The Cast of Game Night Plays 2 Truths 1 Lie




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two truths 1 lie let's go not to thousand truths two truths two units and a lie [Music] Here Come three things I don't have a high school diploma I used to run up into the catwalks on stages and spit spit wads down on people in the studio audience I represented the United States of America on a soccer team when I went to Australia my girl with B the catwalk spitting spit was that that's a lie and that's a lie right you would hope no no why don't you go first I once was offered a movie role via Twitter a friend of mine made these pants with his hands I was the lead in every play in college and I like to say it was because I was the only black person and they didn't want to be racist I'm gonna go with that last one I am NOT on social media okay that's a false I have a sibling of a duck a brother and a girl well I've met your sibling duck so I know that's true well no that's a little lie because you have two brothers yes she wins what are we getting you get a car you get a car I once slow danced with Elton John and a party mmm oh I ripped my pants during a performance a jazz performance when I was a younger kid my favorite dance is the shopping cart what is it can you demonstrate the shopping cart that's not a dance that's how old people walk Elton John was true no it's a lie that was the one that was a lie come on come on boy Jesse your hey let me Jason no that's all you go see game night February 23rd 23rd she's hysterical in it she's how I'll never work with her at all thank you [Music]