The Flowers Of War Christian Bale Ni Ni مترجم

After twenty days of continuous bombing, Nanking finally fell to the Japanese. It was December the 13th, 1937. I remember everyone was running that day, but no one could escape that heavy fog. Major Li only had a few men left. Nanking was no longer able to put up a fight, and those left behind, ran for their lives. Stop counting. Shu and two others are missing. Let us in! There's no room! Find your own place to hide! I said, there's no more room! Let's go. Keep going! Hey. There are people inside. Who is there? Come out! Come out! Bastards! Go to hell! Stop! Turn around! Turn around! Don't move! American. From the refuge. What? American. Not soldier. John Miller. Raise your hands! Working at the church. Raise your hands! I said raise your hands! Separated... You separated from your families? You... families... separated? I'm... going to... Winchester Cathedral. You know where it is? Where? Mister. Did you say... Did you say "mister?" Who said "mister?" You speak English? We are from Winchester Cathedral. Say that again. We are from Winchester Cathedral. You're kidding? We are students at the convent. You going there? Why do you want to go there? I'm helping to bury your father. Well, not your father father... Father Ingleman. Father Ingleman, yeah. I'm helping burying him. Father Ingleman, I'm sending him off... to heaven or wherever. You show me the way? Peng, move to the flank, prepare to engage. Damn it, are you deaf? Major Li, we are the last ones left. We should leave the city now. Keep fighting. Yes sir. Got you! Let's go. Yes sir. That way! Up there, on the right! On the left! Fire! Cover them! The Chinese army didn't have adequate weapons to destroy the enemy's tanks, so they employed a tactic from ancient warfare. They formed a human shield to get a bomb close to the tanks. At the time, the Chinese people couldn't bear the thought of losing their country, and such selfless acts were not uncommon. Zhen! Let me go! Zhen! Come on! Father Ingleman... fly away. Fly away? On here, Japanese, bomb. - He flew away with the bomb, right. - Yes. Why was the deceased out here? - Gu. All because of Gu. - Gu? He said, bad smell. He moved the body here. Who's Gu? Gu is our cook. He ran away. He leaves some students here. Some students took away by parents. Some students nowhere to go. So who's inside? Just you and the girls? Just you and the girls. Even without a body, you gotta pay me. No. No... You gotta pay me. No. That's the rule. There's nothing I can do about it. With what I came through, I should raise the price. So is the money inside? No. No money. Money? Inside? No. Come on. There's no money inside? No. Let's look. It's a Catholic church. There's gotta be some cash inside. No. No? You say anything but no? Can you fix truck? Help us. Leave Nanking. Fix this truck? For free? No. I can take parts, sell parts. You got tools? No. Let's get inside. Zhen didn't even make a noise. Even when they stabbed her over and over, yet she didn't make a noise. It's all my fault. It's not your fault. It is your fault. Your father promised to take us on a boat and leave Nanking. Where is he? He ran off. We waited and waited and now the Japanese are here. Now the Japanese are everywhere, and it's too late to go to the refuge. Zhen died because of your father! Shut up! What are you doing? Stop! Stop fighting! Hey. Hey. Hey! Stop! Stop! I'm John. Hi. I'm American. He's the mortician for Father's funeral. I know it's hard. But you've gotta stop fighting everybody. You know you two... you've seen enough... seen enough tragedy for a lifetime today. I can't... um... I'm not good with kids. Let's go. You want some flour? You like some flour? - Make some bread for the girls. - Buns. Buns. Buns, whatever. Let's go find the collection box. Where? - Upstairs? - No. Oh, nice. Forget going back to the refuge, I think I'm bunking here tonight. He's grim, who's that? Is that Father Ingleman? Yes. These North Europeans they're all like, you know, tuna, playwrights, not much fun. Look at that face, he's ruining the... What do you call it? Feng... Fengshui? I can't have a priest staring at me - while I'm sleeping. - No... My father. Me... orphan... adopted. I'm sorry. But I just... It's not good for me to have a priest staring at me while I'm sleeping. I can't. Please, I gotta just... there, better. You got any drink around here? No. You're a church. You got wine, something? Nothing. Nothing? - No. - No, no... That's a shaving kit. What a jerk! I said you are a jerk! What did you say your name was? George Chen. George. Tomorrow, you fix truck, help us. Fix truck? No money! Money, George. Gu. Open the door, it's Ling. Can you hear me Gu. Open up. It's Ling. Did you really make a deal with him? Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't have brought you here. Gu. Open the door, it's Ling. Gu, have you gone deaf? Someone's here. Where's Gu? Ask him to come out. Go to the refuge on the west side. Leave now, go to the refuge. No, we're here for Gu. Gu's not here. Bullshit! Get out of my way! Gu told me, this church is under Western protection. The Japanese can't come in. Bastard! I served Gu all night for free, he promised to let us stay. Ask that bastard Gu to come out! He's really not here. How come? He ran off this morning. You should go to the refuge. We're not leaving. Hey! How dare you! Hurry. Go to the refuge! To the refuge! The refuge doesn't even have space left for maggots. Please, have some mercy and let us in. Don't jump. They're from the red-light district. What's that? It means brothel. They were the famous women of the Qin Huai River. The myths surrounding them were as ancient as the city of Nanking. That's a Westerner! Is he a priest? No way. What kind of priest would be such a flirt? Who cares, as long as he can protect us. True. Come up here. This was stolen from the bowels of hell. Long time not make bread. Long time not make bread? No bread? Not tonight, tonight we're having bread. These women quickly took over the cellar. It was once a filthy, messy place, but within hours, they had transformed it into the Qin Huai River. The fragrance of rouge and perfume danced up through the air. I can smell the bread. We are coming up! I couldn't stop them. Hello. I remember when I first saw these women, they were tramps, parading around in their lingerie, not the graceful ladies that the legends of Qin Huai had portrayed them to be. Look, this should be good. George, you little shit, you said there was no wine here. Excuse me. What's he saying? Holy hooch! How dare you drink the wine! Now the Westerner knows about the wine. We sell the wine to raise money for orphans. We're all orphans. We also need help. That's right. What are they saying? They said they're orphans! Orphans? Well, I'd like to adopt all of you, right now. Adopt all of us? You would not be able to cope. You are not the only ones who speak English! That's right! You speak English? The Westerner is a playboy. Of course! Haven't you heard? Westerners with beards are the horniest! No wonder she is the top girl of the Qin Huai River. Mo, use all of your skills. Seduce him! That's right. Make the big nose go crazy for us! My name is John. And you are? Yu Mo. Yu Mo. I like that. So what do you and your companions do? We are kindergarten teachers. Really? Kindergarten teachers. Shameless. And you? What do you do? I'm also a kindergarten teacher. So as, teacher to teacher, you wanna... get together and have a cup of joe, or... What're those two yapping about? Tell me. Nothing. He's asking your price. I told him. He thinks you are too cheap. There's no coffee. Let's get liquored up. Cheers. The kindergarten fee is enough? You coming? I want you to take us out of Nanking. Yeah. Right. We do this first? I'm serious. Why else you think we were flirting with you? Out of Nanking, how? I don't know how, but I know your face is the way out of here. The Japanese won't touch Westerners. Did you see it out there? That's not happening. No. Cash enough? Cause... let's... Are you kidding? Are you kidding? Wait... Let's work this out. Let's work it out. Think about it. If you help us, I will thank you in ways you can never imagine. All of us Will. Can I get an advance? The Japanese have posted a notice, whoever harbors soldiers will be shot. I'll shoot you first. Little bastard. Open up. Carry that guy in. Get up. Get some water. Hurry up! What a temper. He thinks he's so tough. He thinks he's a hero. Since he's fighting the Japanese, protecting Nanking and women like us, he feels he is entitled to have a temper. Women like us need to hide here. But if he hides here, he's a coward. True. Yeah, what a sissy! Got scissors? Thanks. - You ruined my dress! - Don't touch him! Save your attitude for the Japs. They are searching for Chinese soldiers like you. You are endangering us! There are convent girls here, too. Understand? Towel. What a handsome face. Dou has good taste in men. I mean he looks like my brother. Are you hot for him? No, he really looks like my brother. You have a crush on him. No, I don't. Dou, cool off. He doesn't even have hair down there! He was homeless, so our troop took him in. He's called Pu Sheng. He's just a child. Why are you leaving him with us? Get some cloth, tighten the bandage so he won't bleed too much. It's the best I can do. I want him to be in a warm place before he dies. Thank you. Please wait. What do you want? We have sharp tongues, and we were very rude. I hope you can forgive us. Don't point a gun at a man of the cloth. Mo. Like me as a priest? Do you? I dressed up for you. I got a chance now? Is he the priest? Does he belong to the church? You can say that. What, the bank's closed for me, but he gets... He gets a special soldier discount or something? Please tell him, the students can't end up in the hands of the Japanese. Otherwise my men would have died for nothing. What's wrong with you? I want to help you. I've joined the priesthood. Stop it. It's not the right time. You don't want cash. You want me to save you. I'm gonna save your soul. I'll absolve you of your sins tonight. Blessed are thee among women. Blessed are thy lips, blessed are thy eyes, blessed are thy hips... Don't. And thy gams, and thy chest... Stop it! - Stop it! - I gotta... Stop it! You drunk bastard! This is a house of love not war, you get out of here. Who's he really? An idiot. Don't mind him. Fine, I'll leave now. See, I'm the only man for you. You're such a fool! If it wasn't for your foreign face... I like it when you're angry. I wouldn't even look at you! Harder. I'll never be into you. Come here. Get off me! I love that! I love seeing you walk away. I love seeing that ass. Mo! Mo! That night, Major Li didn't go far. He stayed at the paper shop across the street. I know, he could have changed into civilian clothing and fled. I said you can't go in! Little sister, we won't shit or piss in there. We just want to wash up. We always wash before bed-time. Bed-time? Morning for you is night for us. Little sister... Don't call me sister! You want to start a fight? The bathroom is for people. You mean we are not people? You know what you are! You've got some nerve! We won't share the bathroom with you! What a temper! Sorry, go back to your rat hole. What the hell? She's humiliating us. She thinks we are filthy. Little bitch! You're the bitch! Watch your mouth! Ling, want to see a good fight? Really? I thought you'd only fight for Mo. Let's pull down your pants and see what you are made of. Don't touch me, you filthy whore! Let's find out if you really are cleaner than us. Stop it! It's not fair! I don't have to hit you, I can just crush you with my butt! I don't give a damn, I'm going in. I won't let you go in! Stop fighting! What's going on? Stop! What are you doing? Are you crazy? We are just kids! Hua, that's enough. No, it's not over! I won't let you go in! Japanese! Go to the cellar, I'll tell the others! Search the yard! Split up! Hurry! Go to the cellar! Come in, hurry! Don't shut it, let the girls in. Let the girls in! Hurry! Don't move! Lieutenant Asakura! Come over here! Upstairs! Hurry! Let's move the shelves! There are girls here! Search everywhere! Capture them alive! Lieutenant Asakura! Come up here! We've got virgins! Hurry! Stop! Girls! Girls! Stop! Stop! Stop! This is a house of the Lord! These are children! You are breaking the laws of man and of God! No soldiers here! You have no business being here! I am the priest! And I command you, in the name of the Father to leave now! Girls, you come up here now! Come up these stairs, and stand behind me. You're honorable men, behave honorably! I'll eat you up. Stop! Stop this! Stop! Run! Stop this! Don't... Chinese soldiers! Get them! Let's go! Assemble outside! Roll call! Prepare for combat! The sniper is across the street! To your left! It's a trap! Find the enemy! Damn it! He's in the building there! Use the grenades! Behind us! Fire! Keep firing! Hold your fire! Wait! Fire! First platoon to the back gate! Second platoon to the front gate! Colonel, he used to work for the traffic department. Most roads in Nanking are destroyed. Having him can be useful. Speak Japanese? Yes. Were our soldiers here recently? Are you the resident priest? Yes. Father, I apologize on behalf of our soldiers. Please understand. In the middle of a war, occasional unfortunate behavior is inevitable. Your church is very beautiful. How do you do? Are you students here at the convent? So sorry to have caused you alarm. Please... don't hurt the children any more. Naturally. My name is Hasegawa. I am responsible for the safety of this area. Please do not worry... about the security of the church and the students. I apologize... but I have no confidence... in that assurance. My guarantee is effective. From now on, I shall post armed guards in front of the church to protect you all. There is not a lot of food in Nanking at the moment. I hope the students will not go hungry. May I? Thank you. Did you like it? This is a Japanese folk song, "My Home." It is about hills and rabbits, and streams full of fish. It is the most beautiful song in the world for those who are homesick. Do the students sing well? Very well, yes. That's good. I shall come back in a couple of days to hear them. Why? No reason. I happen to love music. Father, we shall meet again soon. I hope you will not be lonely buried together. Father John. You won't leave us, will you? We shouldn't have taken over your cellar. Sorry. If we hadn't fought with that girl, she would still be alive. This is all our fault. Thank you. Why not answer Shu? She called me Father John. We all need you. I'm a mortician. You are priest. No. - If we have a priest... - George. Maybe Japanese... not dare... You are priest! George, I'm not. I'm not a priest. I'm not! I stayed here, because I was looking for your cash. And because that's the nicest bed that I've slept in in years. I didn't get there. But is that like a priest? I'm not a priest! I'm not. I took catechism lessons as a kid. Sometimes I remember that when I'm drunk, which I am as often as I can be. You not be priest. Tell girls yourself. You little shit! You are. We've heard about what happen today. So you're staying? Yeah. Even though you were a drunk bastard last night, what you did today makes you a hero. I'm sorry about last night. Yeah. I can't leave them by themselves. And that little shit has a way of just... you know. What do you think the Japanese are up to? Are they really here to protect the students? We were counting on having you help us leave Nanking. But I guess now you'll have to stay here and be a priest. Yeah, right. Priest. Actually, I came to tell you, our offer is still good. We still want you to help us escape. As soon as the Japanese guards are gone. Just now the ladies were having a bet. They said that hero or no hero, you don't stand a chance when you're up against a beauty like me. Don't flatter yourself. We'll see. Did you like it? I only have one string. It sound like a beggar's plea. Even worse. You're Pu Sheng. Born in the Pu region? My family is also from there. When you're healthy, I'll take you to the biggest dance hall, to see the prettiest girls. Thank you. Little hometown fellow, don't thank me, marry me. I'll work in the fields with you. I don't have... fields. What do you have then? I don't have anything. Then I'll play my pipa everyday. When I play, you hold out a bowl. We'll beg for food and feed your mom. I don't have a mother. Everyone in my family is dead. If you had just come with me, this wouldn't have happened. You were so stubborn, and wouldn't leave without your classmates. How could I have gotten that many boat tickets? Because of you, I'm staying in Nanking. Tell me, what's this? Explain to me, why do you do this? If I don't do this, I can't survive. I'm doing this for you. You must believe me, I would never do anything bad. Daughter, I will find a way to get you out of Nanking. No wonder there were no boat tickets. Traitor! You work for the Japanese? Since I cannot save my country, cannot save others, I can only try to save myself. I'm already doing my best, you know. Do you think it's easy working for the Japanese? It's good you work for the Japanese, that helps us. What is your plan for your daughter? I would like to try, and use my connections with the Japanese to get my daughter out of the city. Not to the refuge? The refuge? It's not safe there at all! What's your plan for the rest of the girls? Mr. Meng? I have this truck. If I can get the right tools, then maybe I can get it started. Can you help me? I have a list here. Mr. Meng. I need these tools. Can you help me get them? You're the only one who can get them for me. I need these tools. I need these tools. Take this. Take this. If I fix the truck... If I fix the truck, what then? How would I know? Wait, wait. If I fix the truck, what would I need then? Of course you'll need a permit. I need a permit? I need a permit. Don't look at me. It's too risky! Even if you fix the truck, how would you get past the Japanese guards? I don't know. I don't know how long the guards will stay here. But I want to get that truck started for when they leave. It seems that you know more than just drinking. I don't think she likes seeing us together. She has a crush on you. Really? You know, I was like her. Yeah? I was at a convent for six years. That's where you learned your English? What happened? Just another story of misfortune. It wouldn't interest a passerby like yourself. Yeah, it would. Tell me. Tell me. I was never meant to be like this. Never mind. You know what? I was the best in my English class, but everyone used to mock me. They said I put on airs and graces and acted like I was the Queen of England. Well, that's not what you were going to tell me, but... So... the Queen of England. You mean you're not? I thought... yeah. Like Shu, I too had a crush on someone. But he was a young, fresh-faced guy, got the most beautiful eyes, not a dirty, bearded man like you. OK. It's rotten. Sister. Sister. What are you saying? Sister... Hurry... Pu Sheng, I'm here. Thunder... What are you trying to say? Rain... Rain... What rain? It's death weeping for you. The wheat is drying outside... Don't let it get soaked. That was the soldier that the officer brought. I heard he was about our age. Which officer? The officer who saved us that day. He hid the soldier inside the cellar, and the women were taking care of him. Actually those women from the brothel... are not that bad. Where's Dou? Lan's missing too. Really? Haven't seen them for a while. Are they still in the cellar? Have you seen Dou? Dou and Lan got out. How? Where did they go? Dou insisted on getting pipa strings. She wanted to play the pipa for Pu Sheng. She said he had a hard life, and he was like her brother. She wanted to play something nice for him, but one string wasn't enough, she needed three more. What about Lan? Why did she go? She said she left her earrings behind. How could they leave? The Japanese are guarding the gates. I don't know how they got out. They disappeared when it was dark. Dou said that if she didn't go soon it would be too late for him. Why didn't you stop them! I tried, but it didn't work! What happened? Dou and Lan snuck out on their own. Dou and Lan? How? How did they leave? I don't know. You know when? No. Where did they go? They went back to our brothel to get pipa strings. You want me to... go find them? Yeah. Mo, I'm not sure... Please. Please. Please! Alright, it's safer for me than anyone else, so I'll try. I'll try. If I can leave. If they let me leave. Candles, food. There is no food. They need food. With no food. No singing. Hasegawa asks girls to sing. Sing for the girls. Hasegawa asks. But no singing with no food. And candles for Hasegawa. I go get food. Girl sing. Hasegawa happy. Yes? I go now. George, you're not coming. I go, for food? Yes? George, you're not coming. Go back inside! Yes? Make Hasegawa happy. Go! This is fine, I go. Thank you. Officer, is he allowed to leave? We've been told not to let the girls leave. But he's the priest. Terry? Terry. John? I tried getting back, I tried getting back to the refuge. I got stuck. I couldn't get back. I was trying to get back. I'm sorry. I thought you were... I figured you were dead. I'm looking for two women, they got shiny dresses. I need to find them. They are in trouble. Why are you dressed like this? What is this? I got drunk, I woke up, I was just... dressed as a priest. Who is this? This is George. This is George. Have you seen them? Seen who? The women! There're women piled up all over the street. You haven't seen them? No, I haven't seen any women. No. You think it's safe to be looking at the women right now? Can you help me with tools? Tools for what? I gotta fix a truck. Fix a truck for what? I gotta help George, I gotta help some girls, I gotta help some women, they're prostitutes, and I gotta help them. What? Are you kidding me? You're talking about prostitutes and trucks, and tools. I'm talking about not dying in China. I'm leaving right now. You're leaving Nanking right now? Do you wanna go? There's a boat. It's waiting for us. I'm leaving right now! If you wanna go, then let's go! It's your last chance. I gotta find them. I can't leave. Are you kidding me right now? I'll see you, Terry! I'll see ya. Take off your coat! Hurry! They went that way. Those are their coats. Look! Those are young girls' coats! The girls can't be far. Oh no, I dropped the strings! Forget it. No, I have to find them. Over there! Don't shoot! Lan! Lan! Don't run! Bitch! Go to hell! We'll deal with her later. Let's catch the other one. Let's go! Here she is! Why am I always the last one? You shouldn't have shot the other girl. It's not fair! Hurry! Fuck you! Fuck you all! Bitch! You bit me! I'll kill you! What an idiot! You got bitten! You can only handle the dead one upstairs! Is it? George, yes? Is it? Is it? Yes? Stay there, stay there. They were on their way back. It was a stray bullet or... maybe... I don't know. I don't think they suffered. I don't think so. Is that true? Yes. He said Dou and Lan were hit by stray bullets that they didn't suffer. Come in. George. Come in. George. It's me. I only have two minutes. The guards finally let me in. These tools you need. Thank you. Now, listen to me. - This permit was for my daughter. - Right. But I can't carry out my plan. You are my only hope now. The Japanese don't trust me any more. You are a Westerner. You can help her. My daughter wouldn't leave without her classmates. Please think of a way to get her out of Nanking. The permit is only good for a short time. When you manage to leave the church, remember, head west. There's a way out of the city there. I have to go. Thank you, Mr. Meng. Mr. Meng, thank you. Mr. Meng, with your connections... is there anything else you can do for us...? No, no, sorry. John, I'm handing my daughter over to you. I have promised her mother, I'll take good care of her. OK. Please. Mr. Meng, thank you. Thank you for this. You are a good man. In the eyes of my daughter, I'm a bad man, a traitor. No. Thank you. Damn Mosquito, her cat ran off. She went up to look for it. Good. You sing very well. Haven't I told you? You can't come out! Officer, this student has lost her uniform. Because we wanted to look our best today, we asked her not to participate in the performance. Please forgive the intrusion. Father, I would like to announce some good news. Tomorrow our division is celebrating the successful occupation of Nanking. Esteemed Father, on behalf of all the officers, I would like to invite your church choir to perform and celebrate with us. This is the official invitation. They are asking us to sing at a party tomorrow. This is a very kind invitation, Mr. Hasegawa. However, unfortunately, the children will not be able to attend. Why not? Sir, they're very young. I'm not sure that it is appropriate for them to attend an adults' party. As their guardian and protector, that's my responsibility. But we thank you very much. I am sorry. This is an order from above. I cannot disobey. Sir. Please think about the girls. I can see that you are a man with culture. Last time you played us a beautiful song, for people far from home. You missed the rivers and hills. Please consider that theirs have been destroyed, they have no home, nothing. They are living in hell. With this invitation, you are asking them to celebrate that. I know that you understand. With respect, sir, I cannot allow that. I think that is... I think that is brutal, sir. Please remember, tomorrow at four in the afternoon, a car will come to pick up the students. I am carrying out military orders. Mr. Hasegawa, you tell me what will happen at these celebrations. Mr. Hasegawa. You said you posted guards for our security. Have you been keeping these girls locked up until these celebrations? The children cannot go. Mr. Hasegawa. Mr. Hasegawa! The children cannot go! The children cannot go! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, night, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. All, must go! Father John, what do the Japanese want us to do? Do they want us to sing? Yeah. I'm not a student. I don't have to go. Well, I'm not a student. I won't go. You have to! The Japanese have counted you! I don't care, I won't go! You have to go! Now you're saying you aren't a student. Why didn't you tell the Japanese earlier? Stop staring at me! Save your attitude for the Japanese! Do you think the Japanese really invited you to sing? Dream on! What do they do all day in Nanking? They murder, burn, and rape! You know? Go ahead and go, but I won't go! Mosquito, you shut up! You are all mean to me! I'm not going! That's not true what she said. These men are different from the others. These men are educated. They are officers. These men are gentlemen. I've been to things like these before, and... it's nice. It's elegant, it's a... It's a party. There's nice things at parties. There's cakes and there's flowers and there's chocolates and there's dancing... and there's... all of these things, which are lovely. Please don't think about what she said. I'm a terrible dancer, and maybe one day one of you could teach me how to dance. That would be nice. Please don't think about that. Because that's not true. I... lied to you as well. Your two friends who went for the pipa strings, they weren't shot. I'm sorry. I think you already knew. Yes. Sometimes, the truth is the last thing we need to hear. I heard what you said to the girls. What are you gonna do? I gotta get the truck started. And after that? I have an idea. Maybe I can save one of them, with your help. How? The Japanese thought Mosquito was one of the girls. She tricked them. Why can't I? No. If you're saying what I think you're saying, no. That's not happening. Remember? Like them, I was at a convent for six years. But unlike them, I was raped by my stepfather when I was thirteen years old. By their age, I was already forced to take my first clients. I don't want them to go through that. But I can't let you do that, Mo. I can't let you do that. What are you doing? Get back in. You can't leave. Get back in! Get in there! What are you doing? Go back! I said go back in! I will be the first. Remember who's in front of you. When we go, we will stick to this order. Shu, isn't there a better solution? No. We won't let the Japanese hurt us again. Girls. Shu! Wait, just... Go away! Come down! OK, OK. Stay back, OK. Don't do anything foolish! So many people have died. Even hell is packed. Why should you add to the crowd? Shu, don't do this. You can't do this! We can't just throw our lives away. Life is a sacred gift. It's not ours to throw away. Keep away! Step back! OK. We're stepping back. Come up! Didn't we say we are going to jump together? UP here! Come up now! Listen to me, Shu, I have an idea. I will go in your place. Tell the girls to get down. Tomorrow I will go for you. Did you hear me? I will go in your place! What? Who is going in who's place? I will also go for you. Right, we will all go instead of you. We can handle the Japs. We will protect you. We will replace you! Don't worry, you have us to protect you. Yes, we won't let the Japanese hurt you. Do you hear us? We will go in your place. Come down and don't jump. Come down. We're telling them the idea I told you about. It's a good idea. That's it, girls. Shu, come here, it's a good idea. We can trick the Japanese. Alright? We'll make it fun. Come down, we think about it. We just come down, and think about it. We can make it work. We only said it so they would get down from the tower. But you shouldn't have lied to them. Hua, remember? If you weren't lied to, you wouldn't have ended up in a brothel. Shut up! Mosquito. I'm not stupid. If nobody goes you'll still have to go. You were counted by the Japanese! Unless the Japanese are insane, I don't think they will kill us. They just want pleasure. That's what we do. We have experienced all kinds of men. As long as we can get out alive, we will find a way to survive. Ling, how do you expect the girls to handle the Japanese? Even if they make it back alive, they won't be able to carry on. I just don't think it's worth it. They wouldn't even let us use the bathroom, yet, we're supposed to kiss their asses, and sacrifice ourselves for them? I don't want to hear your nonsense. If Shu hadn't diverted the Japs the other day, where would we all be right now? Remember how the ancient poem describes us? "Prostitutes never care about a falling nation," "they sing and dance while others are dying." You are not so foolish after all. I'm impressed. Mo just taught me those two lines. Of course we should remember the poem that criticizes us. But, I think, we should do something heroic, and change the old way of thinking. Mo, others say I always follow your lead, I say, we share the same life. Whatever you say, I will go with you. I will go too. Me too. Count me in. Mo, we worked together for three years, and you were always more popular than me. I know, you always looked down on me, and I never respected you either. Well, today I hear you. I say we all go, so we can look after each other. Mo, you are right. People say "whores are heartless." So tomorrow, let's do something honorable with our hearts. We will all go. If they went, how would the Japanese treat them? Will they tear their clothes? Will they beat them? What if the Japanese rape them? Are you kidding? No. Have you seen these women? Those Japanese don't stand a chance. These women... these women are formidable. Brave, exquisite, skillful. They've got character, like nobody I've ever met. The Japanese? They're amateurs, amateurs. These women, they are professionals. Father John, what exactly do they do? You know... they... They love and they hate, just like all of us. Maybe they know more about it than any of us. These women if they came face to face with the devil himself, he'd be putty in their hands. These idiot? These soldiers? You think they're scary? They're not scary. If you think somebody's scary, you picture them with their pants around their ankles, sitting on the crapper, alright? Picture that. Not so scary then. These women, and you girls, you gotta strength and beauty that will never die. So don't you worry about them. Don't worry about them. But... but they don't look anything like us, how can they go? That's where my powers come in. I don't do much very well. But that, that I do well. And I'll make them look like your twins. You'll see. Father John, I was wrong, I'm sorry. Shu, you don't have to be sorry. You don't have to be sorry. No, I was wrong. What is it? From the first day she came here, I felt uncomfortable. I thought she was not good. I even thought both of you were not good. That's ok. I want to say to her, sorry. And say to you, I'm sorry. You don't have to say you're sorry. You got nothing to be sorry about. I had seen many people pray before, but that night, the sight of John's back as he prayed would stay with me for the rest of my life. They brought new uniforms. Our old uniforms were torn, so I brought you new ones. Father Ingleman wanted us to wear them for Christmas. You don't mind me wearing it? The sleeves are short. Try it on. Big sister. I can't button it up for you. I'm already skinnier from starvation. You are not built like a student, more like a student's wet nurse! I have an idea, to fool the Japanese, let's use the curtains to make the uniforms fit, and tear up the sheets to wrap our chests. So, our boobs won't pop out. What're we doing, George? What're we doing? Listen, your God teaches, everybody's born equal, right? So, the women, the girls, which? What would you do? We must. What else we can do? He gave me these bracelets so I would go with him. I didn't trust him enough so I didn't. I should have. I was so stupid. You would be even more stupid wearing them to meet the Japs. Leave them here. Fine, they are yours now. When I was your age, I had already served countless men. Little sister, remember to give this back to me. I will use the money to buy myself out of my contract. Big sister, I'm sorry. Live a good life for me. I don't have any things of value, that cat is all I have. He ran away the other day. Little sister, promise me, you will find him. OK. Remember Dou? She wasn't much taller than you. Please take good care of it. This is Dou's life. She wanted to play "The Qin Huai View," and for that she was killed. The Qin Huai View Is that a beautiful song? That's our signature song at Jade Paradise. Why don't we sing it for Dou? It was her dying wish after all. Let's sing it for the girls, so they remember us at our best! "I have a story," "and let me put it into song." "I hope every one of you" "can listen to me patiently." "Allow me" "to sing the legend of the Qin Huai River," "slowly and passionately," "for each one of you." "Ever since the ancient era," "the river has been flowing gracefully." "it is the beauty of the South," "the elegance of Nanking." "Walk in the famous Zhan Palace," "enjoy the spectacular architecture." "Look at the Colony of Cranes" "with water rippling all around." "What a paradise this is." Mo, would... You look so sweet. Would you mind... lying down? I'm just not used to... People who can sit? Right, people who can sit. Would you mind? I understand, I don't mind. So madam, what will it be? Fourteen years old? How about thirteen? Until thirteen I was a good girl. Very good. Thirteen it is. So I'll straighten your hair, cut it in a bob. I have an idea, I think it'll be beautiful. This is what we need. It's perfect. The way you are now, is what I like the best. I see you. I see everything that you've been through. And I want all of that, Mo. I want all of it. I love it. I love it all. Are you going to fall in love with me? I already have. I can do this. Sorry, these are not my clothes. I wanna promise you something. When this war is over, I'm gonna find you, and I'm gonna take you home. No. After tonight, my body will no longer be mine. Take me home now. Wow, Mo! He can turn back time. He chopped away five or six years! Three more chops and we'd all be infants, so we can start our lives over again! Have you asked him, where he learned such skills? Mo, ask him to cut our hair too. They all want you to give them a makeover. My pleasure. Glad to serve you. Here. He has to work with you lying down. Right, he's a mortician, he only knows how to work on dead people. Are they disturbed... by the way I work? Sorry. He hopes you won't mind. Whatever, who cares? I just want to look like a pretty schoolgirl. Give me a coat. His hands are so soft. Mo, did he really work on the dead? Mo, we're going to sleep. Wake us up when it's our turn. You've done this your whole life? For five years. You do this very well. It matters. It matters to me. Before my daughter died, she made me promise to make her beautiful again. That was the first time. It's important. It's important work. I'm sorry. She would have been twelve. Like the girls. Yeah. Mo, he's amazing! If only my mother were alive, she would have been so happy to see me like this. She said, we never had a scholar in our family. Now you are a scholar, so am I. My mother wouldn't recognize me either! Of course not. We are now students. Let's line up. Mo, let him see if we all look like students. No need to count, we only have twelve. We are one short. How many did the Japanese say? How many? Thirteen. How many? Thirteen. We only have twelve here. This is a terrible joke. One of the students still has to go! We did all of this for nothing! I will go. What did he say? I will go. George. He said he would go. What are you talking about? You are a boy! Father Ingleman ask me to protect students. But I'm not good. I'm... I'm terrible. I'm... I'm bad. Who cares if we are one short? We will just say that one of us has died from an illness. My grandma told me that the Japanese can't count. We can't do that! The Japanese are very astute! They will search everywhere, and it will be the end for the students! There is nothing you can do. They will see that you are a boy. You can't fool them. Yes, it's too obvious. It's a short distance from the church to the car. If I am made-up as a girl, lower my head, and walk right behind you all, I'm sure the Japanese won't notice! If we have one missing, the Japanese will find out, then... a big trouble. You are good at make-up. You can do for me. George, I'm not that good. No, you can. George, stop it. - It can't work. - You can! The church to the car just a short way! You are good at make-up, you can do for me! I will lower my head! It's possible, it just a short way! You can. It's possible. You know what could happen? Yes, yes, I know. I can do what Father Ingleman tell me. Amazing. I think I hear what the Father is saying right now. Yes? Yeah. What he saying? I think he's saying... that you've done an incredible... an incredible job, taking care of the girls. And that you're good, so good. And I think he's also asking... what the hell are you doing... with that awful wig on your head? This was the last time I saw George Chen. When he was six years old, and almost died of starvation, Father Ingleman saved him. He rang the church bell, swept the floor, and worked in the kitchen. We used to laugh at him, whenever he spoke in English or in Nanking dialect. You know that, you can't really go there. You gotta escape somehow before you get there. You gotta jump from the car or the truck or whatever. You wait until it slows down, goes around the corner, that's when you jump. No, I'm no jumping. Don't teach me. Why not? If I jump, Japanese will find out. I will go all the way, give you more time. You and the girls get out of the church. Hide your weapons well. Don't let the Japanese see. Don't worry, at least we will get an eyeball. Have you got something as well? Following our commander's order, I'm here to pick up the students. Here is a gift bag from our troops. Please accept it. What are you doing here? Mr. Kato. Have you spoken with Colonel Hasegawa? My daughter, she doesn't have to go, right? The order is from the chief commander. Even Colonel Hasegawa can't interfere. Get out. Mr. Kato. But you promised to help. Shut up! The chief commander is in charge. Look, he sent troops just for this. We can't do anything. But we had a deal. I have given you all of my valuables. Mr. Kato. Please, you promised! When did I take your things? That was for our military expenses. Then I'm begging you, please allow me to see my daughter one last time. I'm not a student. I won't go! I won't go! I'm not a student! Isn't that your daughter? What is she saying? Why is she shouting? I'm not a student! I won't go! Be gentle with her, she's just a girl. You've seen your daughter. Let's go. Come on. Shu. Come here. Your father is a good man. We could never have done this... without your father. He's a good man. Watch your legs. John told me that his biggest regret was that, because we had to get out as quickly as possible, he couldn't give my father a proper burial. Is this good for me to go through? What's on the truck? Empty wine cases, but... four of them are full. They are... very good, very good. Here. You see, vintage. If you would like some. Open it. These. Take. Until this day I still don't know what happened to the women of the Qin Huai River. I never learned all of their names, and never saw them being taken away by the Japanese. So, I always imagine... I imagine myself standing by the large round window, watching them walk in once again.