The Chinese drama Nervous Eng sub Ep1 1 المسلسل الصيني عصبي مترجم عربي الحلقة

translated by : omg wow season (1) (1) Episode Do not follow me I told you not to follow me Do not follow me Leave me Do not come Do not follow me This sick girl again Dosen't she come here every month? Do not follow me Get out ... sorry shia mi You are really reckless You bump people and don't even look at their faces to apologize You are rude, aren't you? it's ok Sorry You stutter like a fool Come on, let's go Pass the ball Look at yourself You must have been defective in your mind since you were little I warn you Lin Ji Royo ... Royo ... Royo Royo Royo is very handsome Royo Royo is very handsome Royo Royo !!!!! Drive The target is moving from the airport Do you still need to continue tracking? keep tracking him OK I have sent Lao Hao To help you with the university admission process From tomorrow You will go to university As for your job You Will work in the company I have a party this week I am one of the most important artists in the company I must cooperate with the company's promotional activities during the song. And I have to go to university for two months Is it your music or our "koch" group is more important ? Koch Group has my brother to take care of Do you want me to do something that I don't understand? Ah Yan's responsibility is his responsibility You have your duties You two must work in a “koch” so that i can rest Dad ... are you okay? The president is sick He should take the medicine go to collage tomorrow Then go to the group to work but I Yes Xiao Qian Do not cry, do not cry, say something You do not want to look forward to your life As long as I am here She cannot do any thing to you Look at Lin Xiao's face How can he be so handsome? why not? I hate this kind of person wearing bad clothes like you. Look at you, you really look miserable Pass the ball. Pass the ball Lin Xiao Ku Pass to Lin xiao Lin xiao here, jayoo Are these things still chasing you? You have a unique fate You can see something that ordinary people can't see. How do you know, who are you I I am a mine and a shaman I can know any thing by looking to anybody All the Tales in the world is in my hand Are you really amazing? Of course can you tell me? Why can I see this? Seeing what people cannot see You don't have friends, do you? Do you have a boy you love? Then 80% of your time is considered to be spent on your own Eighty percent No, no OK You should make more friends And fall in love Not sure, but this can reduce your visibility of ghosts But making friends, and being in love Is it related to seeing ghosts? I'm not sure As for how to do so, decide for yourself hay xia Mi What do you think is this appropriate Xia Mi We'll have some wine tonight And you always don't come So take good care of the house But you will go with me, Dodo is not it I think I can go and play today. I'm very happy Yes Xia Mi, you will not go unfortunately with us I I want to go too what did you say? I said, I want to go with you too. I did not understand. You will go to the bar with us How did she change suddenly You are ready to go out with us I I want to make friends Is it appropriate to bring Xia Mi? Let us bring her with us she can give us a drive right We will have a lot of fun Toast to you Let's go to play ok, ok xia mi, are you going? She will not She can't play with us today stay here and have fun Okay, so let's go. The night is so long and you are sitting alone drink with me I didn't just come to drink ... I also came to see the beautiful girls I'm also not here to drink only I am also here to hunt some men It looks like you have already found your prey Dodoa Dodoa When will we return to the residence? What, it's steal early This song made me a headache It's very noisy, so I'm going back to the residence first Well, well, take care of yourself Hurry up, watch the ball, hurry up. Enter !!!!!! Come again, come back Why? I am very unlucky Can you see me Can you see me do not run Can you see me Master, a girl was able to see me today She can really see me You really are here. Some humans like me can see you Did she promise to do your wish? She ran as soon as you saw me Do not mention any desires Mr. Wang Ghosts are the most miserable creatures in this world In addition to the name I don't remember any memories during my life. I want To love someone I've never been with a guy before So, this is my regret. Therefore, it is a bit unfortunate. Mr. Wang, don't you say that All the tales of the world is in your hands? So you can teach me How do I get a man? Don't dream about this Why I will definitely get a man Is it her mental illness again? Who knows she is always like this This is not her fault I think she has a problem here. Why are you doing this not now go away Xia Mi How are you ? I have something to tell you. Let's go talk Let's go Xia Mi What will you do after class I it's ok Just let me know If something is bothering you You also think I have a problem with my mind since i was a child until now except my grandmother Everyone thinks that I have a mental problem. Although you have a strange personality But I think there is no problem with you You look good to me You are also very cute Well do you know what I wanted to talk to you about? Your teacher complained to me He thinks you have autism Since I am the president of the university's psychology club So your teacher wants me to pay attention to you Well, that is the thing But now it appears You are not autistic at all You are just a little bit shy Especially this type which will be more shy when seeing a handsome guy. Well, tomorrow is campus volunteer day. Let's go to Guangming Kindergarten to do volunteer work Will children accept me? Of course, you are very cute How children can not love you but I That's it. Isn't this Xia Mi? Yes she is How is she with Lin Hao? Xia Mi I am leaving first. then we will meet tomorrow he was Lin Hao right ? How do you know each other? What were you talking about today? Xia Mi, are you dating? I do not, no, no. They must be dating How wonderful Hello take a look at your phone I will put Royo in the headlines he is no longer cearing about his fans Royo also completely ignores his fans His image will became completely bad Isn't a press conference expected? I heard that the current singer Royo is making a new song. Oh really How much do you want ? This time, things are a bit complicated. what about we meet in person OK Royo Royo Did you come? Where is the manager? In her office Xiao Liu, how many times have I told you? You should knock on the door before entering my office. Why should I? You went too far this time Much more than any time The bad thing is that no one can stop you anymore I don't want to take that into account But it took a long time I don't care much. How can you give up Xiao Chan so easily Peng Tian I can withdraw from this company with ease Royo There are some things that you should not mix in the workplace You know me very well, don't you you know The workplace is like war This is not a card that you can play This is not an emotional place This is the battlefield What you need most is Companion in arms with combat power, gongs and drums Not a weak friend What is the most terrible thing in the workplace? Some people are busy all day. They just work So look at them with my sorrow I feel wrong about my feelings towards them You think you should be tolerant of them and help them But if you tolerate them, they will erase you Don't you think that this is terrible? You mean you're going to sell me, right? I sell this handsome face, can this be? I don't want to do anything like this You are entering a lot of millions for the company How can the company sell you like this? How to explain to the coach Do not talk to me about your career. I do not want to hear Your father always wants to control “Koch.” All I did today Whatever your contempt for me, you have to do it in the end. Maybe until the end Your end means You will have to do like me I understand what you mean You can continue to work with your way to do things But I will do things in my way Did you organize everything? Yes, I did Some people have already rented Be careful when crossing the road I want these balloons The road is very dangerous Let's cross the road first No, I want a balloon. I want a balloon Let's cross the road first, ok No, I will not do it I want a balloon !! Please give me balloon, please here you are Don't cry, let's go What are you doing, move now hey Are you ok xia Mi Can you hear me Xia Mi Xia Mi Wake up 325 00:25:51,340 --> 00:00:00,000 translated by :( omg wow ) youtube chanel