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that denim blue is joining us blue sorry that dude in blue that dad in blue okay awkward transition that's all good let's talk about the Porsche experience yeah of course it was great it was uh it was very humbling yes as soon as you think you're getting the hang of their track and getting the lines correct and everything they take you for a ride and then you're like wow I have a lot to learn and the way they break super late and it looks like you're going straight to a wall like 100 miles an hour and then you magically get around the turn somehow because of their practice skill it's really cool so what's your daily driver I have four cars so I have two 240sx getting to clap 240sx with a toyota super engine procharged Mustang GT Acura Integra and another 246 used to a little horsepower okay what I live for absolutely well I want to see how you handled it let's see if we can break up that good hey hey what's up guys david here once again and we are at the porsche experience interfere in LA we're about to rip this Porsche gt3 go around the track [Music] here it comes oh sorry about that pull it a little too quick that was an RPM needle I know I love the flat like just how it ribs out it's crazy [Music] I know I can I can't even talk I'm just enjoying it too much you doing great thank you one more time around all right let's do it holy smokes this track is awesome David have a seat got it seat belts all around the day all right you ready yeah let's do it send it all right [Music] what [Music] just when I thought I did really well on the track I didn't he was so much faster than me we pulled a full drift around the Ewing that just sits it for like a hundred seven miles an hour is awesome [Music]