The Cheapest Laptop EVER Lenovo IdeaPad 130 Review


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[Music] we are chilling some watchin try to hold my breath what's up everybody welcome back to the channel so it's been a while since we had a real video and it's kind of good to be back so my camera lens if you if you walk my little failed light stream if my camera lens that I broke still isn't showing up so that's why we're out in the living room in a different setting because I'm shooting on a 50 millimeter prime set music cameras way back there but luckily I got a new wireless lapel mic so I have some distance between me and the camera now and we're gonna check this mic out in a future video so make sure if you're not yet subscribed to see that as well but today we are looking at a laptop so it's about Christmas time or I guess if you're watching this after Christmas it's not but you might still need to buy something for somebody at some point for a gift and let's say you need to get him a laptop but you don't want to spend a whole bunch of money what can you do well this is what you can do this is a little nuovo 130 and right now this is on Best Buy website you probably find the internet as well for 200 $9.99 so what is 209 99 gets you in 2018 when it comes to being a laptop well let's take a look so the first comment I would like to make even though this is a budget oriented laptop the build quality is actually pretty nice I mean it doesn't have any like glossy plastic that picks up fingerprints it has a nice feel to it it's got a nice weight to it so I mean although it's the cheaper end of the laptop spectrum it is actually built relatively well so let's start out at the webcam what's a webcam like on a budget oriented laptop absolute garbage it is really you know it's almost ridiculous how good say your cell phone camera is and then you go to a laptop something like this even though it's cheap I mean it's a camera that's a WebKit I mean why is it so bad I don't get it it's so cheesy when it comes with a keyboard all I can say is it's nothing special and it's nothing horrible I mean it's a keyboard it doesn't feel great it doesn't feel crappy it just feels man the only complaint I really would have about the keyboard is the keys are too plain I mean there's no texture they're basically just a flat piece of plastic and I don't know when I type it maybe just a personal thing when I type on the this keyboard I just know it's unsatisfying also it should be noted this keyboard does have quite a bit of give so if you at how how far the keyboard actually moves when you press on it it I mean I didn't notice that too much will typing but look at that the trackpad on the other hand I would actually say this thing is actually not too bad I mean I've used way worse trackpads it has a great click field it tracks well there's no lag or anything I'd a plus good job Moriah you're actually sitting pretty good as well you have a media card reader you got a headphone jack that also is a microphone jack you have two USB 3.0 an HDMI port an Ethernet port and also of course your power I look at this on the other side you have yourself a DVD reader/writer thingy you don't see these very often and then you got the screen so this is only a 1366 by 768 HD screen I don't even know why they call it HD but they do it's also a TM panel so you're gonna have some massive color shifts up and down left and right and that really hurts this laptop so I've been using the Lenovo 130 for a little while now what do I think is it worth your time should you pick yourself up a $209 laptop and I don't know it really depends for me I mean it's on their website they show this thing doing some video editing but you know you only got a dual-core in here so if you do any kind of rendering it takes forever let me show you like just I was gonna put filmora or an editing software on here and just edit a video and render it and see how long it took but I started with Cinebench I put Cinebench on this and just just take a look how long this took so after seeing that Cinebench score I really didn't think it was worth my time to put any editing software on here and see how long it actually took to render a video because uh it would have took forever but the real killer for me is the screen so the screen in this thing is a very low resolution TM panel I think it's 1366 by 768 and I mean it's almost 2019 if you can't get a 1080p panel in your laptop and what what you doing so that is the number one killer awesome also you know it's a TN panel so you get a giant color shift if you have the screen tilted at any different way other than straight on and for a machine that's pretty much only gonna be good for content consumption if your videos on YouTube don't even look good what's the point of paying the money for basically a laptop that's gonna be for YouTube only also another little tiny thing that I noticed but it was it bugged me was the speaker's themselves so the speakers are deep inside this chassis and they come out through the bottom here and they have this weird echoey sound to them I've tried to show you a clip of it so you can hear it hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any future videos but basically that that echo is very distracting so for me you know I'd use something like this to watch YouTube but the sound even on you know the sound for anything is just it just sounds weird to me and I didn't like it so for that also I would not recommend buying this thing they came down to me if you had 209 bucks I would either save up a little more to get yourself something a little better or I look at the use market and try to find you something like you saved my old Alienware that I put that liquid metal in and that thing does have an i7 in it which outperforms this on cinnamon to even know it's from 2011 you might be able to pick yourself up something used if you're a little handy throw an SSD in there and be good to go or just save your cash and get yourself something a little better because this this doesn't really seem worth it but thank you for watching if you like this video hit that thumbs up hey get subscribed we're gonna be talking about this wireless lapel mic that I really enjoy and if you like the living room scenery better than my computer let me know in the comments down below but thank you again for watching and we'll see you in the next one Lenovo