The First Tree Full Story All Cutscenes No Commentary Steam Indie Adventure Game 2017

[Music] are you awake I thought I heard you get up yeah I'm awake sorry I just can't sleep are you thinking about about him yeah a bit usually get back to sleep my love I'm fine no no it's okay what else is on your mind I don't know it seems weird but I had one of the most vivid dreams of my life I saw a fox on a snowy mountain just looking confused and worried those eyes I can't get those eyes out of my head she was running in the windy snow looking for something do you think asked to do with with you and what's been going on I don't know it was just a dream Rachel they're not meant to make sense a lots happened the past couple days that's all well if you're not going to sleep anyway you should tell me I want to hear all right [Music] so not far from her home she followed that path to something unexpected she couldn't stay though she had to find her other two children so she took that path she followed it towards something ancient something with answers [Music] [Music] the Fox looked high and low searching for any sign of her cubs quince of light showed the way to this ancient tree It was as if each one had a story to tell all their own the land was trying to tell my story too I felt like I was right behind her the whole time [Music] as a kid did you ever do show-and-tell in your class yeah I think I only did it once when I was in the fourth grade you know how my life was around then I wanted to show my class what helped pass the time and distract me so I brought a dozen paper cranes I had made I think I told everyone how badly I wanted to be a bird and fly embarrassingly enough don't be embarrassed every kid wants to fly for me it was another toy for my dad a wooden boat remember guarding it so carefully in my hand as I walked into class when I sat down a group of boys immediately made fun of it they asked which Trash Can I found it in Hawaiian ugly log was my favorite toy when I got up I didn't even want to tell them my dad had carded I said it was a joke gift my friends at given me kids can be so clean some of them are I shouldn't have let them get to me but it did it's amazing we bounce back at all do you remember what my dad did for a living wasn't he like a lumberjack that's one way of putting it if wood was a canvas then a carving knife was his paintbrush even after working a 50-hour week even after his hands were more splinters than skin he would bring home the nicest piece of Alaskan weeping cedar and make me toys that wooden train was the first toy I can remember and I loved it I just knew from a young age I was going to be a lumberjack like my father usually those kids would leave me alone but somehow they could tell I was different they made fun of how far away I lived they called my dad a sourdough I was a blabbermouth as a kid telling my dad stories I made up for hours but after that show-and-tell didn't tell him much anymore he didn't know exactly what was wrong but his best guess that the toys he carved weren't cool enough he carved me a tank he tried to tell me what it was like to be in a real tank as a serviceman I didn't know your dad was in the military yeah in the army the sad thing is that I pretty much forgotten until just now there's so much I still don't know about him I'm sorry he knows how much you love him you're going to see him again soon and have some closure I'm sure the older I got the more I withdrew I asked myself why talk to anybody anyway why bother and I'm happy by myself I started drawing a lot mostly animals I saw in the woods by my home I then imagine designing my own hideouts with things like TVs and pantries full of chips and cookies I think that idea of leaving home and drawing blueprints started my career I found a lot of solace in that I'm not surprised but I did the same thing you know there is something special about having a place to call your own and now look at us well you count renting in an overpriced city it's as close as we can get for now my teenagers were full of sketching angst and trouble I wasn't popular or unpopular maybe just forgettable I guess that gave me a sense of freedom so I hung out with crazy kids doing crazy things even though I mostly just watched the chaos ensue we did it all put fireworks and mailboxes I had a roadkill in people's garages break windows of the barbershop and anchorage my dad was furious but he was so busy working he couldn't do much to stop me from going out I think being an adult means there's no one to stop you making hard decisions he had to make a living and he couldn't be in two places at once yeah I realize that now but at the time I was sure he was more interested in growing his business than what was going on with me he was working another late night and my friends were over saying how bored they were and how they had come all the way out to my house for nothing one of them mentioned how that old ugly beyond belief truck was still in the garage and how I should take it for a spin I was only 15 so I kind of fought it for a while the next thing I knew we were craning around the mountain path rocks spitting onto the sides of the cliff while my dad's cringe-worthy bluegrass blared out the speakers I drove while my friends are in the back of that yellow and purple truck throwing beer bottles and trash at anything remotely interesting felt like I was soaring in the air with borrowed wings but all good things have endings a cop outside of Eagle River pulled us over after he saw us in a bottle rocket into someone's yard what followed was a long night of talking to disappointed adults and feeling smaller than ever after he drove me home from the police station I blew up at him saying how I never wanted to be like him I was gonna be someone and leave that hick icebox for good he just looked forward at the road with tired eyes I took out that bluegrass tape from the cassette deck and chucked it out the window in my sage teenage wisdom I thought I approved the ultimate point but my dad had a different idea he slammed the brakes slowly bowed his head while gripping the steering wheel and finally looked at me all he said like it was a polite request was make this right i sat there in silence fuming but I eventually got out and combed every square inch of the woods muttering profanity after profanity I found it 30 minutes later near a small waterfall off the road I went back to the truck put the wet tape back in and sure enough it worked we didn't speak another word to each other the rest of the night wow I knew you were a crazy teenager but it's hard to believe isn't it surprises me too it's like I didn't really know who that kid was back then but my dad thought the same thing over and over it's almost like he was saying make this right to himself more than to me my friends would laugh about talk about how crazy it was and I laughed along pretending it didn't bother me but it did I'm abdun my friends growing old in the bush and able to find that thrill and there's godforsaken ice dunes it's like those mountains with a little wall keeping me from leaving where all I would have to look forward to our lumber yards and evening beers I had a climate that was my only goal for a long time if there was some way I could take my love of drawing and turn it into a way of escape nothing would make me happier I wanted to create instead of tearing trees down I wanted to move to the lower 48 not because I hated it there in Alaska but I hated the idea of it it's like all of that spite inside me had created this monster which followed me around my whole teenage years I put so much energy into doing what others didn't expect of me why did I do that there's one fact you're forgetting though if you didn't have that fire in you we probably would have never met you're absolutely right maybe the destination is all that matters in the end but then why am I awake why am I seeing this Fox gone her journey and why can't I stop thinking about my dad and our property there were old abandoned pieces of a shed and car long left unused I used to ask him all the time who those people were that left all this junk and I'm sure he got so tired of hearing it that he made up some elaborate stories how a brown bear ate them and haunted the woods afterwards what's funny is I think it made those people seem more real growing up thinking they were still hanging out like they couldn't say goodbye I used to tell my friends how I could swear I saw spirits move near the water and that always freaked them out I guess it didn't bother me because the way I saw it they were normal people with old cars and sheds just trying to figure out how to survive to be happy in the middle of nowhere it was a cool thought that they didn't want to leave but you know I was a weird kid well you had good company since those ghosts like living in a place where they were brutally devoured [Music] we were happiest underneath the evergreens we decided it was time to finally map out the hundreds of acres we lived on just the past the time during the summer he was only free in the evenings so I would spend the day wasting time on dial-up internet and sketching and then we would rush into the woods pen and map in hand before evening fell sometimes the aurora borealis would cast a cold green glow on the mountainside and we would finish our route underneath a twilight sky sometimes I was lonely during those summer days but there was comfort in the routine a lot of teenagers aren't looking for the daily grind though there's nothing wrong with wanting to get out to leave your childhood home you wanted to progress to make something of yourself yeah you're right that house I'm sure it's the same as how I left it but then why does it feel so different I doubt you're the only adult to have looked back and asked that question my dad built a lot of stuff in his free time if he wasn't watching fly-fishing or reading Tom Clancy novels he was carving something he made tons of birdhouses not that he was into bird-watching I think he really missed working and heading on to the home if he couldn't afford the time to build onto our own house you'd have to settle with watching Birds move into their little homes we kept them old mattress in the bed of that ugly yellow truck so we would drive it deep into the woods and then watch the birds fly into their houses while the Sun set usually it was accompanied by venison jerky or a cold coke but not a lot of talking which is how we both liked it even at my most distant at the times when I detested him the most he kept reaching out for a year straight he asked me every week when we were going camping I thought he was just dense eventually to shut him up I agreed we carried out the Warren lawn chairs from the garage and set up a cinderblock camp tire at the site we had always used behind the house we walked down the mountain paths talking the warm sunshine we only got a couple months of the year those three obsidian rocks shimmered alongside the shore almost like sparklers pressed against a dark window I'll never forget that whetstone on my feet or how those massive mountains looked even bigger in the lakes collection I felt small but grateful as the sunset my dad found something I hadn't seen for a long time the tree where I'd made my first carving when I was six I hadn't even carved it my dad had helped me and I still called it my tree something about seeing my name there made me open up and we talked about everything that night in that old camouflage tent I told him how much I loved sketching and design and how it would be a dream to study architecture in Seattle I told him how I didn't get along with my friends much anymore but that I didn't mind being alone he told me he was there for me and he joked that if all he had to do was write my name on a tree to finally get him to talk he would have left me carved Logs with novels on them in front of my room every morning I don't know why it took me that long to realize it but it was then I knew how much he had sacrificed for me [Music] the perpetrator stood nearby unfazed like nothing was wrong my dad is dead and he's never coming back Rachel oh I can tell you these stories I can never reminisce with him again he can never hold a grandchild that will probably never be able to have I can never talk to him again and I'll never be able to say I'm sorry for everything [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I need to go to bed I just can't talk about this anymore good night Joseph you can't go to sleep feeling like this I'm sorry for everything and I know you need space but I'm here for you you don't need to feel so lost you know what it's like not to have a mom at home and you know how hard that made my childhood what healthy was watching the birds in the morning before the school bus came I thought that my mother was one of those birds and it made me want to be free like her my mom taught me how to fold origami cranes while she was in the hospital so I told myself I would fold one every day until I could fly myself I think we both have always loved animals and for me that love started with a dog sometimes this Rottweiler would come up to our property line and wait at the fence for me but only once in a while I was sure to check every day immediately after school and it usually ended in disappointment I would even steal money from my past out dad just so I could buy these off-brand dog biscuits even when she did stop by she never went beyond the fence why was she so scared I think my dad was the opposite of your dad and almost every way except he was in the military as well he coped with alcohol of every kind the trailer started falling apart he got angry and I withdrew more and more I became the weird quiet kid who made lots of work on me birds and Carrie talked this gets around I think we were pretty similar when it came to being the weird kids and that same sincerity in college was one of the reasons I was so drawn to you life got worse and worse and at one point I really didn't think I could survive another day with ISIL still intact I had no real friends let alone neighbors since we lived in the middle of nowhere I should have talked to my teacher but I was scared what he would do if he found out as I waited for the school bus one morning I walked around until I found something in an abandoned shed something I can't put into words I summoned courage I didn't know I had and I broke into my dad's room and found the key to the shed where he had locked my bike I'll never forget that feeling the wind rushing by my ears as the Sun rose over fields of wheat I was flying for the first time I biked as far as my legs could take me until I found a house that felt friendly and that felt like home those strangers helped me in so many ways and if it wasn't for them I would have found my foster family and if it wasn't for my parents I wouldn't have met you you have strength Joseph and you're not as alone as you think it's all just so pointless just waiting for life to happen it's like having the pony I always wanted is cursed out of my reach I thought of being a parent myself how could I do that when I couldn't even be a good son I'm sorry I know what you're saying I just don't know how things will work out these quiet hours with the turn in two years will wonder which roads passed us by and will forge a new road together besides I discovered for myself that one fateful morning where any hopeful road leads to there may be thorns and mist but it always leads to the same thing and what's that family I'm so glad that you're part of my family Rachel and I'm glad you're part of mine Fox knew her last cub would be waiting for her at the first tree she was almost there the rain cascaded onto the Jade Valley where the entrance to the tree was life was protected there because that's where life began it was now only a mother and a daughter left items from my life still dotted the ground that she moved closer to her destination and destiny at the end of high school I felt something I hadn't felt in a long time drive I looked into the best architecture schools on the west coast and got a dose of reality when looking at other students portfolios in the high cost of tuition I still wanted to be something to be the next Alvaro Siza and to make those thousands of sketches worth something in my grant history but now even an internship sounds impossible Cesar helped me understand how essential emotion is in architecture and he also said light is the real composure of space I like to think these glints of light like not finding a job or even a strange dream about a fox or something I should be thankful for even if the illuminated space is something I'm less than comfortable with my dad was super supportive with my college plans to a point things were okay until this terrible accident happened I guess a forklift flipped over due to a bad axle and it crushed one of the workers there my dad didn't eat for days even though he wasn't directly involved it devastated him not only did it hurt the business but it just freaked him out you were talking to sleep muttering things about firing people and saying sorry one fateful day he approached me said that since my school search wasn't going well I should finally be a man and take over the family business he said one day he was going to die and that all of his work sacrifice and even that man's life would be wasted in vain I just lost it teenaged me just exploded at the thought I screwed up I said things I shouldn't have he was having a crisis and I pretty much spit in his face was that the last time you talked to him no I caught on holidays and he would call on my birthday I guess we acted like nothing ever happened which was stupid didn't want to ask about his lumberyard and I'm sure he didn't want to ask about my job search I never went back and visited I think the last conversation we had was about what movies we had seen and what exactly a best boy is in the credits I thought he would be here so much longer there was a letter I received yesterday from a name I didn't recognize with a quote I can't stop thinking about death is not the opposite of life but a part of it more and more I'm realizing one important truth each of us have our own journey to the first tree but sometimes I'm not sure I'm ready to take that first step you already have my love I guess her journey was over but I have no idea it's only a dream a distraction from tomorrow I don't think dreams normally bring back to memory so many important feelings maybe it was just a dream but it was also a gift yeah I suppose but tomorrow we're getting on a plane that the last place on earth I want to be the only person that would have made the trip worth it is gone you're going to see him and be with him one last time before you say goodbye I have one last quote for you by Emerson sealed in an imaginary letter from me to you it is the secret of the world that all things have cysts and do not die but only retire a little from sight and afterward return again go to sleep my love we have a big day tomorrow but I'll be there with you every step of the way thank you thanks for listening good night Rachel goodnight Joseph what the hell [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music] [Music]