The Doomsday Couple A COURT TV Special

the k.c anthony case i parallel that to this [Music] except i think it's a bigger case by far she said you're not charles i don't know who you are what you did with charles but i can murder you now we're gathering together as saints as brothers and sisters and preparing for the second coming of christ she needs some serious help i want her to get help you ever had something that you knew was the right thing to do but it turns out that later on it was a felony i turned around and he hit me in the back of the head with a bat i went to my room and got my gun how long have you lived here like three weeks like hi neighbor sorry we did respond to an unattended death at the devel home and tammy davell was deceased rexburg police knocked on this door conducting a welfare check only to find laurie and her new husband chad davao were nowhere to be found where are your kids no comment they've been missing for four months you have nothing to say every minute of every day when gloria's not saying something it's a slap in the face where am i brother and sister can't be that hard answer tell us where the kids are that's all i want to know nothing is coincidental and i think there are way too many coincidences going on [Music] welcome to the doomsday couple a court tv special i'm core tv anchor ted rowlands the story of lori valo and chad dabell is a twisted combination of religion love and murder for investigators it began with two missing children it ended with five people dead and a small community in eastern idaho left wondering why rexburg idaho surrounded by the teton and sawtooth mountain sits 90 minutes from the western entrance of yellowstone national park the people living in this section of eastern idaho say they're closer than most in part because nearly everyone living here is mormon it's probably the area we're all lds the majority of us and i think that's probably something that draws us all together so in november of 2019 when news that two children from a local mormon family were missing it immediately grabbed people's attention nate sunderland is the managing editor of the east idaho news people were interested in the story right from the beginning we don't normally get um missing kids news releases uh that are like this and it just it just continued to get bigger and bigger sixteen-year-old tyler ryan and her little brother seven-year-old j.j valo their smiles now on a missing poster hadn't been seen in weeks and their mother lori valo apparently wasn't cooperating with police typically when a missing person is reported it's the parents that call us and so when we posted this story i think people immediately knew that something was fishy eventually the fbi was brought in to help and the story started to spread far beyond eastern idaho as the investigation continues into the disappearance of her two younger children along with the fbi rexburg police have asked multiple other agencies throughout the u.s to join in on the investigation the story of the missing children jj and tyler didn't just stay in the local east idaho news it took off around the nation and the kicker was that their mother beautiful blonde lori valo is seemingly unconcerned jj's grandparents larry and kate woodcock were the first to sound the alarm the woodcocks had a special relationship with jj jj was in a neonatal icu nicu because he was born two pounds and 14 ounces and he was uh 10 weeks premature he was our baby from you know just instead fall in love that's what you do with grandkids you just fall in love immediately jg was adopted by charles and lori valo when he was one but before that he lived with his grandparents kay and larry he's autistic so there's you know they have issues charles and laurie got him and had him in the special schools his intelligence level was unbelievable even after they were adopted the grandparents kept very a very close connection with jj they skyped all the time charles valo died in july of 2019 after he passed the woodcocks and laurie had a falling out but larry and kay still desperately wanted to see or at least talk to jj but laurie had essentially cut off communication i was emailing her and begging her please just we will fly to arizona we will fly to wherever you are give us an hour with him the fallout between lori and the woodcocks was partially over money a million dollars before charles vallo died he switched the beneficiary to his life insurance policy from laurie to his sister kay i didn't ask for that he did it because he knew how we were going to end up with jj or so he thought the woodcocks haven't heard from jj valo for weeks for months they get concerned they're used to hearing from the seven-year-old on facetime and videos and phone calls they're trying to call him they aren't getting through their concern eventually grows to the point that they contact the chandler arizona police department that call from larry and k woodcock would set off what would become a months-long search for jj and his sister tylie police tracked down the children's mother lori in rexburg idaho where she had been living for nearly three months there was no sign of jj or tyler but laurie wasn't living alone her brother alex had also moved to rexburg at the same time and was renting a unit in the same complex and in the apartment next door to lori her niece melanie hudrow who had come to rexburg along with alex and laurie leaving her children behind in arizona gloria lieutenant police department how are you you got him this is a recording of the first and only interaction between lori and police talking about the whereabouts of her children alone or is that helper uh my brother's here so jj would be where he's in arizona it's losing arizona she's with one of my friends in arizona lori would tell police that jj was with a woman named melanie gibb and his sister tyler was off at college then she started to ramble it is very weird i've had to move around a lot one of my brothers is trying to kill me not the brother that lives here obviously he's kind of my protector she even brought up k woodcock and the million dollars what happened was my husband who we were married for 16 years and had raised all these five kids together switched his life insurance policy to her right to his sister who got a million dollars when he died and we got nothing for me to raise jj and all the kids got nothing and everybody got nothing that day police also had a strange interaction with lori's new husband chad daybell who at first claimed he didn't know lori's phone number it was obvious that something was wrong so the next day police returned with a search warrant but lori and her new husband chad were gone there was food in the refrigerator food in the pantry everything had been taken off the hangers and there was no clothes in the dresser drawers when they returned to the home she's nowhere to be found her friends her family don't know where lori valo is coming up lori tracked down in hawaii where are your kids um no comment they've been missing for four months you have nothing to say plus lori's new husband chad dabell living on the edge of heaven where i tell more about my two near-death experiences and how that prompted me to write my novels and frustration grows but tell us where the kids are when the doomsday couple a core tv special returns [Music] kids y'all know that i love you i i want you home more than i want to breathe by the first week of december 2019 just days after the unsuccessful welfare check on seven-year-old j.j valo an all-out search was underway for both jj and his older sister tyler ryan the children's mother glory vallo who told police that jj was in arizona and tyler was in college had vanished along with her new husband chad dabel we attempted several times to get a hold of lori and her cell phone were shut off we attempted to get a hold of chad and never return gotten any return phone calls and in fact they retained an attorney and refused to answer any questions investigators quickly determined that tiley was never enrolled in college and lori's arizona friend melanie gibb who originally lied to police she confessed saying she never had jj she was only covering for her friend lori she told me that the police had been there asking for jj and that she told the police that i had jj that i was at a movie called frozen weeks would go by with no significant leads and by early january concern for the children's safety was growing larry and kaye woodcock jj's grandparents were doing everything they could to keep the story alive please for god's sake please please step up these are beautiful young children we want them back this is colby ryan lori vallo's oldest son and tyler ryan's half-brother unable to get a hold of his mother he posted an emotional plea to laurie on youtube i'm your son i would never want anything to happen to you and i would never want anything to happen to tyler and jj ever i know you know the right thing to do is and i know that you have a good heart so i know that it's time to do the right thing lori valo is on her fifth marriage her third marriage to joseph ryan tyley's father ended in 2004. joseph ryan died in 2018 of an apparent heart attack laurie's fourth husband charles vallo was a stabilizing force married for 15 years lori and charles adopted jj together and helped raise tyler and colby kaye woodcock is charles vallo's sister so it was it was just a a family unit and we were part of the unit and we loved each other if somebody two years ago would have said this is what's going to happen with lori i would have never believed it kay would have never believed it as the search for the kids and lori and chad continued in mid-january nate sunderland managing editor of the east idaho news says they started getting a few tips that lori and chad might be in hawaii the place lori was very familiar with she and charles lived on the island of kauai for a few years with jj and tyler the police were going to go there and they were going to try to either make an arrest or try to force the issue of coming back to eastern idaho we were able to go did you do something to your children are your children still alive that's a simple question i've got three kids of my own i can tell you every minute where my kids are at where are your children they questioned them for five to you know ten minutes uh and we only got one response uh the entire time listen just tell people what's happening there's people around the country praying for your children praying for you guys why don't you give us answers that's great that's great that's great that they're praying for you praying for your kids what you have nothing to say how infuriating that was for everyone watching sincerely concerned it's almost as if the public's outrage and concern for the whereabouts of tyler and jj outweighs the parents with lori and chad now located in hawaii prosecutors back in idaho came up with a plan to bring lori back by filing a child protection order it instructed her to bring her minor children to the rexburg police department or the dis the department of health and welfare within five days of being served a few weeks later with still no sign of tiley and jj lori valo was taken into custody by hawaiian police he was transported here to the quite police department headquarters and booked into our cell block where she stayed until she got uh taken to her court appearance earlier this morning first of all mrs do you understand that a demand has been made for your surgery by the state of idaho yes lori's first court appearance was short she arrived into court wearing plain clothes and it's a packed courthouse the judge sets bell 5 million dollars but significantly her husband chad dabell is sitting just a few rows behind her white shirt blue tie concerned look on his face chad was there again in early march when lori made her first court appearance back in madison county idaho wearing red lipstick and an orange and white jumpsuit also there larry and kaye woodcock and laurie's son colby my whole plan is to try to go figure out a way to actually speak with her and you know be able to get in front of her and just ask her son just try to plead with her ask her where tyler and jade are this can't be the hard answer this is not about laurie guys this is lori telling us where those two kids are coming up two dead spouses chad dabell's wife mysteriously dies just days before his marriage to laurie plus lori's ex-husband charles so what makes her a danger to herself and to others threaten me murder me kill me she threatened to murder you yes when the doomsday couple a court tv special returns [Music] in march 2020 lori valo was back in rexburg idaho her hawaiian beach clothes were placed with an orange and white jumpsuit her husband chad still by her side supporting her during court appearances meanwhile investigators still had no idea where her children were and frustration over lori and chad's refusal to produce tyler and jj was starting to boil over i only have one question where are the kids at this point it had been a couple months since anyone had seen jj and kylie and it didn't look like their parents cared and she wasn't willing to say anything while rexburg police and the fbi were doing everything in their power to find tiley and jj police in chandler arizona were investigating lori for another reason the death of her fourth husband charles valo there was a i got a fight with my brother-in-law and i shot him in self-defense and if he hurt or is he alive or yeah there's blood he's he's not moving that's lori's brother alex cox calling 9-1-1 in july of 2019 saying he had just shot and killed his brother-in-law charles vallo you know no weapons no episode all right come on out this way when police arrive they find alex by himself at lori's newly rented home i'm gonna have you have a seat right here on the curb inside is lori vallo's fourth husband charles dead on the living room floor what happened today how did it get to us alex told the officers that charles came after him with a baseball bat saying it all started between lori and charles and that tiley brought out a bat and then your niece pulls out a bat it wasn't he was getting close and she came out to defend my sister her bed your niece yes okay and then she poked at him then he took it away alex said lori entirely left to take jj to school and it was then that charles came after him with that bat i turned around and he hit me in the back of the head with the bat so i went to my room and got my gun you went to your room meaning the room you're staying in yeah okay and you brought your i brought a gun with you do you always bring a gun i'm concerned then lori and tyler show up hi thor are you okay just stand over there for just a second guys and then uh i told him to put the bat down and he wouldn't and he came at me and the wife just showed up as well i said i want you to put that back down and he wouldn't do it he's like dude and he came at me with the bat again after he'd already hit me in the head so i shot him to stop him he's sitting on the sidewalk police come up asking what happens and he just sort of in a nonchalant way describes oh my brother-in-law hit me in the back of the head uh with baseball bat and i shot him in self-defense really unemotional uh cool as a cucumber then it was laurie's turn to talk to the police we just lost gotcha how long have you guys lived here okay how long have you lived here like three weeks oh geez yeah okay that's why the neighbors don't know gotcha like hi neighbor sorry the story of what happened to charles and alex and lori's demeanor was suspicious an investigation was immediately launched larry and k woodcock didn't believe it for a second that was the most bullish story that i have ever heard in my life that was a setup a absolute set up murder for hire remember kaye is charles vallo's sister she knew that charles and laurie were having problems charles had recently made kaye the beneficiary to his one billion dollar life insurance policy which lori was about to find out she ran across i imagine she was searching for the uh change of beneficiary form in charles's files she had in arizona and she took a picture of it and she said five kids and and no money and his sister gets everything that was the last interaction with laurie last communication lori's ex-husband's death wasn't the only one being investigated in utah the death of chad dabell's wife tammy was also raising suspicion suddenly tammy dave elchez first wife passes away in her sleep now this is a 49 year old woman she's an avid runner and according to her friends and family was in good health seemed to be in good spirits around the time of her death which really raised a lot of eyebrows chad and tammy dabell were married for 28 years before tammy's death they had five children they lived out in little old salem he held religious positions in the lds ward they were kind of the quintessential latter-day saint couple together chad and tammy started a book publishing company chad was a prolific writer authoring more than 30 books most of them about his past visions and the end of times like-minded authors like chad and tammy's friend julie rowe used the day bells publishing company for their books after tammy's death something chad told julie about a vision that his wife would die now seemed suspicious i did ask him chad do you still see tammy dying and he said yes i do also suspicious chad declined to have an autopsy performed on his wife and there was his behavior at tammy's funeral he recited many things that were not asked for and were concerning the details of her death he told us what happened to her that morning he told us that she had since been to visit him and is helping him set affairs in order giving him direction on how to end how to handle certain children in their future and even where they should live what schools they should go to he told us all this in just the space of two minutes at the funeral he didn't stay there very long he was upbeat he was talking to members of the family like nothing was wrong it didn't seem like he it didn't seem like it mattered all that much most disturbing however just 10 days after tammy's death chad was on a beach in hawaii marrying his new wife lori coming up lori and chad i think she did a bit of chasing she was like a chad groupie and um i think he likes that attention and the dark turn of chad and laurie's religious predictions i'm nick schneider i've taken over charles's body and charles has been killed i'm going to kill you you're during murder today or tomorrow when the doomsday couple a core tv special [Music] continues on november 5th 2019 chad day bell and lori valo exchanged wedding vows on a beach in hawaii chad's wife tammy of 28 years had only been dead for two and a half weeks which for friends and family back in idaho was difficult to comprehend chad marries this woman who is beautiful she's long she's thin she's very athletic it was bizarre that his wife would just die and that he'd hook up with someone so quickly chad who according to court records received 430 dollars in life insurance money tried to explain his wife tammy's death to laurie's friend melanie in a phone call she recorded to go to the doctor there's she just her heart was failing her she was physically falling apart but she hates doctors so she just passed away and there was something else about tammy's death that didn't seem right lori valo used her deceased husband charles vallo's amazon account to order matching wedding rings 17 days before chad dabo's wife passes away how does she know 17 days before timmy debell dies in her sleep that tammy dabo was going to die in her sleep that she has wedding rings prepared so that she can then marry chad dabell chad and laurie's beach wedding came just over a year after they first met at a religious conference lori's friend melody was also there chad was a featured speaker he talked about the different visions he had of what he saw was going to happen in the last days chad's visions which he claimed started after a near-death diving accident when he was a teenager made him a celebrity of sorts within a small community of like-minded mormons that believed the end of the world was imminent i've recently released my autobiography entitled living on the edge of heaven where i tell more about my two near-death experiences he would have meetings with at people's homes where he would sort of promote his books he would usually have 20 30 people he would just talk about the ideas in his books and what he saw in in visions and they were enjoyable to listen to and i felt they were genuine in the lds faith it is accepted for a person to have visions and chad was known for his sixth sense of things that may come or may not come it was a way really for him to connect with other like-minded members of the mormon church to join together with him and share this common special ground according to lori's friend melanie laurie and chad had an instant connection and started communicating and seeing each other to discuss religion and chad's visions in december of 2018 they were featured together in a religious podcast we're gathering together as saints as brothers and sisters and preparing for the second coming of christ it was obvious to melanie gibb that there was some chemistry between chad and laurie and that they were that they had a relationship that went beyond just their doing podcasts together and discussing the end of the world over the next few months lori was also starting to have visions and chad told friends that he had lived several past lives on different planets and that he and laurie had actually been married before the way he described it was that his veil was more open than it had been and he started remembering some of his past lives then in early 2019 chad and lori's beliefs according to friends started getting darker and stranger including visions that certain people around them had turned into zombies their bodies taken over by evil forces one of those people was laurie's husband charles valo her religious stuff has gone way off deeper okay just way off charles was so concerned about lori's behavior he contacted police telling officers that laurie believed he charles had been taken over by a zombie named nick schneider i've tried to support as much as i could but it's gotten really really bad lately she's had a break she says i'm nick schneider i've taken over charles's body and charles has been killed i'm gonna kill you you're gonna be murdered today or tomorrow i would have i could do it about that with my priesthood with my powers she's got she has preschool glasses charles also told the officers that lori had told him that she had special powers and that in a past life she had been married to the angel moroni the figure seen holding a trumpet on top of many lds temples she thinks she's married tomorrow now in the past do you think she's what we're married to moroni top of the temple angel angel and she knows when the second coming is happening next year so there's a prophet scared crap out okay six months later charles valo was dead coming up alex cox a lot of people believe that alex cox is like the family hitman as the bodies start piling up one person seems to be connected to them all he believes that alex cox was the person who fired that shot when the doomsday couple a court tv special [Music] returns [Music] by early march 2020 tiley and jj had been missing for nearly six months lori was in jail chad was back in his family home in eastern idaho neither one were talking investigators released these photos showing tyler jj lori and laurie's brother alex cox the images were taken on september 8th at yellowstone national park they were the last evidence of tiley alive the fbi was now asking for anyone who was at the park that same day to check their photos and send them to investigators this message from the fbi that you know they wanted more information for the public it was very evident that there was a lot of information about this case that maybe they couldn't quite piece together what investigators did know was the last day both tiley and jj were last seen and on both days lori's brother alex cox was there he's there in the yellowstone photos on september 8th and he was also there the last time jj was seen on september 22nd this is doorbell camera video of jj running captured on september 17th the next week on the night of the 22nd lori's friend melanie gibb was visiting lori she brought her boyfriend david warwick the three were recording a religious podcast when alex cox walked in with jj he was staying with alex and alex brought him brought him home and carried him to bed but the next morning both alex and jj were gone and the explanation that laurie gave was bizarre saying her son had turned into a zombie she said that he was being a zombie and climbed up on the cabinets climbed up on top of the fridge smashed her picture of christ down and then climbed up onto the upper cabinets and got between the top of the cabinet in the ceiling i asked to see him and she just said that he was out of control so she had alex come and get him remember it was alex cox that killed lori's fourth husband charles vallo claiming it was self-defense he came at me i shot him there was another incident possibly connected to alex cox in early october of 2019. melanie boudreau lori's niece who moved to rexburg at the same time as lori and alex her soon-to-be ex-husband brandon says somebody tried to kill him 9-1-1 where's your emergency um someone just shot my window someone shot at your vehicle yeah and i hit my window and shattered my driver's side window brandon had dropped off his kids and he was coming back from the gym to his house and as he pulled up to the curb a shot came from a nearby jeep that was parked on the opposite side of the street the bullet hit brandon's tesla missing his head by a few inches the shooter's jeep with texas plates was registered to lori vallo's ex-husband charles who at the time had been dead for more than two months brandon says he didn't get a good look at the shooter but believes he knows who it was he believes that alex cox was the person who fired that shot he knew that alex cox was kind of the family hit man and uh he just fairly quickly came to the conclusion that it was alex cox around the same day brandon was shot at lori was seen with an unidentified male loading a spare tire and what appears to be a vehicle seat in and out of a rexburg storage unit also in october of 2019 another suspicious shooting possibly tied to alex cox 10 days before chad's wife tammy mysteriously died in her sleep she called 9-1-1 to report that she'd been shot at in her driveway by a man wearing a mask she thought maybe it was a paintball gun but now authorities investigating tammy's death aren't so sure it was an indication there may have been something else going on that maybe this might have been a first attempt uh to get her out of the picture and it just didn't work a lot of people believe that alex cox lori's brother is like the family hitman the family assassin every time a body is found or there's a suspicious death alex cox seems to be the common link to all of it tying the story together twelve years before alex killed lori's fourth husband charles he served three months in a texas jail for attacking lori's third husband joseph ryan according to the police report alex cox used a stun gun on joseph ryan and threatened to kill him while accompanying lori during a child custody exchange alex would actually joke about it years later during an open mic comedy routine you ever had something that you knew was the right thing to do but it turns out that later on it was a felony alex cox was a possible suspect in charles vallo's death tammy dabell's death the shooting of brandon boudreau and the disappearances of both tiley and jj of course the connection between alex cox and all of these people was his sister lori they had a very very close relationship when they moved to rexburg he was in the same apartment complex and we know that he also believed the same sort of religious things that lori was believing then on december 12 2019 another 9-1-1 call someone else was dead 9-1-1 where is your emergency i need an ambulance i have a older male here named alex he's uh he just passed out here on though and why it's on my bathroom squeaky's passed out okay you think he's unconscious yes on the same day that investigators were exhuming the body of tammy dabell alex cox mysteriously ended up dead the official cause of death was a pulmonary embolism the children were still missing and now one of the main suspects in their disappearance was gone coming up a major break throughout the uh investigation uh detectives and investigators have uh recovered what's believed to be human remains chad dabel under arrest after tylie and jj are found buried in his backyard they dug a little bit more around the round object which appeared to me to be the crown of a head protruding through the dirt when the doomsday couple a court tv special returns [Music] as spring turned to the summer of 2020 in rexburg idaho there was still no sign of the missing children tyler ryan and jj valo it had been eight months since they'd last been seen their mother lori valo had been in jail since february and her new husband chad day bell was not cooperating with police the couple's bizarre religious beliefs included the thought that the end of the world was coming very soon within weeks people had two ideas they thought either the children are gone and they're dead or they thought that these guys are just crazy preppers and there's a bunker somewhere where these kids are being kept by friends or family friends say chad and lori believe that not only was the end of the world coming but when it happened in july 2020 they would be leading the 144 000 chosen ones mentioned in the bible so the book of revelation has a chapter in which it talks about how when when jesus comes back to the earth or or in anticipation of that then there will be 12 000 elders or members from each of the 12 tribes of israel and so when you do 12 times 12 000 that's how you get to 144 000. chad and lori also believed that evil spirits had taken over the bodies of people around them calling them zombies lori even told her friend melanie gibb that her own children jj and tyler were zombies according to melanie tyley had overheard her mother talking about it on the phone what's most sad about the situation is that kylie heard the conversation she knew that her mother thought that she was turning into a zombie and she actually said no mom it i'm not a zombie it's not me that was probably one of the most heartbreaking pieces of evidence to realize that the 16 year old girl who has been living this life with her mother she knows what a zombie is she knows what it means to be overtaken by a dark spirit she knows what her mom believes what chad believes and what that may mean for her then on june 9th almost nine months to the day after tiley was last seen rexburg police and the fbi served a search warrant on chad dabel's home they'd searched the property before during the winter when the ground was frozen now they were back interested specifically in the backyard i observed the evidence response recovery team and also cadaver dogs working the entire backyard so they worked the pond area and then they had marked off other areas inside the backyard something stood out in the pond area on the north side of the property fresh sod on top of several rocks beneath the rocks some paneling as soon as they removed the paneling i could smell the odor of a decomposing body it was jj the seven-year-old's body was buried in chad dabel's backyard wrapped in plastic and duct tape and then as i cut through the white plastic that's when the you know possible human hair started coming out onto my hands and and that was the point where we determined this is human remains then they started digging in a pet cemetery which chad had talked about in this suspicious text conversation with his late wave tammy on september 9th the day after tiley was last seen alive i've had an interesting morning says chad to tammy i felt i should burn all the limb debris by the fire pit before it got too soaked by the coming storm while i did so i spotted a big raccoon along the fence i hurried and got my gun and he was still walking along i got close enough that one shot did the trick he is now in our pet cemetery fun times when investigators dug up the pet cemetery they found tiley dismembered and burned they had already dug down and located what would appear to be a mass of burnt flesh and charred bone earlier that morning before the remains were located chad daybill was watching the evidence response team in his backyard when he received a call from the madison county jail his wife laurie was calling to say hello [Music] [Music] what an explosive phone call not a lot of said and not a lot can be understood in the conversation but what is explosive is how they're talking you can hear the concern in chad's voice you can tell that he's nervous i love you so much thank you i love you should i try to call you later um i don't know you can try yeah after the phone call from lori chad decided to take off he was picked up and arrested by investigators immediately after they found the first set of remains shortly after the remains were discovered chad davil was taken into custody the community in eastern idaho that had feared the worst but held out hope that the children would be found safe was heartbroken it's crazy to see what's actually happened and what's you know kind of came out of this and it's it's just so devastating especially to the family just hours after the fbi and the police released the crime scene the day bill property back to the family you could start to see spectators community members driving up and leaving flowers teddy bears notes cards and as the hours went by as the days and weeks went by this memorial with photos grew almost the length of the fence line down the day bell property april raymond lori's good friend from hawaii who knew the children very well traveled to idaho to pay her respects i hope that they you know are held accountable and whatever the state of idaho feels that their punishment should be um i feel comfortable with that poor people that or in our family are dead there comes a point where you got to wake up and realize there's some either mental illness there some evil influences there at some point you're going to have to come to that realization that you can't live in this pretended bubble that you believe in anymore it's got to pop eventually because you're not going to come out of jail you're going to be there for the rest of your life for lori and chad their doomsday prediction of a july end of the world has come and gone they remain in jail awaiting trial their story of love religion and death has so many unanswered questions among them why did so many people including two innocent children have to die we may learn some answers as to why so many people had to die and who is responsible in early 2021 when chad and lori are scheduled to go on trial we will be there to watch it all unfold here on court tv i'm ted rollins thanks for watching [Music] [Music]