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we all hope we will win the lottery or we dream about a new life um of course many of those things don't happen so what's the difference between an intention versus a wish or a dream good point oh good whoo that's so good the first thing that I would say is that to me an intention comes from a soulful place and the wish the wish the wish is often coming from what isn't working in your life like I wish I would win the lottery because I'm in debt I wish I would meet a partner because I'm lonely and I don't feel comfortable living alone an intention comes from its a sole goal not a head goal my prayer is always if this is in the highest and best interest for me and those around me then please allow it to happen and that sort of is a humble way of saying it's not just about me and what my head thinks it is also about me and this greater energy this greater creative force and that's where an intention is set from yeah would you agree absolutely you said it but you said it on one of your shows earlier it's your will is here God's will is here the universe's will and plan is here so just align with that yeah aligned with that and say it's not the result I'm after here I want to do I want to serve this great will and then it becomes expansive I will just share a little bit about intentions everybody clear about it cuz it gets confusing for some people I used to be I used to have the disease to please a lot of women have it you grew up with it you think that your value is in what you do for other people and I was really trying to heal myself of that and somebody called me and a very famous person to call me and asked me to be a part of a benefit for fundraising and I really didn't want to do it and what I realized in saying no is that all of the years where I'd said yes and didn't really want to or intend to the message that I was sending to people is that you can ask me and I will say yes whether I want to or not that my intention is really to do whatever you want me to do instead of what I really want to do I'm not just there for your benefit I'm there because it so pleases me it I'm so motivated to do so and so the energy of my being anywhere changed very different and the same thing in your own life you know when I was growing up there was a woman who used to be at either in our church in his Adams and every day she every Sunday she'd walked down the aisle in her hat and I thought I'm gonna grow up I'm gonna be a tither so I can wear a hat like that and what I realize is is that two people putting the same amount of money in the plate one with the intention to serve and to do well and somebody else with the intention to do it just because it's expected of you or you're making a show of it the energy that will come back to those people will be different regardless if it's the same amount of money or if it's you know one person has less than the other person