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hey I'm hanging out here with ammunition we were gonna talk about your experience at the Porsche experience centre but I've been asking everybody this question what is your daily driver so my daily driver is actually a 2002 BMW m3 e46 not bad I know the eyebrow raised right no one ever expects that I'm not yeah so what was growing up what was your dream car so I grew up in a shop actually kind of like this one my grandfather would rebuild cars with my brother and I would play Super Mario World on my Super Nintendo in the corner while he was lovingly polish his 36 Ford five-window coupe and he rebuilt a 67 Mustang with my brother and my mom has a 68 convertible that Mustang as well that she's had since she was 16 and I'm a huge Mustang girl so the picking up on that the the Shelby gt500 which is like everyone's dream car is like near and dear to my heart awesome awesome well let's check out how you did behind the wheel of gt3 Porsche experience centre in LA and we are about to take a lap around the track in a 500 horsepower Porsche the most powerful car I've ever driven and I am absolutely chair let's go are you really terrified or excited I was I as soon as we started driving around I felt my stomach kind of turning cuz I was just like this is a two hundred thousand dollar car that they are putting me behind the wheel of so I was pretty scared well you're getting a degree thank you I felt like I was going so fast I was going like like eighty yeah it looks so slow yeah no one wants to wreck interact that car oh yeah and well there's the cement barricades everywhere you know I like how they speed up the editing cuz they're like she was going now he's gonna show me what like the rest of the car can't wait see a reaction here she used the launch controller at the beginning this is the logic controller that happens you can't help it you can see my arm I'm gripping on to the door handle in fear and also trying not to slide around the car I mean it's always cool though to see what these police kind of cars do you do it's like hey I'm awesome yeah I'm gonna try the heck out of this it's 500 horsepower is they onion it's nuts she handed a professional driver tries it yeah and you can tell how fast we're going how'd you feel after that I had to sit down like kind of collapsed on a sofa for like an hour afterward and I was just like slowly drinking water and he actually the driver apologized to me a few times cuz he was like are you okay like I'm so sorry and I'm like no it's okay I just I kind of have a weak stomach but that was really fun I'm like that was great good job sorry for showing you a good time yeah [Music]