys let's get out of this joint I'm beginning to itch don't get personal no hard feelings Chuck yeah don't ever say I never give you nothing still trying to be funny ain't ya [Applause] David Brody he should make the jump just a bozo but I hope he makes it please Steve please if you really love me don't do it everybody says you'll be killed why if I thought it would hurt you in the least I wouldn't even think of it I'll be a good girl and promise me not to worry I loved you more than ever and it won't be long before we're turning the light fantastic together right in the open with no Connor's don't worry about well we'll have caused even if you're perfectly sure everything will be all right oh yes of course I do I miss you too did you get that honey don't ever say I never give you nothing bye hey Steve Brodie take a look at yourself I'll get this in your beam nobody knows about this but us tree it's a good thing you can't talk mumbo and if anything goes wrong you won't be able to hear neither I'll cut off your ears and make you eat them well what's gonna happen to well you know who I mean after you win the bet takes his joy from you told me who I finished with him didn't you you told me you didn't like him no more well I was just wondering that's all well tomorrow I'll be in Chuck shoes and he'll be in mine and boy how they'll pinch him yeah come on let's get out of here get that blanket come on boys we only got a half an hour let's get this funeral over with bullshit don't jump ah well bury him anyway [Laughter] [Applause] here Chuck Chuck what's eatin on a hairy nature misunder warpath she just made mincemeat out of my coats alone and she's headed this way ah she won't bother me she knows enough not to fool with Chuck Connors that's why you're all wrong she said she was gonna chop up suicide halt that don't come down here we're just a race here Chuck it'll take kid gloves to handle that old battle-ax all right you go ahead and when he jumps hand him down and an anchor go ahead holy gee I've been waiting five years to see that Mulligan cook in his own stew and now I asked to miss it I'll be waiting under that first pillar now don't take any chances stay in the bottom of the camera till you get to the place where I showed you then trow the dummy with all your might the coppers are watching both ends of the bridge and if anybody asks you where you're going tell him your grandmother is sick and cannot see here you take care of my Derby good luck Steve all right swipe [Music] [Applause] hey Steve daddy's gone what do you mean somebody's copter we can't find it mumbles been looking all over the warehouse Lord what [Music] where'd you [Music] get on your chair tell me we're on our way hey you can't do it you in there yeah listen swipes nobody can ever say that Steve Brodie never took it there I gotta take the chance take yourself on the end of that procession just step on it begging you know you're on to Peter Zampa no we wish it the whole day for nothing so we get hey if I wanted to commit suicide I pick something easier than that a minute ah poor fella right and he carries it did he say three carriages include the hoist I counted four you sure yeah it's a prima bit story [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] many years now [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] whistles your waiter yet yet look he comes caring nation [Applause] [Music] stand aside you son of Satan hey lesson displaces on the level this is a working man's club this ain't no solo Oh Piper [Applause] [Music] [Applause] he made the jump [Music] [Applause] ladies you're absolutely right I'm converted I'm a hypocrite down with demon rum down with liquor [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you look thirsty the bridge is alright but how about me make me bigger make me bigger but it would make you all of the prospective well who made that job me or prospective so what's your name my good little man [Music] [Laughter] cost everybody [Music] [Applause] ladies and gents I had much on the gear but all I want to say is this the next time instead of jumping off the fridge I'm going to jump over [Applause] I can get me feed on the hive just give me a chance we depended on you to put over our beard you failed Brody made a fool out of you oh I can come back I know you can't draw flies you're through ah listen you can't lift me down like that way all I own is just too close on me back if you had one-tenth of the money that you lost gambling look at on your own saloon ten to one Toronto hey hey fellas aren't you doing now ah does there's no use crying over spilt milk Lucy I'm true I know it I got to keep moving if I sticker on here why'd go Lulu me Oh Chuck don't talk like that you make me feel as if as if I brought your bad luck nobody ever brought me bad luck but yourself I'm sorry for one thing that I can't leave you're fixed right but a bloke like me never saves nothing but this little kind of take care you know Chuck oh that's alright see so Chuck I can't let you go like this I can Lucy never never tie yourself to a guy that's on me it's on the downgrade [Music] sign your name of that line in full [Music] that's me mark my name's Chuck Connors but everybody knows me but that mark do you want to go to Cuba oh I want to go anyplace but Ari [Music] they're in the army now report here tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. a uniform and equipment what's your name did you enlist yeah so did I boy will clean them up we can't get away with sinking the main we'll teach them a lesson they'll never forget won't we who's we fighting [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] party scene [Music] wife see oh boy pick me lad perfect Boise is your back with me now I ain't got much of a play shirt ain't no Palace but but with with you with me why it's 12 yeah but what about that that's deep Brody that she's with he's the tops of the Bowery how we doing good [Music] big noise do more with teeth will but I'm gone right back I can get right back up on top not at Shorewood me they think they've got me licked but they're all wrong twice that gun gone and done it I've joined your army I'm a soldier I got a war on me hands yeah but I can't do death none as we're back together and I'm just gonna start climbing for the top me me luck has changed you stay here sweetie I'll go back down there now tell them what they can do with this thing you clean up the joint I'll be right back hey Chopin look at some big news play yeah well I ain't got no time to waste with you guys so hold the brakes this is important yeah Steve Brodie took your saloon away from Eden yeah well whatever what if we was to tell you he never jumped off that bridge at all well I tell you that you had rats in your belfry all right did you see him jump no but all my friends they saw him jump now will you come with us and we'll show you something that'll make your hair stand up yeah but they saw Moses yeah but all the gang they saw him in the water honest Mike and all of those guys they wouldn't lies the intima no water ain't seeing him go off the bridge what do you mean this is what made the jump and that guy took the dummy in his cab and threw it off the bridge boy that guy framed me why they yellow-bellied double-crosser I'll get even with him for this well kill that guy that is the end of mr. Steve Brodie [Music] you dirty thief you well shit you stole this place for me and now you're going to give it back are you crazy you didn't jump off the Brooklyn Bridge you didn't jump off for nothing I'll show you what jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge this is what jumped off of Brooklyn Bridge don't believe boy that's a lie you know I made the jump you see me didn't you true [Applause] you guys keep out of this me and Brody will settle this alone anytime anyplace name it the sooner the better tonight at 12:30 on Grogan's barge at the river I'll be there [Music] dignified 8585 on Steve Brodie now boys I've seen him fighter nobody can go he uses his head he uses his right he uses where he uses his feet uses everything but his feet now hold on a place about here tarnish markers on studious babies not see what's her name down brother John time studies Megan on steeples benefits of that I know the other guy he's a big bunker hunt of me he's got the prawns but he ain't at the brain there's a pair of rational check won't know the difference I won't need him I can lick him fair and square the poor chumps all in he's true I got it on him in the speed the wind in the noodle a few Saxon will be all over here it comes oh yeah don't do it Jeff please don't there wasn't no fake I seen him do it I am fixing him for good this time I'll show him a welcher come on come on watch my Derby I'll be right back [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] nobody's coming the boat which HD not in it's Jack you're wrong Steve his Steve Brody [Music] anyone wants to know who the toughest guy is on the Bowery you tell him to seek Chuck Connors [Music] [Applause] all the way down the hatch I won't be wearing this privates uniform very long I'll bet the next week I'm an advil watch somebody set me nice new box of cigars [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] Hey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Hey and gentlemen a toast to China now when the true colors compact form Quba me and my partner over there we are going to have a big surprise for him to build him the biggest saloon in the world a bar 200 feet long meet four new bartenders and with gold plated [Music] [Applause] ladies and gents this is a place this is what I calls point we're looking for Chuck Connors which one of you is him that's me pin it on me yeah well you're under arrest for assault and battery did intend to kill assault me who Steve Brodie he was picked up on Grogan's barrage last night half dead like that red wedding squeal to the cop come on you can tell that to the judge they can't do nothing with me I'm in the Army now yeah well you'll be in jail in a couple of hours five down you fresh guys or I pinch all of you [Applause] [Music] are you sure you're alright of course I'm alright say you don't think that guy really licked me do you well stiva I don't know what do you mean you don't know say I got it on him in the wind the speed and the noodle I was not gonna mow over the place Dean Dean and I'm I hadn't slipped they'd be fair enough today Oh Steve you mustn't get yourself excited be quiet Wi-Fi plug nickel I go out right now and not guys teeth out why are you here no they must be quiet mr. Bowie the doctor hasn't completed his diagnosis yet this may be more serious than you realize the officers are here now to have you identify the man that hit you tell him that bring him in Oh Steve this stuff stuff monk listen honey you better wait outside I'll see you in a little while oh but please deep promise me you won't start it all over again you never can tell what I'll do go on wait outside we haven't finished our examination yet he may be suffering from a concussion that he dangerous you people to go in there and agitate him listen doc I don't know nothing about agitating where the law and he's got to identify this man as his assailant why suppose he should die and if we didn't have an identification we couldn't hang you could wait oh no no if you insist go ahead but I want you not to excite him come on let's get it over to it rolling I said in your position a warrant against this man for assault with intent to kill now before we can proceed with the indictment it'll be necessary for you to identify him as your assailant well what you're waiting for come on we haven't got all day I've never seen the big bag of baloney before in my life you don't look strong enough to us although horsefly are you sure this ain't the guy that beat you up nobody beat me up I slipped and fell down and I don't know nothing about no warrants Kelsey what's the matter with you I thought you said he did it come on get out of here before the both of us go daddy - why didn't you tell the truth you know I beat that can ride all for you why you big only get if I hadn't fell down you'd be in the morgue by now oh yeah yeah you guys gotta be friends I wouldn't be friends with that guy if he was George Washington and that goes by me too yeah come on I want to use the fightin the power is big enough primordia come on shake hands chuckles condom juban you might never see him again come on shake gee that was how great scrap wasn't it Steve it sure was Oh the best I ever had yeah I was unconscious for three hours you are I got three teeth knocked out there and always that's right I gotta go I'm going to Cuba Steve gee I wish she was going along what a couple of guys like you and me why we could cut that war down from three weeks to three days gee I wish I could go with you well so long Chuck and good luck thanks Steve hey Steve why don't you come and go along with me I dare you to what's that I dare you to come and go with me can you walk what's the difference I'm going in.i what's the matter here you get right back to bed go away the Army's coming through can't seem I know how you feel Lucy I can see it written all over [Music] don't ever say I never gave you nothing [Music] women saying about it swipe system oh yeah [Music] you