The Disturbing Truth Behind WWE Royal Rumble

[Applause] 14 14 14 do you know the power or error of your ways if you support the number 14 and do you know how much trouble you're gonna be in if right now you are 14 the answer is all the trouble sir sorry about that just got a bit carried away Bing pushing my elevator bun and now I can go down I'll see you in a second when I'm not crazy no more okay let's get into the nitty-gritty if your dream is to enter the WWE Raw Rumble at number 14 I've got some advice for you change your plans right now yeah basically setting yourself up for failure and that's not what you want you want to win the damn thing and go on to headline WrestleMania you can point at the sign and everything although that won't happen because usually in these days the winner of the rumble well you should probably open the match you win the rumble you'll get to Wrestlemania and you'll be on the opening match because that whole WrestleMania had died out under what 12 years ago probably more genuinely though we'd have come to the number 14 in WWE's January pay-per-view usually if you do pick it all of a sudden your career or your life in general becomes the pits so let's start at the start it's been a long day we have the rumble in 1988 to begin because the one they did in 1987 was more experimental I only had like 12 wrestlers so we don't need to worry about it also because they only had 12 we never got to number 14 but in 1988 it was the outlaw ron bass and actually he had a pretty decent life he had a pretty good career even after he had picked the number 14 i think he died when he was running out 68 years old I mean I was still quite young all the things considered but again he was happy and that's all you can ever ask one year later though it was Marty Jannetty that would come out to this number and while it would be another two years before he got thrown through the barbershop window I don't think anybody in hindsight now can look back at what my jannat he did after the raucous flub and go he had a good run cuz he absolutely did not in fact all he got Durant maybe his entire WWE and wrestling career was you were never as good as that other guy what was his name oh yeah that's right Shawn Michaels that was even stranger because there was a time when Marty Jannetty was seen as the quintessential babyface and he couldn't fail and not only did he failed we had loads of personal issues and in more modern times well he had that conversation that debates apparently he got hacked on Facebook I'm not gonna talk about it here cuz I don't want to upset myself but Google is your friend - my Jannetty facebook you'll find it I want talk about this move on but honestly as soon as he had picked number 14 in the Royal Rumble all of a sudden slowly but surely his career started to go downhill on why do you think that was obviously she's because that's how life works but in a weird coincidence world moving on to 1990 fate was all ready to strike again until itself watch the Royal Rumble and saw that Haku was walking to the ring and decided you know what I don't wanna with hard koo that's me bleeping myself because it's hard to ask who is crazy not even time itself is gonna try and get one over Haku who was uh COO he had a good life he ate some people's ears or ever it was he does when he went out and did his stuff again you can read about it but this one's all good 1991 was a very different story mind and also a very sad one because marching down that ramp was the British bulldog he was number 14 and only a year later he'd be celebrating the biggest match of his entire wrestling life as he headlined at Wembley Stadium and also yes throughout 1997 which was years removed he was still having badass matches for the European Championship then in 2002 he passed away and he was tragically only 39 years old there doesn't seem to be anything to tie into that until you get to 1990 to realize that Hercules then was number 14 and he also passed away just two years later after the British bulldog in 2004 and he was 47 the Berserker drew 14 in 1993 and before we could even get through 12 months he was being released from the company entirely which starts the theme you know picked up what the theme is eg you draw 14 and then you get fired well you're about to see plenty of evidence for it 1994 was taken up by dying the clown and behind the makeup was Ray Apollo and not Matt borne the way you always won look at doing is like this matt baume played it really well because he was also sinister and creepy and kind of came across like it ray apollo was told just go out there and play the damned fool this was the end for him because he was let go by the company quicker than you can say squeeze my red nose and then moving forward into 1995 jacob blue got given number 14 and have a guess what happened just think let your brain run to all the options that's right he was fired as well and don't even worry about 1996 because that was Doug Gilbert and Doug Gilbert only made one appearance for the WWE and it was at the Royal Rumble in 1996 so there you go a host of different wrestlers that came in at number 14 and before the year was even done they were told by Vince McMahon or somebody else we didn't want you anymore get out the door Goldust picked it in 1997 while overall he had a pretty treasured career after this he actually ran into some personal problems that almost came out of nowhere at least from a fan perspective and in 1998 faith got scared again because 1998 saw Ken Shamrock at number 14 and much like Haku you don't mess around with Ken Shamrock he's like a real fire he kicked us 1999 belong to kyrgyz whoo surprise surprise had his wrestling career drawn to a halt soon after he pulled number 14 although fair paid to Kurgan he actually went on to have a pretty successful acting career after this and that's nice most full of warm and fuzzy and I like people to be happy and in 2000 it was Bob Backlund now I love Bob Backlund I think Bob Backlund is a wrestling hero but just go and look at anything Backlund did from the year 2000 probably to now and I don't think it you can't say he a little bit crazy because Bob Backman a little bit crazy hilarious and entertaining and fun to watch please nuts and that all seemed to happen when he came in at number 14 and I know I keep saying the same words over and over again but this is about the curse of number 14 so that's just what has to happen things switch up a bit here because number 14 actually attacked before we even got to the 2001 rule Rumble because there it was the good father and by that point he'd already been stripped of his gimmick that has made him popular it made the fans love him it wasn't a god for anymore he was the good father because all that PTC stuff and soon after this remember him to the good father he just vanished from our TV screens too we could never get back to where he was and it was the same for DDP in 2002 prior to getting the number 14 spot he was told Diamond Dallas don't worry about all that stuff he did before don't worry that you were a WCW champion we're gonna bring you into WWE and you're gonna do this I'm gonna like change your voice and make it sound a weird or by the way clip trivia fact Miller trivia that was actually Vince McMahon doing those voices but anyway they'll think it's you and you're gonna go and stalk the Undertaker's wife and it will also kill any other gimmick that you try and do after that and twice sooner rather later he got the number 14 role Eddie Guerrero in 2003 is a harder one to process and we all remember how awful it was when he did pass away a couple of years after then obviously I'm mucking around here pretending oh no the dreaded 14 is coming to get me but it does get just a little bit unsettling when you move forward to 2004 learn that Rikishi got the number 14 spot you remember Rikishi how over he was in the edge here when he did his dance he's to wiggle around with glasses well in that year he was let go as well just on three pin number 14 2005 it was given to Orlando Jordan who never really found his WWE mojo and then was released in 2006 and then following on 12 months later Joey Mercury had to deal with this after he walked in at number 14 in the very same year at the TLC pay-per-view he had his face basically exploded when a ladder went into it and to that to this day to that day to this day it is still one of the worst injuries I've ever seen live his face looks like a war zone in his horrendous Jeff Hardy seemed to fight with this curse as soon as he got it in 2007 so we all know the deal with his on-again off-again personal problems and then the next year in 2008 that's another one that's hard the stomach hard to swallow because it was new Marga who's devastatingly passed away over the next year Finley was up next in 2009 and while it took three years to catch up with him he too was released by WWE for his part on a house show when he took some anti-american angle everybody went crazy nobody liked it but Dumbledore he had to go you've got to go away for a while and it took until the curse faded until he was invited back MVP had it handed to him in 2010 and you guessed it he was released the same year although he managed to fight back a little bit cuz he went over to New Japan had a damn good run we all forget about how good MVP was in Japan Chris Masters followed in 2011 he too was released just a few months after getting it and then in 2012 it was Jinder Mahal home he left the WWE two years later and he managed to find a way to fight back crazy because not only then he returned to the WWE but he became the WWE Champion although I will say this did anybody enjoy Jinder Mahal this champion I mean some people did I secretly did but no tell no one that I don't be able to yell at me but there was a big backlash against it and maybe it was because of number 14 maybe was because he went from like opening dude it's a main event dude Rey Mysterio stepped up in 2013 and then just twelve months later at the same event he was being booed out of the building just because he wasn't Daniel Bryan which by the way he couldn't control he's not shapeshifter and when Kevin Nash took up in 2014 before we even got to December he had a very public falling-out with his son DDP got it again in 2015 but by this point Diamond Dallas Page was basically sabre of all pro wrestling and he was too damn positive so no matter what the curse wanted to do he would have just smiled it away the curse would have wandered up when I'm gonna get you DDP and then he was those DDP yoga stretch and before you know it the curse would have been next to him going huh did he I feel so much better I think you just turned me into a new man basically DDP is brilliant yes who got it in 2016 - that's right it's man Stardust in that sense it's more of a curse for WWE because in May of 2016 Cody Rhodes left the company and has gone on to become one of the most important and most successful people outside of their walls you can bet your ass Vince McMahon isn't happy about that and Kofi Kingston wasn't happen when he got it the following year number 14 and then two months later he got injured and have to go and get surgery and I'm gonna say it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gone for number 1 for 2018 is arguably the most interesting cuz you want to know who came in then at number 14 that's right it was in skåne Nakamura and he went on to win the damn thing he basically made his way through more than half the Rumble but don't forget what happened afterwards he got to WrestleMania 34 he never had his main event match he turned heel on AJ Styles and throughout the year he continually did less and less on TV until one day he wasn't on it at all remember the space of Mak America I think he said that once not true there is no voodoo when it comes to this but it is an interesting insight into how mainly WWE booked the middle of the Rumble specifically number 14 they're usually just cannon fodder for the big megastar has finally arrived or the guy there's been booked to be the Iron Man and needs to chuck some people out of there and as we've seen that position has only been victorious on one occasion it's almost like if you get put here you're a journeyman or a hard worker and you know what it is that you have to do we're just gonna be quiet about it and get on with it keep your eye on number 14 this year especially because it could be a repo man although that's gonna affect me bad because I'm not gonna be able to handle seeing repo man finally come back onto WWE TV and my brain will probably float away from my body I just have to sit there forever and like some kind of state of just repo menace as I try to process what I've just seen I'll get it as well you can't be safe now don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this and the Royal Rumble itself like share and subscribe head on over to what culture calm and read yourself some articles think of it this way follow what culture on Twitter and what come to WWE and when you're done go and watch her more videos here at what culture wrestling my name is learn for what culture thank you very much for watching as we are building up to the Royal Rumble enjoy it it's one of the big four page views probably the second big was one of 2019 at once it's done we ain't ever gonna get it again so smiles on faces eyebrows up look like a psychopath I'll see you soon