The Family Farm That Supplies WorldClass Chefs

- [Voiceover] There's three things that are most important to chefs. First is flavor, second is flavor, and third is flavor. Flavor rules. (tractor putting) - [Voiceover] Built on the fertile former-lake-bottom soil of northern Ohio, The Chef's Garden is a 300-acre family farm that grows specialty produce for some of the world's best restaurants. - The Chef's Garden is a small family farm that has the good fortune of working directly with some of the greatest chefs in the world. In many cases we're working with plant growers that are breeding to be able to create new plants, not genetic modification but genetic selection. - [Voiceover] The farm grows produce of all shapes and sizes, like miniature carrots, these white strawberries, and almost 100 varieties of microgreens. But the Jones family wasn't always The Chef's Garden. - My parents had had some very successful years. In 1983 they had a very devastating hailstorm and ultimately the farm collapsed. We were dealt a new deck of cards and found opportunity within a disaster. We met a European-influenced Chef, Iris Baylen. Said: "Grow me varieties for flavor. "Grow me varieties without chemical. "I want a zucchini bloom." Thought this lady was absolutely crazy. Little did we know, she knew a heck of a lot more about it than we did. And that really opened our eyes to another whole world out there. We hooked up with some really great chefs early on, folks like Danielle Balou and John George Von Richten and Alain Ducasse and Michel Richard, and then Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter and Ritz Carlton chefs and Four Season chefs. And they've allowed us an existence in agriculture. We're indebted to those chefs that have given us the privilege and the path to be able to follow our dream of farming. So it's that symbiotic relationship of chef and farmer working together for the greater good. And here we are 35 years later still working to get better. - To the best of our ability, right now, in this place, I think we're doing the right thing, and I think that trumps every other reason for whatever you do in this life. (soft acoustic guitar music)