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okay I'm back here with Julian and we're getting ready for round two I'm sort of being super exciting and this time we're gonna be doing some off-roading yeah absolutely so the first event would be like in the value so it's a rally Rae absolutely so it's a rally red disciplina so there it's a little bit different it's a time attack and then you have to go to HB but the good thing there is alike you need to find your own path you choose a path so you you can be faster or it could be not the good path to get to B and then you want so it's a very different experience it's very it's more open it's with nature in value so it's very different compared to the previous one and what we saw and beware of the idea tow Gator yeah and the second event will be the Papa John event so it's a street race but it's a little bit different it's in the countryside so it's not in the city you are starting in sanhui and then you are driving and they are all going to drive with the Papa John the real Papa John car it's a Camaro okay Julian sounds awesome let's take a sneak peek at the Midwest and South regions here it is my name is Bryce McQuaid I go by Bryce games on the internet and today I'm going to be representing the Midwest the best thing about the Midwest is the Chicago pizza Giordano's is where it's at definitely the best my favorite part about the Midwest has to be the Great Lakes I love water and they have three giant bodies of water Bay my favorite part about the region is probably the climate and the weather from one stance you could have a bunch of winter snow and then the next day you could have a lot of Sun favorite part of the Midwest it's got to be Wisconsin I grew up watching that 70 show they were based in the heart of Wisconsin probably wasn't filmed there but names Anthony aka big jiggly Panda and I am representing the south my favorite part about the south is just that southern hospitality just that love to talk to people I think my favorite part about the south is probably how it can go from mountains and winding roads and waterfalls to like massive city in a matter of like two hours I'm actually from Ireland the south of Ireland and that's kind of like the south of the u.s. so here I am if you've never been to the south it's gonna be hot and then it's gonna rain and it's gonna be hot again and you won't know what's happening and you won't know what to wear one of my favorite things about the south are road tripping through the south is that there's a lot of hidden back roads that nobody knows about so when you find this special road that's basically yours it's really cool once you master it you can improve your driving skill on the main road which is totally not recommended by the law it's still a lot of fun so my very first car was a 95 Ford Explorer I know super glamorous but I was so proud of that car because I bought it with my own money I got like a job I worked a whole summer my first car was a Kia Spectra I drove that thing for two weeks before somebody drove me off the road for the next two years that I owned that car it was just like it looked like I took that thing to Derby's man but hey it got me from A to B he picked up the ladies it picked up the friends what else do you need a very first car never existed I've only driven a car and Kru it's the only time let's keep that secret done I don't want to be the bad guy but I think it's too late to keep that as a secret yeah he's set it on camera and then on the broadcast he's only driven a car in the crew I loved it I loved his Island the South fire yeah basically like the cell from the US yeah I have I would love to go to Ireland one day so I have not been able to do the research to see what that's what's going on over there but I am from the South in the United States so I guess I'm team I need to get one of those shirts I didn't get shirts I mean it was pretty sure about what that did in blue like David would say and what four is mostly I mean forests if you pull him on Instagram you see all the pictures of him racing his s2000 around winding roads so it's pretty sure that I Willacy come look a comment about the roads available in the south he's probably right I mean if I look at that pictures I'm jealous yeah well we are jumping into round number two remembering round number one all these guys were racing but we were only looking at the East in the West regions for now we're gonna be looking at the Midwest and the south regions on the stage we got one map of Midwest one map from the south and we have each competitor plays each map once for Confederation there you see the points break down once again so seem very very very similar situation is what we saw in round number one only we're changing up the tracks and we we heard them talk on the couch about that a little bit we're gonna see some differences which is very fun to see in the crew - we got more point-a to point-b situations going on more you kind of decide which way you go so I'm excited to see how that unfolds and to see how these racers see the different approaches with you know see what kind of approaches we see yes full tackle of fluid map which is the Papa John's our race which means they will race the same car Papa John owns which is an old Camaro z28 for not mistaken I mean I'm not the American here so it sounds great to me which year it is that's oh by the way look at that speaking I'm gonna I'm just gonna we got to tell people about the promotion you're bringing an American so he knows everything at bought American can tell you about discounted pizza 40% off 40% of Papa John's Pizza yes now use the code crew2 and that might have to do with the game that we're currently observing it could be get yourself some pizza or you piss it off that's a pretty good that's a pretty good it's pretty good deal yeah I know that you try to calculate that before Bob did it every day you don't say if it's $100 yeah it's $60 got it but there's not a lot of pizza you can order like one pizza for $100 yeah I you can order multiple pieces that's probably ten of them here we see a look at the south team there they are they've got those orange orange shirts on representing their region we see them all smiles right now trying to make sure they're in they're in a nice shape here but you got to remember they're racing against each other so while they might be very pleasant to each other now once we get into the race there is no such pleasantry as each of them have one objective and that is to cross that finish line in first place and get as many points as possible for themselves so that they can advance to the finals and become the king of the road trip yeah so they don't need to go into lost kids qualify because that's what everyone want tries to avoid that's a bit jiggly Panda right now yeah on the camera he's tickling he's smiling every end is right this yeah this is of course and he this guy has been getting the fast times before the event started he's been getting a lot of the fast times and that dude and blue another guy he's also been getting something yeah I think I will put my money on that on David that dude a blue really he's really really good he knows how to drive real cars I mean he does a lot of videos about like real cars and testing them a lot of modifications to them you could never do in Europe especially not in Germany that will never be allowed but you can run all of them on different counts but they started already it's made to be raised and currently it is that dude in blue and TC came in they're fighting for the litchi keep on a pin in the back smashing it in the rear of yeah at TC 9700 but he might overtake the AI on that right hand he doesn't do it and blow he struggles a bit look at that he's going left right then with that a suspension right over the bumper that's not that easy even behind AI that's definitely not the place where these do you like you have that do the blue and dye t want to be right now yes is that Papa John's course here starting in that residential area as we also see some traffic big jiggly Panda nearly smashing into the back of that that truck there but now as we leave the residential area we're on a little country road okay gotta look out for that traffic don't drive on the wrong side of the road and that's getting bumped behind is that AI know it's that dude of blue so right next to each other that dude in blue and big jiggly Panda but our AI Rodney out in front no one would have expected that but again going from residential and now we're on kind of a road and we'll see where this takes us but a little bit deeper into the countryside here yeah I mean big chicken pan that no chance to cross that you guys a I just pull and someone missed over checkpoints died turn around he needs to go back to the checkpoint that will cost a lot of time that doing blue currently in first hundun second and then it's a TC 9700 gaming on a fifth but they're fighting David he's now up front but he's been chased by pond and he's not giving up look at him he's he's focusing on that dude a blue right now a great cut or don't miss a big leap on don't wait to be that as I forgave me but he can only miss it or in Romney AI is back once again back because what happens if a I get ski great question I stay tuned on that the player to has certainly entered the game AI a force to be reckoned with here 59% progression we're seeing by the way taking a look at big googly panda right now set in sixth place just passing actually all of most of our drivers in the back three right now but we're gonna take a listen in and see what these guys are talking about in this track oh no you went that far off track blues their only hope for chief [Music] sorry I'm just being quiet to concentrate panda like an axe in the forest but didn't already work yeah get rid of that a1 pick a tree right in front of him so he's currently on eighth which is the worst position and that dude a blue he is so far ahead go three behind him before there's the food yeah and I like there's the next concentrator coming up we can see the yardage kind of pictured there 600 200 that's a 400-yard advantage you see the math there there you go that's a huge advantage there by that dude and blue crushing it out in front and we see Forrest technically in second among the human players but Neal the AI leap in the head of that dude in blue that's good that's a pretty intense race for first 87% progression and we just saw that didn't blue finishing and first Neal from the AI Terrence as well second and third but four points purposes that didn't blue first GC 9700 gaming aka for us there in second and I think the Naga and big Dooley panic it's kind of sad that Neil didn't made it because I would have lost fact to interview the AI that would yes that would be hilarious like please talk to the process hang out whatever Amazon echo or one of those devices one of these you find one of those a I devices yeah easy we'll just do that next but what's that do to blue winning yeah we're lucky yeah and very interesting kind of environment there as well kind of starting residential and then more or less going in the countryside we saw traffic become a factor in a big way and then as well the night time I I found that pretty difficult honestly like if you're driving there and it's nighttime I could definitely see the challenges that that might come in there where you really can't see the road as well we saw some miss checkpoints here and there you gotta watch out for that and this was also point A to point B this wasn't a lab type environment so point A to point B you can kind of decide your own way but you want to hit those checkpoints so so that that's pretty much the limiting factor there where you can kind of go your own way P each you have to hit those checkpoints and we saw once or twice some of our racers having a loop around and try to get through that checkpoint again to stay in the race it's just really important to decide when you can cut a corner and when you can't ripen see we saw David cutting it and Panda was like a bit late to that try to froze car into that apex to get around but then nearly missing that checkpoint tree you have to be on point you need to know like how hard that corner will hit on your car okay obviously you got all the momentum pushing you to the outside away from the checkpoint and seems like some of those guys didn't really calculated that obviously we ran our tries in daytime we did the only uh objections like everything that can keep you away from the checkpoint you can see it clearly a nighttime completely different still yeah I love the different environments we're seeing we start with snow and now we're getting into nighttime and we're about to jump into the next race here it's gonna be the Midwest region we just saw the south in action and now we're going all the way to the Midwest literally a jackal true motive the slap train bryce games and i pretty sure it's safe to say slap train there in the second seat but now you're getting a shot of legendary leah and all these guys from the Midwest area racing against each other so it's all fun and games and tell your you're racing against the people next to you so we'll see the intensity and we can can I already seasoned the slap train there in the middle he's kind of hunched forward pretty focused making sure he's got his his eyes square on the screen there the backwards cap as well so I think he's a guy I definitely look out for especially considering we saw him a little bit further down in the standings at least after the first after the first round so I really expect the slap trained to make something happen here I mean it's campus just yeah like that due to aerodynamic reasons indeed older guys got its to kind of getting low to the ground down Moss and all that but we didn't wanted of the race lap turned currently in the lead legendary layer on second but she's fighting hardwood check-check went on to the inside made it through let's Daryl era did she not miss the chatting Jackie I think watching over a rotating slide the way out of that point but she's back in there all the way down O'Neill passed them as well but that train leading Bryce game second check on a foot and legendary layer she's currently dropping but after that cut back and forth yeah and remember first first part of this race again point-a to point-b starting in the residential area now kind of going on the countryside here kind of a country road heading on out of that residential area and you see in the front the slap train he is pedal to the metal right there really way out in front we're getting a shot of him right now using that nitro as you can see and it's just he's just taking it away and actually it is it getting a little brighter outside we're still in the night time here so we'll keep an eye on that but also we could see him kind of checking behind him as well but slapped rain trying to run away with this he knows where he sits in the standings trying to get himself as many points as possible and we see jack ultra just behind him and Bryce that's the bats a big battle happening right now between second and third Bryce and Jack going back and forth year and legendary Leah not too far behind them but right now it's about for a second yeah when slap train is turning into serious note there it's not like that yeah stop him obviously jacket Bryce did they will try to stop him yeah but that might be hearts is just fighting for for three or two points for them at least right now unless he makes a mistake I think that what's caused the current leaderboard I think a slap train just did a huge mistake and while the previous one and legendarily are nearly missing a checkpoint but she can't back rotated the car a bit more I think it's to the left yeah or it's pitch-black now I know it's really hot he played in the day yeah yeah it's blatantly different story right now but Jack on - Bryce slipstream coming through on the inside coop perfect shot at the checkpoint seems like Snap Train did a small mistake lost all of his momentum in the lead play still leading and I think the gap is long enough 69 percent of progression right now still a lot of room to make mistakes I think we're gonna actually take a listen in and try to hear what these guys are talking about during this race come on alright yeah I mean you know what it's a hot right especially it's the last year the last area of this race it's nighttime there's not gonna be too much talking at all as oh my god a huge movement there Jack Ultra able to leap pass price game trying to hold on to leave of Bryce games leaving bathroom again so I'm really going back and forth on that second and third position trying to stay on the road because that's probably where you're gonna be the fastest and now it looks like the slap train way out in front there's no one catching him with ten percent of the race to go but the question is is Bryce games gonna get second or is Jack ultra has slap train finishes there and first let's see who comes in second here it's probably gonna be Bryce it's pretty close indeed let's see what happens there we go okay Bryce in second Jackyl trip in the third and legendary Leo will be finishing in that fourth position but you know slap train kind of ran away from the front and just didn't really look back but then we were questioning okay where there was a moment was there a moment there where he made a little mistake and kind of you mentioned he lost that momentum a little bit but able to hold on to that first and get those four points we eagle you want a bit of time in a bigger gap due to Bryce and Jack alternative like starting to fighting yeah there were no left and right oh okay my finish in the indictment obviously that keeps you away from being the fastest slept ring he had series mode on he was like okay I didn't have the perfect start like the the guys from West East because there were two guys an arrant like one guy in every group that scored the big eight points of Maxima you could do yeah that Frank did use in round one yeah so round two is really way needs to pick up the pace needs to get back onto the points to make sure that he's at the top four and obviously he knows that due to blue didn't break up in the other group so if he wants to stay with the top four and not end up in Last Chance Qualifier he has to concentrate and I think that first race around you really showed a you can yeah he's well on his way and that's exactly what he has to do especially as we only have one more round before top-floor decided to go into the final but I believe Shaq is standing by with an interview with our winners hey guys great job you're both driving a 71 z28 Papa John's original Pizza racecar what'd you guys think it's a good race is just determined on that starting grid if you don't get all the fun fast enough it's tough and stuff but I saw a couple guys missed some checkpoints had to come back I mean what we know what were your thoughts on the race what was your strategy well unfortunately what he said with the early grid I actually went head-on with an AI random car in the traffic and I thought it was a goner and eventually I cut a few of the quarters in a different way everybody else did and I was able to get ahead well hey the other one you guys ever delivered pizza unfortunately I haven't no all right guys well good luck in the next race and I'm gonna throw it back over to Alex and Rene back to us at the sexy desk they should bring that in like they should colt is sexy but really give no best to look at so great if you would appreciate that I think I would fully make sense if we had a slice of pizza we could just eat Papa John's Pizza remember the crew to actually just crew to is the promotion code 40% off she's got a key player you don't you don't need to order that right now we still got a piece on the back we do but for those of you at home take advantage of that 40% off that's a pretty big deal it's great to have my cell wall while playing the beta I think that's the best cutting edge some games some good brownies - I think they do a good job it's so important to get these points this is pretty much the last opportunity the second race around - is pretty much it's that's one of the last chances to be in control of you know how you do in a singular race because round 3 is a little bit different we'll stay - stay tuned on that but you know I'm looking out for these guys to really rise up and they mentioned they mentioned the starting grid kind of get out get out in front I think that's that's very important get out of all the chaos get out of all the traffic and and I think that's gonna be a cutie for these guys to be successful but you will be the most open race we saw so far because we will go through they will try to fight the fastest way on like buggies or whatever car they've chosen they a stay inside 40 to 50 performance level other than that they are free to choose whatever they want for the race so it opens up everything right now but if they can find their own way they can choose their own car so will be interesting which strategies we will see him being laid out here a-doodle blue obviously he had a best start so far in this group for his next - he could still catch him pretty sure yeah see nine thousand seven and nine thousand seven hundred that name next time you have something without such a long number for me thanks man branding advice just kidding yeah so this is rally rate there's a lot of different a lot of different modes in in in the crew too if you're jumping into the open beta there's menu options there we can kind of decide what you want to tackle you can bring up the map and kind of select which one you want to go on but this is rally race this is in the bio and you can even see these vehicles a little bit slower as we see a big crash to the very beginning big dually panda not off to the best start but here is where it gets really interesting because you can pretty much choose your own way you see the arrows here and they're kind of telling you the general direction to go the most important thing is that checkpoint you want to go through that checkpoint make sure you knock that down and go to the next one but it doesn't matter what way you you take doesn't matter the method you take to get to the checkpoint I've heard that it's not as good to stay in the water the water slows you down a little bit so you'll want to try to stay out of the water as much as you can but that's where you have to kind of make the decision it's like okay you want to make a beeline and stay in the water or do I want to kind of go a little bit of the way and stay on the road so we'll have to see what kind of decisions guys make interesting choices that that do to blueprints to skyline r34 has some sort of rally car here we saw big Shaklee panther he choose to fort focus but he was missing focus at the start he was crashing into a small band their diet currently leading which is great for him be yeah I only scored two points the first month but we're listening with the drivers I found land but I don't know if like it's allowed enough time for it now boy like Oh alligator he'll see it at least he got a spare tire on that skyline I hope he doesn't need it wouldn't wouldn't be that good but currently it is still DT in the lead that dude and blue the car we're currently on is second DC 9700 gaming is in third and victory clip understood forth after its big mistake at the start and I think it will be very hard for him to catch it back up but who the thing here is you need to avoid all those trees it's not easy you can have your own way that's fine there are some great shortcuts but for that you need to fit between two two trees yes and I say as I saw yesterday that's not as easy as it looks like something yeah and you know we we both were trying this this track out this map out and the trees will come out of nowhere especially if you're like if you're focused on that checkpoint and you're like alright I gotta get to the checkpoint let's make a beeline and then you're like okay this seems like a good line but then boom all of a sudden a route can come out of nowhere and you're like oh well there's crash they basically junk out the front of your car yeah it's tight he's scoring how do they do this yeah that was really really good I think that's awesome blue he came third Forest is no that doom blue was second to four is his third and big king leap under unfortunately once again just scoring one point the same he did in the first race of round two so it seems like we might see that a charismatic guy once again in the last-chance qualifier at least from what I can currently calculate here on yeah on my sheet it doesn't look that good for him but it will be very close between David and forests in this group and to catch one of the four sports four to go through the final directly and we have a little bit of a difference to remember in round one we had the same winners more or less from both races but in this case we already have some differences because I believe that dude and blue ended up winning the first the first matchup yes we saw him interview but now our friend from Ireland died he didn't água able to win there in that in that setting and now we're gonna see him on stage for an interview but first we're gonna move on over to the midwest region pretty much the same situation again we're gonna see a different region but the same track and i think we can really take from that first one is you gotta look out for those random trees those random roots that'll just somehow someway come out and just get in your way and then I think the difference is between staying in the water and staying out of the water that's why I would go back and like probably run you know two or three times more to really figure out the optimal line to take to get to those checkpoints as fast as possible it is for you you want to make sure that you found the shortest way but the shortest way should always keep your momentum going and obviously with the water it isn't so there is some sort of compromise that you need to to create to be the quickest on that track and obviously the Midwest those guys trying it up next yep see if there are any quicker than the guys from the self oh we got Brice games here right in front of your camera next up is still the slap training with her aerodynamic cap it hopefully helps yeah I think he got his sunglasses still underneath that just so as a choker maybe for the final bring out those sunglasses okay make sure they looks lit you know how they say there's the intimidation games happening here these guys all on the house next to each other so you got a you got to think about the factor of trying to get in your opponent's head so in here when you're right next to each other but for now all smiles kind of discussing perhaps a little bit of strategy going into this race legendary Lea she's been in and always looking at she's always looking at at the display on for Jackie see it's like picking up which car do you use yeah let me have a quick look yeah yeah performance updates yeah thank you yeah Lea she did get fourth and last one she's gonna try to bring it back a little bit here and I believe it was yeah the slap train ended up winning the first fret the first race that we saw these guys on the Papa John's map there you see him in the second seat there with the backwards hat so slap train once again I'm expecting him to just go out from the start you know especially based on the point totals we saw from round one he was a little bit further down than certainly where he was expected to be and where he wants to be so I'm really expecting him to dilip out in front there we see jack ultra motive on your screen right now and he has some good moments in the last race as well I think he was actually ahead of slap train for the first like 25% of that first race that we saw these guys on the Papa John's map but I think very big key here once again is you know based on the grid order in the front trying to get to to the front as fast as possible stay on the traffic stay of the chaos but also being super aware of again in the Bayou all those trees lots of trees everywhere you can kind of decide which direction you want to go but you got to be careful not to run into anything that's gonna affect your path and for now at the start no crashes which is nice to see we see legendary Lea going off to the left here taking a different route than the guys on the right heading on to that first checkpoint let's see he's gonna get there first edit Mike okay Bryce game staying on front but all these guys very close to each other here as this race gets underway Peter slap train is now on first but Jack just made a move it's a bit quicker on the straight it seems any is a VW oh I think that's the toric I should be is currently in the lead slap train second Bryce game is a third legendary Lea is full but she's pretty close to everyone else yeah so that is really good to see after the first race look at that they're nearly doing they're nearly using the same line oh that was close nearly barking a scar there and ending is raised legendary layer you can see her on the left yeah making totally different route then the rest of the guys and her interesting to see that she found out that this way might fit her a driving style more she feels more confortable in it which is totally fine currently on foot so it kind of works out slap trainer jacket they are still fighting for the lead slept right warm the last one Bryce came second Jack only came third so if Jack now wins no four points that would really help him out yeah have a chance to stay inside the top I feel like this is the battle we didn't see in round one cuz we're covering the other two regions yeah Jack altra motive really staying up there with the slap train these guys are so close to each other really changing positions back and forth so we'll have to see if they deviate in there and the hurt in their lines but just like that slap train careening off to the side I'm not sure what's happening there it jackals are able to take advantage of sneak on up to the front 77% here on the progression we're gonna listen in to these guys and hear what they have to say on fast Oh jack coming watch out for that dance night alright come on come on come on come on come on hey up there oh there's no way come on I guess so all right now come on nah nothing's happening it doesn't work for playas like it doesn't with Casper's curse you can't just say you'll hit the tree I can see it there it was close I mean hey I love it that that's the strategies we're seeing trying to get in his head a little bit maybe he thinks about the tree a little bit more and maybe he accidentally goes towards the tree and crashes that's it slap train was hoping for it but ultimately jack ultra motive crossing that finish line in first place and a little surprised about that but I like to see yeah I like to see the competition we see these guys are close very close and you know we saw a moment there with a slap trainer was like it seemed like he was getting momentum but then he just like you know that mom where he kind of slid to the right and then Jackal Cho just stayed on his line stayed calm stay focused and able to be the first to the finish line so that was certainly pretty cool to see and we're seeing a lot of diversity and the results it's not anyone just taking down every track which is really cool to see as well I was a bit surprised that slap train like unbalanced discard then that was the problem when we saw him losing our first position just on balancing in not sticking to the line going a bit off track can happen so he will not end up with the interviews that means Shaq got another one and another winners for you all right we're here with the winners of the bat Bayou rally so a little off-road yeah little point-a to point-b yeah yeah how'd you like that versus the street racing uh it was a little more interesting because you get to choose your own line and you have a little more freedom in the race in terms of how you can go and how you can win Oh apparently it worked so tell me about the car you built Sahil I built a pink car with spiderwebs and skulls I thought it's very edgy and and that gave me the edge and I want I think the edge was that it was throwing everybody off behind me well it worked it worked guys good luck I hope I'll you guys here in a bit in the future throw it back over to Rene and uh Alex I'm just wondering if I should get that ovary on one of my cars now as well it seems to work it it seemed to work you should at least for him yeah I mean can you can you live life on the edge that's the question and I love how he's kind of talking about how the car is built because that gives us a little bit of a nice preview for what's to come in round three I don't know if we're discussing it yet but you know guys stay tuned because we have many interesting developments throughout this entire show that is super fun to pay attention to but let's go ahead and take a look at our updated standings and who's in our top eight remember top four is most important cream at the top that dude in blue oh wow so the guy we just saw able to get himself up to second place typical gamer and third slap trained there in force which is he's gonna be very happy with that and again for our purposes top four is where you want to be because after round three the top four events but I also love our top four are all from different regions which is very nice as we see the next eight competitors here on our screen and they're all trying to to get themselves back into it still some time still some room to get some points here as we're about to get into round three so definitely don't want to count them out just yet and we'll also have an elimination challenge which is in round number four kind of the last chance for these guys so no matter how far you are down on the standings there's always a chance to come back because if you just go out if you go to the elimination round and round four and you just win that race then your due to the finals so don't count anyone out who's on that board it doesn't matter how how many points scored before that rep if it does the fourth row is obviously it's obviously important now you want to stay in the site at the top for but it's not important anymore in the elimination round so hey even if you're a last now it's no chance for you to win it which is totally fine but we're not there yet no we're not at the alert elimination round that we're close we're getting close and again it's the top four after round three who advanced straight to the finals and then in round four we have the bottom twelve and they will each play they will each race amongst two competitors so there's three total and in the first place out of the three will be advancing to the finals and again that's round five will have eight of our final drivers and then finally we will find out who our king of the road trip will be again starting from 16 racers here all from different parts of the country even parts of the world as we saw from Ireland their dynasty did not look just able to win in that last race and he hasn't he doesn't really drive but hey it looks like he's good in the crew but I'm really just to see how these points kind of unfold and I'm very interested in the strategies we're gonna see going into round 3 I don't know if we've kind of said what it's about yet I don't know if I don't know if I want to say it yeah but it's gonna be fun round three we can just say it is kind of picturesque picturesque indeed some sort of yeah we've seen a lot of different environments so far today we saw the snowy the snowy desert plains the Golden Hills track in the first round and then we saw we saw some night time in the the point A to B Papa John's race that we saw we also saw the kind of icy cityscape which was cool when we went to New York and we saw not only the elements of the snow and the ice on those busy streets but we saw the elements of buildings as I think it was a typical gamer who just smashed straight into a building but still ended up winning the thing but just very interesting all the different environmental factors and I think I think folks watching are gonna be very interested to see what we have in store for round 3 because at the same time you guys are gonna have some influence so there's another little secret I wasn't supposed to say if I'm just saying anyway you guys are gonna have some influence on round 3 you