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whoa things are heating up a three-way tie for third you're in that's super exciting it's great second just edged out barely by a point but anyways we'll talk about all about later we're gonna talk about the Porsche experience Center you and I were lucky we got to go there yes yeah that's a lot of fun there's a lot of it and my baby I'm sorry about that you didn't question that well you know I've I've always been curious like I've been asking everyone what's their daily driver but yeah I learned what your triggers oh oh yeah it's a Lamborghini Huracan oh it's a nice car yeah you like it it's nice right so you know what you're doing them behind the wheel uh I don't know Racing wise like racing lines and stuff like that yeah I'm not that competitive in terms of that but I know what I hit the gas pedal yeah okay so how did you do yesterday what do you think oh goodness video I want to see let's see was he nervous or was he so comfortable I thought I did well look at you filled with confidence look at that bird how'd she do that roach oh he was he was fantastic all right you're telling the coach yeah show him how it's done yeah yeah the challenge oh I hear you I hear you yeah look Tommy collectively that I just yeah yeah or he's worrying about his life I'm not sure it's either retro did you ever feel scared or were you just like I was only scared when I was passing there because then I didn't feel it you have control yeah where's here I felt fine but like you'll see you'll see when you drive the coach his face though it's he's got this look up did you literally just challenge me before I got my drive you around and you're like what do you think was the best part well when he was driving he just booked it in certain parts that I even know you could go that fast around I'm like are we hit the wall and she started drifting at some portions do super impressive it was super you see right here I'm smiling giggle and that goes down I was screaming the whole time you you're looking pretty calm there any screams they get you screaming at all no screaming no screaming I was excited oh I was little worried for my life but okay so there's the big question which one's better the Porsche the Lamborghini I mean they're definitely they feel a lot different I mean they're different horsepower different cars - I mean I like my car I think she's watching it so I can you know cool man I mean I'm bummed out these videos come with come ride the car okay I'm just gonna I'm gonna go home from you there you go yeah up and then come back okay we'll make it be a road trip [Music]