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welcome to our first daughter to report today were hanging out on the radiance sightseeing with the diverse is all about with me to help us learn today is an teenage hello so are you called the anti mage I don't like magic and why is that it all started long ago this year card the battle the battle has begun take me through this what are we trying to do our goal is to destroy the diet each and we will do so by sending are melee and ranged forces sounds like a good player for frontal assault with your army of creeps well actually we're going to send at the exact same time they send their there you're just going to have to accept this and move on now we want to kill creeps delivering the killing blow in order to gain goal give it a try barry nights now rinse and repeat oh right we've got our bell tea bottler items were ready to go nowhere lol party this is a team game I've decided I want to far more you take this town portal scroll and go help the bottom lane yes thanks I'll use this piece of paper to get over to the bottom lane what makes him think this is going to help the grand Magus magic paper please take me as far away from here is you can now now now now now there now you'll come this way we have another nice little clearing here to check out there is a lot of space to stand I would really recommend staying here I think it would be a good idea it is a nice neighborhood with good schools and there will be no surprise visits from anyone trying to kill you for your goal dark requested is done thank you you did understand this needed to be to a new report with me today is the one and only you mir the Tasca yippies it is Mr tusk what brings you to these defending these agents this is a terrible barrier should no longer make your five hundred goal we accepted to Weezer turned into a giant snowball beating everybody into TV delivery and more Cooper tejan so how do you think the competition has been so far our Christian see that coming jus wanna go meet dazzle a mighty support healer we see dazzle placing an observer bored as a good support should very good here we see dazzled 29 creeks support should doesn't look dazzle your ward spotted a double damage room in the river your middle name buddy Pudge may want to bottle it then again your teammate may screw this up you better take it just to be sure is now in the hands of a moron to help your team as a good support should you're gonna need to build items in order to help your team that are just some last year as any good support would not look joined the fray and helped her team if any health is low a good support would perform until security to ensure that it does pass on to your team may not know it but they're only going to win because of you disregard any requests by a flying career as that would interrupt her farm looks like you're heading toward a window with your health will support your team will achieve victory hello and welcome to a new dota 2 report I decided I'm probably not suited for combat so I'm gonna try meaning one of the shop's customer got this recipe so ring looks like you got any of those sure do it looks like you don't have any space inventory just so how does that get turned into sure what about the instruction manual look up small you are welcome to anecdote to report it slightly hectic right now as one of the towers is under attack let's see what happens as the team tries to defend it wow to report the team is refreshed and ready to go for this game I'm going to try to be the career that makes room for riddick boy already today that I change Today Show so let me get the kids that way I can straight up by a part of life best I've read it in this guide yeah yeah yeah jury returned my team and children are you going to be hard Windrunner you're going down and then come help us bring her to just I'm on my way she's nice to you did it come thru 800 we did it thank you so much for this stuff of wizardry so how's this thing going but it could be worse my opponents here's the bottle you ordered so how's this going we'll see I looked at the beer actually guys I know here and he should have called missing but he really feels bad about it and I know if you give back in some friendly advice and will let him know he should have done everyone to improve here guys in order to win to make some changes have you guys ever seen you know good people play do what they did if we're going to win this game I'm going to need more golden this year thank you very much about that I'll show you all the reason your sorry ass hole with this game watch as he protects I god damn homie should this amazing piece of machinery doesn't need anyone to question himself as if to say everyone ship has unlimited supply of Dr rocks will not be stopped treat bags itself useful and more ways that you can pick us do you want to last hit this kind of alt possible are you angry yes I want to destroy that pesky tower going because now you know how much more valuable accountable to us well I was a top tower has fallen how's that cold case I believe it you do it right protection ok has been denied hello and welcome to a new report unfortunately today I have to break some bad news to prove it yes sorry to have to tell you this but it looks as though you've been removed completely from DotA 2 yeah you're done you're not in the game anymore you're boring and your skill set is bland just get out of here no one likes you uninstall also sober up prepared to be vanquished Dyess gathered my eye I have farming bombed baseless boy I thought you would like to see more I have mastered the ancient art ok no prob so how did you paid the who who did you pay unique items in the smoke of deceit right here lovely thank you this way over there okay no scared I got to try to push report the lanes are all pushed to the team has decided it would be an opportune time to challenge the Mighty Boosh on in your dreams across the work no everyone a lot of time range and stupid but I have come to learn that there are two things that I know to be absolutely true one is that this is a team game to everyone is an idiot so I hope this works one shot you would need to perform your individual combat each of us will die I have complete faith 22 everybody I know how this turns out I just doing whatever you're doing this whole time I would recommend I just yet but seriously their numbers I you're just going to have to accept