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when you think of the United States Washington DC pops out as an iconic city where the history even almost a symbolism of being pure America there's so many more environments to explore compared to New York from nature to governmental sites and that restricts very powerful brutalist architecture almost to the suburbs of Georgetown now being able to see far and wide and and predict what's what's the one in front of you or being able to have like a truly 360 approach to some open world encounter that you're that you're stumbling upon it's very different from navigating a narrow streets of George we still remain an open-world game with cover-based shooting mechanics but you can imagine how that is tweaked when you're in a nature biome and your cover maybe is a fallen log of wood or something like that and also there's gonna be of course difference in which factions are present we're given time wine for control of the city as well the enemies that you'll be facing all have a vision for how the country should be run whether it's the country or their little fiefdom you know a few blocks that sort of control the enemy that we're featuring in the e3 demo a called the true sons and these are you know the bullies that you had at school that just to push people around that people who really prey upon the weak and their vision for the future of the States is one of tyranny and that has to be stopped the enemy factions and the civilians throughout acting with with needs and goals and intention and creating emergent activity and a surprise for us player so of course we'll still have safe houses those are incredibly useful gameplay wise but settlements are key locations these are the locations where civilians are trying to build and by helping those civilians we're gonna be able to see a direct impact of your actions on the world when you reach max level when you finish the campaign we're gonna give you a choice of a signature weapon now the three signature weapons that we're talking about today at the crossbow the 50 Cal sniper rifle and the grenade launcher so it's really about giving the option to the player of going deeper into a place now and choosing exactly how they want to play doesn't mean that they're mutually exclusive you can mix and match you can and choose a 50 Cal sniper rifle unlock some of its advantages and then decide okay I want to go to demolitionists with the grenade launcher and unlock some sort of mods for my skills based on that progression part two we really want a medium to be friendly and we're making sure in addition to that it's there it's strong day one it also caters to all types of players endgame doesn't equal hardly but it needs to have a deport correspond to its ability you really want challenge you really want to complete it's there for every single activity that we could dream up he's only gonna be expanded and you'll have a choice of a huge amount of activities for anything but we have a twist at the end of the campaign which is a huge hook narrative Lee and gameplay-wise that'll you know take people by the scruff of the neck and drag them into any game and it's super compelling and you know we reveal today that we're going to have rates for the first time that's eight player rates and those will be the most hardcore of challenges for engine it's very important for us that you get to play as you like when you're playing rate as a fool eight-man team that variety of different specializations but also the different bills it's gonna be of course when the game sings it's when you're playing with other players who know what they're doing and you can strategize just like the first game the entire game the entire story based campaign can be played only by yourself or in co-op with up to three other agents absolutely every single activity