The First Gaming Easter Egg

it's a time-honored thing to put your name on your artistic productions writers have their name on the book painters write their name in the corner why couldn't videogame designers have their name in their games this is a story about one man who took on a giant tech company and changed the gaming world in the process [Music] my name is Warren Robinett I'm the creator of adventure the first action adventure game this was a video game that I wrote working for Atari in the late 70s they treated us badly in several different ways no royalties no name on the box no external recognition being told that we were easily replaceable disrespected us so Ward hatched the perfect plan what I did was I hid my name in the game in a secret room that was really hard to get to when you got in there the screen filled up with a flashing movie marquee that said created by Warren Robinett Atari shipped out 200,000 copies of adventure before anyone discovered Warren's secret room how did they find out about that 15 year old boy in Salt Lake City wrote a letter to Atari and he very clearly explained how to get into the secret room and warden wasn't worried at all about repercussions what are they gonna do take away my royalty well they weren't giving us any royalties fire me so happened I had already quit but to warden surprise his act of rebellion was well received by Ataris new lead game designer Steve Wright he's musing to himself about this situation and he said it was kind of cool to have hidden surprises and video games it's like waking up on Easter morning and going out and finding colored Easter eggs under the bushes and flowers everything ended all right for Warren Robinett you can't say the same for Atari Atari actually collapsed in one year it imploded personally I think there's some poetic justice there that the big powerful rich New York pushy guys could not defeat the one little 26 year old programmer who just had a sneaky idea and pulled it off without telling anybody [Music] you