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hey everybody I am back with my boy Julian and we are talking about round three we just heard from ammunition she was saying she's super excited about it this one's a little bit different it's the post card challenge can you explain yes they're going to use a feature in the game that the photo editor and they are going to be able to take the picture they won't wherever they want we selected an iconic place in each region so you have the mall Rushmore the Space Needle and two other places and that is a very nice because you can use the setting of the dots feature to change the weather to change the filters so you can do whatever you want and try to do some crazy photos because you can like use the fast five and put like on the top of the Mount Rushmore a bike or boat or whatever you want yeah some of our G enters were playing the game and they were parking on top of like the Statue of Liberty and some wild stuff let's take a look at some of the best landmarks in the crew to [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] we just saw all the locations are not that the reach is confused because all of them do with the location in their region yeah but where we will be for the next big challenge and ammunition she revealed it somehow already right before the raid yeah and we will have a picture icon to spice it easily we'll try to create recreate the best picture but it will be way too easy if they could do that the next two hours they only have three minutes in three minutes yeah two to three minutes we don't give him that much time they need to be only quick that you know they have prepared though I think all of them have an idea of what they want to accomplish here but it this is this is pretty awesome you know I've commented quite a few things in the world but never a photo challenge so this is gonna be just delightful give us your best photo shot each region creates one postcard with the landmark from the region YouTube and twitch get your fingers ready to type cuz you're gonna be voting for your favorite postcard yes we are you're letting you decide what we do so get ready YouTube and twitch each region will be aware of the following points based on votes so up to you guys you wonderful viewers on the stream on Twitch or YouTube you'll be able to vote and it is up to you to decide who you want to support and who does the best picture not us unless we get our twitch in YouTube if I guess we can make our own we can vote if we want from here we can tweak it I mean ah but what also we can also talk about which ones are our favourite personally and I don't know if we're gonna be biased or not no probably mostly thinking about you still yeah reason to be biased ya know we are like I said we we have a very good eye for good art though you know we'll be able to critique you know the lines the the rule of thirds you know the doodles exactly see the different angles that are utilized here in this in this competition and something I wanted to mention to you that's that's pretty cool about the road to beyond the landmarks that we're seeing is just the open worlds element but once again you guys can vote you'll be able to vote on which of these photos you believe is constructed the best these all these teams they're all gonna be playing at once we're gonna have we're gonna have we're gonna have shot up all of them at the same time watching them as they work and then it's gonna be up to you guys once again to vote on which picture you think is the best which team did the best job as at using their landmark to accomplish what they want and there's gonna be four teams again the four four teams are playing at once east has the cape cod lighthouse so the east east team is gonna go around the cape cod lighthouse and decide what angle they want to pick the South is gonna be space industries they're gonna be going around again we saw shots that the video we just saw before it came back to us the Midwest has Mount Rushmore and then West has a Space Needle and again you've been in order to vote your basically to get a type out either East South Midwest or west but once the pictures are revealed so I don't believe it will count your vote until we actually reveal those final pictures so if you're ready and nothing to add is that they will no have four calls so they will two calls and two of the teammates basically helping them out create and it in to nitpick the littles two vehicles not necessarily cars so we'll have to see which vehicle they decide to utilize in their in their photos last three will not be that super easy I heard some of the ideas already when the guys were talking to the back yeah getting prepared so I wonder if they really go that crazy I asked for that stuff like turning into a plane go yeah the mountain they said we're been afraid of the time so we've got sales yeah we've got an idea that's that's easier and you're in faster to to get done as they obviously want to make sure they've got a picture we will have all all of them on our screen yep so we can watch how they prepare the pick currency in which direction they will go for doing it they can switch through points they can switch to boat whatever they want yes not like they need to have two cars on it yep but it need to be two like vehicles yeah two of them have to be in the photo so I'm excited to see what happens here and again if you're watching the stream go open up the chat open up the chat whatever platform you're looking on instructions should be there and it should also be listed when voting is live so keep an eye on the chat wherever you're looking and you'll be able to vote at the right time on either East South Midwest or west and once again the West is and munitions Samara red way typical gamer and diction East is Kremes bTW 0-3 Hova Legion the south is big big leap and 87 TC 9700 gaming aka forest that dude in blue and dice a Dan Uggla and then Midwest is legendary Lia jackal try moated the Slav train and rice games right now we're looking at the West region here and the East right next to each other the West region is closest to us on the screen there and you can see two in the front with the controls and two in the back kind of lending their their moral support there we see the south that up over on the far right there is the Midwest getting ready to go getting rid of the sit there pictures kinda trying to you know they have a good idea of what they want to do but now is the time for them to put that put the picture together if you will it's exciting stuff I like it I can't wait to see what but but what pieces what the artistic abilities of these guys as we see them racing and there's certainly ways you can be creative while racing on a track but there's lots of creative ways to be artistic you're actually creating a picture using the settings that the crew has allowed within their game so you see what happens here I think we all have a creative site so yeah not really worried about not getting good those artists yeah I think this is actually gonna be really difficult to decide this is the best I think that's gonna be you don't need to do that so I don't that man if we can you're a leave that to the chat spirit and all of that so we don't need to worry about that all we can just do you know our usual talk but nonsense Oh while they did so act like we would actually know how art should be created but we're not the ones judging so it's all good otherwise we know that you always come judge in our own way and it's gonna be wonderful and I'm seeing their screen right now a little bit of a snowy atmosphere out if there are they making a picture right now looks like I think that's that that must be the Mount Rushmore at region no yeah there were just changing to the landmarks obviously they need to get there and then the site for the cars they want to use and all that we see them discussing they saw it yeah background like we're using hands you everything blame the top and then like a waterfall and then oh oh yeah we see applying on slap train so here we go you will use okay use that so we got Weston top left the Midwest and bottom left East Coast op right and the South in the bottom right there and once again like top left is gonna be the Space Needle top right is gonna be the Cape Cod lighthouse which we're kind of seeing we're seeing what's going on there a little bit and they're able to change the weather okay they're able to change the weather too to kind of decide where the synthetic they want we see an American flag there in the south and they're looking for a photo of space industries and then again Midwest and the bottom left there they're looking for a shot of Mount Rushmore which I do not see in the frame yeah yeah it seems like the south is a bit struggling sending the picture together yeah we see on this side know if we got this photo here the timer at the top there ooh I like the Space Needle shot there if you look at if you look at the East Coast they try with a bit cheeky a product placement okay basically a bit of advertisement we just don't trust what we do you know that you know what they say ask for what you want you know you know III you can you do have the ability to write on the side of your vehicle and that is exactly what we're seeing there both for us please all right I'm Eli carob laughing here laughing it's great I like how they get creative we see all the self is aiming for the Mustangs having a blind in the background huh that's what they trying try to get the picture well together oh Midwest is going for that drift picture they got motocross in there they go drifting monster re-examine a with a rotary engine hopefully a rotary I mean we're in the US so some of them could be LS swap right well I hope it's a rotary and Westco I'm not sure about the west coast are they done I mean that's the space well I can see I think they appear they have car you see the there's two cars there on the Space Needle hog ride on they know if I'm playing Pokemon snap I don't think that would get too many points because how small the cars are but but you know I guess it's fine it's it's subtle the subtle element there and I thought the South of space industries but I guess south is Mount Rushmore even though Mount Rushmore is more than Midwest so I'm a little bit confused about that because I thought the South would be doing space industries in the Midwest would the amount much might but it looks like a salary around so I think the self is not is not sure yet how to really create the picture they want there is a stuffed on the tongue of the is that George Washington I should probably know what do you like it so far the voting will start by the way once the time at the top of your screen is is is all the way down to 0 I think Salveson already look at that the salaries don't ready or in a figure everyone else like West Coast they're done I get your photo ready on get your votes ready west east mid west or south you can vote in about 5 4 3 2 1 and voting is open which photo is your favorite West East South Midwest and and and to be clear here on the bottom right that is the Midwest team in the bottom right so the South team is in the bottom left so so so look out for that Mount Rushmore is the Midwest team space industries is is the south and there we go it's it's it's getting amended there so that there you can see now would be a great time to vote here either West East Midwest or south as you can see Mount Rushmore in the Midwest we got some of the snow going on looks like the car is like a tongue of Ben Franklin or whoever that is I should begin I should probably yeah well we'll get you to his right this one no work I'm gonna look that one up but I can't see his whole face because the cars there and again the south is space it is space industries so we're looking out for that photo but pretty clearly the West is Space Needle they figured it out pretty quickly there and then East Coast we got the lighthouse in the background and the very creative wording on the boats rebels drowned once first oh man that's that's one way to do it ask for what you want I appreciate that and be straightforward they try their best to get it there we go I think I think there were anything I've been different pictures in there like okay this might be the best one because the other way did not really work yeah now we're seeing but what happened to the south like they're also not know they're disqualified no I think they were just they try to get in to do and to the photos yeah they need to find is that the one for them to vote yet so they're editing rx-7 and the motocross right in front of him so it's boats with the East Coast the south brings in the drifting met West is just showing American power with the fort cars and West Coast they decided to put their cars on the highest spot available yeah basically there and on the Space Needle if it's hard to you to see it but you can see two cars I think one of the credit back we're back they're kind of back to bat air one is a Porsche I'm not sure about the other one how'd they get the cars up there I think they can if they can use a plane so then they must have know Chloe Wayne yeah and then just because you can you can hot switch into the car from the plane so I think I think the timer at the top is the new reflection of when you're able to vote here I believe so that's that's how long they can oh that's how long you're okay gotcha you have 45 seconds left of us the voting is open ladies gentlemen if you are in the chat and you want to influence on what's going on now is your chance I know all of you always want to have a say in the show and we're happy to give that to you right now so put your vote in the chat either put west east mid west or south depending on which photo you like the best I think they're all pretty cool I like I like the different angle I like the different creativity overseeing them yeah I mean I mean the Space Needle in Seattle now that's a really great picture obviously it builds on where they are in the landmark might not be the most creative thing sure but the picture like s terms of proposals an esop is kind of cool it's really good oh my we see the East Coast are probably the most creative it's an easy fit but if you have the idea exactly of doing no one else really wrote on their cars so okay I think voting is closed and we're gonna we're gonna stay tuned for the results there but I love it lots of laughter over there during that whole ordeal I think some seeking from Legion he's always seeing it over there better watch out for that and actually I see them with their phones that I think they're voting for themselves on on twitch chat which is pretty hilarious it would actually make you know wait why not that make a lot of sense but and now is is now we're gonna pretty much we're gonna tally up these votes here to tube two but it isn't a bigger picture yeah actually it would need to be the south they would need to win to get forest into the top four so because if they win everyone gets full points that's how it is so if self games comes first everyone gets full points everyone gets three points everyone gets two points pretty easy the whole team scores and forest is on fifth yeah so with a win I think about that is like I'm from the south you know that's where I spent 18 20 years of my life so you would think I'd be biased or whatever but I was probably least I was probably least impressed by the photo and is it from the south I mean it was cool they're drifting it was on the road but there's just iron works behind them like like I would have liked to see the big the remember when the previous shots were seeing the big spacecraft that'd be cool to feature in their photo so you know that's just me though I don't know what do I do I don't know anything but I was I was probably less impressed with with the photo from the south so I don't know I like drifting and I like the effort I mean there's yeah some driving skill to dude everyone everyone else went for prosthetic basically Robert most yeah there's I think they're a better location yeah in that location yeah to take that picture so maybe they were struggling to actually find enough spice to get the car yeah maybe they came to ran out of time to a little bit like that a different angle they were going for no like that we're speculating wait wait when it comes to a postcard I think this is Seattle yeah that was the best one I in the Mount Rushmore it was great too they had the nice the nice shot from the bottom with the two cars there and then you had the very clear Mount Rushmore there in the distance tonight he goes no II they they made the weather snowy which was a nice cool nice little effect to you and I also think there were American flags on the side too said they had one of their cars actually an American flag on it so I guess patriotism from them I suppose and then of course the Midwest letters the message is on the boats why not ask for what you want sometimes I get it a little bit of making fun of themselves a little bit in that photo but asking for votes I don't I don't have a problem with that so I'm curious to see how the results are going to unfold I just like though they put speaker and up yeah so I'm totally fine with that probably my favorite way not comes to just a picture in general like it's like a great picture and this yellow one should have okay um but I like the idea I like that they actually created those liveries on those costs they had to do that on those boats yeah in that case I said it actually shows up but we got the results of round number 3 the last round before we go into the last chance qualifier but it will be interesting it always West winning 56% that's actually a clear that was vote yeah tall the Seattle's yes base needle photo getting first and then East that was the the boats with the letters on it 33 point zero one percent but look at that 89 percent of the vote almost 90 percent of the vote going to the west of the East so south of very pot and four point 65 percent Midwest the Mount Rushmore shot maybe because they took so long to kind of finish what they were doing you know so people weren't voting for them as much west and east were very clearly done as the initial time expired maybe that's why they got more votes but ultimately West getting most of the points east not too bad they each get three points Midwest each will get two points and then the south will you get one point which means we're gonna have standings incoming pretty soon here and and again the top four from these standings that we're about to see will advance to the finals they will not have to participate in the fourth round there you go a cream typicalgamer that dude in blue and the slap train I love how we have one representative from each region east west south Midwest oh and actually we do yeah we get a tiebreaker look at that 50 points for that dude and blue 15 for slap train ammunition the same check missed it by one okay a bit set but that means we go to Vegas yeah and it's for a great boat race read three drivers yeah I like because I love that track yeah it's a very narrow boat track very trim we haven't seen a boat yet on that yeah I'm happy about the tiebreaker really yeah because I was afraid of us not going to that track it's an awesomely mark track yeah so I'm really happy about that but it will be hard because that means there's so many people I still don't know if they go into the top four not yeah well the top three do that the top three knowing it's gonna be bit Oh the top three were separated pretty sure and then fourth fifth and sixth we're tired what's the value let's take another look so we're that we're totally sure about look at that is so hot dream is definitely true at so yeah yeah typical guy in there through and then it's four four fifths yeah third fourth and fifth that's the big so two of these three are going through right so one is not gonna be advancing into the top four okay there we go cool so this is gonna be exciting that dude in blue the slap train and ammunition only two of the three of these competitors will be advanced to the finals for now again this is just the initial four to go through and I'm actually gonna write this down so I don't forget it it's that due to blue the slap train and ammunition on those three will go on to a boat trip which is great just that we solve it yeah so exactly the paper that it is a crazy track we both did it yesterday it is like if you do it for the first time it's hard it's really really hard very narrow there's even an uphill sectional matter and you just like there it's a lot save it save your nitro for that and I actually got some insight from developers as well that the left trigger actually tilts your boat up and you go faster yeah I might be closing it but now for the tiebreaker we have three drivers and only two can advance straight to the finals whoever gets third place will have to plan around for the elimination round but we are going to Las Vegas Las Vegas waterway that's next thing we do it's tiebreaker because we got position three four and five on the same points 15 and total if I'm not mistaken right now which means they will go to a very tricky course they will do power boats yeah and not speedboats I think that's different I think the speedboat bit one yeah this is the small this is gonna be the small one it shouldn't be power boats the small ones and speedboats the thing is the other way the other way around I think it is the other oh dear yeah people will probably bet blame me now in the chat that's alright I think we might see that later though there's a Key West map if you're playing the open beta go down to Key West off Florida and you'll be able to play the with the power boat and much longer track very long straightaways this is more acute more finite tight turns they should only take a couple minutes that that's literally it I think it's a couple laps around this track and we're in a boat for the first time the crew - all about those different vehicles you have the car you have the plane you have the boat and now we're looking at the boat right here as we see any munition already in third place have a little bit trouble with those wall and again to be a very fast track a lot of tight turns and we got some AI in the mix as well for now that dude in blue in first ammunition and second the slap train actually dropping down to third somehow not sure exactly how that happened but again it's all about that top two in the slap train now trying to catch up to a munition here we know that this track is challenging anyway but in the night it became a total nightmare at least for me it's really hard to spot the different quarters it is tricky it's very technical Seanie to be on point sport on to be good here currently that didn't blue does a perfect job it to me I know he's leading it ammunition is second from our human drivers in the slap trying off his mistake he's trying to get back onto one of the bright spots he's very close to a mission but we also I think we just heard an echo of him kind of yelling in pain as I think he crashed or something and actually slipped a little bit further back so right now 50% progression through this track we're 70 seconds down so yeah two minutes or so is all it takes in this tiebreaker match that dude in blue looking great out here in the front and we tried out this track yesterday we play in the daytime and now seeing it at night I love it I love the aesthetics and all the lighting on the sides very very Vegas like as we're seeing a lot of the characteristics from the actual game animation try this down front the very close battle here for third place between third and sick remember you need top two right now a munition getting passed by the slap train 60% progression here through this area and now admonition gonna try to catch backdrop she doesn't have too much time to make it happen 30 to 40 seconds left in this race so there is John for her to get back but it needs to happen right now if he wants to qualify in like before going into the elimination round it has to happen here on water way on the last 20% of progression slept right looking good so far but he did a lot of mistakes already that dude in blue he was the one that really showed hey I know this track I know how to handle it yeah I can't stay on time he's staying out in front staying out of the oh no wait oh I slept for a dude that mistake waiting for it really happened oh my ammunition but he's still very close to last 20% can he catch up jad once again you got no or no booze how did that hand it anymore but he was flipping just another wall rushing again and it seems like I had it will be in front of the slough okay the doodle blue is in front ammunition about to cross that finish line the slap train can he catch up to her and munition gonna finish in second place and yes and you Nisshin is gonna make it getting second place among our humans an AI got in second overall but we don't care about the AI here and slap train some he was in front with like again like 30 seconds left in the race lap train was in front and then he just ran into a wall and just couldn't get out of the nut he was in I mean that guy loves the curve you know his videos he's all about like chaos and having fun with any vehicle he could grab yeah probably that was a bit too much fun maybe I'm sure he'll do that one again but but we saw so many I you know that dude in blue he was out in the front the entire way but the battle there between ammunition and the slap train could not have been any more intense as we take a look at our updated standings here representing the tiebreaker that just occurred where again from that race only two could advance and it is going to be that dude and blue and ammunition the slap train dropping down to fifth due to that third-place effort in the tiebreaker he'll still be around but he's gonna have to play in the qualifying matches there but our top four cream typicalgamer that doing a blue and ammunition advancing straight to the finals west coast people I'm sure you're excited because that's two from the west coast able to advance into the finals they will not have to play in at the fourth round which we have coming up next yeah I think like forest so tc9 9700 games and the slap tree I'm probably know the favorites among all the guys that need to run through a round number four like through the elimination phase who so we're doing really good I didn't expect it slap turn to actually drop down but I also didn't expect the forest to still be on the elimination race so we're having them I'm I think we're in for a really really great race a lot of action a lot of good drivers still want to make their way to the final but all of that rot number four right after the break you